30 vs 1: Dating App In Real Life

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Published on


Nov 30, 2018




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Comments 16 447
Briyana's Adventures
Am I the only one who think Tyler is attractive? 😂🤔
so basically
so basically 6 hours ago
The magician guy can get it anyday
min Yeol
min Yeol 7 hours ago
01:58 jhonny is that you?
Cal Woodward
Cal Woodward 12 hours ago
Lmao so many Asians
n234123 4
n234123 4 18 hours ago
1:53 (Tyler) is so cute😍
Don Dawn
Don Dawn 20 hours ago
Like the two guys who left I would be the 3rd one
r33b the hypnotoad
Aww she is so loveable
Vibes Mystery
1:58 Mr Clean
Why Nøt?
Why Nøt? Day ago
2:45 he's so cuteeeeeeee
LOtotheL Day ago
I would have picked nick or Javier , Jesus these girls standards so damn high
LOtotheL Day ago
I feel so bad for my Asian home he was cheesin hella hard tryna be a nice guy
Ember • Sin
This girl has no taste
Charisse Mitchell
Come help me find someone please?!
Beebee art
Beebee art Day ago
I like 1:54 wow tall
The Titan
The Titan Day ago
She rejected the final six guys before they reject her.... clever move.
Shrestha Guha Roy
I got a major crush on Tyler tbh😍
Mr. Pineapple
Mr. Pineapple 2 days ago
1:42 That guy knew from the beginning he was a left swipe, you can see it in his face when she confirms his suspicion.
Ab115 2 days ago
No homo but that tall guy is actually handsome
Sapphire Wolf
Sapphire Wolf 2 days ago
I LOVE her. I would marry her ❤ she's too good. I love uuu
heckinfrick 2 days ago
3:57 i’m in love with this man holy frig
Mikaela Call
Mikaela Call 2 days ago
I would love if you would make videos like this with people who aren't straight!
BadWolfBooks 3 days ago
I want the lion king guy!
M' 3 days ago
Tyler my man!!!
Ocko Ho
Ocko Ho 3 days ago
'Im in a youtube video !' 'Cool what is it about ?' 'UUhm, you know what nevermind'
Όνομα Επώνυμο
Where are their shoes? It's not romantic to smell bad
Aaliyah Gibbs
Aaliyah Gibbs 3 days ago
Definitely the tall guy
EMRE BALLI 3 days ago
Türk var mıııı :)
_cherise_ 429
_cherise_ 429 3 days ago
3:56 he's hotttttttt
XxSilentkillerxX 3 days ago
I'm surprised Tyler still trying 😂
Scav 3 days ago
1:25 Confident asian. Only a legend would come with a smile and leave with a smile.
shayla brady
shayla brady 3 days ago
where are her shoes
Can we Get 10000 Subscribers With No Videos?
Wow she’s pretty picky... 30 men willing to go out with her and she rejects all of them
Nolan Cain
Nolan Cain 3 days ago
Opeth H
Opeth H 3 days ago
I want him!! 1:25
100 subs with no videos? Oh no no
1:25 I feel bad for the guy just because he has put on some weight and Asian doesn’t mean he’s a bad person And he is clearly trying to put on a nice smile poor dude
Ana Delacerda
Ana Delacerda 4 days ago
Modern NEXT bus xD
haley 4 days ago
When are we getting a gay version hmmm
Fduck 4 days ago
This is wrong on every level
Ashley Proosten Tousalwa
Noooooo, she swiped away 2 cute asians ;-;
Landon Walton
Landon Walton 4 days ago
I felt so bad at 1:24
Ted Okoroji
Ted Okoroji 4 days ago
Ooh what a twist at the end!
Tyler31 //LGDteam
I’d be sad asf if a girl like her swipes me lol
A Neal
A Neal 5 days ago
1st dude is GreatValue Jordan Peele
tess herold
tess herold 5 days ago
Why are none of them wearing shoes
sydney lechner
sydney lechner 5 days ago
if i were asian i would have just jumped out of the line based on all the asians she swiped out😂
vroyasumi 5 days ago
1:27 anything4views Pog
Kiana Alexis
Kiana Alexis 5 days ago
The guy at 1:26 is my dream guy!!! He’s so attractive but also looks super sweet, too bad I’m in Canada, he had the SWEETEST smile :)
Kiana Alexis
Kiana Alexis 5 days ago
Omg I would totally date that Christian Asian guy, he’s adorable, christan, nice. If I were in the area totally! I hope he finds someone worthy of him
Animated Alien
Animated Alien 5 days ago
That booty tho
Indian Tech Support
1:54 she said no to all the asians. She wants dat bbc
Kai To
Kai To 5 days ago
Outro song?
Meghan 5 days ago
She has the weirdest taste in men
EpicLovely 6 days ago
What?!? I really thought she made a connection with a lot of them. Welp I guess she’s die alone, also girls are very picky. 😅
Porsha Arnold
