4 Levels of French Toast: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of French toast. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which French toast was the best?

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4 Levels of French Toast: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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Apr 11, 2019




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Comments 8 695
Mikołaj Solik
Mikołaj Solik 21 minute ago
I would never eat french toast with ketchup but if offered diabetes toast of lvl 2 cook - then ketchup it is.
Mikołaj Solik
Mikołaj Solik 23 minutes ago
Flour and sugar in the egg mixture? NO.
Saoirse Kavanagh
Saoirse Kavanagh 42 minutes ago
Eeeeewww, ketchup with French toast?!
Anna Iveth Guerrero
If I bake anything, it won’t last until the next day to make French toast.
comrad. arkady
comrad. arkady 2 hours ago
I am Arkady and I am a Level 50 Boss.
comrad. arkady
Thats how mafia works.
Zahra Abbas
Zahra Abbas 2 hours ago
Emily nooooo
M H 2 hours ago
4 levels of omelette next pls
x 3 hours ago
randompersonofze EARTH
It’s kinda funny how they brag about themselves when they actually did it kinda bad or totally wrong
CreeCree Gamer
CreeCree Gamer 5 hours ago
Who in the hell puts ketchup on french toast was she being serious? also some people can't afford expensive bread I've used sandwich bread for french toast and it came out really good and it wasn't soggy 😂
Michael M.
Michael M. 6 hours ago
Never really go for level 1 or 2 always go for level 3. Favorite part is the break downs!
True God
True God 7 hours ago
I just used the second chefs method very good
Wynand Pretorius
Wynand Pretorius 9 hours ago
What's the pointer stick for though?
Connor Thompson
Connor Thompson 9 hours ago
One day Lorenzo will be on as a level 3 chef
Bernadette Rocha
Bernadette Rocha 9 hours ago
I personally would go with level 2 recipe using level 3 bread (so long as I don't have to make the bread)
Adarsh Malik
Adarsh Malik 12 hours ago
I wish Emily met the other two before the shoot
Lonzie Rose
Lonzie Rose 13 hours ago
I love Lorenzo's attitude so much! He's always so happy and positive, it makes me want to cook more.
Kalyle L
Kalyle L 14 hours ago
I love Emily!
Santi12007 16 hours ago
Level 1: Ok, what did happen to you? Are you making another type of french toast? And there's no sweet on the egg mixture btw :/ Level 2: Sounds delicious Level 3: Yumm
Angie Elacio
Angie Elacio 16 hours ago
Lorenzos french toast looks BOOOOOOMMMM
Long Haochen
Long Haochen 17 hours ago
I don't get it... They make a "french" recipe without using the good type of bread. Us, french, we tend to use old bread. In fact, this recipe was invented because poeple did'nt want to put in the trash can their hard bread. That's why it's soaked in egg to make it more tender...
Egg Man
Egg Man 17 hours ago
ala e cozonac smrfm
The shaper
The shaper 21 hour ago
Nasty 🤢 on 2:56
Creative Soul2121
Creative Soul2121 21 hour ago
french toast are supposed to be a sweet breakfast. what was that monstrosity that Emily did
Yoshha 22 hours ago
Dina Houssami
Dina Houssami 23 hours ago
I actually preffer the home cook one
Xlxnly 23 hours ago
Level 5: how to basics
Hannah Wurz
Hannah Wurz Day ago
“Hi I’m Emily and I’m a level one chef” “Hi I’m Lorenzo and I’m a level two chef” “Hi I’m Penny and I’ve been cooking professionally for 15 years” did nobody tell her
TwistedYT Day ago
3:36 "o my lord have *_mercy_* " - lorenzo 2k19
Title: 4 levels of French Toast Me: I think there is supposed to be another level
rubianca _
rubianca _ Day ago
A Nizzutz
A Nizzutz Day ago
Emily uses a non stick pan to cook a burger, but a stainless steel pan for French toast? da fuq?
