6IX9INE Snitches On Jim Jones / Cardi B... "They're Part Of What We've Done"

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Sep 20, 2019




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Comments 6 190
Nails By Mando
Nails By Mando 3 hours ago
Tekashi was a fucking tool
douglas jardine
douglas jardine 10 hours ago
I wonder what Obama calls this guy behind closed doors.... He's an idiot the man has no vision no hope the country needs to move in a new direction blablahahahahahaha
Eric Schimmer
Eric Schimmer 18 hours ago
His record called " dummy boy "? How fitting.
Eric Schimmer
Eric Schimmer 18 hours ago
Everyone who wants to hang around a guy like 69 is the same daft susu or fifi like him. Wipe with their hands cuz still think toiletpaper is a book. ( cant read so how should they know). To the PARENTS- great role models u were if they turn out like that!
kordzaE Ram
kordzaE Ram 22 hours ago
Why do you keep saying "she" cardi b is a transvestite dude so correcting you on that , its a "he" it had its dink cut out and his balls turned into a stinky gooch!💯💩
Golden Gonzo Gaming
Proffer isn't pronounced like "proof" it's pronounced like "pra fer" Pra, rymes wits "bra". Pra fer.
Alex Marty
Alex Marty 2 days ago
The unicorn has left the blood chats 69 enters FBI chats
S3B 2 days ago
He has riches, He got stitches, Cause he snitches.
N-Crash56 2 days ago
Now everyone is more gangsta then 69...
OneOfKind Leo
OneOfKind Leo 2 days ago
"Heres the future" 69 will be dead in 2 years.
blue sky
blue sky 3 days ago
Snitch 69
Nunya Buisness
Nunya Buisness 3 days ago
What the hell is this. Real housewives of the hood
Amber Cerda
Amber Cerda 3 days ago
I think he’s gonna get out 2020. 🤞🏼
Biggie 3 days ago
14:25 wait so he embezzled saying 360k$ of stuff is worth 1,000,000 is a large crime
Biggie 3 days ago
He’s gonna get himself killed
Karol Palazej
Karol Palazej 3 days ago
Omg stop flooding comments with retarded judge: commentd
B Clapp
B Clapp 4 days ago
I guarantee 95% you fuckers calling 69 a rat would rat to if yall were facing life or 47 years W.T.F. ppl now a days a built like the OG'S FROM BACK IN THE 80'S AND 90'S .
Lord Lunacy
Lord Lunacy 4 days ago
Jury: we find the defendant not guilty. 69: my celly got ketchup packets under his pillow
Eman Rodr
Eman Rodr 5 days ago
And most you “street” loved this guy.
EBKFOE TV 6 days ago
Tekashi 6ix9ine Affiliate Falls Off State usvid.net/video/video-QZ5nQCOU4Ic.html
George Tapia
George Tapia 6 days ago
Everything back for 69 will be out free prison jail
George Tapia
George Tapia 6 days ago
ROBBIE SUN 7 days ago
you wondered how civilization ends? Well this is a minute fragment, so idiotic.
Anthony Mckenzie
Anthony Mckenzie 8 days ago
wtf is this guy saying he can make a movie better than nwa what type of disrespectful shit is that
Justin Lapan
Justin Lapan 8 days ago
Not even Victoria's secret safe.
J Harrison
J Harrison 8 days ago
Judge: anything else? 6ix9ine: Heisenberg is still alive
Zambie Lui
Zambie Lui 8 days ago
Everyone keeps laughing and throwing hate towards Tekashi for being a "snitch". What about those Hollywood child rape victims that were about to stand trial before Jeffrey Eipstien's death? This is a tatic to use the public scare those victims into silence. Snitches should not get stitches, you do the crime you should serve the fucking time! If you're willing to defend a gang criminal, what's to stop you from defending a fucking pedophile? WAKE UP AMERICA!
GQ Rugged
GQ Rugged 9 days ago
69 : I know who killed Big AL from Blood in Blood out! 🤣😂
Ochoa Bey
Ochoa Bey 9 days ago
Judge: Damn boy, is that all? 69: I know where Jon Bennett Ramsey is."
Shan Loves
Shan Loves 7 days ago
Taccccky af bc ya talking about a dead little girl!!! Only shows u a BITCH!!
Idontwear Makeup247
Judge: you still have 48 years 69: if it weren’t for our crimes you wouldn’t have your job lmao
Alisha Hoskins
Alisha Hoskins 10 days ago
Judge: anything else? 69: Courtney killEd Cobain!
Can't be SHUNNED
Can't be SHUNNED 10 days ago
im not gonna lie here this is impressive 69 is actually smart
Carmon Catheryn
Carmon Catheryn 11 days ago
Judge: you still have 10 years 69: I know who killed J.R
Meghan Kathleen
Meghan Kathleen 11 days ago
He got rid of that rainbow hair real quick in jail
Drew Tip
Drew Tip 11 days ago
Lol cardi b. Lol what a fat joke. Shame shame.