Porsha Arnold 6 days ago
See I wouldn’t be able to play this game I would swipe right on everyone just so I can get to know everyone🤷🏾‍♀️
Nele 6 days ago
I would date 2 or 3 of them
Laura Jean
Laura Jean 6 days ago
Wow I’m very surprised by her choice
Juju 6 days ago
Rlly thought that one guy was Mr. Clean.... he ain’t slick...
Sosa Production
Sosa Production 6 days ago
Word of advice FaceTime the people you meet online
Castiel Billius
Castiel Billius 6 days ago
Those first few are super cute and I’m so sad she swiped left on em I’ll take her rejects
darkgirl7 6 days ago
I noticed a few guys from other videos ha ha
Mochi 33
Mochi 33 6 days ago
1:53 tyler???
Yolo Kid
Yolo Kid 6 days ago
Why does the thumbnail show the tall to shortest?
Lauren Taylor
Lauren Taylor 6 days ago
My name is Lauren
Julian .W
Julian .W 6 days ago
I wouldn’t make it through swiping no because it would eat me up inside.
fae jackson
fae jackson 6 days ago
she got an ugly batch of dudes :/
Maria Ebom
Maria Ebom 6 days ago
Wow seeing your dreams and one love.....searching is really difficult
Japes 6 days ago
2:53 "Are you not from around here?" Well you're one to speak
Clouvity 6 days ago
pause at 4:09 😂😂
mohammed hussain
mohammed hussain 6 days ago
She was into that guy who complemented her eyes & when he walks out, she had no interest 😁😁😆
FortniteGod 6 days ago
where is this based out of?
Breen Way Ross
Breen Way Ross 7 days ago
3:04 yes, I like them that way
Nicole Mosquera
Nicole Mosquera 7 days ago
“I’m kinda just church hopping rn” lol😂😂😂
Sumudu Gnanapala
Sumudu Gnanapala 7 days ago
What do ya think girl
Jun Zaid
Jun Zaid 7 days ago
Nerd hahha
Kevin Alfaro
Kevin Alfaro 7 days ago
Who did 1:33 haircut?!? Smh
Humen 7 days ago
Cool the Tyler guy is in this one I’m mean like he ain’t edgy so he’s cool
Olivia Todd
Olivia Todd 7 days ago
The guy who nodded as he was swiped no - I felt that
Harish Kumar
Harish Kumar 7 days ago
So Johnny Sins is playing doctor again ?
Ryan Scherer
Ryan Scherer 7 days ago
What’s so bad about Asians
Neurofied Yamato
Neurofied Yamato 7 days ago
She's funny
livviamarie 8 days ago
1:24 homeboy look like maui from moana
Erdbeer Lolly
Erdbeer Lolly 8 days ago
Tyler, Caleb and Jd are back!
NORAH OTAKU 8 days ago
She's so beautiful 😶♥️♥️
Penguin Meister
Penguin Meister 8 days ago
Why am I not surprised at the outcome ? 80/20 holds true, well in this case it is 100/0 (0 percent of guys made it)
GHOST ACTUAL 8 days ago
Caleb!!! He has returned!!!
Jemgirl0711 xoxo
Jemgirl0711 xoxo 9 days ago
I felt so bad because they all looked so disappointed 😔
Lucije 9 days ago
Yeah but you can kinda see from her behavir why she is still on dating apps.
Pupper Roni
Pupper Roni 9 days ago
Girls really only go for looks nowadays. That get with a heartwarming smile looks like a all around good guy, some of the guys that wear glasses and kinda look nerdy probably make really good money and are very smart. I knew “I only care for personality” was a joke anyways. And even if he’s not the hottest out of the group he’s probably going to pay most attention to you and support you for whatever you does well as make you most happy. And if it didn’t work out then talk to him about it and split up, I’m sure he’ll be sad but he’ll still put a smile on his face just for you to be happy.
Vishwas Nagmode
Vishwas Nagmode 9 days ago
I like that bits n background music 🤓
Stephanie Avelino
Damn tyler back at it again with them dating videos
Jenny Kemnitz
Jenny Kemnitz 10 days ago
I’d actually like to try this ! I don’t know why
Nathaniel Ontiveros
Out of 30 guys and talking to 6 she didn't even go out with not one guy. Shows how difficult and picky women are
Eliz M.
Eliz M. 10 days ago
lol she is adorable God Bless her
Konyo 10 days ago
1:47 and 1:51 were both super cute im-
Pein Ajero
Pein Ajero 10 days ago
Tyler? Caleb? Again?
Real Talk
Real Talk 10 days ago
Tyler is back for more🤣
Aether 10 days ago
Why aren't they wearing shoes?
Leii Martinez
Leii Martinez 10 days ago
What’s the name of the black guy???? I need to know
damilola Juliana
damilola Juliana 11 days ago
Why is Tyler semicolon and the first guy here again.. I saw them from Alexa's video.
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