2 Chainz Meets "The Sneaker Don" Benjamin Kicks

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On MOST EXPENSIVEST, 2 Chainz sits with Benjamin Kicks, "The Sneaker Don," to review some of the rarest and most expensivest sneakers.
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Jul 30, 2018

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Comments 1 247
Gianella Narvaez
Gianella Narvaez 8 hours ago
that kid seems awesome wow
Hi_It_Meee hi
Hi_It_Meee hi 20 hours ago
no one heard that slurp at 1:37
sehyun 2 days ago
He looks like the incrediboy
Leon 2 days ago
i like the way he could tell what size tewchaynz is
Justin The Great Ponte
Dude stop talking like your black chill tf out
Jeremy Whalen
Jeremy Whalen 4 days ago
If you pay 13k for a pair of shoes you are mentally ill
Lomma Norbert
Lomma Norbert 4 days ago
@moneykicks is the true sneaker don
Jordan Thomas
Jordan Thomas 4 days ago
He licks his lips like he bout to slob on titty bois nob
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler 7 days ago
started sellin shoes so I built a collection 🤷‍♂️
Farell Panggara Primsa Sembiring
TYLER N TYLA 14 days ago
Oh Shit 2 chains!! Let me put on my hood voice....
mia center
mia center 14 days ago
Spoonfed kid
asilva5021 14 days ago
Man hypebeasts ruin everything. And this dude's a fraud lmao
dacianwolf 15 days ago
Why the heck are you speaking ebonics? Dude, you’re white 🤦‍♀️😂. Be proud of your own culture
dat GASS
dat GASS 15 days ago
I literally have more shoes than this man
Rob C
Rob C 15 days ago
But can u even ball though...
Fatdabs perez
Fatdabs perez 16 days ago
Fuck I'd wear a new pair of socks each time I wear a pair of those kicks!
Billyshead133 16 days ago
Sneaker collectors are useless fags.
joesph mcvey
joesph mcvey 17 days ago
If you don't hoop why wear basketball shoes? I'm not a hipster so I don't wear vans simple as that.
liam goodwin
liam goodwin 18 days ago
Bro this guy can't even say nike
mike varvara
mike varvara 19 days ago
Does this kid really talk like this ?
Oh don't do the thing that I did that made me end up making a million dollars
Therealcrisisplan 1028
He talked his selling price for Chanel Pharrell they are about $7-8k
bloo 23 days ago
Those aint even shattered backboards lmao
Jon Echevarria
Jon Echevarria 24 days ago
This ‘don’ started having his parents buy him kicks way after the older millennials like me experienced the last days of the old true sneaker head era, this kid is a product of artificially generated fugazi hype generated by sneaker blogs ran by marketing for big companies, the soul in soles ain’t there no more and this git is the poster boy
Kra-ze Chef
Kra-ze Chef 26 days ago
A.J. Gallegos
A.J. Gallegos 27 days ago
Camera work makes me dizzy, cant look at a damn pair without fading in and out and blurry n shit.
Thabkss1233 TTV
Thabkss1233 TTV 28 days ago
Yall over here spending 14k in shoes whe u can buy more than 50 skin on fort
Almir Huskic
Almir Huskic 29 days ago
Buddy ass lyin them bitches go for 9k he tryna rip 2 chainz off
M3RK_SH0T Month ago
He said shattered back boards they put the gold toes up lmao
Simon Portillo
Simon Portillo Month ago
In a worldly mind he look at him like, "Chanel's Farrell"? Me, I'll pass not that I couldn't afford them but cause collections of shoes is dumb... material stuff doesnt make you a better person in this world... no money no nothing can make you happy at the end of the day
Albert Randall
Albert Randall Month ago
He even knew the size of his shoe 🤯
Sophie Auld
Sophie Auld Month ago
"You have a natural talent for sneakers" *He has a natural talent for scamming buyers*
Williams Thottungal
Shattered backboard Vice: gold shoes
Corey Braaten
Corey Braaten Month ago
Mazel tov
Seth Turner
Seth Turner Month ago
Your not black stop talking like it
ChurizoMcBurrito 8 days ago
What does black sound like? I'm curious?
Harshe Cod
Harshe Cod Month ago
those look like $100 shoes, mine is fancier than that.
OLIVER Klug Month ago
2 Chains shout out to Kanje
jaja blinks
jaja blinks Month ago
I think 2 chainz should make his own sneaker and have 2 small chainz hanging from the sides of the sneaker. Look dope I think.
Taha Azaghar
Taha Azaghar Month ago
Wowow 1:15 those were not the shattered backboards , those are the gold toes
Cynthia Young
Cynthia Young 2 months ago
I like those white loafers with the tassels on them Louis Vuitton
Dayanera Fleets
Dayanera Fleets 2 months ago
Some of y'all really hating tho
Kill Shot
Kill Shot 2 months ago
13k for a pair of f n showed. Fk dat
Dumb Ash Reviews
Dumb Ash Reviews 2 months ago
He wears an 8 id mug him and take everything he owns
Mike Alpha
Mike Alpha 2 months ago
Of course the one you said you are buying is the most expensive foo🤣
Cade Cunningham
Cade Cunningham 2 months ago
Didn’t say shout out eminem
Viktor Hugo
Viktor Hugo 2 months ago
Bet drake made that boi got them shoes of his n 2 chained trynna hell the boi out a not get roasted
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler 2 months ago
I thought that clown. the "mayor " was the king of shoes
Saturn S
Saturn S 2 months ago
Is he from New York what is that accent
Aaron Dinh2016
Aaron Dinh2016 2 months ago
3:37 My god that face is priceless...😂
Miked F5
Miked F5 2 months ago
JasonVoorhees10100 2 months ago
Basically the scumbag reseller game 😂😂
HighDroFury 2 months ago
0:06 why are these used
Reyes K1ng
Reyes K1ng 3 months ago
That foo block me cuz I said he look like olaf from frozen
MrSadaro 3 months ago
What's name of the blue and White shoes he had for 2chainz
Arabile Nkwe
Arabile Nkwe 3 months ago
2 chainz high as shit
Benjy Tucker
Benjy Tucker 3 months ago
Cant hate the worth ethic💪🏼
Nick with no last name
His wannabe gangsta talk is so cringy, he should just speak normally.
