6 Strange Ice Cream Scoops Put to the Test!

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6 Kitchen Gadgets put to the Test - Part 45 usvid.net/video/video-qWdmDoGm8Yw.html
6 Kitchen Gadgets From Fan Mail put to the Test! - usvid.net/video/video-XKnMvsVF9ns.html
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Comments 100
Tony Garcia
Tony Garcia 14 minutes ago
The first one is made for Mexico icecream
Fat Burrito
Fat Burrito 29 minutes ago
How much ice cream did you eat for this video
fishy nightfury
fishy nightfury 39 minutes ago
I want ice creammmmm!!!!
Cracked Upp
Cracked Upp Hour ago
Do everyone who watches him have to do homework
Hayden Fernandes
Bomm Bomm Bomm Bomm Bomm Bomm Bomm
Mark Wassy
Mark Wassy Hour ago
What is safety again?
ExRow -ExRow
ExRow -ExRow 4 hours ago
Why is he always breathing so hard lol
Emokid Jones
Emokid Jones 4 hours ago
Anybody else really craving icecream after this?
beautaeful 4 hours ago
why shape it when it will melt anyways
SKROLLDEX 5 hours ago
my favorite youtuber!💪
AK Live
AK Live 5 hours ago
Wash them 1st
5PieceNugget 6 hours ago
why do you scoop like that
Stephen Andrezeywski Jr
That first scoop would be great for ice cream cookie sandwiches.
C.D.B canto del barrio.
Saludame en el próximo vídeo plis
biggreenleaf 7 hours ago
Bro they got breyers in russia?
The Fun Files
The Fun Files 7 hours ago
Great gadjickts lol
Michael Fuentes
Michael Fuentes 7 hours ago
YOOOOO that’s the joint they use at Thrifty’s Ice Cream
Press F
Press F 7 hours ago
This is how many times he says boom ⬇️
LaziLy 8 hours ago
I'm on a diet why am I watching this
STREET EATER 8 hours ago
Sage The Wierdo
Sage The Wierdo 8 hours ago
Maybe it's just me but something about this man is so wholesome
Moon Light BTS
Moon Light BTS 8 hours ago
Why am I watching this instead of studying for exams
Reina Arana
Reina Arana 9 hours ago
Tania Sagar
Tania Sagar 9 hours ago
i hav a parabolem, where can i buy these gadjiks?
KenTG 9 hours ago
Ice cream scoop? RussianHacker: Another one
johnny najera SirFace
4:27 "Make it more bally"
Adriana Koutsouri
Adriana Koutsouri 10 hours ago
0:40 " this is a frozen ice cream" (Ice cream drips)
John Nelo Morata
John Nelo Morata 10 hours ago
Where's your laboratory now?
An. Drei
An. Drei 11 hours ago
This video wants me to eat a bucket of ice cream while im playing ASAP!
The Gaming Adventures
Anyone else notice the picture says 5 ice cream scoop, but the title says 6?
Fang WolfX
Fang WolfX 12 hours ago
i have been wondering what will he do to the food that he had been using for the gadjiks or what he does with it?hmmm
SpectrePH 12 hours ago
When did he say gajik?
Kassey Vlogs
Kassey Vlogs 13 hours ago
I've got one question, what do you do with the ice cream after you scoop it?
Lukis LTU
Lukis LTU 14 hours ago
If you use hot water its non of them gonna stick
Lanka Suryakantham
Lanka Suryakantham 15 hours ago
Have you heard of Eiffel tower.I did but I also heard the ice cream tower 1:57 😂😂😂👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
تاتتلتى هعانعل
Phey Mabait
Phey Mabait 16 hours ago
Better use spoon .
Kagura 17 hours ago
Isabella Nguyen
Isabella Nguyen 17 hours ago
I’m perfectly fine eating it straight from the jar.
Spilled Joe
Spilled Joe 17 hours ago
Imagine when he was buying the ice creams and gadgets. And the cashier is literally like "What are you going to do with this much ice cream and gadget?"
aniamalicdan 17 hours ago
*breathes heavily* bOOM LOOK AT THAT GAJIK
aniamalicdan 17 hours ago
we love a gajik wOw
Steven Ng
Steven Ng 17 hours ago
Wet the scoopers before you scoop
Pakistan ka Baap Afghan hain
When you make a lot of ice cream 🍨 the scoop have to dipping in water that make Mach easy
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson 19 hours ago
Dip in water after each use it works sick
Daffer Rex
Daffer Rex 20 hours ago
It says 5 icecream scoops in the thumnail but the title says 6 WHAT THE F
Nico Roth
Nico Roth 20 hours ago
4:52 who wants to tell him that it’s for cookie dough😂
Charles Molina
Charles Molina 20 hours ago
He is the KITCHEN MAN!!!
