5 Most Interesting And Complicated Engines

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Every year, the modern car industry offers new models of vehicles that have gasoline or diesel engines that were actually designed long ago. However, there is always room for improvement. Engineers from different countries around the world have proven this many times by representing car engines completely different from those that people across the globe are used to seeing under the hood.

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Mar 25, 2018




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Comments 787
peter will
peter will Day ago
Koenigsegg Agera RS?
WatchOut!!! Crashed
all your information about the buggati veyron is crap
The Depth of Darkness
3500 parts equals 3500 potential problems
User Zero1
User Zero1 13 days ago
World should ban petrol diesel vehicles and show electric bikes performance and mileage . People should create hype for electric vehicles
Piero Pinnelli
Piero Pinnelli 13 days ago
bugatti IS the fastest salchichon ever made.
Thijs jan VdKnijff
W 16 the engine makes a w shape not a v
Shadow Bisping
Shadow Bisping 23 days ago
Interference engine driven by a timing belt, dumbest idea ever
Dylan Crosby
Dylan Crosby 24 days ago
Anyone else ever hear about the turbine motor a ford engineer built back in the 60s or 70s who's patent was bought by a oil company because it got ridiculously high gas mileage?
Reinier Rooi
Reinier Rooi 24 days ago
First, the extremely high price, of the cizetta was it's big downfall ! Then, the veyron engine is actually a twin, or double v8. A w-engine, have one bank of cylinders upright, and the other two at a v-angle on both sides of the up-right one, which makes a w form. To get the engine short, for aeroplanes, they also made an x-16 engine. The two top rows were 120 degrees apart, and so were the 2 bottom rows. Yes, grandson Bugatti, also wanted to make a car, begged uncle vw for helping. Uncle vw said : ,okay !....we will make you an elephant !' Grandson : tenk you VERY much for helping uncle !
Ozzy3333333 29 days ago
At 3:13 it claims 3,000 HP, WTF? I call BS
xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx
Haha yeah Bugatti Veyron the fastest car... shows Chiron...
rideordieguy rideordieguy
05:50 Thats pretty fucking awesome
2007MXV Month ago
W16...and not 3,000hp either. It came out at 1,001hp and then 1,300hp.
Rudywtf Month ago
i think you mean double V 16, or like.. double U 16. maybe even a W16. or quad inline 4's, that sounds nice.
Lucas Rabelle
Lucas Rabelle Month ago
5 stroke ? the war Begins...
Luis Becerra
Luis Becerra Month ago
3000hp? V16?,,
mtacoustic1 2 months ago
Should include the Napier Nomad sleeve valve turbo diesel aircraft engine from the late 1940's. The turbo portion resembled a small turbojet engine with combustion taking place in the cylinders instead of a jet engine's combustors.
Ronald Scott
Ronald Scott 2 months ago
Check your facts. Shame on you for lying, and wasting my time.
Joshua Ballew
Joshua Ballew 2 months ago
So, Either I need to learn the ratio of kilometer to mph or you should mention both? You sound American? Why use kilometers
hmong337 2 months ago
W16 foo
Jake Murphy
Jake Murphy 2 months ago
Ben Williams
Ben Williams 2 months ago
Veyren?... fine. Ketchup/catsup. But V16 it is not. And while it technically makes 3000hp. It's actually around 987-1001hp. 2/3 of the power is lost due to heat. Which is why 10 radiators are equipped.
bigblue1402 2 months ago
The last engine is based on the triple expansion steam engine for a long time ago
xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx
Corrections Bugatti’s W16 not V16 lol 10 radiators instead of 15 And Veyron is not the fastest car... the king as up for today is Agera RS Koenigsegg which is a V8 Twin Turbo and the fastest Bugatti is Chiron Sport
xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx
You dumb lol Veyron has W16 engine not a fucking V16...
MDS 3 months ago
The bugati is sooooooo fucking ugly ...it really is a shame
Colin Mills
Colin Mills 3 months ago
