2019 Women's World Championships Selection Camp

USA Gymnastics
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Sep 22, 2019




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Comments 181
Samantha Johnson
Samantha Johnson 3 days ago
Does anyone know when the full broadcast for the world championship will be online?
Lockon Stratos
Lockon Stratos 10 days ago
I didn't make the team ☹️
KGarza2323 17 days ago
25:10 That little dog actually got loose in an olympic gymnastics arena, I can't believe he wasn't being watched better. If he'd gotten onto the podium both dog and gymnast could have gotten hurt. We all want to be a gymnast, pup, you can't just cut in line!
jessica reece
jessica reece 18 days ago
Where is Riley Mccusker?
Jessica Kipp
Jessica Kipp 18 days ago
Grace's floor routine is so reminiscent of Aly Raismans!! That's such an honor.
Emie Vlogs
Emie Vlogs 20 days ago
I think the judges were very picky, poor Morgan had a off day
chrissyjoy08 20 days ago
@USA Gymnastics Are you going to release the report from the second day of competition?
Gymnast Sierra
Gymnast Sierra 20 days ago
Jade"s floor routine deserved a better score (the judging for everyone was really biased and wacky)
TheMsmith77 20 days ago
I wanna know who is the lone black lady that was sitting by herself until obviously a friend came and sat by her..then that coach all of a sudden takes a seat on the springboard on straight spy mode...(Mind you he has walked past her many times and said nothing.) The two obviously changed their conversation to the point he left. When he got up, the lone black chic looks back to see if it was safe to start talking again without prying eyes and ears. I bet it's a bunch of shit that goes on with the politics, favoritism, who shot John, No-you-didn't-say-that-even -though-its-the-truth type shit. It's a lot of money, indorsements, name game, and I trained her first and my cut should be...It was very interesting to watch. I can just sense the tension. Smh...Then he comes back to put on his jacket...he could have done that where ever he got his jacket. Intimidation...at it's finest. Did ya'll see how he zipped up his coat?? Okay, now, is this coach STILL roaming around?? Tha hell? What is he trying to find out?? It must be some shit going on cause he is truly staying the area!!! Yo, the gymnast are WAY over there sir, on the floor..the area you should be in...tha hell is he doing???
AshTheOne 22 days ago
The worst videography and editing EVER.
Christian Johnson
Christian Johnson 22 days ago
Where is Simons Vault? Did I miss it somehow?
Abbie Leber
Abbie Leber 22 days ago
Simone... how does the 4'8'' girl hit her foot on the bar. OUCH! I'm sure it hasn't happened often.
Jennie Diday
Jennie Diday 22 days ago
Poor Morgan on the floor. This music is just terrible for her. She has not had a good season on floor at all in my opinion.
Penny Sayers
Penny Sayers 22 days ago
So many people borked at skills
Adam Binyamin
Adam Binyamin 23 days ago
Wow, Grace's double double on floor was impressivly high, maybe she can be the 4th one of to do a triple double
J Vega
J Vega 24 days ago
Thank you for posting
Jocey Lyles
Jocey Lyles 24 days ago
Was like tf are they scoring and then simone is the best gymnast there is like tf what are they looking at
Gabbin Tine
Gabbin Tine 24 days ago
What is this competition for?
missshelleysuzanne 24 days ago
The filming of this is absolutely horrid. And all of these lapses could have been edited out.
Laura Gifford
Laura Gifford 24 days ago
Who the hell laid that floor? How are they supposed to tell if someone goes out of bounds?
Jocey Lyles
Jocey Lyles 24 days ago
That's what I said
Char Daneen
Char Daneen 25 days ago
So besides the lines i really think tge floor was poorly setup and why so many falls smh
Char Daneen
Char Daneen 25 days ago
Who laid the floor? U had one job to do! Hire someone with ocd geeze
Ashlyn Katherine
Ashlyn Katherine 25 days ago
where is Riley
Adrian Trojcewicz
Adrian Trojcewicz 25 days ago
What happened to Riley???
doedelzak 25 days ago
She is suffering from rhabdomyolysis, won't go to worlds
한민석 25 days ago
Morgan's vault was awesome!!! Oh wait.....
T-Series Mj World
T-Series Mj World 25 days ago
😍So nice i subscribed to u, U also subscribe me to help each other in USvid
Eric Tyler Dés Phuong Xin
33:43 wtf... lol...
Kelly Stout
Kelly Stout 24 days ago
Looks like rolled her ankle.
