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Watch our video to find the best selection of kitchen hacks that will ease your life and you may become a real chef! You will learn simple tips on how to cut fruits and vegetables, cook quick and delicious dishes and serve them like a pro!
Let’s start with the collection of egg hacks everyone should know! Learn how to make a romantic breakfast for a loved one, how to cook perfect noodles with an egg, the fastest way to cut eggs using a grill rack. Surprise your friends with black fried eggs! Separate whites and add olives, mix them together with a mixer. Pour the mixture on the pan and add yolks. Fry as you usually do. Ready! Another cool egg recipe is egg balls wrapped in bacon. Firstly, prepare the rice and wrap an egg in rice using a plastic bag. After that take bacon slices and wrap the balls and fry.
Pit cherries easily! Simply use safety pins! We have a simple and an incredibly easy way to peel off kiwis - cut a kiwi in half, take a mixer whisk, insert it right in the kiwi and turn around. Now it’s so easy to cook fruit salads! Check out the fastest way to peel kiwi - place the edge of the kiwi against the lip of a glass and slide it down.
Remember that if you want to choose the sweetest bell pepper for a salad, choose the with 4 bumps. Male bell peppers have only 3 bumps and it better to use them for cooking.
If you want to store avocado in a cut from it will naturally oxidize if left unprotected. Cover the cut part with vegetable oil to protect it.
Find out surprising recipes with cola! Marinate chicken wings in cola. Mix Cola, brown sugar, soy sauce and garlic and marinate for several hours. Moreover, you can use cola to clean your kitchen!
00:09 Simple way to peel a pomegranate
02:08 How to pit cherries
02:58 Romantic breakfast idea
06:16 Fast way to cut eggs
08:50 How to store a cut avocado
15:54 Delicious chicken wings

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Jan 19, 2019




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Comments 1 376
5-Minute Crafts
5-Minute Crafts 3 months ago
The easiest way to cook kebab 13:25 🍗 🍗 🍗 Cool DIY toys usvid.net/video/video-m4tJV078Qbw.html
Spark Spam
Spark Spam 10 days ago
Plz make crafts that actually work or have a benefit
Herhangi Biri
Herhangi Biri 14 days ago
As bayrakları as 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Kami Jo Mecham
Kami Jo Mecham 17 days ago
I see your face in the spoon
Сок од малине
Oby Vanessa
Oby Vanessa 16 hours ago
Or a larger zip bag for the fish...
G Boy
G Boy 17 hours ago
7:51 “No Mess” they say 2 seconds later: lemon juice literally runs down her whole hand onto the sideboard 🤦🏻‍♂️
rusty menace
rusty menace Day ago
Michelle Dorris
Cool. Thanks
Leslie Molnar
also who would have a needled syringe to spare for an orange
Leslie Molnar
WHY areyouputtigtoothpasteonafish
M Lurvey
M Lurvey Day ago
Coke does not clean walls. period.
mean he
mean he 2 days ago
Some of these don’t seem like hacks at all, they look like a huge waste of time!
Oleksandr Gorbahh
i'm so hungry
Danny Rose Leos
Danny Rose Leos 2 days ago
God I love these freaking videos because some of them are actually useful and rad, and even if they're obvious to some people they might not be to others, and sharing information is just downright cool. ... and then other times they're like NEED TO PEEL AN ORANGE???? JUST FCKIN INJECT WATER INTO IT WITH A *MEDICAL NEEDLE*
Sumaris Zm
Sumaris Zm 2 days ago
so nobodyfound that putting toothpaste on a fish thing disturbing and inhumane wow
RPA Fotografía & Video
Nola AF
Nola AF 2 days ago
Where are the 5 minute crafts?
kiru 2 days ago
Basic knowledge is now called hack?
kandace ellis
kandace ellis 2 days ago
DO NOT USE COKE TO CLEAN. Coke is very sugary and your tile and counters will get sticky. It also attracts ants and other bugs.
