5 Foods You're Eating Wrong | The 10s

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5 foods you're eating wrong.
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5 Foods You're Eating Wrong | The 10s


Published on


Mar 16, 2019




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Comments 21 111
REACT Month ago
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Lora Elizabeth Jones
REACT #TheStruggleIsReal with the pineapple 🍍
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge 16 days ago
+Suhaani Dhawan no
Derrek solomon
Derrek solomon 19 days ago
REACT when you eat the pineapple that way the best way to do it is to get the most ripped one the more orange-ish the more easier it is to pull/peel the pineapple and the more juices come out just letting you know
Emma Robertson
I've been doing the cupcake hack sense forever and just tear off the bottom makes it faster and I do it at parties all the time.
yaknowme 2 hours ago
More like chick wings...i don't get how can anyone eat that without thinking they belonged to a chick
LanceGaming 091706
LanceGaming 091706 4 hours ago
I always do the chicken wings hack!!
Emyla Baker
Emyla Baker 8 hours ago
The cupcake one 🧁 you’re pretty much making it into a WHOOPIE PIE!
Tom P
Tom P 9 hours ago
Trump 2020
Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom 12 hours ago
1:45 total disgrace to the Male race.
Max Skylar Molina
Max Skylar Molina 12 hours ago
Actually the strawberry part the leaves thingy is eddable
MC_ MAN 15 hours ago
I don’t even cut the cupcake with a knife I just rip off half the bottom
son goten
son goten 17 hours ago
Bruh I already eat cupcakes like that wth
Amethyst BlackRose
Amethyst BlackRose 19 hours ago
I already eat wings like so xD
Homies And Games
Homies And Games 11 hours ago
KTL KIWI 19 hours ago
I don't even pull of the green thing I just leave it on the strawberry and then hold it by the green thing then I stuff the hole thing in my mouth and the green thing is left in my hand 😎
Pixel Pudding
Pixel Pudding 15 hours ago
Abster1234 O'Neil
Abster1234 O'Neil 17 hours ago
KTL KIWI same!!!
Ben burnett Racing YT
1:58 voice crack
Joshua Thomas
Joshua Thomas 20 hours ago
Y is that strawberry one in there this was a trend in 2015
Mia Sanchez
Mia Sanchez 20 hours ago
2:04 - 2:18 WHO IS HE??? He is so adorable and so amazing man😂💀😭❤💫💥
Mia Sanchez
Mia Sanchez 16 hours ago
+Olena Gladysh Thank you so much 😂👌❤
Olena Gladysh
Olena Gladysh 20 hours ago
Mia Sanchez his name’s Brandon, he’s the guy everyone likes in the videos haha
C L 20 hours ago
"It's like.. when you eat something in sandwich form that isn't normal in sandwich form.. It's like _yeahh_" 😂😂😂 5:33
Hey it’s Kb
Hey it’s Kb 22 hours ago
I always do the cupcake thing lol
Andreka Corasa
Download and install this new browser: this new browser: brave.com/and436
Ivashan Boi
Ivashan Boi Day ago
Hey that's Emily the Chinese translator in OWL
Jessané Cacti
They are all doing the pineapple one wrong
Mely B
Mely B Day ago
Okay but Can we talk about how they used the stainless steel straws😍😍 @React saving the planet ✨🌼🌻
Send dog pics
Mely B yess
Candiee Day ago
3:46 *ok mom*
Sammy Sicari
Sammy Sicari Day ago
Was he gonna say “shut the f**k up”?
Joohoney & his Marsmallow
who else kind of frustrated watching someone can't do some of this thing that you do perfectly.
Max Skylar Molina
Max Skylar Molina 12 hours ago
I feel u
C L 20 hours ago
YASSS MAN they just have to be more patient or they had bad luck
Hxney. BTS
Hxney. BTS Day ago
Off topic: *Jungkook can eat pineapples the BEST way!*
Veronica Harper
Anny Mejia
Anny Mejia Day ago
People are stupid the only thing that matters is eating it .Duh🤣😂😁😀
Max Skylar Molina
Max Skylar Molina 12 hours ago
Exactly there is really no correct way you can eat it any way.
likajeje Day ago
Hey r u there NOW?? Cuz it said u comment this ONE minute ago
likajeje Day ago
Right....?!? I agree, finally someone said that! Phew! 😅
Dioselina Hernandez
The strawberry one is not a waste of time it’s use full
Max Skylar Molina
Max Skylar Molina 12 hours ago
The green is eatable so why do that?
Xboxwizard 01
Dioselina Hernandez how
Aoife Quinn
Aoife Quinn Day ago
Toblerone trick only works with almost melting toblerone bars. Tried to do it with a not so melted bar and it was literally impossible
christiana martinez
wondering why all the pineapples they tried are GREEN?????
Herni One
Herni One Day ago
Well the pineapple needs to be at a certain ripeness
Positively Udo
Pushing the chocolate in makes it easier to break cleanly.
