2019 WNBA All-Star starters revealed live: Elena Delle Donne, A'ja Wilson lead the teams | The Jump

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Rachel Nichols, Nick Friedell and Tim MacMahon reveal the 2019 WNBA All-Star Game starters: Elena Delle Donne (Washington Mystics), A'Ja Wilson, Kayla McBride and Liz Cambage (Las Vegas Aces), Chelsea Gray (Los Angeles Sparks), Jonquel Jones (Connecticut Sun), Jewell Loyd and Natasha Howard (Seattle Storm), Brittney Griner (Phoenix Mercury), and Kia Nurse (New York Liberty).
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Jul 11, 2019

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Comments 276
Angela Is here
Angela Is here 26 days ago
The misogyny in the comments is hilarious. Why are you wasting your time watching and commenting on these videos?
Delle DD
Delle DD Month ago
Team Delle Donne! 🥰
MBE 04
MBE 04 Month ago
The people who be hating on the WNBA every single time are actually fans.
yigs Month ago
Fun fact: the worst player in the WNBA could beat every one of these commenters with 1 hand tied behind their back. These keyboard warriors need to stay in the kitchen and watch the real ballers play.
Josh Galvin
Josh Galvin Month ago
Who cares its womens sports it doesnt matter
Artair Month ago
Monter Glasper
Monter Glasper Month ago
My company tried to sponsor the WNBA All Star Weekend but no players wanted to host the event. I now see why they're struggling with sponsorship etc.
Paulo Lyra
Paulo Lyra Month ago
Why so much hate?? Shame y'all
Artair Month ago
Because it sucks
tyrone Month ago
damn rachel that voice😳😈
Brenn K
Brenn K Month ago
You mind as well call the reveal "WNBA players you might know slightly more than all the other WNBA players...but probably not"
In Your Nargaz Z
No one cares, more people are watching summer league then the WNBA
Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam Month ago
Oliver Phippen
Oliver Phippen Month ago
Why do you think that Elena Della Donne is so popular in a Woman's Negro league ?? Ask the negroes boys ??? She is very pretty ???
Tiger Hoods
Tiger Hoods Month ago
All the unathletic white men in the comments are the only ones complaining about the WNBA.
Artair Month ago
You always seem to have your White King in your mouth, quite sad.
They should make wnba allstar game. WNBA all stars versus McDonald All American Mens team. That would get alot of views I bet.
Daquan Gay Daddy Cousin
Man these comment section niggas evil
0401412740 Month ago
Nappy headed hoes.
GreaterGood510 Month ago
Inferior product
Hammad Ali
Hammad Ali Month ago
Oh there's a WNBA. It's true, you learn something new everyday.
Nick Fornelli
Nick Fornelli Month ago
I’d be legitimately shocked if Rachel actually watches this shit show
Lucien Month ago
Rachel is really losing Credibility lately. Too much forced Girl Power. Trying to convince people to follow WNBA.
TheFly212 Month ago
Had the option of watching a full WNBA game. Or...Getting punched in the face. Man, my jaw is still sore.
Masterpsflood Month ago
"I can't wait for the WNBA allstar game" -nobody, ever
John Nelson
John Nelson Month ago
Alton Lee
Alton Lee Month ago
ESPN is a hypocrisy not marketing a product they air. You tell me they couldn't carve out a 30 minute WNBA ALL STAR DRAFT SPECIAL? For Rachel Nichols to call on more marketing is a joke!
Shriraj Reddy
Shriraj Reddy Month ago
"lets turn to something much more exciting, lets turn our attention to the WNBA" are words I thought I would never here lol
*Half of these women can play better than Ryan Hollins during his prime*
WarmBeer Gaming Dude
The wnba All Star will be on food network 🤣
WarmBeer Gaming Dude
Nobody cares. You league has done a terrible job at marketing. Nobody wants to see a whole bunch of butch broads run extremely slow and blow layups. i fee bad for maya moore, renee Montgomery, candace parker they’re true professionals.
