5 Foods You're Eating Wrong

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5 foods you're eating wrong.
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5 Foods You're Eating Wrong


Published on


Mar 16, 2019




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Comments 19 767
REACT 4 months ago
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Thanorilla FlexZ
Thanorilla FlexZ 4 days ago
1:37 sticky from what
Exalted with the Floor
REACT The pineapple isn’t ripe enough.
consistency 14
consistency 14 Month ago
First and last visit
ghezal fariq
ghezal fariq 2 months ago
roundish juggler “
STATIC_KEKO 3 hours ago
eat them how tf u want to aint no right way
Vorzel _
Vorzel _ 5 hours ago
I've never had Toblerone
The Avenged Rev
The Avenged Rev 5 hours ago
Pop out the middle of the strawberry and fill it up with whipped cream. 🥰
violetCH videos
violetCH videos 6 hours ago
Dude just buy bone less wings. The dude with the glasses says it makes it a nuget ordering boneless wings. No it's not it's the same thing
Nathan Guzman
Nathan Guzman 2 hours ago
@violetCH videos haha
violetCH videos
violetCH videos 2 hours ago
@Nathan Guzman AHAHAHA
Nathan Guzman
Nathan Guzman 3 hours ago
@violetCH videos wrong facts smh
violetCH videos
violetCH videos 3 hours ago
@Nathan Guzman right😂😂 don't come for me just cause I got the facts lmao
Mahdi Green-Gocking
Mahdi Green-Gocking 10 hours ago
6:39 my entire mood lol
Joost de Vries
Joost de Vries 11 hours ago
Only 1 picked strawberries... Health problems exist. This is sarcasm.
Joost de Vries
Joost de Vries 11 hours ago
3:40 HaaHhaah “yeah I can tell” HaHahaAahahhah
FrankyMcFrankerton 11 hours ago
I like Kennedy’s hat
Alexa Chaidez
Alexa Chaidez 12 hours ago
Tori did the pinapple thing so did brandon
1-800-rosie 14 hours ago
5:47 smh homegirl really thinks she's getting more cake that way
Moorian GMNG
Moorian GMNG 14 hours ago
There is no good way , just a different way.
Sakura Uchiha
Sakura Uchiha 14 hours ago
I always eat my cupcakes like that because the frosting is always a bit to sweet. So it helps to lighten up that sweetness.
Lucy Link
Lucy Link 15 hours ago
how do people not know about the cupcake thing like I did that in kindergarten (I have very vivid memories of doing that when kids brought birthday treat) y’all this isn’t a new thing
merry marie
merry marie 17 hours ago
Why am I watching this I'm on a diet??
Jaxon Garrett
Jaxon Garrett 18 hours ago
That girl who breaks toblerone with her mouth, PISSES me off. How is she that fuckin dumb?!
PinkPandaYT 16 hours ago
Don't call. People dumb no one is perfect
Cliff's the name
Cliff's the name 18 hours ago
Yo you dont need to be going to parties with a bread knife in your pocket going around and cutting cupcakes and put in the bottom on top of the cupcake it's called a CUPCAKE
Cherri Kucher
Cherri Kucher 19 hours ago
Mkk so am I the only one who just pops the strawberry in my mouth? Like it doesn’t taste bad and like you still get all the strawberry so why not? That’s what I do!
You are supposed to lick the frostings. That’s how you eat a cupcake.
Jackzonic 19
Jackzonic 19 9 hours ago
Wtf who eats a cupcake like that??
Elin1041 Ps4
Elin1041 Ps4 16 hours ago
PolarisRhapsodyBlues wtf no???
Michelle C
Michelle C 21 hour ago
This isn't how your eating food wrong it's another way to eat food.
LBriZ Gill
LBriZ Gill 22 hours ago
Cupcake u dont need a knife..the top comes right off perfect
The Herrera News
The Herrera News 23 hours ago
Ummmmmmm..... I dont think theres a wrong way to eat food. Leave me and my chicken wings and cupcakes please.
NBA TENTACION 22 hours ago
Addison Carlson
Addison Carlson 23 hours ago
Black Momo
Black Momo Day ago
paris dawn drake
paris dawn drake 20 hours ago
literally thank u so much this is all I came here for
Garnets AndPearls
