30 vs 1: Dating App In Real Life

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Nov 30, 2018

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Comments 15 480
PhilTheCockatoo 22 minutes ago
their should be a version for homosexuals
Erik Contreras
Erik Contreras 35 minutes ago
Lol she picked all the black dudes
Princess Parisa
Princess Parisa 2 hours ago
That guy say she has a beautiful eyes and say no in the end so which means some ..... guys are ...... really.....just only ......bla bla bla bla.....
Paul von Hindenburg
So when the camels version of this came out it as called sexist and offensive but this is apparently fine.
VloggerVashisht 5 hours ago
No one can understand woman. So complicated.
ViividYoshi 6 hours ago
But why is she barefoot?
Dom 6 hours ago
She just likes tall dudes. Pretty straightforward, it wasn't even about the face.
Jade Madden
Jade Madden 7 hours ago
I said this on the first one- the man swiping the women. Even though the roles are reversed, the swiping bit it’s still so awkward and sad!
Silver Wolf
Silver Wolf 7 hours ago
Military dude " I'm in medical field". Later on "I fly drones".... Dude those are two different jobs lol
Wort Verbreiter
Wort Verbreiter 7 hours ago
When she is Christians the first question should be, wether the man is also believer. We should not marry unbelievers.
Alicorn S
Alicorn S 8 hours ago
Does anyone else notice that Lauren's voice in the beginning sounds kind of like Asmr
Muhd Fadzli
Muhd Fadzli 9 hours ago
She reject a lot to of asian
gastronot Dede
gastronot Dede 10 hours ago
Feritten gelenler
Executionoutdoors 11 hours ago
Come back to Ohio! We can binge watch the office any day
LucycatInMeinemBettAmk :D
Chickens 4LifeAJ
Chickens 4LifeAJ 11 hours ago
*sup dudes*
Mayo SquAd
Mayo SquAd 12 hours ago
I LOVE the music you guys play when they're swiping left or right
Katelyn Leach
Katelyn Leach 13 hours ago
omg the tall one was so cute
Bladimir Cruz
Bladimir Cruz 13 hours ago
Imagine all the hate if the gender roles were reversed
Būmbłē Bēē
Būmbłē Bēē 13 hours ago
Why wasnt she wearing shoes
Vader Offline
Vader Offline 14 hours ago
My bald man made it
lvlultiplication 14 hours ago
Rock and roll hall of fame is boring I guess. The history of music its innovation is boring.
Donna Lee
Donna Lee 15 hours ago
Did anyone notice the tall guy was Tyler from MTVs show Are you the One? He is the sweetest!!!
Emma Axtman
Emma Axtman 16 hours ago
1:26 that guy looked so nice but she said no 😪
Yar Smith
Yar Smith 16 hours ago
I’m sure if the guy said “I’ll follow u on Instagram” she would have swiped right 😂
Jordan McFarland
Jordan McFarland 17 hours ago
I’m from Ohio toooo
thoushaltsalt 17 hours ago
To you suckers out there taller than 6"1 there is no excuse to not have a girlfriend I mean literally. I know what girls want it's height the only thing that matters to them.
Elizabeth Yang
Elizabeth Yang 17 hours ago
Dis girl picky
Catherine O
Catherine O 17 hours ago
1:48 haha that guy is me
Steve 18 hours ago
Women are being so picky when they don't even look good themselves..lol goodlook
meghan madigan
meghan madigan 19 hours ago
can yall do this w gay/bi ppl please
Little Talks
Little Talks 19 hours ago
I woulda chosen the guy with the Mohawk thingy
Menstrel 19 hours ago
So many girls wanted her to pick the really tall guy. Girls, just remember that when every guy urges picking the girl with the dd-breasts or really long hair. A 5'1" guy is the equivalent to an a-cup.
Menstrel 19 hours ago
Future cat lady!
Jennifer Tourangeau
Jennifer Tourangeau 20 hours ago
Arturo is so hot
Liz Wisler
Liz Wisler 20 hours ago
all those guys are so ugly
Beast Gaming
Beast Gaming 21 hour ago
She is a strait weirdo
Gab Sccp
Gab Sccp 22 hours ago
The love of your life its here. People need to understand being nice to someone doesnt mean you are hitting on them...
K1. ARS 22 hours ago
What's the girl's Instagram, research purposes.
Skyla Edwards
Skyla Edwards 23 hours ago
She had a definite type.
Nich C.
Nich C. 23 hours ago
Rip that big asian guy at the beggining
NvrDeBeast 77
I literally met my wife at a baseball game. She was sitting beside me. I touched her hand she touched mine. From there we started talking. Got to know each other. Because best friends. Became a couple than got married. *NOW IS JUST SWIPING FOR THE LOVE OF GOD*
Julia Rose13
Julia Rose13 Day ago
dang they gave her ugly guys
Skye Foreman
Skye Foreman Day ago
I just noticed that they arent wearing shoes loll
Joselynne Sauceda
anyone else noticed tyler from AYTO ?
