5 Most Interesting and Complicated ENGINES

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Every year, the modern car industry offers new models of vehicles that have gasoline or diesel engines that were actually designed long ago. However, there is always room for improvement. Engineers from different countries around the world have proven this many times by representing car engines completely different from those that people across the globe are used to seeing under the hood.

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Mar 25, 2018

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Comments 734
MDS 9 days ago
The bugati is sooooooo fucking ugly ...it really is a shame
Colin Mills
Colin Mills 10 days ago
Is anyone going to mention that pair-wise isn't an engine layout
superbclock 3689
superbclock 3689 11 days ago
Its not v16 its w - 16
KILL4THEWIN125 13 days ago
The Bugatti is a w16 it’s 2 v8s put side by Side pretty much
Ksavier Krajewski
Ksavier Krajewski 15 days ago
So many mistakes in w16 part
Alexander Cabansag
Alexander Cabansag 15 days ago
W 16 hahaha
fffourtwenty 18 days ago
Octagon Wankel. Make it.
RocketCoders - Roblox Lua
It's a *Complicated Compilation*
OhmBoy T.X
OhmBoy T.X 25 days ago
But the 2jz
Noble Ox
Noble Ox 27 days ago
Opposed piston diesel. Stuka dive bomber, Comma “knocker” and don’t forget the prince of opposed piston diesels the Napier Deltic ! Nothing rivals the Deltic exhaust note!
Robert Cochran
Robert Cochran 28 days ago
its a Bugatti W16... just like the Volkswagen W8 and W6 (the latter... sortof) wich were designed by Bugatti and stuffed into Audi and Vdubs
Wayne Miller
Wayne Miller Month ago
What about the devil 16 I think that's what it's called
Crescendo Month ago
100Kh/h in 4.4 seconds was nothing special? Nope. 0-100 in 4.4 seconds is still good by today's standards.
Tom Goodger
Tom Goodger 10 days ago
i agree but i think what he meant by it was a car of that calibre a turbo charged 16 cylinder, is really not that fast.
Curtis kukuk
Curtis kukuk Month ago
It's a W-16 , NOT A V-16!
SpotOn Cam
SpotOn Cam Month ago
Automobile Engineer - This is the best engine though most complicated too :-) Elon Musk - Hold my beer
Caden Lind
Caden Lind 2 months ago
Yeah it’s a W16
Debbie Orr
Debbie Orr 2 months ago
Phil May
Phil May 2 months ago
Somebody didn’t do their homework. 3000 horsepower........most reliable ever created in automotive history....able to leap tall buildings in first gear.....Bullshit!
Gavin Schoonbee
Gavin Schoonbee 2 months ago
Bullshit Bugatti specs but ok. No rotary. No freevalve Koenigsegg. No skyactiveX. This guy is a fkn clown.
JUAN DING 2 months ago
3.23 is a w16 not v16
Mauricio Vargas
Mauricio Vargas 2 months ago
W16 do to the pistons pattern
Will B
Will B 2 months ago
Dude stop making car videos you don't know what you are talking about
Kevin Counihan
Kevin Counihan 29 days ago
Just about everything from Mad Lab is pure BS. I made the mistake of clicking on this before checking the OP. But this is the internet, the propaganda capitol of the world.
tim crary
tim crary 2 months ago
It was not the first they were offered on the Ford flathead v8!!
Jj Denby
Jj Denby 2 months ago
And only has 10 radiators
Eunice Thompson
Eunice Thompson 2 months ago
It is a W16 not V16
Billy Gray
Billy Gray 2 months ago
why do you say everything wrong?
Leon Erickson
Leon Erickson 2 months ago
It's the chiron that got to 400mph fuck is this shit
Negrodamus 2 months ago
I'm hoping the factory workers at Bugatti get paid enough to actually afford the product they produce
J.B 2 months ago
👎👎Thumbs down for lack of titles in this presentation. And by the description of the last 4 comments at the time I post this, supposedly the mistakes made. 🤔🧐
Frankie Teague
Frankie Teague 2 months ago
Bugatti is not a v configuration, its a w configuration.
Frankie Teague
Frankie Teague Month ago
@jdr ok ok........its not a v either, guess its an x
jdr ok
jdr ok Month ago
It's not a true w.
Dalton Porch
Dalton Porch 2 months ago
If you take out all the Bugatti stuff it might actually be a little accurate.
