5 Foods You're Eating Wrong #2 | The 10s

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Tik Tacs
Cereal with Water:
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5 Foods You're Eating Wrong #2 | The 10s


Published on


Apr 13, 2019




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Comments 12 386
REACT 11 days ago
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Zoua Thao
Zoua Thao Day ago
Julius Vroom , m
Andrew Morales
Andrew Morales 6 days ago
Chris Perez
Chris Perez 7 days ago
REACT like why do give a lot of milk and one Oreo 🤣🤣🤣
Lynsey Bodeker
Lynsey Bodeker 7 days ago
Better yet.. if you like your oreos well saturated.. just break them up into bite size pieces and eat them like cereal and milk.
Chris Jones
Chris Jones 37 minutes ago
I’m so mad that most of them didn’t put the whole Oreo in their mouth
Muamen Hunter
Muamen Hunter Hour ago
If you tried the cereal with water please tell me how does it taste cuz I wanna tried but I don't want to waste my cereal
Muamen Hunter
Muamen Hunter 43 minutes ago
Nelson D thank you
Nelson D
Nelson D 48 minutes ago
Don't... Just don't
If there's lettuce under the party. The lettuce is absorbing the juices from the patty
Cyber Vlogs
Cyber Vlogs Hour ago
It wasn’t an orange 🍊 in the video it was a Miranda
jacqueline. Hour ago
Nobody: Me: I’ll have a glass of delicious nutritious water
Kader Orn
Kader Orn 2 hours ago
Cul O'C
Cul O'C 2 hours ago
Those burgers were a disgrace. The top bun is THINNER than the bottom. Come to Ireland and you'll see a proper burger
Nicholas DO
Nicholas DO 2 hours ago
Justin Y.s disciple
The cereal one is not wrong cause in the commercials they use milk
aespugic 55 minutes ago
Justin Y.s disciple in commercials they use glue so that the cereal wont look soggy during shooting times
DAndré 3 hours ago
Justin Y.s disciple in the commercials they use glue
Justin Hollowell
Justin Hollowell 4 hours ago
Who takes a bite of a cookie? Put the whole damn thing in your mouth
Yotori Yishizora
Yotori Yishizora 5 hours ago
Jeff splatford
Jeff splatford 5 hours ago
the oreo on the fork is good but eventually one is going to fall off and there is no way to quickly retrieve it ..and then youre left with a pile of cookie sludge in your milk
Gamerdweeb Entertainment
You can peel oranges? what? I ate them like Melons-
Terra The Terrible
Terra The Terrible 6 hours ago
*5 wrong ways to eat food
miko evasco tating
miko evasco tating 6 hours ago
5 Food* You’re Eating Wrong
J D NEO 7 hours ago
Their bad at doing the tic tac thing
Princess Denise playz
The milk and the for and the Oreo *thats totally me*
Lillian _Sketches
Lillian _Sketches 8 hours ago
You can just scoop the Oreos out with a spoon.
Dawson Weaver
Dawson Weaver 9 hours ago
why give them the most bland cereal you could find tards
Logan Lasher
Logan Lasher 9 hours ago
Why is tori pessimistic in all these new ways to do things videos?
Slow Poaches
Slow Poaches 7 hours ago
Ikr shes like *yeah but now i have to clean the knife...* dude shes getting on my nerves
Dahndray Julious
Dahndray Julious 9 hours ago
First I would not eat cereal with water that's bull and eating oreos like that is stupid
Bigfanm3new 9 hours ago
Ezequiel Becerra
Ezequiel Becerra 9 hours ago
Ok the mufks who aint eat the Oreo in 1 bite needs to pull up and we gonna fight 😂😂
Kuro Storm
Kuro Storm 11 hours ago
That water things does not apply to people who drink the milk at the end
Flips The King
Flips The King 12 hours ago
Brandon is my fav he my bro
run4walk 12 hours ago
Give them a Pringle. A lot of people eat them wrong. It bothers me.
SpongeBob NiggerPants
Those burgers were dry asf
coychoux 12 hours ago
Right lol they needed to be saucy
Kacie James
Kacie James 13 hours ago
The whole cereal + water = WELCOME TO THE STRUGGLE...
Easy Acre
Easy Acre 13 hours ago
Who ever puts water in the cereal should be executed with people who put the milk (or water apparently) first Edit(If you struggling in life economically you fine)
aliyah reid
aliyah reid 13 hours ago
Who doesn’t eat a Oreo in one bite wtf
Josie Garcia
Josie Garcia 8 hours ago
aliyah reid right??