Eric Tyler Dés Phuong Xin
the floor lines are not even, and the line judge doesn't even have a flag.... this camp on 0$ budget? the roof looks like it's about to crumble....
Joni Hofmann
Joni Hofmann 23 days ago
The roof is fine. It is covered in spray-on insulation which is common in warehouse type buildings. It's supposed to look like that.
Лора Милосская
Dislike probably competitors set.))
99miyah 26 days ago
wait does Simone go by Mo?...
Melanie Stuckey
Melanie Stuckey 20 days ago
mone lol
Elmira Tchagop
Elmira Tchagop 26 days ago
I miss the 2008 to 2016 era. The gymnastics was just so much better. For the first time ever I am worried about worlds this year
HenryDavidT 22 days ago
Not sure why you have that view. Simone Biles is as much an outlier ---- not a one or two year stretch but possibly in the entire history of gymnastics --- in women's gymnastics, as Kohei Uchimura was in the men's (in winning what? 6 consecutive world titles?, for Uchimura). And those right behind Biles aren't chump change, either. Lee, for instance (only 16 years of age), came close to overtaking Biles once or twice, injuries all included. Lee won the all around gold medal in Italy, in her senior debut on the US Women's National Team, an individual contribution that also helped the US team to take the gold. Sure, it's not the most important event; but it was an international event. Anyway, the US has pretty strong, deep, & good gymnasts, on the women's side, if not the men's...
ciara beth
ciara beth 25 days ago
2009-2012 is my favorite quad
Lina Maria
Lina Maria 26 days ago
Kara’s floor routine was stunning those landings were pretty much spot on
Seyanna R
Seyanna R 26 days ago
Can we appreciate the dog in the back
Jano Jonannsro
Jano Jonannsro 26 days ago
What exactly is this...some sort of exhibition? Do these rankings count towards final selection to the World Championship Team?
Jano Jonannsro
Jano Jonannsro 25 days ago
Nevermind...I see this meet eloped determine who would be selected for the final team.
India Rhodes
India Rhodes 26 days ago
So the official team has been announced: Biles, Carey, Eaker, S. Lee, McCallum, Skinner (one will be named alternate at Worlds) Hurd and Wong as non-traveling alternates Thoughts?
Nicole Cooper
Nicole Cooper 25 days ago
India Rhodes I feel like either Skinner or Carey will be the alternate. Assuming Simone hits that would only leave one of them for a chance to quality in EF for vault and floor. Though the vault and floor TF scores with insane with the both of them plus Simone if they perform flawlessly. If not one of them then it’ll probably be Grace as the alternate. I’m sad for Morgan. She’s been off these past few competitions. I wish Leanne was on the team bc I really do like her style.
ciara beth
ciara beth 26 days ago
hope Skinner is the alternate
Elizabeth Dawn
Elizabeth Dawn 26 days ago
Honestly it kills me that Hurd isn't one of the six cause she's hands down my favorite but after this comp I get it, but all the others did amazing and McCallum, Eaker, and Carey really impressed me especially after the last couple competitions where they seemed a little lackluster imo
Epic KKH
Epic KKH 26 days ago
How was MyKayla’s bar score higher than Jades LOL
_-ArrowWolf-_ 26 days ago
Epic KKH difficulty?? Idk🧐
Bquan Porter
Bquan Porter 26 days ago
I'm so confused is this supposed to be a 2 day event tf
Eimard Gomes
Eimard Gomes 26 days ago
Leanne took out the 3.5. Don't care about her anymore.
Kameron Coleman
Kameron Coleman 26 days ago
Ok so you rather her compete a MESS?
Jasmine Leopard
Jasmine Leopard 26 days ago
jade reminds me of a young aly raisman. Strong, steady, and a calm confidence about her
Ginger P
Ginger P 7 days ago
AshTheOne : she has improved her form; at least I see a difference. She has grown.
Ginger P
Ginger P 7 days ago
Jasmine Leopard : Jade is one of my favorites as well. She has improved greatly since two years ago; much more graceful. She will do well in Tokyo!