Sidney Green
Sidney Green 2 months ago
The Cizeta V16T has a V16, and The Bugatti Veyron has a W16, there is a difference between the two
speedup 2 months ago
your missing the konisegg cam less engine
Extreme Gaming
Extreme Gaming 3 months ago
Drippen Bandit I think so too 😔
Frederick Malouf
Frederick Malouf 3 months ago
The best engines are electric.
Matt Cyprian
Matt Cyprian 3 months ago
your mom taught you that
I want to make a engine that is 100% eco friendly and solves global warming then name it the "democrats are fucking stupid and Bruce Jenner isn't a hero" engine see if the liberals would support it or chose to keep polluting the planet because it hurt they're feelings.
Chas Evans
Chas Evans 3 months ago
Opposed piston diesel was used in the 1950's and 60's in the UK by a company named "commer" they were nicknamed "the double knocker". Five stroke engine is also a UK development by ilmor engineering in Brixworth Northamptonshire.
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith 3 months ago
Yah w 16 and it’s pronounced vayron
Akash Patra
Akash Patra 3 months ago
wrong informations
Corvair 3 months ago
Its a corvair
Cody Chickadee
Cody Chickadee 3 months ago
I mean I dont own a Bugatti but I've seen several reports claiming the Veyron rattles parts loose. So I've heard that the build quality on them is unproven. Personally for a million dollar car, I'm not impressed even a little bit.
Reneth Anoche
Reneth Anoche 3 months ago
You mean the fastest street legal car in the world
Marlon Moss
Marlon Moss 3 months ago
I have a unique engine design that no one ever thought of. Interested contact me.
sofi sosa
sofi sosa 4 months ago
He said that the Veyron has 3000hp😂
TheRunereaper 4 months ago
The opposed piston 2-stroke diesel engine was the most popular large marine engine for decades. Extremely successful and only superseded by the current uniflow scavenge, super long 2-stroke, poppet valve engine. There was another version of the opposed piston engine, known as the double opposed, produced which used 3 pistons per cylinder. This engine used 2 pistons connected by tie rods top and bottom and run from an eccentric on the crankshaft. The third piston had a con-rod run through the bottom piston connected directly to the crankshaft. The third piston had a combustion chamber above and below itself, each fed by 3 horizontal injectors enabling 2 firing cycles per stroke. Theoretically it was the most efficient engine ever built but it was a nightmare to maintain and the idea, developed and manufactured by Harland & Wolff of Belfast, was dropped after ship reliability suffered.
Gamer The Banning
Gamer The Banning 4 months ago
Love your videos man! I love your commentating too, Hope to see more of your content in the future!
T38 Talon
T38 Talon 4 months ago
Ported engines are almost impossible to smog. I don't see a vehicle future for the Achates, maybe a ship or generator motor. It's the same issue the rotary has. Oil to lube the pistons is scraped past and in to the exhaust ports. Unburned fuel? Uh, no. It's still expanding and instead of the 'heat' just going out the exhaust and wasted, it's put into a 2nd cylinder to capture the rest of the expansion. Nothing new. There's been double/triple expansion steam engines for 'centuries' for the same reason.
Equiluxe1 4 months ago
The Achates Diesel looks very similar to the 1950's Roots two stroke diesel. Guess theres nothing new only refinements.
tom conner
tom conner 4 months ago
“W16” in the Bugatti, not a V 16
Sonny Daiz
Sonny Daiz 4 months ago
Very interesting.
Mohit Kashyap
Mohit Kashyap 4 months ago
you forget about Supra 2jz 3.0 l engine .
Graphene Carbide
Graphene Carbide 4 months ago
one picture is not the Veyron. it is the Divo
Graphene Carbide
Graphene Carbide 4 months ago
it is not a "v" engine it is a "W"
Will E 3
Will E 3 4 months ago
umm no it is not a v16 it's a w16 smh come on man know your shit
Kelly Dees
Kelly Dees 4 months ago
The Bughatti has a W16 engine, not a V16
Dave Zwerts
Dave Zwerts 4 months ago
I think this channel is sponsored through Bugatti. The engine sucks . And the gear box is designed through FORD . We tested te Bugatti prototype in Belgium on the Ford testing ground . After 50 000km you have to make a full overhaul of the engine .
Peaces 4 months ago
I dislike your videos, When you find you made a mistake, You don't even make a note of it, Just post it anyway, With no editing. No wonder it is called mad lab, cause it's maaad stupid.