Mark Ochoà
Mark Ochoà Month ago
Who tf cares
Jetz F4A
Jetz F4A Month ago
the more u force this shit the worse its gonna get haha
Jon155 Month ago
I'm only here for the comments 😂😂
King So
King So Month ago
I turn on my TV to watch superheroes play not feel sympathy but I totally understand what is happening
Rw Chitown
Rw Chitown Month ago
Diana Taursi used to have that shit
cptsketch13 Month ago
I'll watch a wnba 5min segment if you stay consistent with it and have Candace Parker and Lisa Leslie etc on too. Promote them if you really care or quit telling me why i should.
Ronnie Cole
Ronnie Cole Month ago
Fun fact of life: the majority of Americans that watch sports would reject free WNBA tickets. The only way for the WNBA to be appealing is if scientists get into our DNA and add a “watch the WNBA” chromosome.
Artair Month ago
Or like they have in other sports add Trans Men to women, it's made women's sport look even weaker.
HS2019WuzGud ,
HS2019WuzGud , Month ago
Bruh wtf is y’all doing take this bullshit off the channel smh niggas really put WNBA as a video topic 🤦‍♂️
canadianuserthe Month ago
Lower the hoop . Start dunking
A20 Fitness
A20 Fitness Month ago
Women can't just have fun without forcing people to enjoy being around them . Maybe If they spent more time actually enjoying the game instead of Tryingi to force everyone to believe we should want to watch them play. Maybe just maybe ...well who am I kidding There isn't any maybes. No matter how hard they piggy back off of the NBA trying to push the Narrative that the WNBA is worth watching . We still won't watch it .
A20 Fitness
A20 Fitness Month ago
But who really Cares. BWHAAAAAA 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Secret Agent Randy Beans
Let’s just be honest, it’s really cringeworthy watching ESPN try to excite people about the WNBA.
John Cole
John Cole Month ago
Nobody gives a fuck about these middle school YMCA level basketball athletic "all star WNBA ballers"
Ph.40 Lowk
Ph.40 Lowk Month ago
No one is buying the WNBA
Cool Story
Cool Story Month ago
I bet if this was nba all star weekend the comments or the dislikes wouldn’t be like this. Why are you guys so sexist
2 PAC Month ago
where is Candace I voted for bae like 4 times
Daddy SmokesYams
youre a faahgut
Zvono Month ago
Lets just act if we care about it BUTTON
East End Dayton
East End Dayton Month ago
They turn the lights down in the upper decks because noone's sitting there lol
Ralph Montano
Ralph Montano Month ago
WNBA doesn't matter no8in this country like soccer
To Pi
To Pi Month ago
No one cares
Hayden Munk
Hayden Munk Month ago
K next
High Life
High Life Month ago
I can't name 4 wnba teams or 2 players lmfao
Nando garcia
Nando garcia Month ago
Women sports are a joke just a part of life
Chance Freeman
Chance Freeman Month ago
Who gives a fuck.
DoggFace East
DoggFace East Month ago
Where is Odyssey Sims she's an AllStar💯
Dusy Pettis
Dusy Pettis Month ago
This is sad they don't even take it seriously, how you expect us to
Dragonspheres Month ago
This is what happens when a anime catches up to the manga, filler arc WNBA.
Dragonspheres Month ago
@Izzie Taylor lol
Izzie Taylor
Izzie Taylor Month ago
Naruto=NBA Boruto=WNBA
Rory Month ago
This video still doesn't have as many dislikes as any of Ryan Hollins videos.
Vincent Bours
Vincent Bours Month ago
bystander -
bystander - Month ago
use me as the "who cares" button
Vizzy Month ago
This is much more exciting! - Said no one, ever.
