5-Minute Vs. 50-Minute Vs. 5-Hour Steak • Tasty

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"Man, this is the best day ever." 3 steak dishes, 3 time scenarios, and a whole lot of deliciousness. If you want more of Tasty, check out our merch here: amzn.to/2GJ2xvv
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Mar 17, 2019

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Comments 8 799
Marina Romero
Marina Romero 22 minutes ago
I'll gladly be the girl you take on a date. And for sure I'll end that steak with mashed potatoes!
Anika Manohar
Anika Manohar 54 minutes ago
I'm living for this video. X
Mr. Polar
Mr. Polar 3 hours ago
Is that a voice crack at 1:07?
Noah Morrison
Noah Morrison 3 hours ago
Friend: how good is ur girls pussy? Me: 0:10
Judging Emperor
Judging Emperor 4 hours ago
I was actually dealing with depression this year and its been really tough... but now I see this video and realize it's because I didn't have any steak this year 😂😂😂
neviz 4 hours ago
thanks bro im 13 and love vide games and cooking so your 5 min stake was the best for me love what you guys do really easy to followe keep it up
gaming 101
gaming 101 4 hours ago
Is that raw in the middle🤮🤮🤮🤮
Michael McCann
Michael McCann 6 hours ago
The last time I drooled at something that pink, I ended up on a register.
dame tu Costa gang gang oof
This is a try not to cum challenge
Crest Fallen
Crest Fallen 6 hours ago
The heart attack steak.
junbums 9 hours ago
trash 2 garbagechez
trash 2 garbagechez 13 hours ago
kid wins a solo match on fortnite: let’s gooooooooo🔥 Alvin gets a great sear on a steak: LETS GOOOOO🔥🔥🔥🔥
Gunfire 81
Gunfire 81 13 hours ago
Anyone noticed the gnome-sound?
xXAka_ FaridaXx
xXAka_ FaridaXx 15 hours ago
Is it only me or the 5 minutes one looks the best 😂😂😂
CorruptClutch 17 hours ago
am i the only 1 who watches people cook steak, burgers, etc. because they're my favorite foods??😂
Joao Vieira
Joao Vieira 20 hours ago
I can hear the cow talking
Michael K.
Michael K. 21 hour ago
I think I'm weird. Steak isn't very amazing to me. Then again, I think bulgogi is steak so.. maybe it is one of my favorite things.
Spyro The Epic
Spyro The Epic 21 hour ago
Voice crack 1:08
Dave Petrillo
Dave Petrillo 23 hours ago
Please pronounce sous vide correctly
lucky charm
lucky charm Day ago
Dude is cool af 😎👌🔥
Jazzie Day ago
I like my steak FULLY cooked. I’m not about to eat raw meat.
The cool Kids
I like how in the first they add a restaurant sound affect
Benedict Marvell
Can we use margarine in exchange for butter? In indonesia butter is pretty expensive
Benedict Marvell
Benedict Marvell 11 hours ago
No i meant for the mashed potato
Edgy Circle
Edgy Circle 11 hours ago
Yeah, but only if you lake the taste of margarine. You can also use some kind of flavourful oil.
Farella Grandell
Farella Grandell 14 hours ago
No, butter is not optional. if you use margarine it will trigger a chemical reaction within the meat that makes it toxic for humans to digest.
vin 950
vin 950 Day ago
that's mashed butter, not mashed potatoes...
vin 950
vin 950 Day ago
that first steak looks delicious...
sinh vu
sinh vu Day ago
How about Kobe beef !
gen 9
gen 9 Day ago
i love this video sm i watch it everyday oof
Nick 7777
Nick 7777 Day ago
A video full of bloody disgusting steaks. GREAT
Nick 7777
Nick 7777 5 hours ago
@Bruh m8 Im trying to say that these steaks are disgusting because they are bloody af
Bruh m8
Bruh m8 8 hours ago
Nick 7777 what do you mean disgusting?
Gabriela Cristina
løvely Day ago
But it's still raw-
Izzy Lily
Izzy Lily Day ago
vegans have left the chat.
Chippz Day ago
Alen Fred Alterado
I wonder what would raw meat taste like 🤔🤔
Roeben Dem Perez
"look at that" --"whoooo!" "Let's taste that" -- "whoo!"
Harry Findlay
Who the f**k eat that much arugula
Rogano Day ago
When the video isn’t 5 hours, 55 minutes long. This is beyond science.
Plasmaz Day ago
sToLen CoMmEnT
Bernie Sanders
I’m gonna make my girl friend the 5 hour steak. It’s gonna be good. The desert too
이은규 11 hours ago
Mister Sanders you have my full support but i dont thibk you should be openly cheating on your wife like this 🤧🤧
Lord VML
Lord VML Day ago
personnaly when I do the 5 mins one, it takes me 20 mins ;-;
CrUnCh Day ago
Am i the only one that hates raw ass steak?
An Nguyen
An Nguyen Day ago
mans looks like the guy from the lorax
Oof Oof
Oof Oof Day ago
Ooh he looks so fancy with his red wine
Yung Answer God
Yung Answer God 2 days ago
Where I live it's hot enough outside to cook the 5 hour steak without any fire
El Tigre
El Tigre 2 days ago
Fuck buzzfeed and fuck you! Buzzfeed is the cancer of this world!!!
Lorenzo Ferrari
Lorenzo Ferrari 2 days ago
My Friend, the time doesn't matter when you cook meat, the only important think is the temperature
Giovvani Rodriguez
I once heard a h Guy order a steak blue, which is pretty much just seared really quickly
wooden kat
wooden kat Day ago
You saw a vampire.