AshTheOne 22 days ago
Don’t forget the horrible form too. Wouldn’t be aly without it 😉
Jasmine Leopard
Jasmine Leopard 24 days ago
ciara beth why is it funny?
ciara beth
ciara beth 26 days ago
Jasmine Leopard
Jasmine Leopard 26 days ago
grace always reminds me of little ducky from the land before time. too cute
zephyr7wild 26 days ago
7.7 E score for Skinner on bars is generous. Since when are we applauding throwing the hardest skills you can with zero form and hoping your D score will make up for the fact that you can't actually do the gymnastics properly? Seems pretty unsafe. Also the scoring in this competition makes no sense, E scores are all over the place. Also the best moment of this whole thing is Tom Forster's fist pump when Kara finishes her stunning beam routine.
percypape 18 days ago
@Abbie Leber Back in the day, I called Skinner & company's style "The Robot Claw Hands School of Gymnastics". She & 3 or 4 others started doing this when they were very young. It was an effective way of keeping themselves from baubling and/or from stepping/balance checking. But it was very ungraceful and severe.
Abbie Leber
Abbie Leber 22 days ago
Thank you. You can not deny that Skinner has major talent, but her form in her gymnastics has always bugged the living crap out of me. Girl can tumble... but ugh knees together and toes pointed girl.
Karma .Bitch
Karma .Bitch 26 days ago
Rakers balance routine may be my fave I’ve seen in years!!!!
Karma .Bitch
Karma .Bitch 26 days ago
Is Laurie Hernandez going to make a second olympics attempt? Does anyone know?
Nekkije K
Nekkije K 25 days ago
a2l4y7 26 days ago
She said shes been training might im not sure how far along she is.
ciara beth
ciara beth 26 days ago
she's trying
Thecatspajamas891 26 days ago
Does it bother anyone else that the sections of the FX mat don’t line up exactly? Yes, I have OCD!
Dawn Kennedy
Dawn Kennedy 14 days ago
Stuff like that drives me insane lol
Jordi sicra
Jordi sicra 26 days ago
My team for worlds: biles, carey, eaker, lee, mccallum
ciara beth
ciara beth 26 days ago
Simone sunsia jade kara and grace
Grazia Fragalà
Grazia Fragalà 26 days ago
I can't get why Kara Eaker was so underscored. She's been absolutely flawless on every apparatus.
Woman to Woman
Woman to Woman 26 days ago
Thanks for cutting most of the action .... not!
Paiva Jr
Paiva Jr 26 days ago
How many girls are actually selected ? And does anyone know if worlds will follow Tokyos rule having a team of 4 only ?
Elizabeth Dawn
Elizabeth Dawn 26 days ago
6 girls with 2 alternates
Elina Mauno
Elina Mauno 26 days ago
So many amazing gymnasts and so few spots... I hope this will show people that they can catch Simone and beat her - I feel like the current climate is that she's unbeatable on all 4 of the individual events, but these championships alone show that she can be beaten on beam and uneven bars. I love Simone and I hope she gets every medal she deserves, but I don't like the media making her out to be the unbeatable force on beam (due to her past inconsistency on it) and on uneven bars (uneven bar specialists having consistently scored higher with higher difficulty).
AshTheOne 22 days ago
You’re a hater lol. The media is protesting her CORRECTLY and you sound MAD about it.
kelsey 26 days ago
riley withdrew the day before this due to a case of mild rhabdomyolysis caused by overtraining
Byers Family
Byers Family 14 days ago
Whoa I had no idea. Where did you hear about this? I’d love to learn more about it.
percypape 18 days ago
omg what a vicious warrior this kid. It is not easy to work yourself into rhabdo, esp a trained athlete. Heartbreaking. She fights through so much, mentally and physically.
Laura Gifford
Laura Gifford 24 days ago
Rhabdomyolysis is muscle breaking down. In severe cases this can permanently damage the kidneys. It's potentially very serious and needs to be properly taken care of. Hopefully her case isn't too bad.
Pumpkin spice
Pumpkin spice 26 days ago
kelsey what is that?
99miyah 26 days ago
so is she definitely not going to be on the team?
Tim 26 days ago
Kara Eaker’s BB was great.
Karma .Bitch
Karma .Bitch 26 days ago
How y’all finna chop out Morgan’s vault lol, overall glad it was posted thanks!