Positively Udo
Popping off the strawberry leaf and stem Allows you to put the whole thing in your mouth
Positively Udo
Positively Udo 9 hours ago
Max Skylar Molina it doesn’t taste good
Max Skylar Molina
Max Skylar Molina 12 hours ago
The leaf is eatable
Positively Udo
Boneless and de-boning a chicken is not the same at all.... boneless chicken is a completely different texture. It is basically a chicken tender.
Natalie Basehart
Mmmm k I'm from Buffalo, NY. Bone in is the only way to eat wings properly.
Carmela Jauregui
Brandon is so cute 😂
Max Skylar Molina
Max Skylar Molina 12 hours ago
Michael Hall
Michael Hall 2 days ago
The pineapple one probably didn't work very well because they didn't get a fully ripe pineapple. The wings one is the best though. I've done it this way for quite a while and it's perfect. Strawberries though? Just grab the base of the leaves, tear them off (they sort of just pop off anyway) and toss it in your mouth.
sami chowdhury
sami chowdhury 2 days ago
I think this how our ancestors ate pineapples 200 years ago and they became bored and cut it with knifes 😂
Vine- You Were A Great App
Like if adults should react to Ricardo
Samantha Saravia
Samantha Saravia 2 days ago
I always ate my cupcakes like that
BrickBoy 2 days ago
I just eat strawberries whole. The leaves don’t taste bad. Like if you do too.
Max Skylar Molina
Max Skylar Molina 12 hours ago
likajeje Day ago
Sorry that was a joke too😭🤯😬🙄😶
p o l a
p o l a Day ago
likajeje 1. A Psychopath and a sociopath are two very different things, educate yourself before trying to correct me. 2. This was clearly a JOKE, it’s not my problem you took it so very much to heart, snowflake.
likajeje Day ago
I don’t do the same thing as him but do I go to the reply and say “you’re a psychopath”??? DO I?!?! DO I?!? No, *EXACTLY*
likajeje Day ago
p o l a *DON’T HATE!* And also...you’re a psychopath because you don’t know how to spell “PSYCHOPATH!!!* 🙄🙄
Jon Rathbun
Jon Rathbun 2 days ago
A properly prepared chicken wing will allow you to place the full wing in your mouth and slide the meat off as you pull the bone out.
Potato Crittens
Potato Crittens 2 days ago
I’ve never had a properly prepared chicken wing it seems like
Alexandria wolf
Alexandria wolf 2 days ago
Lol I love bone in wings but I eat my a different way
lavaking of the kings
This just proves women don't understand chicken wings
Lauren Yochem
Lauren Yochem 2 days ago
I've been doing that with cupcakes my while life and have never used a knife. Just rip the bottom off. Also you get a better ratio of cake to frosting.
valerin Agui
valerin Agui 2 days ago
I wouldn’t do the cupcake one because I hate frosting
Mr. ManCheeks
Mr. ManCheeks 2 days ago
10:18 but you used a knife
BonelessTulip61 Yt
Wtf is toterone
Jada Kyles
Jada Kyles 2 days ago
Potato Crittens 😂😂
Potato Crittens
Potato Crittens 2 days ago
maimai_ halcon
maimai_ halcon 2 days ago
RepelRaid 2 days ago
For the chicken wing one my friend taught me it I Did not do that because it made my hands dirty 😂😂😂
Miah Medina
Miah Medina 2 days ago
I’ve done the cupcake one since 2015
Fernando Arteaga
Fernando Arteaga 2 days ago
I’ve done the cupcake one since 5th grade
Armando Felix
Armando Felix 2 days ago
I’v done the strawberry thing and it worked
KittenLover 2 days ago
I’ve known that cupcake hack and strawberry hack since 3rd grade and I’m in 8th grade now 😂
Leiticia 2 days ago
It's another tipe of pineapple. I don't speak english very well so i don't know the name, but a brazillian youtuber called Iberê from "manual do mundo" teach us the real pineapple of that video.
TheBestComicKing 2 days ago
I feel like the pineapple needs to be really ripe for it to work
XXwinter woldXX
XXwinter woldXX 2 days ago
Inkman1231 Inkman12311
Idc how i eat you just eat it its food
Joonie 3 days ago
4:10 YES I went to a chicken wing place and I just gave up because I can only get like 10% off the bone and I can’t be bothered with eating all around it and trying to find the meat It’s to much work
irshad kabeer
irshad kabeer 3 days ago
This vid is a complete fail montage of useless tricks
JJ MusicList
JJ MusicList 3 days ago
Lol i actually eat the whole toblerone i dont really cut the pieces
Mary Godfrey
Mary Godfrey 3 days ago
4:52 actually one of my best friends does this whenever they have cupcakes but she doesn’t slice it she kind of like rips it off
SSaltyIsSeawater 3 days ago
6:22 I actually think this is a good idea for making chocolate covered strawberries. You can just eat the part in the middle normally, then when you put it in chocolate the chocolate would run through the inside, therefore making it taste better.
Ziva’s World
Ziva’s World 3 days ago
The cupcake sandwich thing is litterally me in third grade everyone used to do this
Sofia Navarro
Sofia Navarro 3 days ago
Who else is happy they where already eating pineapples like this?