Alandra Salas
Alandra Salas 2 days ago
How did u cook the egg part two kinda lost
Jocelyn Laboy
Jocelyn Laboy 2 days ago
Someone expain the egg in freezer? Did she cook it first??!?
David Perkins
David Perkins 2 days ago
No, it is frozen so it can be sliced and cooked in thin portions.
Lilian Marinov
Lilian Marinov 2 days ago
you guys should stop using kitchenware before you hurt yourselves
jessiekai 2 days ago
why was there toothpaste on a fish
James Pronovost
James Pronovost 3 days ago
If coca cola can do that to a greasy stove filter, I don't think I'll have any coke anytime soon
Ollie k
Ollie k 2 hours ago
You shouldn’t drink coke anyway.
Planet Bold 💥
Planet Bold 💥 3 days ago
7:52 “no mess”, cos its dribbling down your hand
ZeesSixteens 3 days ago
Call me slow, but I don't get the pepper cutting in the beginning. Is there another way that people have been slicing them?
Lac 21 hour ago
Mm yeah... depends on the culture I'd think.
Ruth Johnson
Ruth Johnson 3 days ago
Do you swallow pomagrant seeds
chilanya 3 days ago
f'n clickbait. nowhere does it show green goo in skillet. you can stop watching now
Brakathor 4 days ago
Don't make wine that way unless you're a complete swine, and proud of it.
japanesemyth 4 days ago
is.... is just cutting a bell pepper a hack???
MOKSHAGN TEJ 4 days ago
Great ideas....whats the music name from 11:20 -14:40????
Direct Netstores
Direct Netstores 5 days ago
The only "hack" I saw was freezing eggs, slicing them, then frying them. All the rest were just normal procedures that have been around for ages.
Julia Connell
Julia Connell 5 days ago
please don't put lighters to wine bottles - or glasses in the microwave!!!
Julia Connell
Julia Connell 5 days ago
5:56 what sort of meat is that? it looks like uncooked bacon? surely can't be cooked enough - and be dangerous to eat
SoF angel
SoF angel 5 days ago
Special Like for pistachio
Margie Steininger
Joan Miss Quizzical
we loathe the word "hack".....it sounds like cheating. What's wrong with "tip" or "idea" or "inspired" etc.... We're starting a revolution against "HACKS"
Stephen Ryan
Stephen Ryan 2 days ago
Can we join the revolution with the word "literally" and the phrases, "...at the end of the day...," ,,,"it is what it is...," and "...i'm just saying?" Because, at the end of the day, it really is what it is...a misinterpretation of the the language..."hack" quite literally is improperly used in this case. I'm just saying...
mason espitee
mason espitee 5 days ago
this channel had become as what we know desperate for views they upload so often its really killing them. They're running out of ideas and here's an perfect example of that.
hottacatta yaya
hottacatta yaya 5 days ago
Why don't you say what ingredients you're using? Frustrating!!!
أميرة الزمان
حلوات قلب المجروح
أميرة الزمان
حلوووووووووووو رووووووعة
AussieSlashFan 6 days ago
So at 1:07 how do you de-vein? FYI my way is better.
Is This
Is This 6 days ago
these just sh*its
BigSquishyWaffle BigSquishyWaffle
The lemon water one: NO MESS Me: There's a huge mess!!!!!!!!!!!
SandSnowMXGirl 6 days ago
7:55 Toothpaste on fish. Who knew.
SandSnowMXGirl 6 days ago
You had me until the frozen eggs.
El Chapop
El Chapop 6 days ago
17.50 Gordon Ramsey: It's microwaved!!!
MrAlexanderLang 4 days ago
No it's chef mike.
KING JayKay 6 days ago
I will try that last hack of beverage
The Man
The Man 6 days ago
Oh my god. That shrimp was infested with whitespot...
Pastor Márcio Lima.
Boa tarde amiga Good Ofternoon friend Somos amigos agora 🎁 Friends Nao
Want to see cooking hacks without any eggs
Sinarrejeki Coverparts
that cola chicken wings looks really good
Vicky LeeShew
I add ginger and cook the sauce down till it's syrupy. Yum.