Elizabeth Dawn
Elizabeth Dawn 26 days ago
Summary of all the scores: and results are at the bottom All-around 1. Simone Biles, Spring, Texas/World Champions Centre, 58.550 2. Sunisa Lee, St. Paul, Minn./Midwest Gymnastics Center, 58.200 3. Kara Eaker, Grain Valley, Mo./Great American Gymnastics Express, 57.100 4. MyKayla Skinner, Gilbert, Ariz./Desert Lights Gymnastics, 56.050 5. Jade Carey, Phoenix, Ariz./Arizona Sunrays, 55.900 6. Grace McCallum, Isanti, Minn./Twin City Twisters, 55.550 7. Faith Torrez, Pleasant Prairie, Wis./Legacy Elite Gymnastics, 54.850 8. Leanne Wong, Overland Park, Kansas/Great American Gymnastics Express, 54.750 9. Morgan Hurd, Middletown, Del./First State Gymnastics, 54.100 10. Emily Lee, Los Gatos, Calif./West Valley Gymnastics School, 53.450 11. Jordan Chiles, Spring, Texas/World Champions Centre, 53.400 12. Trinity Thomas, York, Pa./University of Florida, 52.550 Vault 1. Simone Biles, 15.350 2. Jade Carey, 15.250 3. MyKayla Skinner, 15.050 4. Faith Torrez, 14.700 4. Grace McCallum, 14.700 6. Sunisa Lee, 14.550 7. Morgan Hurd, 14.400 7. Emily Lee, 14.400 9. Kara Eaker, 14.000 9. Trinity Thomas, 14.000 11. Leanne Wong, 13.250 12. Jordan Chiles, 13.100 Uneven bars 1. Sunisa Lee, 15.000 2. Leanne Wong, 14.150 3. Kara Eaker, 13.900 4. Jordan Chiles, 13.850 4. Simone Biles, 13.850 6. MyKayla Skinner, 13.500 6. Faith Torrez, 13.500 8. Trinity Thomas, 13.450 9. Jade Carey, 13.350 10. Emily Lee, 13.050 11. Grace McCallum, 12.700 12. Morgan Hurd, 12.550 Balance beam 1. Kara Eaker, 15.200 2. Simone Biles, 14.550 2. Sunisa Lee, 14.550 4. Grace McCallum, 14.400 5. Emily Lee, 14.200 6. Leanne Wong, 14.050 7. Morgan Hurd, 14.050 8. MyKayla Skinner, 13.650 9. Jade Carey, 13.400 10. Trinity Thomas, 13.350 11. Jordan Chiles, 13.250 12. Aleah Finnegan, Lee's Summit, Mo./Great American Gymnastics Express, 13.200 13. Faith Torrez, 13.100 Floor exercise 1. Simone Biles, 14.800 2. Sunisa Lee, 14.100 3. Kara Eaker, 14.000 4. Jade Carey, 13.900 5. MyKayla Skinner, 13.850 6. Grace McCallum, 13.750 7. Faith Torrez, 13.550 8. Leanne Wong, 13.300 9. Jordan Chiles, 13.200 10. Morgan Hurd, 13.100 11. Emily Lee, 11.800 12. Trinity Thomas, 11.750 and the official team is: Biles, Carey, Eaker, S. Lee, McCallum, Skinner only 5 will compete at worlds tbd there in Stuttgart
Elle Plow Plow
Elle Plow Plow 11 days ago
Elizabeth Dawn you’re the MVP!
Thalia Kii
Thalia Kii 18 days ago
Bless you 🙏🏻 saved me hours of research
Elizabeth Dawn
Elizabeth Dawn 21 day ago
Thanks everyone! Don't really get why USA Gymnastics didn't put it in the video description or as top comment but oh well, I figured I'd save ya'll some research anyway
danceballetacro 22 days ago
YOU ROCK FOR POSTING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm beyond excited for Sunisa and Skinner.
Сергей Васюк
Thanks =)
Angela McDaniel
Angela McDaniel 26 days ago
The team I would send: Biles, Sunisa Lee, Kara Eaker, Skinner, Jade Carey ..... the last one would either be Wong or McCallum. Morgan hasn't been consistent enough for me to put her on the team.
Angela McDaniel
Angela McDaniel 26 days ago
The team is Biles, Sunisa Lee, Eaker, Skinner, Carey, McCallum. Morgan and Wong are non traveling alternates.
ciara beth
ciara beth 26 days ago
no Skinner add grace
Seanastics Tv
Seanastics Tv 26 days ago
Hi when Simone fell I got scared😳😳😧😧
Henrik Möller
Henrik Möller 26 days ago
Tasha Phillips
Tasha Phillips 26 days ago
I'm sorry to say, but as Team USA- we have a way to go. Not many looked sharp on day 1. I'm not sure if it's nerves or otherwise. Certainly hoping day 2 is a stronger day for these ladies!
doedelzak 25 days ago
They have been training full stop, they are tired. they have 3 weeks until world, they will be fine
natasha harris
natasha harris 26 days ago
Suni, Biles and Carey are going to clean house at worlds.😁💜
Rico Black
Rico Black 26 days ago
So much talent. Hard selection.
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