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This crash test between a modern sedan and the classic 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air shows just how far passenger protection has come in the last fifty years. Check out www.ConsumerReports.org for additional reviews, tips, and recommendations.
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The Institute for Highway Safety staged the test to commemorate its 50th anniversary. Find more crash tests on our web site: www.consumerreports.org/cro/vi...
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Sep 29, 2009

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Comments 8 926
Adam RTR
Adam RTR 6 hours ago
Put it up against a square body suburban and lets see how deadly older cars are
Odesskiy 11 hours ago
*RIP BelAir* F
Giant room
Giant room 12 hours ago
How fast were the cars going?
You are what stupsid
"The bel air receive a poor rating" You don't say
scooter39045 17 hours ago
But back then your cigarettes or pipe would have cushioned the blow.
Andy's Shop
Andy's Shop Day ago
Way to ruin a classic car in great condition...
Dylan Talley
Dylan Talley Day ago
they destroyed a bel air. what a shame
Tom Cooper
Tom Cooper Day ago
I agree. I grew up driving 60s cars. They were death traps. Dash made of solid metal, steering column did not collapse...damn!
Brian McGurk
Brian McGurk 2 days ago
Ralph Nader would love this.
True American
True American 2 days ago
Roses are red removing engine is cheating now come over here it’s time for your beating
analogaudio rules
Who really cares, i'd rather an older car with out all the useless electronics, they look better sound better and are better to work on, screw new stuff. I'd rather die in a car thats good looking, and possibly help the worlds over population situation to lol.
Corvair 2 days ago
:(( thats such a nice car :(:(:
j k
j k 3 days ago
The Malibu has the clear advantage. They're both Malibu's. But the old 1 probably gets up and goes better.
Weston Corneau
Weston Corneau 3 days ago
SCREW YOU CONSUMER REPORTS!!! THAT WAS A CLASSIC CAR! Also you are nothing but a bunch of BIAS dumbasses.
TheMoezilla 3 days ago
This video didn't turn out as I expected...it has to be fake. No engine! No engine! No engine!
Michael Roccanti
Michael Roccanti 4 days ago
Not fair bel air was at a angel Malibu was hit in center. If roles were reverse I bet the outcome would be different.
Phoenix Rising
Phoenix Rising 4 days ago
The wife and I rented a 2011 Malibu (same chassis) for vacation once. One thing for sure it was a pleasure to drive. Would've been much better with the V6.
Lawson Greensill
Lawson Greensill 4 days ago
When you take the engine out...
Mark Juan
Mark Juan 5 days ago
fucking assholes why they would kill that hot sexy 59 baby
Yerr 5 days ago
This is stupid cars back then were actually harder and more well made than today as there isn't high demand and need to make it faster cars today are plastic everywhere this is stupid
Yerr 5 days ago
The back of the antique look high
NRAman 1776
NRAman 1776 5 days ago
How dare you destroy such a beautiful and classic Bel Air?😐
dennis pannell
dennis pannell 5 days ago
Base price 59’ Chevy $2500.00, 09’ Chevy $25000.00
Dat Leever
Dat Leever 5 days ago
Pacific Northwest Railfan productions
Safe in 1959 but not safe today when you’re driving a Classic car like a bel air you have to be more focused to swerve to avoid deadly accidents
Mr Crabs
Mr Crabs 6 days ago
2009: We need safety 1959 Chevrolet: Whats a safety
Mark Champion
Mark Champion 8 days ago
Want to punch the idiot who came up with the idea to wreck that beautiful 59. I personally don't drive anything built after December 79.
j dub
j dub 8 days ago
How fast were the cars going!!!
Matt McAvay
Matt McAvay 8 days ago
I wish they did it to a stronger classic. The 1959 Malibu had an Xframe and was unsafe even to 50s standards
RIP TruckBois06
RIP TruckBois06 9 days ago
Can u guys do a 1959 Bel Air vs 2019 Malibu
Andrew L.
Andrew L. 9 days ago
The amount of rust dust that came out of the bel air means the car was impaired before the test.
1959 Air Bell: I'm the safest car in the world. 2009 Malibu: Hold my oil.
Cale Jackson
Cale Jackson 11 days ago
I want to see a 1967 imperial and that Malibu. Then it’s game over Malibu.