R Jones
R Jones 7 days ago
Who else hated life after they cut the cake unevenly after sprinkling the powdered sugar on it?
Zachary Howell
Zachary Howell 7 days ago
“Honey, why does the fish taste minty?” “Oh, don’t worry! I just put some toothpaste on it!”
hoài thương hoài
Christopher Fortney
At 7:40..."No excess water"! just E-coli all over the kitchen...
Seyyide Betül Duman
I forgot all of them already
Delaney Raptis
Delaney Raptis 7 days ago
Jerrett Schuette
Jerrett Schuette 7 days ago
9:30 Yep There's always the idiotic toothpaste "hack"
andanteinblue 5 days ago
Instructions unclear. Have fish scales stuck in teeth.
francesca zurlo
francesca zurlo 8 days ago
And think of all the wine producers all over the world if they only knew how easy it was to make wine.
Element Bey
Element Bey 8 days ago
7:22 totally would not do that.. those orange bags are usually toxic af
John Davis
John Davis 8 days ago
An amazing cookbook payhip.com/b/OYVa
Jayden Kao
Jayden Kao 9 days ago
Some these so called life hacks are a waste of time
Jayden Kao
Jayden Kao 9 days ago
The egg and olive is just straight up weird
iulia aldes
iulia aldes 9 days ago
this video was sponsored by coca cola aka "this will make you die young"
Sbo Ndwandwe
Sbo Ndwandwe 9 days ago
Peter de Frankrijker
This is 50% bull and 50% ytho
Peace lovers Most welcome
Please subscribe my channel #peaceloversmostwelcome
Pinkchihuahuadog 9 days ago
I like 15:53.
Jonathan Young
Jonathan Young 9 days ago
"Who r u?" "Who ever has the brain that can think this stuff up is some kind'a DEMI-GOD!!!!! I'm NOT worthy!!!!!!!!! I don't even know what to try 1st!!!!!!! mason lid and shaping a round egg!!! i've been looking all over for something that would do that 'cause i love egg on my burger!
Jo 7 days ago
I round metal cookie cutter will do the same trick. and you can get those in all sorts of sizes
Gamer PotatoWolfie
Sulaiman Almutlaq
the frozen egg is probably the most disgusting thing ive seen
Sulaiman Almutlaq
Derek Handson
Derek Handson 9 days ago
Good lord, the Coca-Cola part made my kidneys hurt.
Kerry Burns
Kerry Burns 8 days ago
Very good as a toilet cleaner -- no other conceivable use.
sannylon417 rabbunaakther
Patrick Lao
Patrick Lao 9 days ago
8:45 although fun to believe, bell peppers do not have one gender, they have both. hermaphroditic. They can self-pollinate. This was debunked on snopes 4 years ago.
Patrick Lao
Patrick Lao 8 days ago
+Joey JuJuBean Apparently they are not sweeter because of 3 or 4 bumps. I would think it works like an apple or strawberry, where the sun makes it sweet on the vine.
Joey JuJuBean
Joey JuJuBean 9 days ago
BUT, are the four "sections" peppers sweeter than those with only 3 "sections"? Because that's the point. Not the scientific categorization, but if you can look at a pepper and know if it is almost certainly sweeter if it have 4 sections versus 3.
tamocoa 9 days ago
When did "hack" start to mean "make a bigger mess"? 15:10 is clearly pro-ant propoganda
Patrick Lao
Patrick Lao 9 days ago
7:34 Lol. No one in real life does this.
Patrick Lao
Patrick Lao 9 days ago
6:00 prosciutto?
Shez 1983
Shez 1983 9 days ago
what a waste of food.. :(
Claudia Serrano
Claudia Serrano 9 days ago
Mad Space Poet
Mad Space Poet 10 days ago
5:48 I find it funny that you have to reinforce the olive egg black pit of death omelet by showing the pretty lady eat it. I still think that was the troll toll.