Roberto Cervantes
Roberto Cervantes 11 days ago
Judge : thank you Mr Hernandez we got more than enough you free to go. 6ix9ine: wait your honor I also know why colin Kaepernick really knealt during the anthem
conspiracy woman
conspiracy woman 12 days ago
The rapper Jim Jones from Dipset or Diplomat whatever is a God damn fool literally an fucking idiot and was behind 6ix9ine the whole time.
Rand Birch
Rand Birch 12 days ago
I mean the nine trey bloods basically disowned him so why would you defend someone in court that doesn’t even associate with you anymore ? Especially with the judicial system nowadays you basically snitch for years of your life back.
vipe9 desire
vipe9 desire 13 days ago
Man this dude🐭🐭🐭🐭
Jacquelina 93
Jacquelina 93 13 days ago
Trump scared asf knowing if 6ix9ine knows anything or if he said anything that could make his impeachment process move faster I gotta question for 6ix9ine u snitching on everything how tf ur snitching ass leave trump stupid ass out Damn snitch they gonna get you tug that ur ass
Bruce Hamm
Bruce Hamm 13 days ago
They are going to love him in prison
An_ Jelly_Bean
An_ Jelly_Bean 13 days ago
*Judge:* You still have 5 weeks *Snitch9ine:* I know who killed Tupac
Carol Gaeta
Carol Gaeta 13 days ago
Nothing worse then a rat
Huh Me
Huh Me 13 days ago
*Damn little bitch is snitching so fkn much the judge is repeatedly having to tell him to stop!!*
Chocolate Daddy
Chocolate Daddy 13 days ago
69 doing "music" again is like Frank Lucas trying to sell people drugs.
TomSexBombJones Wright
Judge: (noisy courtroom) “Quiet Please”. 69: “No”.
Magnus K Larsson
Magnus K Larsson 14 days ago
THIS is how you snitch, love it!! :) He's a bigger wuss than Lady Gaga in Telephone.
The Black Baron
The Black Baron 14 days ago
He better stays in the slammer, if this little bitch would get out, he would be dead in a minute :')
Ashley P
Ashley P 15 days ago
One of biggest questions...why the fuck is his 3yr old daughter still wearing Pampers???? U gotta love him. My guy is up the wiping the floor with that court appointed defense lawyer "did u say u were the most popping artist in the world?" Tekashi: " In the WORLD"...Look, bottom line is whether u love him or hate him u gotta admit he is a genius when it comes to knowing what the people want to see and hear. He's been in prison for almost a year and anytime his name pops up millions are watching him. All the rappers who dispise him for what he did are the first ones to watch any and everything he says it does. He has always had that draw power that keeps people waiting for more. And people have to stop with the rat/,snitch shit. His whole crew did him so dirty. He was putting serious money in their pockets. He carried all of them on his back for over a year and let them ride the wave of success and putting serious money in their pockets. Shit, Shotti started his own record label thanks to Tekashi. He did all this shit for the dudes only to find out that for the entire year they were extorting him, robbing him behind his back, allegedly were donkey fuckin his baby mama, kidnapped him and took several expensive pieces of jewelry, then planned on killing him ..My question is Where the fuck was their loyalty when they were robbing and kidnapping him? People really expect tekashi to give up his life to the prison system all in the name of "loyalty" for a bunch of dudes who were never loyal to him from day one??? That's ridiculous
Zurab Gagnidze
Zurab Gagnidze 15 days ago
Officer once told me “ if you didn’t do nothing you have nothing to be afraid of “
Darryl Smith
Darryl Smith 16 days ago
Ha I hope that bitch gets taken down a bit she sucks
Vecenia Landers
Vecenia Landers 16 days ago
I'm QuaKInG
ZEN Controller
ZEN Controller 16 days ago
judge - you waiting for your 5k, youll be sleeping with the fishes on your first day....
ItsFroggo 16 days ago
Johnny Jhonny Yes papa Eating sugar No pa- 69:He lying
ToneLykDaSound 16 days ago
Snitch 9
Morgan Jones
Morgan Jones 16 days ago
Judge: you're looking at 20 more years. 69: I know what Bill Murray whispers to Scarlet Johanson at the end of Lost in Translation.
Sawadee Is now live
The entire gang is a snitch violents crimes make too much noise and these dudes don't get it.So the communitu does not care how the job is done they will act on it
Jeremy Plummer
Jeremy Plummer 17 days ago
Judge.. 45 to life 69.. i tear off the do not remove tags from all my pillows..
micheala swartz
micheala swartz 17 days ago
He's going to die
Westside Gang
Westside Gang 17 days ago
Clown still running his mouth smh real nigga nitty subscribe G dude here held it down in da bricks neva snitched usvid.net/video/video-CBMRYR5RsxU.html
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