Is anyone going to mention that pair-wise isn't an engine layout
superbclock3689 3 months ago
Its not v16 its w - 16
KILL4THEWIN125 3 months ago
The Bugatti is a w16 it’s 2 v8s put side by Side pretty much
ksavier krajewski
ksavier krajewski 3 months ago
So many mistakes in w16 part
Alexander Cabansag
Alexander Cabansag 3 months ago
W 16 hahaha
fffourtwenty 3 months ago
Octagon Wankel. Make it.
RocketCoders - Roblox Lua
It's a *Complicated Compilation*
OhmBoy T.X
OhmBoy T.X 3 months ago
But the 2jz
Noble Ox
Noble Ox 3 months ago
Opposed piston diesel. Stuka dive bomber, Comma “knocker” and don’t forget the prince of opposed piston diesels the Napier Deltic ! Nothing rivals the Deltic exhaust note!
Robert Cochran
Robert Cochran 4 months ago
its a Bugatti W16... just like the Volkswagen W8 and W6 (the latter... sortof) wich were designed by Bugatti and stuffed into Audi and Vdubs
Wayne Miller
Wayne Miller 4 months ago
What about the devil 16 I think that's what it's called
Crescendo 4 months ago
100Kh/h in 4.4 seconds was nothing special? Nope. 0-100 in 4.4 seconds is still good by today's standards.
Tom Goodger
Tom Goodger 3 months ago
i agree but i think what he meant by it was a car of that calibre a turbo charged 16 cylinder, is really not that fast.
Curtis kukuk
Curtis kukuk 4 months ago
It's a W-16 , NOT A V-16!
SpotOn Cam
SpotOn Cam 4 months ago
Automobile Engineer - This is the best engine though most complicated too :-) Elon Musk - Hold my beer
jdr ok
jdr ok 3 months ago
Elon musk's hasn't even beat regular car manufacturers with electric motors
Caden Lind
Caden Lind 5 months ago
Yeah it’s a W16
Debbie Orr
Debbie Orr 5 months ago
Phil May
Phil May 5 months ago
Somebody didn’t do their homework. 3000 horsepower........most reliable ever created in automotive history....able to leap tall buildings in first gear.....Bullshit!
Gavin Schoonbee
Gavin Schoonbee 5 months ago
Bullshit Bugatti specs but ok. No rotary. No freevalve Koenigsegg. No skyactiveX. This guy is a fkn clown.
JUAN DING 5 months ago
3.23 is a w16 not v16
Mauricio Vargas
Mauricio Vargas 5 months ago
W16 do to the pistons pattern
Will B
Will B 5 months ago
Dude stop making car videos you don't know what you are talking about
Kevin Counihan
Kevin Counihan 4 months ago
Just about everything from Mad Lab is pure BS. I made the mistake of clicking on this before checking the OP. But this is the internet, the propaganda capitol of the world.
tim crary
tim crary 5 months ago
It was not the first they were offered on the Ford flathead v8!!
Jj Denby
Jj Denby 5 months ago
And only has 10 radiators
Eunice Thompson
Eunice Thompson 5 months ago
It is a W16 not V16
Billy Gray
Billy Gray 5 months ago
why do you say everything wrong?
Leon Erickson
Leon Erickson 5 months ago
It's the chiron that got to 400mph fuck is this shit
Negrodamus 5 months ago
I'm hoping the factory workers at Bugatti get paid enough to actually afford the product they produce
J.B 5 months ago
👎👎Thumbs down for lack of titles in this presentation. And by the description of the last 4 comments at the time I post this, supposedly the mistakes made. 🤔🧐
Frankie Teague
Frankie Teague 5 months ago
Bugatti is not a v configuration, its a w configuration.
Frankie Teague
Frankie Teague 4 months ago
@jdr ok ok........its not a v either, guess its an x
jdr ok
jdr ok 4 months ago
It's not a true w.
Dalton Porch
Dalton Porch 5 months ago
If you take out all the Bugatti stuff it might actually be a little accurate.
Sidney Green
Sidney Green 5 months ago
The Cizeta V16T has a V16, and The Bugatti Veyron has a W16, there is a difference between the two
speedup 5 months ago
your missing the konisegg cam less engine
jdr ok
jdr ok 3 months ago
Not really that complicated or interesting it just uses actuators to move the valves and that really wasn't a new idea
Extreme Gaming
Extreme Gaming 6 months ago
Drippen Bandit I think so too 😔
Frederick Malouf
Frederick Malouf 6 months ago
The best engines are electric.
Matt Cyprian
Matt Cyprian 6 months ago
your mom taught you that
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