Charlotte Matou
I am French and in my view, you are really overthinking our “pain perdu” (meaning “lost bread”, as it was used to make stale bread tastier).
b311a Day ago
Imagine if your mom was lvl 1 cook. I’d eat out every day
Ask _Unity
Ask _Unity Day ago
They should’ve just titled this gassing Emily 💀😂
M Z. T
M Z. T Day ago
hey you guys should try out my Ezekiel bread french toast
Ella Bowden
Ella Bowden Day ago
Lorenzo and penny's look heavenly.
Midnight Gacha
Hello people. Who wants to do “What kid makes the best Mac ‘n cheese? I want to be on there.
To the lv 1 cheff. What you made is egg toast. Its not French toast without cinimon
Lunes de comida
Lets be real everyone wants pennys bread but we be lucky to at least get emilys.
J0rge Day ago
This is frickin staged
Mau Day ago
Zach Lucas
Zach Lucas Day ago
Please get rid of lorenzo
ScifiSaints Day ago
Now they're just memeing by putting in a comedic actor for Level 1.
ZaaraSaara Ahmed
The level 4 basically talked about why lvl 1 made a disgusting French toast....
lucy Day ago
Level 3: overload of calories and more sugar 😝
You couldnt pay me to eat any of these dishes. ... my sympathy to the eaters.
The shaper
The shaper Day ago
Emily is disgusting
narglarph Day ago
“I like to put ketchup on because i’m a monster.” is my new favorite quote
sugarraybow Day ago
Ketchup? Nutella AND maple sirup? Cookie crumbs? French toast needs just maple syrup. Done. Its about balance. Crispy, soft, and light salty french toast with real delicious maple syrup. I can dig the idea with the bananas, but yo, that is it. The rest is blasphemous.
Lord Arch
Lord Arch Day ago
Emily: *hiding the fact that it's horrible*
Lord Arch
Lord Arch Day ago
I see Lorenzo I click
moon gloss
moon gloss Day ago
level 1's french toast is what i have nightmares about but its okay she tried her best and we love her for it
Orange Creamsicle
Ketchup?? 🤮 #3 had me at bananas.
Joselyn Alas
Joselyn Alas Day ago
Can you do level 123 on pancakes
Emily Ritchie
I also eat ketchup on my French toast
Emily made English Eggy Bread. Failed with Ketchup - Brown sauce all the way.
Adrian Zamora
I would like to see the chefs try the others creations and also see their reactions.
la fan de nuel
In Spain we call it torrijas, and it's typical easter dessert. But we use better quality bread, regular bread, one or two days old, and soaked in aromatized milk for a couple of minutes before they are soaked in stirred eggs. The aromas are lemon zest and cinnamon. And toppings, only regular white sugar, right when they come out of the pan, so it melts. Yummy!!!
Emma ROUSSEL Day ago
The level 3 french toast is actually mostly right people usually add Nutella or chantilly with the banana it’s sooo good
Wouat Wouat
Wouat Wouat Day ago
WTF !?! As a french I am disgusted by their choice of bread dafuq???
Alyanna Espiritu
I wanna make my own batakab
I would try level 2 ❤️❤️ level 3 is.... tooo much and level 1 is ok 👌 but too plain 😁
Steve Grenier
Didn't once address the effects of flour and spices in the custard which was one of the primary differences between them all. Very weak review.
Emma Z-side
Emma Z-side Day ago
Does anyone actually watch the food scientist part?
Frederick Koons
Only those who want to learn something or maybe are incapable of learning.
BNRL _ Day ago
Lorenzo always kills it
NiteOwel 2 days ago
Jory Porteous
Jory Porteous 2 days ago
In reality, she really just made an eggy bread, I doubt that it's very sweet, so ketchup in her situation might not be that bad
DiabloIII DH
DiabloIII DH 2 days ago
all of you ruined it >:(
Harriet Gooding
Harriet Gooding 2 days ago
why do they keep calling it custard? swear custard is boiled cream and milk with tempered egg yolk and sugar???