Fluffy Potato’s
Anyone else notice she wasn’t wearing shoes
TheTrollDinosaurs - Random Content
She's right, we have nothing here in Ohio.
bia de oliveira
I thought she would pick the tall boy
enileuqcaj Day ago
"My sense of humour is a defence mechanism" This reminds me of Chandler from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
dont care
dont care Day ago
2:49 Gru?
Ryan Arrecis
Ryan Arrecis Day ago
1:48 did someone fart?
Simge Kahraman
The tall guy was soo cute. I would date him.
Rusty Shackleford
For me I’d have to see degrees, background checks, credit scores, and mental health assessments before I start swiping on physical traits, if you’re going to be with someone for the rest of your life, looks are the first thing to go so always look for long term stability traits
Annieliese Park
The tall guy was literally... MY TYPE 😱
jsjdbsiabd ajdjlnjdbffhxb
Why do none of them have their shoes on?
Millie Day ago
i would have swiped no to ALL of them lol
Why Oh Why
Why Oh Why Day ago
Made guys who weren’t tall, and everyone that had the slightest chubb leave smh
Jonathan J
Jonathan J Day ago
LOL. Every girl in these videos is going to be hopelessly alone.
T Vanna23
T Vanna23 Day ago
Should have shown who she would go on a second date with and who she wouldn't. Swipe the guys.
Girls like this spend the next 5 years being single and because she doesn't believe that good guys exist.
Adrina Day ago
the black guy is from a tv show called Are You The One? I’m pretty sure
This is embarrassing
Kiddo Kylee
Kiddo Kylee Day ago
Can someone find that tall guys @ like damnnn and ik im to young but
E V A C Day ago
1:25 IS SUCH A CUTIE OMG i screamed a bit. ccuuteee.
Emmanuel Damour
Yo shorty a 5.
SOK SY Day ago
I need 5 men to dating with me.
Stelion James
And then women cry that there are no good men left...
100SubsWithOneVid ?
Why do half of the men look like dads
Kyron Simpson
When you were on Are You the One and you still looking for the one! 😭👏🏽
adka datka
adka datka Day ago
I like how her neck starts directly from her chin
VintageVoid Day ago
emily stefanik
She looks like one of my teachers.
M S Day ago
i counted 20 guys only?
Kimber Powers
A son that's 16 months. Unless the mom is no longer with us......PASS. WTF?
Sweswio Day ago
Women are shallow....
Richard Contreras
Anybody know the music that starts playing in the background at 2:30?
Geralt of Westeros
0:50 when I meet up with my high school friends
Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia Day ago
The really tall African American guy was a SNACK
Chris Coudriet
Why are there always so many asians
Omar Carbajal
Y are there so many asians
Miss Shaneice
she's gonna be single cuz she's hella picky
That was so awful to watch, couldn’t finish the video. The look on the guys’ faces who just knew before she’d swipe no for them. That was just horrible. That “yea, I know I’m that shitty thanks for the confirmation” look.
Siok Oey
Siok Oey Day ago
She doesnt like short man.
Y Y 20 hours ago
no girl does
Hmk 123
Hmk 123 Day ago
All asians at the left literally
Sophie Thorne Pedersen
“Sup dudes” *...yeah, she’s gay.*
Sophie Thorne Pedersen
So, this is great The gay version now, please...
martin da goat
Oma Rumunna
Oma Rumunna Day ago
I think the tall black guy was on 'AYTO?'😱❗
Kap_DP Day ago
Waste of time wtf.
Alpha 2 days ago
None of these guys were buff lols....I feel like people on this show include a lot of snow flakes 😂
Oma Rumunna
Oma Rumunna Day ago
Savannah Goodman
Savannah Goodman 2 days ago
Selling replays for 1 like 0:00
Divante Brown
Divante Brown 2 days ago
Lmao after he said 16 months she was not for it.
ETRAUD NIVEK 2 days ago
Yo wtf a ching chong boy got swiped right? 1:32
hania midera
hania midera 2 days ago
1:48 what? he is so handsome
lilpurpp 2 days ago
That black guy are cool
SquealMyName 2 days ago
All those guys were ugly expect the black guy, they need better selection
GFantazy 2 days ago
The tall light skin was on mtv on a dating show😂
Parul Shanker
Parul Shanker 2 days ago
So in the boy's case this question wasn't asked ...if the girls would swipe left and leave...y???
David DiConsto
David DiConsto 2 days ago
This video was filmed on 11/4 yet posted on 11/30.
Verena Logdeser
Verena Logdeser 2 days ago
Its like.... only tall guys
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