Germbomb 2 days ago
Supa hot but I'm not a rapper I felt that
Mind Storm
Mind Storm 2 days ago
A THICC color
DENISI GAMES 2 days ago
This may seem like a lot of butter and the reason for that is cause it is. Alvin Zhou 2019
Derpy Aura
Derpy Aura 2 days ago
3.9K Vegans are triggered
Aesthet1C 2 days ago
So, you're not seasoning your your cutting board huh?
Skeletal Demons
Skeletal Demons 2 days ago
Alvin must’ve been in heaven
Ashleigh Michelle
Alix used to be my favorite... Alvin is slowly but surely stealing my heart 😂 I Love Him ❤️
yamabamlo 2 days ago
_"soy honey"_ otherwise known as a simple teriyaki sauce... Why not go the extra little bit and explain this to the viewers?
Gabriel Afonso
Gabriel Afonso 2 days ago
This guy is like the Asian McLovin.... pretty dope bro
Adam Hoshino
Adam Hoshino 2 days ago
alvin the new racist butter man
Passive Pixel
Passive Pixel 2 days ago
vegans hate him
*its overcooked on the bottom*
NothingToSee Productions
i may need a 50h steak and eventually.... a 5d steak🤣🤣🤣🤣
Taehyung's Noona
Taehyung's Noona 3 days ago
So.. *Who washed the dishes?*
yK Kurupt
yK Kurupt 3 days ago
The last steak looks like the dinner from family guy the one they eat every episode
skoodildoodle 3 days ago
nobody: *Read more*
skoodildoodle 3 days ago
tricked ya (probably)
Robosing 3 days ago
Wheres the recipe for this? Like exact amounts for people who don't have a knack for eyeballing it.
SG483 3 days ago
Lost respect me sous-vide stake... The heck is wrong with you? You don't boil a cut of meat that good amateur
Rico Rios
Rico Rios 3 days ago
Wait am if you put it in the oven for 40 minutes wouldn’t you have less time to cook ?
Anna Sophie
Anna Sophie 3 days ago
I want him to cook for me every day😅
Petr Sapos
Petr Sapos 3 days ago
Im NoT a RaPpEr
Donald Trump
Donald Trump 3 days ago
The dishes were good here and they were explained well More of this guy please.
la fraise est bonne
I'd prefer some quality 5 year aged beef, Mr Alvin.
Matthew Kee
Matthew Kee 3 days ago
The 5 min one look like char shew
Whiteninja Gaming 1
All of the meats are raw in the cover it gives them the red color
ChronNitroz YT
ChronNitroz YT 3 days ago
after watching this, i now know that you mist pike salt to put on your food
Dark_ Star_29
Dark_ Star_29 3 days ago
What about a 5 day steak
Fairy tail masters Natsu and Lucy
Tried to do the 5 minute one.... Went wrong. I forgot to cook it. Serves it to my friends. They got sick ._.
이은규 11 hours ago
How- How do you forget to cook something?
ninja hatori
ninja hatori 3 days ago
this + the mashed potato 101 video will be gold
3lack_0utYT 3 days ago
The thumbnail of the 5 min made me thought that the steak was covered in blood XD 😅😂
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14 minute video watch this video 6 more times most restaurants don't know what medium rare is thry serve it medium raw and you get a parasite in you
Muhammed Akhtar
Muhammed Akhtar 3 days ago
Gordon Ramsey would be proud
Kingbutternubs Jr.
Wtf is a 5 min stake
jousey junior
jousey junior 3 days ago
Not much of a medium rare fan but it looks delicious 😋
FlaminAK 7
FlaminAK 7 3 days ago
*But I’m not a rapper* ..
The Pixel Master
The Pixel Master 3 days ago
Vegans are missing out.. Just saying...
Leyi Zhou
Leyi Zhou 3 days ago
When You Have the Same last Name as The Person Talking Right Now..
Branden's Outdoor Channel
When a kid can outcook his mom
Walter Clements
Walter Clements 4 days ago
After I get back from work i love me and my wife some 50 minutes meal, then we gonna have sex definitely
Potato_Soup 4 days ago
*im so hungry*
Bunny Girl55
Bunny Girl55 4 days ago
I love the 5 minute method for that hanger steak, arugala always goes well with a steak! However this guy looks so punchable. I just want to sock him in the nose.
Like a Pro
Like a Pro 4 days ago
When you’re Asian and dunno a sh’t about Fahrenheit
Ben_the_hen 4 days ago
Five year challenge: *ferments wine*
lunne XD
lunne XD 4 days ago
Damn Leafy turned out great
Eliweed 4 days ago
After tgis, I went into BotW and only used Seared Steak and other meat dishes to heal
Eliweed 4 days ago
Great, now 5-Minute Crafts is gonna steal the first one and make it worse.
Amanda Is A Nerd
Amanda Is A Nerd 4 days ago
I will not eat a steak that isn't well done. Something about seeing the slightly undercooked steak just.. I cant..
pr0jecT 4 days ago
Tasty: so how many camera angles do u want for this video? alvin: Yes
saarxddd 4 days ago
Now I'm hungry... I love steak
Nathan Bra
Nathan Bra 4 days ago
Why honey and soy sauce? Aren’t they opposites?
Gucci Gang Lil Pump
Papwithanhatchet 4 days ago
Soy sauce and honey?!? You, sir, are a heathen.
ITZUlincoln ITZU
ITZUlincoln ITZU 4 days ago
Vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv. ===. ===. ====
KeKe 4 days ago
How many producer does tasty have damn it
Death row Joe
Death row Joe 4 days ago
anytime i eat now i just watch tasty and it makes whatever i eat better. like right now im eating great value hot pockets but now it tastes like im dining at a gourmet restaurant. anybody else do this?
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