Harriet Gooding
Harriet Gooding 2 days ago
i would eat this alone in the dark... ME
LucilleB 2 days ago
I've found that Sara Lee's Artesano bread is perfect for French toast.
MrTheTomahawk 2 days ago
They dont help old girl at all 😂 just be setting her up to get roasted
Harvey Kent
Harvey Kent 2 days ago
According to the comments, I'm an abomination as well. Its ok Emily, I support you.
chef boy r gene
chef boy r gene 2 days ago
Nobody listen to level 4 chef she can’t even cook
chef boy r gene
+Frederick Koons she didnt prove it
Frederick Koons
She happens to be an excellent cook, probably at least a 5
Richie Tozier
Richie Tozier 2 days ago
Everyone likes Emily i liked her up until she decided to eat her french toast with ketchup
Rub-One 2 days ago
KETCHUP ? Seriously !? >:(
waasqoodd 2 days ago
lorenzos looks like absolute heaven... level 3 did to much
waasqoodd 2 days ago
i thought she said vodka i was like for breakfast??? i mean okay i’ll try it
Dennis Wu
Dennis Wu 2 days ago
Please do mashed potatoes!
Deven Gaming and Design
I had no idea stale bread was used to make French toast. Very interesting!
mabs4693 2 days ago
9:50 we saw 2 different ways of making french toast*
Scarlet Ash
Scarlet Ash 2 days ago
Level 1: essentially made a backwards scrambled egg sandwich hence why the ketchup might be a good idea to her. I am not a supporter of ketchup on eggs. That's nasty!
Vinal Chaudhary
Vinal Chaudhary 2 days ago
Stop calling the "food scientist" a level 4. It's insulting to chef's everywhere.
lovepixels 16 hours ago
Stop putting apostrophes to indicate plurality. It's insulting to grammarians everywhere.
cybersphere 2 days ago
I'd prefer to watch a cooking show with the level 2 guy. He's friendly, happy and down to earth. The chef reminds me of a middle school home economics teacher who is always telling you what you did wrong.
Jory Porteous
Jory Porteous 2 days ago
I agree, though I think People always assume the level 4 chef is stuck up or elitist. A lot of times they are regular people who care about their craft, and are used to a certain environment.
Kat H.
Kat H. 2 days ago
I love how passionate Lorenzo is about food, his little tips are so helpful!
Ryan Dikdan
Ryan Dikdan 2 days ago
She's my favorite level 1 chef so far
Marinette Quinz Zimmer
This should called 10 minutes vs 1hour vs half day of making.
purpleswag knk
purpleswag knk 2 days ago
Dude you make lvl3 in 2 h xd
Porky Pig 2019-2022
Wrong Emily Maple syrup not ketchup
Porky Pig 2019-2022
Level 2 & 3 is much better than level 1
Leah Marie
Leah Marie 2 days ago
My favorite French toast is BLUEBERRY FRENCH TOAST
bluemoon_31 2 days ago
ketchup...?.....emily...lovey.....bless your heart, but you're a psychopath that made pan-fried egg bread and called it french toast
EdgyBoi2414 2 days ago
Level 1 is mood
Polly ThePengiun
Polly ThePengiun 2 days ago
I am literally the red head lmfao. I too put ketchup on my French toast
Angie Leger
Angie Leger 2 days ago
Emily cracked me up!
Samu Tyrväinen
Samu Tyrväinen 2 days ago
”I will eat this alone in the dark.” I wanna marry Emily.
TheLazyPlayer 2
TheLazyPlayer 2 2 days ago
You can garnish this with whatever you want I like to put ketchup on it *BECAUSE I'M A MONSTER*
bovfbovf 2 days ago
Tbh Lorenzo’s stuff always look the best
Did penny wait there overnight for her doe to be ready? :(
Lorenzo is best best best girl!
Kaleb Simpkins
Kaleb Simpkins 2 days ago
u would be so embarrassed to be Emily
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