14th Annual Summer Belly Flop Competition

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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It’s that time of year where we set up a swimming pool in our back lot and send Cousin Sal out to Hollywood Blvd to offer pedestrians the chance to take their clothes off on national television and have them compete in a belly flop competition. Our guest judges are Nicole Byer, Shaun White, Trixie Matell and a special appearance from Henry Winkler!
Guillermo's First Dildo Experience usvid.net/video/video-XzE0WR6i8lw.html

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14th Annual Summer Belly Flop Competition


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Aug 14, 2019




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Comments 1 624
Nasser Alnasser
Nasser Alnasser 18 hours ago
If all homosexuals looks like trexiie make up , I think Im homophobic because I freaked out when I couldn't find her eyes
Jack Fearow
Jack Fearow 2 days ago
8:08 Her belly flop was surprisingly good despite the lack of belly. Good splash, solid impact shockwave.
Lord Vader
Lord Vader 8 days ago
Where is Guillermo ?
Michael Turner
Michael Turner 10 days ago
Trixie is the reason there should only be two genders.
Kiera Nix
Kiera Nix 12 days ago
Ok but the eyes where are they. And not being rude but. Do they actually think that makeups good😂
Forrestbump 23
Forrestbump 23 12 days ago
Trixie looks like a Karen...
Unknown Justin
Unknown Justin 12 days ago
What is that sitting in the chair on the right?
Molly Knott
Molly Knott 12 days ago
Kai Distefano
Kai Distefano 12 days ago
the first one didnt even go flat at all
SensAsian 13 days ago
“Have a hotdog”
Isabella Lozada
Isabella Lozada 13 days ago
Someone PLEASE collect their Area 51 alien.
You Toobe
You Toobe 14 days ago
jack kough
jack kough 14 days ago
I clicked Because girl
Total Drama Olivia
Total Drama Olivia 14 days ago
my new career: *BELLY FLOPS*
Randomness 14 days ago
1:46 you can see Courtney already wearing a bathing suit under her dress.
dupes ez
dupes ez 14 days ago
No one gon talk about how first guy had nipple piercings?
Chris NGW
Chris NGW 14 days ago
Trixie is that one mii in Nintendo that you make the eyebrows extremely large
pozie 14 days ago
Trixie looks like she's from the god damn goonies
Potato Aim
Potato Aim 15 days ago
I though Tricia was gonna be one of the people who did it
Lola Bunny
Lola Bunny 15 days ago
Them eyelashes are going to far
p6n 15 days ago
I dont even want to know why this is in my recommendations
Familyofturkeys 15 days ago
I would rather put 9 gallons of bleach in my eyes, listen to old town road for 47 hours and listen to a 7 year-old year old play Fortnite, than look at eyeless Trixie Matell, who I have never even heard of which was a good thing. ACK
Splice _
Splice _ 15 days ago
Isn’t that the dude from better call sal
Chris Alwayswins
Chris Alwayswins 15 days ago
What the hell is trixie
Captain Oppai
Captain Oppai 15 days ago
"You splashed a drag queen in the face and that's homophobic" I'd _slap_ a drag queen in the face
Shrek 15 days ago
Trixie mattel ,more like Trixie needmoreattention
Ben Raines
Ben Raines 15 days ago
Trixies eyes said: ⚫️⚫️
SG Aqua
SG Aqua 15 days ago
trixe looks like a sleep paralysis demon
Big Domino
Big Domino 15 days ago
Trixie looks like a moth tbh
trixie ... why!?!?!
L X 15 days ago
every comment is about trixie. . and for good reason -_- where were her eyessss
Síobhan Shanahan
Síobhan Shanahan 15 days ago
this is fake idk if they are actors or something but 1:44 the lady comes in "of the street" wearing her bikini? idk bout u but i dont wear my bikini walking down Hollywood boulevard for proof it was a bikini 6:14 shes wearing a lime green bikini
zylx 15 days ago
Trixie is at 4:10 youre welcome. or are you?
PewDiePie Fan
PewDiePie Fan 15 days ago
7:24 Thank me later. I have found Trixie's eyes.
Julian Verrou
Julian Verrou 15 days ago
7:24 you can see trixie’s eyes a lil
Luke Paltridge
Luke Paltridge 16 days ago
backslaps hurt more than bellyflops
IkHeetIsa 16 days ago
The hunger games: *I ValUnTeer*
fawn_slayer Anime nerd
*this reminds me of that meme/vine* *When they said “bellyflopp”*
GGammaRay 16 days ago
Where are trixies eyes 👀
meme man 67676767667
Trixe generally scares me
BATTLE WING 16 days ago
is that a human on the judge panel
Haz 16 days ago
Did Courtney have a spotlight one her or is that just God showing favor?
Ofbaserion 17 days ago
5:36 What tf is this?.. The world is becoming some pathetic blinding... thing.. Humanity is so disappointing.
GlueStikk188 13 days ago
Ofbaserion so true, very disappointing
sam belyea
sam belyea 17 days ago
Hate that wierd drag man
Noad Lemlem
Noad Lemlem 17 days ago
I'm just trying to taking how ugly trixie is
Lexie Price
Lexie Price 17 days ago
Yall be hating I love trixie winner of all stars 3
Clash with matt
Clash with matt 17 days ago
4:04 wtf is that
M & T GAMERS 17 days ago
I’m praying for them that woulda hurt so bad..
janet smith
janet smith 17 days ago
Trixe we’re her eyeballs
jack christensen
jack christensen 17 days ago
Ruffus redneck
Ruffus redneck 17 days ago
8:00 that sounds like "still alive" by green day
LittleDude250 // MCPE
Where r trixies eyes
Arantza Soto Loranca
When he said “for all the short ppl in the world” that got me
Aarathi Dhavileswarapu
7:24. I can see trixie’s eyes!
Tyler Frost
Tyler Frost 18 days ago
Jeeezzzzz Trixie
Samantha Newell
Samantha Newell 18 days ago
is anyone else here just to hear the "SMACK"?
Trumpetboy77 18 days ago
That third is ugly someone come bleach my eyes out
Reapers Winter
Reapers Winter 18 days ago
Trixie looking like she came straight from a f***ing haunted house
Erick Stoker
Erick Stoker 18 days ago
Courtney's laugh tho I think trixie has more plastic and make up on than skin on her body
Dogeboi 70
Dogeboi 70 18 days ago
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