4 Easy Drinks for Galentine's Day

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A girls' night in has never looked so tempting. Whether you're craving a sip of bubbly love potion or a fruity mocktail, head to your nearest Target and pick up everything you need to get the party started.
Host your own girls' night: www.target.com/c/beverages-grocery/-/N-5xt0rZ54udrZxkit5Zyfqzk?type=products
Sponsored by Target
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Feb 7, 2020




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Comments 22
Dj Takira
Dj Takira 5 days ago
GardenofRoses 5 days ago
For ideas for Galentine's Day, check out usvid.net/video/video-_HT7nm8XF0s.html
Uncle Sophie
Uncle Sophie 9 days ago
y'all. It's supposed to say "Galentine's Day." Gal + Valentines = Galentines. So it's like you're hanging out with your female friends instead of a significant other. It's a portmanteau.
Foodie Lah!
Foodie Lah! 9 days ago
These lovely drinks are so fascinating 💕
Bisma Mehmood
Bisma Mehmood 9 days ago
Galentin day🤔
Chaunique Martinez
Romantic night
Bitch Fuckyou
Bitch Fuckyou 9 days ago
im inviting all my homies for a galentines day party with coke and strippers. we may try some of these froo froo drinks out. equality 2020
Zynaya Brown
Zynaya Brown 10 days ago
It’s supposed to say Galentine’s Day, the drinks are for a girls night with your friends on Valentine’s Day. It’s a play on words. GAL(girl)entine.
Lauren Perkins
Lauren Perkins 9 days ago
Please let these people know. 🤦🏾‍♀️
Mou Bhattacharya
Mou Bhattacharya 10 days ago
Trying really hard to not point out that typo
Cairo Vieira
Cairo Vieira 9 days ago
It's not a typo lol
Caelestis Nox
Caelestis Nox 10 days ago
So this is what it feels like to be at a video before the title correction *happy Galentine's Day!*
Lauren Perkins
Lauren Perkins 9 days ago
Bursting that bubble real quick, Galentine's Day is correct.
Zanzan Feun
Zanzan Feun 10 days ago
I’m here cus the title says Galentines
Alexa Castro
Alexa Castro 10 days ago
First To Like And Comment
LifeWithLaila _
LifeWithLaila _ 10 days ago
I’m here when the title says Galentines Day
Passion for food
Passion for food 10 days ago
Oh now I'm thirsty! And annoyingly sober!
Simply Me Zoe
Simply Me Zoe 10 days ago
ny 10 days ago
happy galentines day lol
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
That "love potion" is legitimately what I'm going to try to make tonight for myself since I'm always alone
Valerie Bevill
Valerie Bevill 10 days ago
Aiden MacLeod
Aiden MacLeod 10 days ago
Hahaha galentine's day
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