MorganEveryDay 3 months ago
That's how people from New York talk dumbass. They have accents. It isn't talking hood, it is a New York accent @Nick with no last name
Nick with no last name
@MorganEveryDay What is that supposed to mean? He came from an upper class household but he tries to act like formerly low class individuals with hood talk.
MorganEveryDay 3 months ago
Nick with no last name he's from New York
big tonga
big tonga 3 months ago
everyone one hatin are just jelous
Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee 3 months ago
his accent is trash lmao
GFEAST 3 months ago
Where do I get these trump yeezys
strive for excellence
Don't bother reading the comments, just a bunch of lil haters.
Grease Monkey Jedi
Grease Monkey Jedi 3 months ago
It’s amazing... all it took was his millionaire parents = self made 😎
Erik Ruiz Felix Roast
Respect for his hustle but resellers ruined the sneaker game I remember being able to walk in stores to buy my favorite js now they limited edition from resellers and have to pay a shit load of money for them
John Doe
John Doe 3 months ago
Why y’all hating lmao he made a m at 16 idc if his parents helped him I know u not making a m either way ask hop off his meat
trusting virus
trusting virus 3 months ago
Why is he talking like that?
Lord Junior
Lord Junior 3 months ago
Them Freddy’s though 🤤
Nikolai Stefan
Nikolai Stefan 3 months ago
He forgot to mention that “mutual friend” is his multimillionaire daddy who have connections lmao this kid didn’t grind shit
Yahaira Mejia
Yahaira Mejia 3 months ago
😂😂.. the edit on these videos are priceless
Jit -
Jit - 3 months ago
Yeah those were not the shatters backboards
Clynth Maquillan
Clynth Maquillan 3 months ago
Check out big boy cheng sneaker lord of the philippines
მაჩო Tv
მაჩო Tv 3 months ago
why is people buying shoes from him when they can buy from nike store and more chieper
Dox Jupiter
Dox Jupiter 3 months ago
He should really start licking his lips more
jamesdizzle420 3 months ago
a 14 year old boy met dj khal;ed through a mutual friend a.k.a his rich ass dad from miami
Da Bears
Da Bears 3 months ago
They failed to mention that his father is a millionaire and he is the One who gave him the ten of thousands of dollars once he convinced his dad all the money that could be made selling shoes...
Unknown One
Unknown One 4 months ago
Just so we clear he don't get to say the N word
Mr. Edwards
Mr. Edwards 4 months ago
The American dream didnt have to create it to capitalize on it.... Any real man can appreciate his hustle
Oskars GCT
Oskars GCT 4 months ago
Hilary Flores Hebert
did kanye pay the kid offto show off his yeezys
Oliver Alejo
Oliver Alejo 4 months ago
Imagine getting robbed for shoes 😭
jlotouth 4 months ago
LMAO 13 racks for them sneaker. I got a better idea. A flight ticket to Superbowl or a vacation to the East.
Asniel Figueroa
Asniel Figueroa 5 months ago
Wish my mommy and daddy’s pockets were that deep...😂😭 JOKE
Bart V.
Bart V. 5 months ago
Vice should fire the editor and researcher that did this video.
de3 R
de3 R 5 months ago
the chinese are the real winners here this wigger definetely lying about profit margins
de3 R
de3 R 5 months ago
@jose ruiz thats what I was saying. the Chinese owners of the factories are the winners not the 'slaves' working in them
jose ruiz
jose ruiz 5 months ago
de3 R lies they pay minimul to make shoes lmao slavery at its finest
Damian vlawgs
Damian vlawgs 5 months ago
Sold a million in shoes doesn't mean he made a mill
dogmeat191 5 months ago
1:15 Says Shattered Backboard but shows Gold Toe
Robert Cleckley
Robert Cleckley 5 months ago
At the end of the day there are kids born into wealth or at least the middle class. And the vast majority of them do absolutely NOTHING with the head start they were afforded. Doesn’t matter whether he is from the projects or the suburbs he is a hustler. This kid is exceptional...period 🤷🏾‍♂️
johnny blue
johnny blue 5 months ago
Bro u too white to be talkin like that get slapped where im from
johnny blue
johnny blue 5 months ago
He got used shit thats cray
zac killah
zac killah 5 months ago
Overhype for a pair of shoes
Catalan Don
Catalan Don 5 months ago
even when i can afford it hell no i will not pay $13000 for a shoe
Enrique Osuna
Enrique Osuna 5 months ago
Those were the gold toes not the shatterd backboards
KingSureShot 5 months ago
Can he find anything in a size 16?
jay jones
jay jones 5 months ago
Sheet. Im hardly able to buy those 30 dollar. Slip resistant shoes from Wal-Mart to use for home and work.
Anonymous 5 months ago
People that crazy for shoes?...they're just shoes...not wheels, food, game system, but shoes. 😳
Heron Samuel
Heron Samuel 5 months ago
those aint the sbb
Kidus Mulugeta
Kidus Mulugeta 5 months ago
Why is he talking like that
Zachary Slayden
Zachary Slayden 5 months ago
1:15 they showed complex con gold toes. not shattered backboards
jay scott
jay scott 6 months ago
Pharrell shoes are so basic tho
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