Keyla Santana
Keyla Santana 3 days ago
That pineapple is so over riped
MollyWalton 3 days ago
I had a toblerone earlier today (for the second time ever) could have used the last hack
Chloe Anna 290
Chloe Anna 290 3 days ago
It’s four in the morning and now I’m hingry
i need nothin
i need nothin 3 days ago
I connect
Snoopy Stocker
Snoopy Stocker 3 days ago
Never had a chicken wing .....
xlüćŷx x
xlüćŷx x 2 days ago
Snoopy Stocker neither 😂😂
Murat Civelek
Murat Civelek 3 days ago
people with small mouths wont understand but i just throw the whole cupcake in my mouth
Yehilani Rodriguez
The wing one you know you can just eat boneless wings Edit: OMG I actually did not see the part about the bonless wing and what they said about it
* s N a T c H a D*
10:16 *chooses the cupcake hack that you cut in half using a knife then complains about using an utensil for the rest of the hacks* :~♢
Sonia Mahmood
Sonia Mahmood 3 days ago
This video just made me crave chicken wings tbh 😂
G’s Creations
G’s Creations 3 days ago
Lol I did all of this and it is normal and not that bad and messy free IS MESSY FREE
Famed Amazon
Famed Amazon 3 days ago
Tori “my cupcake one was the favorite” Narrator “why” Tori “because it does not use utensils” *cuts a cupcake in half with a knife*
Dani Liberman
Dani Liberman 3 days ago
Did they show the way to actually eat a banana? Even the emoji has it wrong 🍌
Feather Jupiter Glimmer
Whith the pinapple you have to get a knife and go around the diamonds.
dylan d
dylan d 3 days ago
Feather Jupiter Glimmer yeah, they cut it in half and that’s why it was difficult
su tart
su tart 3 days ago
What’s next?: The way you’re clicking you’re fingers as thanos wrong
Brainy Braids L.T.O
I'm hungry
Fiona Troci
Fiona Troci 3 days ago
lol me too
KimChi Gosioco
KimChi Gosioco 4 days ago
b##chboy 69
b##chboy 69 4 days ago
Boneless STAN
God Is vmin
God Is vmin 4 days ago
b##chboy 69 I SEE U EVEYWHERE
Levi Holst
Levi Holst 4 days ago
Everyone: oh no, now I’m all stickyyy Brandon: *LET ME RIP THIS MF OPEN REAL QUICK*
Jammy Jelly
Jammy Jelly 4 days ago
I knew half of these but the ones I didn’t know I was shocked
31at5e3unxh1a8 lolxxx
Omg I'm going to show the chicken wing hack to my brother he's going to be so shocked
pia nime
pia nime 4 days ago
Think abt ur life...and then pushhh...lol😂😂
tally da geek
tally da geek 4 days ago
I did that strawberry hack before and when I did it a freaking bug came out so yeah I was a bit traumatized after that, I still am.
Barbara May
Barbara May 4 days ago
Jiao Smore
Jiao Smore 4 days ago
You need to cut it diagonally
iiCookie_Doge 4 days ago
You guys take the leaves off your strawberries? I eat it whole.
Sabotage SupplyLines
Oh my God you're eating leaves
Sauni Bledsoe
Sauni Bledsoe 4 days ago
I thought I was the only one that did the cupcake thing! I do it at parties too😂😂
Seeae all my THANOS 🤢🥶 videozs before he 🔷 SNAPS his fingers AGAIN! hurry! 👹💎🍓🔸
katelyn cevallos
katelyn cevallos 4 days ago
5:00 i do that at partys..... Baby voice:U hurt my fewings
Yagura12 Chang
Yagura12 Chang 4 days ago
The pineapple one is so sad because im allergic to it and the first time i ate it it whas that way. Btw i almost die eating that pineapple
Traydizzle 4 days ago
Bone-less wings do not taste as good as bone-in wing.
Traydizzle 2 days ago
+Dani And Charleigh’s Challenges I know, it was a joke.
Dani And Charleigh’s Challenges
No chicken nuggets are made different
Wendy Holland
Wendy Holland 4 days ago
Traydizzle 4 days ago
+Dani And Charleigh’s Challenges Boneless wings are just chicken nuggets that taste slightly different.
Dani And Charleigh’s Challenges
Traydizzle you are so wrong!
Mr_P0ison 0.o
Mr_P0ison 0.o 4 days ago
The wing one is the most stupid Technique how to eat wings just order boneless wings
The life of Cailyn and Sydney.
*messy free my butT!¡!*
RayD2Kill 4 days ago
Pulling apart the pineapple would be a lot easier if it was a lot more ripe.
Fsk run God
Fsk run God 4 days ago
You saved the turtles you great people
Seeeaae all my THANOS🥶 videozzss before he 🔷💎 SNAPS his fingers AGAIN! hurry!👹🥶
RayD2Kill 4 days ago
Reported for spam
Ice cream Starbucks
Go away
Kruppt808 4 days ago
this is a waste of my time. sums up everything on the internet lol
Al Zl
Al Zl 4 days ago
Ow hellow there bounesChicken
Mya Matos
Mya Matos 4 days ago
To take of the leaves you have to do it slower
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