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Check out a collection of bathroom ideas that will ease your life. You will learn how to make soap at home. Everybody knows that soap making is a very satisfying process. You can make hand-shaped and lavender soap. To make lavender soap, you will need a bar of soap, lavender and food coloring. Microwave a soap bar, mix with lavender and add food coloring. Make any shape you like and enjoy! One more cool idea is to make a rose-shaped soap that looks so cool! Supplies for the next project you can find in any craft shop and make hand-shaped soap. Supplies you need soap base, coloring, disposable glove, and suction cup. Melt soap and add any coloring you like and stir. Take a vase and place a glove into it upside down. It should hang inside. Pour soap base inside, attach a suction cup as it’s shown in the video and wait until it cools down. Remove the glove. Now you can use this soap. You will find more soap making tutorials and you can make a lot of gifts for your friends. If you have plants at home or work in the garden nails become very dirty after working with plants. We know how to solve this problem. Take a bar of soap and rub soap under and around your nails. The soil won’t get under your nails and they will be perfectly clean. If you have broken glass, you can use a soap bar to collect shards of broken glass. All you need to do is to rub a wet soap bar where the glass was broken.
00:09 DIY Hand-shaped soap
01:08 Surprising use of a soap bar
02:02 DIY lavender soap
04:19 What to do with a clogged sink
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Aug 15, 2019




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Judah Asmr and other stuff
2:06 Only use duru, lux, jergens, or ivory.
Judah Asmr and other stuff
Yes, I do know a lot about soap
Dounia Zaatot
Dounia Zaatot 19 days ago
Vine por robleisiutu id a su canal y suscribios
Emine 29 days ago
Kesip kesip hep aynı videoları atıyorsunuz
Priyanka Pandey
Priyanka Pandey Month ago
It's a fake
Adriana Bunea
Adriana Bunea Month ago
What Name has the music tho???🤷‍♀️
Cansu Cansu
Cansu Cansu Month ago
59m abonné
Bobby Transport
Bobby Transport Month ago
Mirta Grissetti
Mirta Grissetti Month ago
Muy. culu
ariel kendrix
ariel kendrix Month ago
What the point of the first soap it’s wierd to do that
Lealah Marcelus
Lealah Marcelus Month ago
Cool 😎
Crecendo com bibi Bibi
I love the canal
Nara2587 Musayeva
Gustavo Motta
Gustavo Motta Month ago
Azzy ThePup
Azzy ThePup Month ago
Vangjelia Gurma
Vangjelia Gurma Month ago
Dream Princess
Dream Princess Month ago
Hand soap What if it broke While shaking hand I mean washing hand
Dream Princess
Dream Princess Month ago
6:42 hahahaha!! Why did you fall down😂😂😂😅
yaren boğa
yaren boğa Month ago
My turkis 💙💜💚💛❤
adinda ramadhani
You tatoet
Susel Cabanillas
Chilo 😘😄😍
jocel ursos
jocel ursos Month ago
Lexus Mortimer
Lexus Mortimer Month ago
The soap in the shape of a hand would most likely fall. I mean, look at their clips! They only show a second before changing the angle. Look how carefully they are with it!
Maloza YT xd
Maloza YT xd Month ago
Me encanta su intro ;-; (pícale a mi perfil si juegas avakin life)
Stupid Engineer
Stupid Engineer Month ago
hey guys, how much useful those lifehacks?
Nadhif Shafi
Nadhif Shafi Month ago
Itz _Toxicpearl
Itz _Toxicpearl Month ago
4:22 why is she patting the water? 🤔
Lil Lilac
Lil Lilac Month ago
So I Think Your Using A Part Two Because I Saw A Blue Hand And This 🤯😡🤬
Tony Li
Tony Li Month ago
Honestly y’all......don’t try any of these..!
Sara Vargas
Sara Vargas Month ago
Todo es ingle y no entiendo nada 😂😂😂😂😂
ملاك وعيوني هلاك
اكو عرب بالفيديو لايك واشتراك
Aisyah Humairah
Aisyah Humairah Month ago
martin székely
martin székely Month ago
1:01 😏😏
Who cares ÙwÚ
Who cares ÙwÚ Month ago
Phương Nguyễn
Tuba sayyad
Tuba sayyad Month ago
whats that blue liquid?
Chloe Bray
Chloe Bray Month ago
Soap sass?
satanya666 Month ago
5:46 why is she stiring dry ice
Valita Rods
Valita Rods Month ago
Imagine you accidentally touched that blue hand at 12 am😆
Amrapali Waghmare
It didn't work😔😔😔😔😔😟😟😟😕😕😕☹️☹️☹️☹️
مريم الغيثي
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Samaya tea Tea
Samaya tea Tea Month ago
I’m a USvidr
Michael Espinoza
Life with Aniyah
Brooooo 59M
Catherine P
Catherine P Month ago
2:57 why do you have a flower in the shower
Emily Garza
Emily Garza Month ago
Omg I'm so tired of seeing the same hacks...they use them for a lot of other soap ideas.....find different ideas already it's really disappointing clicking on a video and seeing the same ideas as the video before 😒
W Wa
W Wa Month ago
Emily Garza នោនោ
Royette Obiera
Royette Obiera Month ago
Hope you make a soap for whitening that super effective 😂
C00L K1D
C00L K1D Month ago
hol up 1:00 oh no..,
Gilmita Pinto
Gilmita Pinto Month ago
Y’all are so bad at lying the first hack you clearly changed the soap hand to make it look perfect
Geraldine Rivas
Geraldine Rivas Month ago
True because the fingers were folded and then at the end of the hack they werent
Jalen Janz-McKnight
Jalen Janz-McKnight
This video should be titled “30 hacks we did later this week with a different thumbnail”.
Michael Viznyak
Michael Viznyak Month ago
We don’t have soap base
Michael Viznyak
Michael Viznyak Month ago
So waving my hand over a dirt container Does that mean I can do it to my friends brain
Anchor Bingo
Anchor Bingo Month ago
Michael Viznyak I Like Your Comment!👍😊
Emilia Treminio
Emilia Treminio Month ago
You have to be the loneliest and have the most time to do anything to make a hand out of soap and shake it's hand and high five it
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Month ago
*Whoever thought of the first one, ya moms a hoe*
Danielle Heer
Danielle Heer Month ago
if you can go on change.org and sign my petition called: For people to stop animal testing in the U.S. and out. make a difference, and help the animals, go sign it to get it noticed!!!!!!!! you are highly appreciated when you did :heart: I also have a very empathetic heart for animals so I cry easily, and animals should not be tested on)
the gacha føx UwU
Five minute crafts: *puts soap in microwave* The one peace of soap that was left behind: WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME I AM ALL ALONE!!!
hireikana18 Month ago
Got fed up with all the horrible acting, but I did like the last one about the gelly soap
the gacha føx UwU
Izabel unicorn
Izabel unicorn Month ago
at 5:46 it looks like she is cooking with dry ice lol
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