George Washington
George Washington 20 hours ago
what does he do with all gagits hes bought in all the videos
Nayla Rizka Dwifani
Nayla Rizka Dwifani 20 hours ago
My simple question in the end is " Have you wash your hand before? "
FBI 21 hour ago
8:38 “and look at this hole”
INSIGNIA 628 21 hour ago
the first one is only useful for the top layer...everything beyond that is unreachable
Naomi Morales
Naomi Morales 21 hour ago
What does he do with all the food afterwards?
LunarGalaxy 21 hour ago
Did he eat all that Ice cream?
Evan Wells
Evan Wells 21 hour ago
The one was a cookie dough scooper
pier peeair
pier peeair 21 hour ago
my guy
my guy 21 hour ago
“It almost makes this cubes” *scoop is circular*
Xkaku xkaku
Xkaku xkaku 22 hours ago
And this is a frozen ice cream ain’t all ice cream frozen 🤔
Eclipes moonlight
Eclipes moonlight 22 hours ago
Why is he Breathing hard
Lisa Young
Lisa Young 22 hours ago
I like how real and informative your videos are. Watching your videos make picking gadgets for your kitchen much simpler.
TheGamingSniper17 22 hours ago
Just one question what does he do with all the ice cream after
Get it Girl
Get it Girl 22 hours ago
yoyo 19
yoyo 19 22 hours ago
or u can run a spoon under hot water and BOOM works better than all these gadjicks
Besnik Dzaferovic
Besnik Dzaferovic 23 hours ago
Besnik Dzaferovic
Besnik Dzaferovic 23 hours ago
It would get stick to it
Sam Bigg
Sam Bigg 23 hours ago
Im dat Jew
Im dat Jew 23 hours ago
Who else is eating ice cream while watching this
Andrew Jackson LaRance
*America Enters Chat*
Fiona Ice Wolf
The first one isn't new they used those at rite aid for the ice cream
Cole Armitage
*pour your water into your cereal then **_boom_** you have cereal **_boom_*
Kevion Dixon
Kevion Dixon Day ago
The ice cream is half melted that’s why it is so easy to scoop
AS 80
AS 80 Day ago
I love your food videos
Keydan Gossett
0:39 he says its frozen yet its dripping
Andy Saavedra
Expecting cubes but I only see cylinders 😢
Jesus Sandoval
Is it just me or were does he fit all the ice cream and food that he tests
Kamila Crawford
It’s frozen he said as there is ice cream dripping everywhere
A alvarez
A alvarez Day ago
Hio Mistah
Hio Mistah Day ago
I directly looked if he still has the ring who else?
Ryan Lynch
Ryan Lynch Day ago
Emibobs08 Day ago
This I a frozen ick eam
TheLightParadox Cubing
Watches video *Grabs ice cream from freezer*
King Dominican
Hey, News 7, I have a scoop for you.
Barack Obama
Barack Obama Day ago
0:29 *cUbEs*
Vertix Day ago
Poopity scoop my man does an ice cream scoop
J1 Official
J1 Official Day ago
Wait so over 1 million people watched a man scooping ice creams 😂
YouTube4life Butnetflixisbetter
Me and my brother where watching your video and we were wairing for you to say boom and you only said it twice...very disappointed
Adama Bamba
Adama Bamba Day ago
He was saying 🍒 to much
Visions X
Visions X Day ago
Russians are used to say ha bomb
mini games
mini games Day ago
debilas tikrai jau uspiso tos jo gadget rewiew galetu kelti geresnus video rusas
Chaos 69
Chaos 69 Day ago
“It almost makes these kinda cubes” is a straight cylinder
Giuly4noVP Day ago
al right guys, here's the scoop. god philip.
Réno Dolman
Réno Dolman Day ago
Him scooping icecream gives me anxiety
Trust Android Fuck Apple
for future reference the shape the first gadget made is a 'cylinder'! keep ip the good work though!!
Islamaj Alex
Islamaj Alex Day ago
And Boom
The first ice cream scooper I have seen
paspas 2005
paspas 2005 Day ago
I hope he ate all of this ice cream
Toby Smith
Toby Smith Day ago
If ya have a bowl of hot water to dip your scoops in they would work better. Try that
Kinshi UwU
Kinshi UwU Day ago
The 3rd gadget I saw it in one of the restaurant I went to
I just want the Ice cream, thank you😁 Who stacks ice cream by the way?
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