RidiculuzPrime 4 months ago
3:05 smh @ "V16 engine" fail
Flynn Sowley
Flynn Sowley 4 months ago
“Yeah you know the current Lamborghini v8 engine, well let’s put two of those fuckers in a car and see what happens”
Strixx 4 months ago
The Bugatti Veyron is a W16 Engine that produces 1,184 Hp in the Super Sport. Not 3,000. It is also not the most reliable, nor the most powerful production internal combustion car. -Koenigsegg Regera - 1,479 bhp -Bugatti Chiron - 1,479 bhp and maybe a few others. There is also Electric EV Cars that produce 1500 Hp and one that is in its production phase that will supposedly produce 1,999 bhp The 1962/63 Oldsmobile Jetfire Had 10.25:1 Compression, not 10:1. 5-Stroke...Extended Expansion, lol. Still a 4-Stroke. -Intake -Combustion -Power Stroke -Exhaust A Stroke is measured by one cylinder, not combining two cylinders to make some extended expansion stroke. That middle cylinder is still using Intake, Combustion, Power Stroke, Exhaust.
thickr than a snickr
Um the offical fastest car in the world is the koeniggsegg agera rs1
thickr than a snickr
You pronuonce it vei ron not vei ren
rsl6767 4 months ago
Do your research before posting nonsense 👎👎👎
cripnipp 5 months ago
Electricity is the way to go. You can get alot more Power and Reliability out of an Electric motor than any fuel made, Inexpensively. Lighter Faster Stronger. SMARTER. Can Not beat it.
John Loosemore
John Loosemore 5 months ago
5:20 It is a 3 cylinder engine with one cylinder in the middle and two outer cylinders and one cylinder in the middle? How can you read this stuff off without noticing how dumb it sounds?
John Loosemore
John Loosemore 4 months ago
The center cylinder, viewed by itself, acts something like a very crude steam engine. The catch is, as the center piston is being pushed downward by the pressurized gas charge, one of the outer pistons is always fighting its way upward against that exact same pressure. So if the outer piston had 75% the surface area as the middle one, you could say right off that this engine is 75% perpetual motion machine -- the same effect as if you had a generator that ran a motor that in turn cranked the same generator that ran the same motor, etc. Only the 25% difference would be available to produce any additional power, and that would be bogged down trying to overcome 100% of the additional friction of the extra piston, extra connecting rod, and other sources of inefficiency in the gas flow or whatever.
Strixx 4 months ago
It is also not a 5-Stroke, still a 4-Stroke. That center cylinder is still using Intake, Combustion, Power Stroke, Exhaust. Who came up with this "5-Stroke" thing saying extended expansion is a stroke lol.
John Loosemore
John Loosemore 5 months ago
And you say the engine design can "save 10% more fuel." It saves 10% more than WHAT saves, relative to what? You are saying some other engine saves SOME fuel, but this one saves 10% more than that. So there are 3 different engines involved, the one that saves zero fuel, the one that saves SOME fuel, and this one that saves 10% "more" fuel. At least say "uses 10% less fuel than a conventional engine" if that is what you mean. Saying "10% less fuel" instead of "10% more savings" makes a lot more sense.
John Loosemore
John Loosemore 5 months ago
Also the middle cylinder is not taking in any additional air or any additional fuel, nor does it have a compression stroke... I don't think any additional combustion is taking place there. If the fuel/air mixture was going to burn, it would already have burned in the outer cylinders. You seem to be confusing "extracting additional energy" with "additional combustion." The additional energy extracted is coming from the already-burned exhaust gases of the other two cylinders in the same way that a turbocharger might be powered by exhaust gases. They don't de-tune an engine for incomplete combustion when they add a turbocharger, do they?
Sanyey 5 months ago
I hate complications..
Ian Thompson
Ian Thompson 5 months ago
Vincent Whiteley
Vincent Whiteley 5 months ago
Also the opposed piston engine idea has been in use before by a company known as Fairbanks Morse. Mainly used in Marine, Generating and Locomotive applications. They were reliable and efficient because they have less moving parts. All you need are pistons and rods, crankshafts and gears to connect the power output of the crankshaft. They also need a method of forced induction so either the use of a turbo or supercharger is used Though Ford used this design on a much smaller scale compared to Fairbanks Morse
Common Sense
Common Sense 5 months ago
The engine is made at the AMG plant, and there are only 1 person authorized to make them
virginian 2-10-10-2
virginian 2-10-10-2 5 months ago
car engines are far more fascinating than truck engines in my personal opinion
Exoticdestroya lego
Exoticdestroya lego 5 months ago
V16 lol w16
Paul Hodgson
Paul Hodgson 5 months ago
Thx man loved it xx xx
Chris Shawtacus
Chris Shawtacus 5 months ago
downvoted for not even doing basic research properly
Hugh Moore
Hugh Moore 5 months ago
So where are the test results for Bugatti Veyron reliability . . . I've been told that diesel locomotive engines will last over a million miles without a major . . . So . . . That sets the benchmark . . .
