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Watch our video to find the best selection of kitchen hacks that will ease your life and you may become a real chef! You will learn simple tips on how to cut fruits and vegetables, cook quick and delicious dishes and serve them like a pro!
Let’s start with the collection of egg hacks everyone should know! Learn how to make a romantic breakfast for a loved one, how to cook perfect noodles with an egg, the fastest way to cut eggs using a grill rack. Surprise your friends with black fried eggs! Separate whites and add olives, mix them together with a mixer. Pour the mixture on the pan and add yolks. Fry as you usually do. Ready! Another cool egg recipe is egg balls wrapped in bacon. Firstly, prepare the rice and wrap an egg in rice using a plastic bag. After that take bacon slices and wrap the balls and fry.
Pit cherries easily! Simply use safety pins! We have a simple and an incredibly easy way to peel off kiwis - cut a kiwi in half, take a mixer whisk, insert it right in the kiwi and turn around. Now it’s so easy to cook fruit salads! Check out the fastest way to peel kiwi - place the edge of the kiwi against the lip of a glass and slide it down.
Remember that if you want to choose the sweetest bell pepper for a salad, choose the with 4 bumps. Male bell peppers have only 3 bumps and it better to use them for cooking.
If you want to store avocado in a cut from it will naturally oxidize if left unprotected. Cover the cut part with vegetable oil to protect it.
Find out surprising recipes with cola! Marinate chicken wings in cola. Mix Cola, brown sugar, soy sauce and garlic and marinate for several hours. Moreover, you can use cola to clean your kitchen!
00:09 Simple way to peel a pomegranate
02:08 How to pit cherries
02:58 Romantic breakfast idea
06:16 Fast way to cut eggs
08:50 How to store a cut avocado
15:54 Delicious chicken wings

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Jan 19, 2019

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5-Minute Crafts
5-Minute Crafts 5 months ago
The easiest way to cook kebab 13:25 🍗 🍗 🍗 Cool DIY toys usvid.net/video/video-m4tJV078Qbw.html
FireBurn Gamers
FireBurn Gamers 6 days ago
Kebab are in indonesia
Fernando Yu
Fernando Yu 23 days ago
5-Minute Crafts
Yeşil Eflatun
Yeşil Eflatun Month ago
Guys, it's not kebab. I'm inviting to eat REAL kebab in Turkey. (especially in Urfa and Adana)
Makruf Zaky
Makruf Zaky Month ago
zeena lewis
zeena lewis Month ago
Naattu kozhi fry/ South Indian country chicken curry : usvid.net/video/video-3RDnbzBWyt8.html
Vibha Sreekanth
Vibha Sreekanth 4 hours ago
15:26 5 min crafts: adds soda to cake mix Me: What does it do
Alexa Penn
Alexa Penn 3 days ago
reading the comments is so much fun 😹🐾
Yoga Fitri
Yoga Fitri 4 days ago
Haii indonesia
Bảovlog Nguyễn gia
I love you
SEEMA RANA 5 days ago
I have vote for new Zealand
Smpll kholifah
Smpll kholifah 7 days ago
Vidio nya baguss skalii👍👍
Midnight Suns Peak
5:53 I would so be stuffing bacon bits in there lol
Kusjanadi Subari
Kusjanadi Subari 8 days ago
Aku suka banget sama tontonan kreatif fan loh
William O. Smith
William O. Smith 9 days ago
Probably the best commercial I have ever seen. Bill Smith, Korean Veteran
Redmi Sajalah
Redmi Sajalah 9 days ago
aku suka kerajinan 5 menit dan creafty panda dan ide ide sederhana simpel
nasser a
nasser a 10 days ago
Some Arab channel toked that video usvid.net/video/video-5hg5qUxUndY.html
Sienna Mclatcher-Snatcher
5:50 😂😂😂😂😂
Nik Deo
Nik Deo 15 days ago
Anubhav Saha - The SMART SpeedCuber!
16:11 Maybe I am the only person who thinks that the chicken wings look like women
Kania Putri
Kania Putri 17 days ago
When will it end
When will it end 17 days ago
These guys hv to be the biggest Wafflers
Prisha Dadhwal
Prisha Dadhwal 17 days ago
nobody got enough time or money to waste on buying injections to peel oranges
Prisha Dadhwal
Prisha Dadhwal 17 days ago
Roop Kishore
Roop Kishore 18 days ago
My favourite game while watching this channel guessing ingredients
feemster poynerpi
feemster poynerpi 19 days ago
half of these "hacks" aint gonna work. LOL
Cimos Abel
Cimos Abel 19 days ago
I am like videos 5 minute craft
MaShark Solutions
MaShark Solutions 19 days ago
if you what to see my hack to .. cook egg no oil.. usvid.net/video/video-Qjw3SWtKGSQ.html
Chan Fam
Chan Fam 21 day ago
_I'm shocked_
Addie Raines
Addie Raines 21 day ago
I have agree on the slicing the bananas. I do enough cleaning without adding to it for a banana. Just peel the dang thing and eat it. Also I had no idea what products she was using on some of her juice hacks. Better hacks elsewhere.
Kristina Zapata
Kristina Zapata 23 days ago
harris pabayo
harris pabayo 24 days ago
harris pabayo
harris pabayo 24 days ago
Brianna E
Brianna E 24 days ago
06:39 WHO uses a hand mixer whisk to scoop out a kiwi?? & it leaves a good portion of the fruit behind. That's a horrible "hack".
Mona Ali
Mona Ali 25 days ago
The nut one is TRUE because I always use the other nut shell
Jaimee Nash
Jaimee Nash 26 days ago
These are awful
Risa USA
Risa USA 26 days ago
Neo Anderson
Neo Anderson 28 days ago
lots of egg 😅
MaGr701 28 days ago
Did they put toothpaste on the fish just before the clip of them cooking it over lemons? Confused.
Maty Rea
Maty Rea 28 days ago
Those PRAWNS have white spot disease.
AYLX NMN 29 days ago
biting into an unpeeled kiwi is like putting balls in your mouth that were shaved yesterday
ด.ญ.ณณฒณิณฒร ตั้งมั่นคง
Feed That Man
Feed That Man Month ago
Great hacks
Nur Aini
Nur Aini Month ago
B inggris
Nur Aini
Nur Aini Month ago
B inggris
Nur Aini
Nur Aini Month ago
B inggris
Nur Aini
Nur Aini Month ago
KOH Patricia
KOH Patricia Month ago
platformone Month ago
8:25 & 17:37 NEVER put glass in a microwave oven.
Misty H
Misty H Month ago
Baking cakes with coca cola, gross!
Liddy Doo
Liddy Doo Month ago
Why would anyone want to inject an orange with ammonia? I simply don't understand it.
Uchiha Madara
Uchiha Madara Month ago
woow and yes
scott mcadam
scott mcadam Month ago
How nice a video for women ! Unfortunately i don't let the wife watch youtube , shes way too busy in the kitchen ! C´est la vie !
That method with the shrimp’s really impossible in actuality. 😔
cojan lavence lo dientes y tomen jugo de narannga
Asfiah Tauhid
Asfiah Tauhid Month ago
This is making me hate eating eggs
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