Vincenzo Foglia
Vincenzo Foglia 13 hours ago
The man eating cereal with water should be locked up. Crazy man shouldn't be out in society
aviningnong・joy 13 hours ago
who ever said that cereal on top of water was the right way or better way to eat cereal. call gordon ramsey. i’m jus- i cant i’m mad thanks k byeee mwah 💋
Jessica Corral
Jessica Corral 13 hours ago
Omg I was just eating cereal before I like this video
Bambi Runyon
Bambi Runyon 13 hours ago
On my gosh I always ate my burger upside down! No matter what! Runs in fam...not my 2 sisters thlugh
Pixel Pudding
Pixel Pudding 15 hours ago
Who ever made the cereal one is a psychopath
Bonny Kpa
Bonny Kpa 15 hours ago
If you from the struggles you know about the water cereal lol
Manuel Sanchez
Manuel Sanchez 15 hours ago
There is no right or wrong way to eat food. Eat however you're comfortable with.
jkmakeupmaster143 9 hours ago
Rafa Mamani or sushi with your hands
Rafa Mamani
Rafa Mamani 14 hours ago
Except if you eat cereal with water
Cameron Carty
Cameron Carty 15 hours ago
For the cereal what Water you on about idk why I done this😂🤔😅
Succulent Jasøn
Succulent Jasøn 15 hours ago
Number two is how vegans eat their cereal.
gowezzy cough cough
gowezzy cough cough 16 hours ago
I put my milk in my cereal
Sasa GachaYT
Sasa GachaYT Hour ago
+Ghost Zargai *ReAlLy* ExTrA
Ghost Zargai
Ghost Zargai Hour ago
Sasa GachaYT I kNoW RiGHt
Sasa GachaYT
Sasa GachaYT 10 hours ago
+Ghost Zargai wOw YoU'Re sO ExTrA
Ghost Zargai
Ghost Zargai 13 hours ago
Shiloh ME ToO
Shiloh 13 hours ago
I put my cup in my juice
Miss Turtle
Miss Turtle 16 hours ago
Bish ima eat my food the way i eat it
Zz 16 hours ago
The reason the top bun of a burger is thicker than the bottom bun is because when you bite down your upper jaw move more than your bottom jaw. So a thicker top bun will actually allow your teeth to meet at the patty for a nice and proper bite.
Elle Howell
Elle Howell 15 hours ago
ur top jaw doesn’t move lmfao
Drama Llama
Drama Llama 15 hours ago
Is this a joke? If this is serious then just so u know... Ur top jaw actually doesn't move
Alex Kok
Alex Kok 16 hours ago
That makes no sense whatsoever
Javier Zamora
Javier Zamora 16 hours ago
I think that teens should react to Shane.
Destroyer_5 Rockz
Destroyer_5 Rockz 17 hours ago
I put my Oreos in the milk until it’s mush when I bite it...
dylan keith
dylan keith 16 hours ago
Destroyer_5 Rockz same
Electra Heart
Electra Heart 16 hours ago
Ew 🤣
NEON VANDELINE 16 hours ago
Camila Cedeno
Camila Cedeno 17 hours ago
Destroyer_5 Rockz same
L i z z y W a z b i
L i z z y W a z b i 17 hours ago
Who tf eats cereal with water 🤨
L i z z y W a z b i
L i z z y W a z b i 17 hours ago
Who tf eats cereal with water 🤨
Cul O'C
Cul O'C 2 hours ago
weeв lιғe
weeв lιғe 17 hours ago
I tried the orange one but it didn't work lmao
Ramses Goddeeris
Ramses Goddeeris 17 hours ago
The girl sead the dhr had to wash a knife with the orange and with the oreo hack of was amazing
Eary Chow
Eary Chow 18 hours ago
These are not "correct" ways of eating, just another way of eating things
Jess Danielle
Jess Danielle 18 hours ago
I eat burgers upside down anyway unconsciously.
Lalababa 432
Lalababa 432 18 hours ago
yea okay but who only eats one tic tac
Slendy 14 hours ago
+Hailey Sexton no
Hailey Sexton
Hailey Sexton 18 hours ago
Wanna a sub sub to me and I'll sub back
kevin ortega
kevin ortega 18 hours ago
Who eats their PBJ or any jelly toast upsidedown?
Country boii I love you ahh
Mee haha
KTL KIWI 19 hours ago
you could just use your hand for da oreo. It's literally just using extra stuff
KTL KIWI 3 hours ago
I just stick my hole hand in the milk🤣😆
Sumxyyx K
Sumxyyx K 6 hours ago
Yeah but now you can dip the whole oreo in the milk and not only one end😉
Relder Andrade
Relder Andrade 19 hours ago
Why would you dirty more stuff doing the Oreo one we have hands for a reason to hold stuff
J Schanz
J Schanz 20 hours ago
Brookelynn Bridgehasfallen
no. just no
NovaShen4 18 hours ago
Мария 23 hours ago
you cut the orange right but then you all opened it up wrong. Look at the video again, you have to bend the orange in more than just the middle. use your fingers like the video omg
Unpopular Gaming
Unpopular Gaming 23 hours ago
The Oreo one i tried it and my oreo fell apart:(
Gonçalo Mota
Gonçalo Mota 23 hours ago
It should be like this: First water. Second cereals
AdrenaLine _
AdrenaLine _ Day ago
You know youre broke asf when you use water for your cereal🤷🏽‍♂️ but not gonna lie Fruit loops and water is actually good
Jurvita Liepina
trade oreo wit juse
Anirudh Silai
Only in Southern CA will people eat Oreos off forks
Test Hobo
Test Hobo Day ago
That burger makes me deppresed
Aliyah Dent
Aliyah Dent Day ago
You guys should try ice in milk.......it's so good when it's ice cold , especially with toasted poptart, but it has to be warm (the poptarts)!!!!! You won't regret this!!!!
