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The Porsche 911 is the company's iconic spoetscar, and with this new 992 generation, the updates are more subtle than usual. But is that such a bad thing? Gavin D'souza spends a day at the track with the Carrera S to see if it still has that magic.
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Sep 8, 2019




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Comments 89
SK Cartoon
SK Cartoon Month ago
Can it go above 300
online BHARAT
online BHARAT 3 months ago
Is there any difference between sidewalls of front and rare tyres
I AM HASTUR 3 months ago
Please add ground clearance in the video for every car
All About
All About 4 months ago
Who can race with my new Atlas bicycle😂😂😂😂
vishnu vijayan
vishnu vijayan 5 months ago
No Bugatti No Pagani No Ferrari Nothing, Just Porsche 911 ...Legendary Car of all time....
Aman Chakravarty
Aman Chakravarty 5 months ago
This reminds me of NFS MOST WANTED 2005.
Prashant Patel
Prashant Patel 5 months ago
Fantastic car and review.. man please let me know how shall i join your team... you can expect good talent from me
Abhishek Sinha
Abhishek Sinha 5 months ago
Porsche panamera spoiler should be looking nice
Sunil Raj Damodar
Sunil Raj Damodar 5 months ago
2 things on most drive lover's wishlist: 1. A Porsche 911 2. Roads that suit the car. I really wish for those.
shubham SHRIVAS
shubham SHRIVAS 5 months ago
Its a RWD for god sake GO SIDEWAYS !! power slide it man.
Aditya Chowdhury
Aditya Chowdhury 5 months ago
Porsche 911! Pride prestige respect everything a car can bring❤ truly a racing beauty! #Autocar❤
TURN in2 BEAST 5 months ago
Launch Tesla in India
TURN in2 BEAST 5 months ago
#EV for now
Mudaliar Naresh
Mudaliar Naresh 5 months ago
wht i can think about this car.... "paisa nthi"
Doctor J
Doctor J 5 months ago
Gotta love this guy. Great review man
Mohan Dass
Mohan Dass 5 months ago
My #1 favorite
Rohit Kutwal
Rohit Kutwal 5 months ago
How Lucky You are 🤣🤣🤣🤣
R G 5 months ago
Need ground clearance for Indian roads at least 180
Serene Dystopia
Serene Dystopia 5 months ago
Bruh, the i30 has 170mm ground clearance and it's doing just fine.
Udiyana Gagan
Udiyana Gagan 5 months ago
Speed alarm is annoying. Hit like when if you notice.
Savvy Gaming
Savvy Gaming 5 months ago
911 ❤️🔥
Irshad KNR
Irshad KNR 5 months ago
Price please ....
Shamik Patel
Shamik Patel 5 months ago
Heart says porsche ❤️ Mind says lambo Wallet says you are capable of 2011 wagon R model
Siv Vinod
Siv Vinod Month ago
Family says innova
Rohit Negi
Rohit Negi 3 months ago
1like all your reviews
Rajha Planet
Rajha Planet 5 months ago
120 kph Beep 120kph Beep 120kph beep beep beep beep... Annoying isn't it...
gautam kj
gautam kj 5 months ago
Is it a competition for an M5
Sourabh Panse
Sourabh Panse 5 months ago
Lucky B guy
Sanjan Sahal
Sanjan Sahal 5 months ago
kitna deti hai??
Serene Dystopia
Serene Dystopia 5 months ago
Revanth Palabindala
Revanth Palabindala 5 months ago
The engine sound is amazing.
Rahul Rao
Rahul Rao 5 months ago
Wow, those arms look cut 😂😂
siva kumar
siva kumar 5 months ago
All I can say ur the luckiest guy in this world
VIDHIT D L 5 months ago
U r the best and
Anandan Mukherjee
Anandan Mukherjee 5 months ago
great car. Always going to be my favourite car of all time.
Pallab Baruah
Pallab Baruah 5 months ago
I am buying it
Ankit Shelke
Ankit Shelke 5 months ago
The sound is nonetheless orgasmic!
pravesh736 5 months ago
Am I first
Ashim Nanda
Ashim Nanda 5 months ago
Sanskaar Sharma
Sanskaar Sharma 5 months ago
I can't wait to buy it In my dreams 😅
Jamsheed Sukhadwala
Jamsheed Sukhadwala 5 months ago
What is the price?
Mitul 5 months ago
1-2 crore
The Future Channel
The Future Channel 5 months ago
It looks a whole sexier in real life and better to drive believe me.
Vlogs army
Vlogs army 5 months ago
Damn this car is sick !!!
_ Faizeeeh_
_ Faizeeeh_ 5 months ago
why subscribe. i am here since day 1
Anything Everything
Anything Everything 5 months ago
It must would be tough to shoot 911 from front .... imagine the condition of that camera man in the boot 😂😂😂
Gokul Krishnan R
Gokul Krishnan R 5 months ago
😍😍😍 that exhaust note
Sathwik Kamath
Sathwik Kamath 5 months ago
First comment Autocar India❤️
Pavan Kumar
Pavan Kumar 5 months ago
1st to comment
Ishwinder Singh Walia
What a pretty car!
Warthog Warriors
Warthog Warriors 5 months ago
Tes cars are gud to watch. Not meant for indian roads
Ranjit Rajappa
Ranjit Rajappa 5 months ago
Fantastic AutomobileEngineering
Mohammed Mustafa
Mohammed Mustafa 5 months ago
Gavin... I'm jealous
AssassinAbhishek 5 months ago
please make a video on hyundai palisade
Arjun sawant
Arjun sawant 5 months ago
The car is lit
somesh chandrakar
somesh chandrakar 5 months ago
love everything about porsche expect that headlights.
naseeb noormohammed
naseeb noormohammed 5 months ago
New born 911
A M D bike & Car
A M D bike & Car 5 months ago
Wow. Excellence style & power💚💟👏. If i get , i REVIEW this car.
Ayam Pandey
Ayam Pandey 5 months ago
Wish I could be this lucky.
Dr Strange
Dr Strange 5 months ago
Review Porsche Taycan.. please.
Shivam Pal
Shivam Pal 5 months ago
Bad boy
Tail lamp is just classic ! 👌
shubhankar chauhan
shubhankar chauhan 5 months ago
Just gift me the car
Sanjeet Patle
Sanjeet Patle 5 months ago
Can carrera 4s available in the country
Shaik Saaduddin
Shaik Saaduddin 5 months ago
What is the price?
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