Joshua Polite
Joshua Polite Month ago
Wilson my MVP 💪
0401412740 Month ago
Literally, who watches WNBA. Same as Rachel Nichols, she's trash
Lucien Month ago
no one. because cable companies dont want it.
Principal Skinner
How is Brittney Griner? I remember that girl was supposed to be good.
Teddy Knight
Teddy Knight Month ago
We dont care about female sports
Ronny & Hip Hop
Ronny & Hip Hop Month ago
An All Star in the WNBA is the equivalent to a 6th man on an NBA team’s bench
Ronny & Hip Hop
Ronny & Hip Hop Month ago
Imagine getting angry over a comment making fun of WOMENS BASKETBALL 😭😭
Daddy SmokesYams
What a dumb ass comment. EVERY NBA 6th man will destroy the whole WNBA. FOH
Asorahfaye Raybility
Lol a high school team can blow out a wnba team😭😭😭
Or Jacob
Or Jacob Month ago
No one gives a shit
Mirmoney Bryant14
The Like and Dislike Ratio lol😂😂😂😂😂😭🤦🏾‍♂️
P L Month ago
When I catch my mortal enemy, ima lock em up in my basement tied up forced to watch the WNBA Allstar game
The Black Reparations Plan
death by bad, sometimes good fundamentals
A20 Fitness
A20 Fitness Month ago
P L oh God no , Just kill em . Don't torcher them .
Axel Foley
Axel Foley Month ago
Would you rather have your favorite wnba team win the championship or find $5 on the street?
Sieg Month ago
i dont even know a single WNBA team
In Your Nargaz Z
$5 on the street
Cam Willis
Cam Willis Month ago
@Kyu thats what i was thinking
Ronny & Hip Hop
Ronny & Hip Hop Month ago
I’d rather find a fucking stick of gum inside of a trash can in a back alley behind a 2 star restaurant than even CONSIDER having a favorite WNBA team
Lame ass Willie
Lame ass Willie Month ago
Daddy SmokesYams 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Julius Williams
Julius Williams Month ago
“much much more exciting” was the biggest lie i’ve heard all month
In Your Nargaz Z
Julius Williams facts
Jeffrey Romero
Jeffrey Romero Month ago
No one gives af
Idk what they we’re talking about at the start but no chance this is more exciting
Kenneth Brown
Kenneth Brown Month ago
Delle Donne! Is just 🔥 and Aja Wilson 🔥 “Forget the rest of you all who hate the WNBA” Don’t watch it when they do become famous 😂 cause when they do, every dude like me will watch 🔥 remember basketball was hated in the beginning stages cause baseball fans didn’t want to watch. It takes time, you’ll see.
marcel rodriguez
...theres an all star game?
Rich JR
Rich JR Month ago
I remember the Las Vegas Ace’s forfeited the game because they were too tired to play smdh
Agera Month ago
Hell nah you gotta be kidding me
Marcus De Villiers
Man I thought Ryan Hollins was here when I saw all the dislikes
Evil Eye Gaming
Evil Eye Gaming Month ago
@Masterpsflood Ryan Hollins would destroy these WNBA all stars
Ronny & Hip Hop
Ronny & Hip Hop Month ago
Pretty sure it’s because Women think they can be athletes
Masterpsflood Month ago
Even Ryan Hollins is more popular than WNBA basketball
Ted Logan
Ted Logan Month ago
ESPN wants more people to support the WNBA, yet they only ever bring it up when they are talking about “Equal Pay”, The All-Star Game, or the Finals....And last year ESPN had the WNBA Finals buried at the bottom of their webpage. They can’t even follow through on their own demands.
Lord Freeza
Lord Freeza Month ago
Because they know it doesn’t do good numbers
Miguel Hernandez
The WNBA has been going on this whole time? Where have I been at missing on this exciting season
Lilliam Cruz
Lilliam Cruz Month ago
I like when adults play pretend.
Martin Brown
Martin Brown Month ago
Damb yall some hater! Why so many thumbs down?
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