SagNeinZurDreifaltigkeit SagNeinZurDreifaltigkeit
How fast were they going?
william rogers
william rogers 12 days ago
Dude they go at angles not head on that can make one wors than the ather and the Belair won
Kolin Martz
Kolin Martz 13 days ago
“Older cars and trucks were built tough unlike cars today” ohhh okay. Sure.
matthew owens
matthew owens 13 days ago
This is fucking stupid ruining a mint classic 59 bel air when you know its not gonna get a good score
WuzNab 13 days ago
Hunter Durst
Hunter Durst 15 days ago
Roll cage!!!!!!
Jose Torres
Jose Torres 15 days ago
But..... the 1959 has no.................. ...... Airbag
TJ Houston
TJ Houston 13 days ago
Jose Torres airbags back then were options. Not standard. Hell some cars didn’t even come with an airbag for an option unless it was the top model.
alex Harley
alex Harley 17 days ago
Now i wana sell 62 impala
Will Davis
Will Davis 17 days ago
Why would they wreck that car bro. Why?
Jay Fox
Jay Fox 18 days ago
Hands down that has to be the best job in the world.
Nathan Mcmillan
Nathan Mcmillan 18 days ago
So sad that belair is completely destroyed a part of history
Deltariuns [Maxwell Yang]
Nothing of value was lost except for the Malibu
Reese Richter
Reese Richter 21 day ago
Why destroy it?
milestone_ achiever
Did he say "plastic cars".......the body panels are fiberglass
TheoryGamer 2018
TheoryGamer 2018 21 day ago
Are you insulting my favourite car or something? Huh punk? LOL I'm just kidding :/03
HENRIQUE monteiro
HENRIQUE monteiro 22 days ago
but classic`s cars is beatifual
Jeff Wang
Jeff Wang 22 days ago
Not fair, the Bel Air is probably weaker from all the body holes now. Power to weight ration however...
Collin Parsons
Collin Parsons 23 days ago
The Chevy Malibu has to be the most used car in crash testing.
Chips O'Tool
Chips O'Tool 23 days ago
Ridiculous waste of a classic car.
AcoolGuyOnYT 23 days ago
The bel air
Evnos GD
Evnos GD 24 days ago
Alex Livingston
Alex Livingston 25 days ago
I think they pulled the motor out of the bel air tho?
Williedamaris 26 days ago
I think that this test should be from to front and not the way they did it.
Sal Testa
Sal Testa 26 days ago
Bull shit. That Bellaire would have ripped Wright threw that peace of scrap metal car
Louis Barningham
Louis Barningham 28 days ago
Wtf why destroy a classic!?
Curtis Allison
Curtis Allison 28 days ago
Who drives a car _that_ old?
Phoenix Scp
Phoenix Scp 29 days ago
Still wouldn’t use a Chevrolet
nil 29 days ago
that poor Bel Air :(
I wanna see a crash test between a Beetle and a Semi truck.
At least that Bel Air was a 4 door and in a shit color (gold, yecch). Black or red!
dannyp67 Month ago
Funny that I noticed a rust bloom pouring out of the rocker panel of the 1959 impala at 1:03, showing its age internally despite its very nice condition. Old age affects everything.
Jeffrey Ober
Jeffrey Ober Month ago
You can't put a price on class...
WHO9119 Month ago
Even after seeing the Bel-Air destroyed I would still take it over the Malibu any day of the week
Ken Weller
Ken Weller Month ago
Big cloud of rust off the Bel Air. Hmmmm...
RickitySplitz Month ago
I would love it if my vehicle was made out of steel, not aluminum. I would love to sit on my car. God damn it.
Sacramento Cheese Hog
Wow assholes destroyed that bel air man, use a brick wall instead that’s just disrespectful
Latvian Woodsman
Holy shit look at how much rust came off that bel air
terry wheatley
terry wheatley Month ago
i had a '59 chevy & i admit, cars are built better & safer today. but, today's car drivers are 10 times worse than the '59 drivers, why? distracted driving with cell phones & other devices, drugs, alcohol, road rage, impatient /stressed drivers & everyone thinks no one should be on their hwy except for them...
Skier 2.0
Skier 2.0 Month ago
Life is short, drive a bel air!