Aodhan O'Houlihan
My friend in America is a truck driver and his truck has 1.6 million, I guess miles on it with only one rebuild at a million.
emil molen
emil molen 5 months ago
How can you say that the bugatti v16(W16 you mean) engine is reliable when no one has driven one far enough to get any real reliabiltiy issues?
Accutronitis The 2nd
Sorry but a Bugatti Veyron ain't shit anymore ! The new king is the Koenigsegg Agera RS ! That's right, You heard me KOENIGSEGG !!! A Koenigsegg Agera RS driven by factory driver, Niklas Lilja, achieved five new world records for a production vehicle on November 4th, 2017, in Pahrump, Nevada: THE HIGHEST TOP SPEED FOR A PRODUCTION VEHICLE Calculated using an average of two runs, one in either direction. The record speed achieved is 447.19 km/h (277.87 mph) 0-400-0 km/h The 0-400-0 km/h run was completed in 33.29 seconds, beating the previous time of 36.44 seconds set by the same car in Denmark in October 2017. FLYING KILOMETER ON A PUBLIC ROAD The highest average speed for a flying kilometer on a public road, calculated after running the car in two directions - 445.63 km/h (276.9 mph) FLYING MILE ON A PUBLIC ROAD The highest average speed for a flying mile on a public road, calculated after running the car in two directions - 444.76 km/h (276.36 mph) HIGHEST SPEED ACHIEVED ON A PUBLIC ROAD Single direction recorded. Measured at 457.94 km/h (284.55 mph)
Dave Micolichek
Dave Micolichek 5 months ago
The Bugatti Veyron engine is NOT a V-16. It is a W-16. It has 2 very narrow angle V-8's in each bank of the blocks "V". It does not produce 3000 h.p. either....
Dave Micolichek
Dave Micolichek 5 months ago
A correction about the Turbo Olds engine. The engine did not detonate, and destroy itself if it was run with the Turbo Rocket Fluid tank empty. If it was out of fluid, there was a mechanical valve in the tank that was plumbed into the Turbo, that would prevent the Turbo from building boost if it was empty. So, if the fluid ran out while you were driving, the worst that would happen is that you would lose all your boost power, and be driving it naturally aspirated, no engine pinging or knocking. The Oldsmobile engineers were no dummies. The engine was scrapped after a few years, not because of running out of Turbo Rocket Fluid, but because of the lack of modern electronics at the time, and the engine had many overly complicated, mechanical systems, that were hard to keep in adjustment and working correctly. Many people ended up having the dealerships remove the Turbo system, and just drove them naturally aspirated.
Jack T
Jack T 5 months ago
The revival of the counter piston diesel. LOL! The U.S. position before WW II was different from other nations in that everything was a long ways away, so for subs to be useful using their originally intended tactics, they had to be able to keep pace with surface fleets. This meant it needed to be larger with more room per person for the crew for supplies and sanity reasons (which can only be understood by visiting a German Type VIIC first) Coming up with a powerful, efficient, good power to weight ratio, engine for their submarines proved elusive. After a lot of effort, they discovered they already had one. It was being used in trains. They used the entire powertrain. As a consequence, their subs were faster, far more efficient, and more reliable. There were no gears to be shifted when going from diesel to electric because they were always electric. The spit of power between powering the sub and charging was very simple and it had the ability to sprint. The design turned out to be a godsend because after Pearl Harbor, they needed to be able to do war patrols of vast distances with no Milk Cows to support them. They comprised less than 2 percent of the U.S. Navy, but sank over 30 percent of Japan's navy, including eight aircraft carriers. More important, they strangled the Japanese economy by sinking 60 percent of the Japanese merchant marine, and and actually a lot more when you consider their intelligence gathering and clandestine operations that enabled other elements to set up traps. The opposed piston diesel definitely earned its keep. The Fairbanks-Morse were not the first opposed piston nor did the U.S. invent them. It was the first solid, practical implementation. Today, the Napier Delta is a 3-way V opposed piston engine, but I don't know of any small opposed engines that are successful...yet. My thoughts are that while you eliminate the cylinder head, you pick up a second crankshaft and the exhaust has to travel through the block like the old Flat Head engines. Now instead of the exhaust traveling through the head, it travels through the block. The problem the Flat Head engines had was blocks cracking. Not having valves helps, as where most cracks started was the valve seats, but the block needs to be cooled around the exhaust, just as a cylinder head does, and it has further to go before it reaches an area where heat doesn't matter, which increases cooling system demand. (Or at least it did on the old Flat Heads). Next, there is the issue of double crankshafts geared together. I've heard a WW II engine run, and the noise is horrendous. Moreover those are explosions with crankshafts twisting to some degree like a rubber band and those harmonics being sent to a gear train. This is not like a turbine engine with steady torque running through inline planetary gear sets. My experience with geared airplane piston engines is they incur a lot more maintenance costs per flight hour. There is no simple way to do variable valve timing to optimize cylinder pressure at a certain RPM thereby limiting the power to weight, but could be mitigated to some degree with a turbocharger. I'd love to ask questions and hear from those working on the project. I wouldn't have guessed that the most efficient large ship engines would be diesel, or that they would be two-stroke, like these engines, nor that they could replace cylinders, rods, and pistons while the engine is running either. LOL!