Those pineapples we're no where near ripe. WTF?!
iigachastarz Fallinq
Who else is happy that they used metal straws :D
iigachastarz Fallinq
Save da turtles >:3
owo what's this?
Roblox Intros!
iigachastarz Fallinq I only use paper and metal straws lol
Josh Santiago
The cupcake sandwich one I've done this ever since I was in kindergarten and I'm 14 years old I was 5 years old and 9 years later I'm still doing plus I tried telling my class and my family this is how you eat a cupcake and they didn't but a few people did
Andrew Day ago
The cupcake one is just a Whoopie pie.
àk um
àk um Day ago
So i guess i might be drinking water wrong too
Jeff Grizzle
Jeff Grizzle Day ago
meen kung
meen kung Day ago
can you make a react to osu top players please.
Denise and Gab Dolores
u need to pull the leaf off the pineapple so its zigzagy easy!
Random Username
Is it weird that I eat strawberries with the leaf 🍓...
Hey Look it me bob
Jana yahia
Jana yahia Day ago
@Artistic Weirdo wow great fact
Artistic Weirdo
Random Username actually no, they are a natural digestive aid
Rafael Lucero
I bet the pineapple eyes are pre cut
Setamkas Day ago
3:08 my man speaking truth right there
Doggy Gamer
Doggy Gamer Day ago
You can’t eat wrong 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Oh tHe CoRecT WaY tO EaT a cHicKeN WinG Is tO TakE tHe BoNe OuT DuH dubid yOu Are DuMb duBiD iM SmaRt ToTaLy DuH duBiD
Big Bibba 123
The creators of this video should go to hell there is NO right way to eat something
Allie Lynch
Allie Lynch Day ago
Ok.... wait um I usually eat a cupcake sandwich So they are calling a (when I started doing this) 8 year old smart
Fiverumble Day ago
Just cut the top of the strawberry out with a knife like a normal person, it’s way simpler
Fiverumble Day ago
My entire life I have eaten cupcakes like a sandwich
Josh Santiago
I'm saying I've cupcakes like a sandwich for my whole life
Makayla 7879
Makayla 7879 Day ago
I do the cupcake sandwich all the time.
Christian Ryan
Christian Ryan 2 days ago
I have never had toblrone chocolate
Jana yahia
Jana yahia Day ago
You guys need to try one there amazing 😋😋😋
Mr Smiley 666
Mr Smiley 666 2 days ago
rafael guerra
rafael guerra 2 days ago
well in fact this pineapple is not a trick, you can find this pineapple in brazil, this pineapple was develop by university call unicamp in são paulo, and it´s hard to find this pineapple in brazil too because lot of bugs can cause damage to the plant, and cost lot of more effort than the comun one. the real name of this pineapple are iac-gomo-de-mel, is translation bud of honey . maybe . haha.and the flavor are more juice and sweeter.
_klha 2 days ago
“The strange woman’s way...” sjjsjsjskd
Glowing Sunflower
Maybe the internet wants us to eat weirdly
Lil Demon
Lil Demon 2 days ago
Im in 4th grade going to 5tg and i now most of these and these kids are in college or just grownups AND I KNEW ABOUT THESE HACKS FIRST LIKE WHAT THE HECK
emmandaline Day ago
Just sayin, usually grownups are doing more productive things with their time. For example, googling conspiracy theories about how aliens created the human race, or filling Pinterest boards with quotes that justify their choice to treat everyone else badly to take care of their own mental health.
nicko654 Day ago
@Jited facts
Jited Day ago
And? Most of these hacks are stupid and pointless..it doesn’t make you a smarter person.
FORTNITE GOD 2 days ago
Lil Demon cool
Anna Wang
Anna Wang 2 days ago
i actually just eat the meat so that it looks like the bone thamey pulled out........ yeah i was a lion in my past life.
The Squished Hat
The Squished Hat 2 days ago
I like those pineapple things that make it like pop up in like a half sphere lol
Grapefruit gaming
Why are those toblerones so small
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