MSGTsniper Guy
MSGTsniper Guy Month ago
The big difference is that back in the day the speed limit on a interstate would only be about 50 instead of 75 or 80...............and even driving down a road in a town the speed limit would have only been about 20. So for its day yes it was a relatively safe car.............people fail to realize that.
Lamborghini murcielago 2010
Save the damn bel airs
Shamica Johnson
Shamica Johnson Month ago
People still die in those Malibu's! I think they rank on the high end at that! I wont buy a new Malibu nothing.
Griffin Ripley
Griffin Ripley Month ago
This guy sounds like John Davis from Motorweek!
AUSTIN c nhs!!
AUSTIN c nhs!! Month ago
Litterally just recking a historic car 🤦🏻‍♂️
Joe Barbaro
Joe Barbaro Month ago
There are plenty of them left. And as you probably by the rustcloud, the Bel Air was way beyond salvation.
Ronald Smith
Ronald Smith Month ago
I can well believe the difference in regards to safety devices, et al. However, I have to ask, did they do a frame-off restoration on the BelAire or did it enter this contest with sixty years of rust and wear? Was the Malibu new or was it used with at least twenty thousand miles on it? Fair is fair. This did not appear to be a fair comparison.
Rat Aye
Rat Aye Month ago
Yeah but look how fucking ugly your cars has gotten
Kyle R
Kyle R Month ago
It looks a lot like an 59 Impala.
John Smith
John Smith Month ago
Poor bel air, i could have given it a good home 😢
57 Chevy
57 Chevy Month ago
In my opinion the cars from the 1950s are beautiful and got style but modern cars are much more safe they don't got style but they are safer. I would rather drive an old car whit style than a box of plastic and this is my opinion so keep your mouth shut if you don't like it.
DMR Dude
DMR Dude Month ago
Safe but ugly.
dariusworld, soon to be closed World
why...........j.just why
Khalil Brown
Khalil Brown Month ago
Hell nah yooo that Bell air would have destroyed that car, this must be a remade model because I’ve seen new cars crash into older vehicles and look like shit in the end 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️
Will Steel
Will Steel Month ago
Khalil Brown The bel air puffed up red dust, so rusted frame, that’s bad. On top of that they removed the engine. They used a rusted bel air without an engine, not a fair test.
BillGunslinger Month ago
I like that new cars are safe and have a good performance and air bags and everything, but why they have to look so damn ugly? Can't they make a modern car with all it's benefits and with late 60's early 70's design?
kano b
kano b Month ago
I'd rather die in the old one lol
Gary Vallone
Gary Vallone Month ago
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life John 3:16
Gary Vallone
Gary Vallone Month ago
dang the cloud of rust that blew out of the bel air!
Gmod Engineer
Gmod Engineer Month ago
But the bel air is a car people like to drive on weekends so I don’t think it’s a big deal.
Anderre Flammarion
Hurr durr "OlD kaRs are MaDe of StRong SteeL, NeweR Qars are MadE 0f Plastik"...
Frank Garrett
Frank Garrett Month ago
Old farts hate science. Maybe this is why most of them are climate change deniers. The rest of us can’t wait until you all die off and let us progress rather than regressing.
fffourtwenty Month ago
Brooklyn Powers
Brooklyn Powers Month ago
I’ll still take the Bel Air.
mellow jr
mellow jr Month ago
they took a beautiful clean classic car and totally destroyed it *internal screaming*
Oscar Walton
Oscar Walton Month ago
59 impala used a xframe it's considered one of worst. Platforms in terms of crash safety ever made .
Rcp 916
Rcp 916 Month ago
What a waste
jetuber Month ago
Fake. There's no engine in the Bel Air.
GGALLIN1776 Month ago
Blasphemy. Something tells me that was rigged, for a bel air to come apart like that I suspect no engine & rot. I did my own 77 chevelle vs 2000 minivan, the 77 had a slight dent to the bumper, entire 00 destroyed from nose to tail.
TechnoGear Month ago
Well, as i know, before perfomming the test, they remowed engine from 1959 Bel Air, and also notched frame and spars in seweral places.... so that the results of the collision looked more clearly
Gary Vallone
Gary Vallone Month ago
Ya I did notice the fender on the bel air came right off and looked like it wasnt even bolted on! Why can't they do a fair test? We all know new cars are safer but they didnt have to doctor up the old car to fail
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