Galaxy_Kitty Cat
Galaxy_Kitty Cat 10 days ago
1 like= 1 prayer for the shrimp😢 For every like one shrimp is born 🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐
opflikkere 10 days ago
Why are you making swastikas on the kiwis
Pax Roblox
Pax Roblox 10 days ago
Tyson Kopeck
Tyson Kopeck 10 days ago
all in on trying frozen mini eggs
Dean Juliano
Dean Juliano 10 days ago
3:40 to 4:30 my mind exploded... then i realized that it's 1 am and i have work soon
Sara Rachael
Sara Rachael 10 days ago
Nasty!!! All those gross way to cook eggs. Almost puked when I saw the olives and eggs together 🤢🤢
The Philadelphia Robot Factory
Soooooooooo hungry now!!
Katherine Angle
Katherine Angle 10 days ago
Tried boiling the egg and wrapping it in seasons rice and bacon... Well 3 min boil was NOT long enough. I tried 5 min boil and it still wasn’t long enough. I ended up chopping the bacon and frying it with the rice and butter. Then I added a over easy egg on top with a little cheese an avocado. Yum.
Alanaaa B0BannAaa!
Alanaaa B0BannAaa! 10 days ago
Click bait.
Amber Powell
Amber Powell 10 days ago
pleeease don't use a lighter to open a corked wine bottle. If you unevenly heat glass, it expands and shatters.
Baz82 10 days ago
Good point
Jacek Dzitkowski
Jacek Dzitkowski 10 days ago
i tried one of theese methods and not going to lie pretty good
Jacek Dzitkowski
Jacek Dzitkowski 10 days ago
i think using a peeler on a patato is much more faster than waiting 2 hours for a pield patato who likes patatos anyway
Baz82 10 days ago
Never had a patatos, though i have had potatoes all my life.
Jeff 10 days ago
I can't even figure out what some of these "hacks" are doing.
D Coop
D Coop 10 days ago
5:50, 5:51 and 5:52 - Yep, paused three times and three gag reflexes. She was literally about to puke. Thrice.
SandSnowMXGirl 6 days ago
D Coop this might be my favorite comment on all of USvid.
jim hutchison
jim hutchison 10 days ago
10:04 there is something called an apple corer
Jules Marten
Jules Marten 3 days ago
'Cause everyone has spare syringes laying around.
SandSnowMXGirl 6 days ago
jim hutchison - but why buy a tool specifically designed for this job when you can cut up one-time-use plastic syringes??
jim hutchison
jim hutchison 10 days ago
*No excess water!* yea not in the salad obviously, it is all over the table
Vicki H
Vicki H 10 days ago
The "hacks" using coca cola are dubious. Coca cola used to have a formula that worked great for doing these "hacks" but the current formula in the united states is just sugar water with citric acid. The same effect can be achieved with lemon juice or vinegar, and considering prices... yeah, Im not using coca cola.
Vicki H
Vicki H 10 days ago
Oops, let me rephrase... the cleaning hacks. Not the food hacks. Sorry for confusion.
Rene Kollinz
Rene Kollinz 11 days ago
А теперь представьте, что Кока Кола делает с вашим желудком / 14:45 Now imagine what Coca Cola does to your stomach
Rene Kollinz
Rene Kollinz 9 days ago
+sandcastles73 Желудочные кислоты натуральные. Кока Кола это сплошная химия, которая хорошо удаляет ржавчину с металла / Gastric acids are natural. Coca Cola is a solid chemistry that removes rust from the metal
sandcastles73 9 days ago
Your stomach acids are FAR stronger than what Coke is made of.
agathe182 11 days ago
Il y a des trucs super dégueulasses dans le lot quand même
Rafeek Ameer
Rafeek Ameer 11 days ago
01:49 can someone please explain how the egg doesn't leak out into the water? I'm hoping there's a genuine reason because it always happens after one of the eggs cracks.
The Papples
The Papples 9 days ago
Rafeek Ameer into the air pocket at that end.
Hectic R
Hectic R 11 days ago
wait. why’d you put toothpaste on that fish??
Jacklin Smartt
Jacklin Smartt 11 days ago
Thank you!
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