KŹ RR 6 months ago
lol v16 hahaha ..dude get your facts right its W16!
jdr ok
jdr ok Month ago
But its not
Joseph Parrish
Joseph Parrish 6 months ago
What cereal box is this guy getting his stats from?
Jack van Dongen
Jack van Dongen 6 months ago
The bugatti can't even go that fast and the faster production car can even go 470 kmh
Jack van Dongen
Jack van Dongen 6 months ago
Los of mistakes in the bugatti part
Dayton Wintle
Dayton Wintle 6 months ago
The opposed piston engine isn’t anything new. It’s actually an old design
3dw3dw 6 months ago
Complicated engines are retarded. ...and you dont know wtf you are talking about.
Okie TC
Okie TC 6 months ago
After you got everything wrong about the Bugatti, I honestly don’t think your facts are correct at all.
Okie TC
Okie TC 6 months ago
Did you just say a v16 and 3,000 hp for a Bugatti ? Do some simple research and you’ll find out it has 1,500hp and it’s a W16 not a V16
Screaming Demon
Screaming Demon 6 months ago
The W engine concept is not new, my Bentley has a W12 and its 2006, good sounding engine, nice to hear its reliable, its a pity the rst of the car isn't so much so.
Strixx 4 months ago
The VR6 Engine in the VW also used a similar type Engine, tho not a W motor, but an offset piston design, an Inline V or Flat V
Nobunaga 6 months ago
Justin B
Justin B 6 months ago
I have made a prototype engine it has 2 Cylinder 4 pistons 4 cams and one crank it makes almost 690 hp and almost 553 ft.lbs of tourq for a 4 piston design it also has almost no vibration it is a flat design like a H 4 from Subaru but is slightly bigger then a rotery design only ways 397lbs I have a working model and I am yousing honda forged pistons from a F series from the s2000 I made my own rods, cam, crank, and block I am also yousing a closed deck design for more power without having catastrophic failure becous I am running a extremely high compression I can change the compression with spasers on the head and the block so I can run cheaper gas but I designed it to run on diesel as well so it is all up to what fuel you run in it I am no longer spending money on it nor will I patent it becous it is too pricey and complicated
Simon Mason
Simon Mason 6 months ago
Most "unique"?
Yazeed 6 months ago
People who like complicated engines don’t know engines
Deadly_Pikachu 6 months ago
The Bugatti Veyron has a W16 with 4 Turbos producing about 1,100 hp
jdr ok
jdr ok Month ago
And a w16 technically couldn't exist as 3+3 is the only way to arrange a w. It would be 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24.
jdr ok
jdr ok Month ago
Its technically not a w16. A w16 has 3 cylinder at 2 different angles 1 is straight up like a ingle the other two at more of a 120 degree angle.
Pandagasm 6 months ago
Bugatti is W16 not V16
ccubsfan94 6 months ago
The 5 stroke is using a piston as a turbocharger
Strixx 4 months ago
Well, Theoretically Yes, but mechanically no lol. Good point of view on it. Also, its still a 4-Stroke Engine.
Count Otto Von Husen
Bro ITS A W16, NOT A V16
Bryan Barrales
Bryan Barrales 6 months ago
Didn’t learn anything new.
Tom Williams
Tom Williams 7 months ago
What about the Napier DELTIC
Matthew Kevin Kumar
Matthew Kevin Kumar 7 months ago
Stupid engines nothin new ! Nothin effecient !
Nightcore fan
Nightcore fan 7 months ago
The World’s Fastest Cars in the World id the Koenigsegg Agera RS with 278 mph insted of the Bugatti who is only 268 mph
Strixx 4 months ago
Technically, the Agera RS did 284 mph, but average between the two directions was 277 mph.
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