Edward Bear
Edward Bear Day ago
i saw that on r/cursedimages
Андреа Илиева
I knew the first hack with the tic tacsso it's not very big secret
Tiina Kasuk
Tiina Kasuk Day ago
The way they poured the water made me want to die
KAT KUM Day ago
These people need sum MILK no no no...... wait the need sum MULK no😑THEY NEED SOME COWS TO GET THE MULK
Random Persona
I want to be on this just because you'll give me fooooooood
Her nails are long af, how does she do anything
Jackson McNulty
That’s not a orenge that’s a maderin
snEK Day ago
Jackson McNulty *a orenge, maderin*
Aria Demchy
Aria Demchy Day ago
Why cut oranges when you can just peel a mandarin and you get the exact same thing
Somesh Narwade
Today I learned that people cut oranges but then people cut bananas too.
BlueSapphire Day ago
the oval thing is so the lid can actually shut properly for the TicTac's, but yea xD
Kimmm Seokjinnn
In my country the orange peel is so thin so I can easily peel it of. 😂😂
Asobimo Day ago
TicTac, I just take of the lid and eat them all at once
I have no SOUL
Your crazy
Natalie xx
Natalie xx Day ago
5:28 mood
yoshatabi Day ago
Omg Brittany is beautiful
Hannah Reyes
Hannah Reyes Day ago
Nice Video
Rwbytwitch Day ago
If you don’t dunk your Oreos in your milk like a new born baby being bathtized, don’t talk to me
KAT KUM Day ago
Rwbytwitch hi hi hi no I won’t stop talking because I never ate Oreos so I can’t do that stuff and I’m gonna still talk🤪😅😂🤣hihi hih hi hi hih hi hi hi hi hi hi hi
Dennis Thiha
Dennis Thiha Day ago
First comment **smiles**
Joey Neri
Joey Neri Day ago
Tori burns everything in terms of easy way on eating Still love Tori
Glodeanu Andrei
Just toast the buns on the burger. That way it wont get soggy
Stickydot Day ago
the only way to eat a burger is eat the outside, (all the bread and loose ends of cheese and bits of meat) and then for the layt mouthful itll be using all ingrediants cause itll be the centre. its the best way
Dragonz Creates
Guess I was one of the weirdos who eats cereal with water.
Asobimo Day ago
Dragonz Creates if they maybe let it soke, then it probably would taste better
Cassidy M
Cassidy M Day ago
I eat my food in a manner that most effectively moves the necessary items into my esophagus.
Rebecca Anne Moilanen
I naturally eat my burgers like that I didnt even think of messes like that
Abhijay Sharma
Michael Anthony
I put Oreos in my cup, pour milk then i eat it with a spoon. Am i the only person that does that?
Navin Narwani
I'm calling the police on you
Abhijay Sharma
Daniel Moreno
Did they seriously eat an Oreo like that??? Jesus Christ...
Moon Rose :3
Moon Rose :3 Day ago
The tic tac one i already knew what the oval thing was for i never struggled with 500,000 tic tacs attacking me xd
i see Brandon I click
Ember Rose
Ember Rose Day ago
Trust me y'all.. Eating extremely saucy/juicy burgers upside down does indeed help a LOT to minimize mess.
Nir Dragneel
Nir Dragneel Day ago
People cut oranges??
Keirin Snow
Keirin Snow Day ago
Stephanie Soo had already been eating her burgers upside down A BISS she HAS BEEN
Rooney YU [10H1]
Why do people eat half an Oreo like just put the whole thing in your mouth
Hossamism1 Day ago
are people really eating oreos in more than one bite
Offer Gang
Offer Gang Day ago
Because when the Oreos are packaged they are sideways so ezy
Offer Gang
Offer Gang Day ago
The Oreo one makes sense
Elsa Reza
Elsa Reza Day ago
At 9:14 I was dying, too funny😂😂
Kelly Day ago
I eat burgers upside down normally .-.
KinG REAPER Day ago
Dang did they crush the burger that they handed to them.
Sophie Liu
Sophie Liu Day ago
why does brandon have the most logic
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