14th Annual Summer Belly Flop Competition

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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It’s that time of year where we set up a swimming pool in our back lot and send Cousin Sal out to Hollywood Blvd to offer pedestrians the chance to take their clothes off on national television and have them compete in a belly flop competition. Our guest judges are Nicole Byer, Shaun White, Trixie Matell and a special appearance from Henry Winkler!
Guillermo's First Dildo Experience usvid.net/video/video-XzE0WR6i8lw.html

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14th Annual Summer Belly Flop Competition


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Aug 14, 2019




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Comments 1 149
Christina H
Christina H Hour ago
Trixie’s makeup tho.... OOF Area 51 much??
Gacha_aesthetixx YT
They only give the big win to those that are more famous
Braylee Kinkead
Henry looks like my papaw
Penelope Flora
Where is Trixie Mattel’s eyes?
Cassie Long
Cassie Long 2 days ago
Does anyone notice the judge Nicole is from nailed it or just me
Juliana Brown
Juliana Brown 2 days ago
longbeacher 3 days ago
Okay, but who’s the guy at 7:55?
Shadow 4 days ago
Trixie rhymes with Dixie which is my dog's name
XScarlett_ McdonnellX
Omggg trixieeee mattellllllll
PicklesTheCat 5 days ago
Please invite me next time.
Brianna Reed
Brianna Reed 5 days ago
Why does trixie dress that way? He's literally ugly as crap, no offence (sorta)
Eva-Chelsea Cleenwerck
It should be called a belly flopathon! 😁
Bock Mueller
Bock Mueller 7 days ago
C Eeeefveefevfd
Sizzle 7 days ago
7:24 I think I can finally see her eyes
Clay Charm
Clay Charm 7 days ago
Trixie scared me
DANNY M 8 days ago
Trixie had a big heat start to area 51 raid she was there september 20 1994 and raided it her/him/it/she self.
Summer Barnes
Summer Barnes 8 days ago
That’s not fair
Stefan Venus
Stefan Venus 9 days ago
Is that blond alien next to Shaun White Americas new president?
Anahi Patel
Anahi Patel 10 days ago
Trixie tho 😂
Aziz Hossain
Aziz Hossain 10 days ago
3:58 oh my god speechless is this what I think I am seeing :0 Were are her his eyes
Maddie Clough
Maddie Clough 10 days ago
Why would people do this?
Savanah James
Savanah James 12 days ago
Really guys this girl at 8:11 was literally amazing
Savanah James
Savanah James 12 days ago
Isn’t that Nicole bryer from Netflix movie called Nailed it!?!?
EngPMgt 12 days ago
She gave him 10 😂 7:55
o0OeftichisO0o 12 days ago
Omfg that drag queen wasn't beaten enough as a child.
PETAAA 14 days ago
Unser Kollege Paul hat Nummer zwei Safe geflext
Selden Alper
Selden Alper 15 days ago
Jimmy you should make your own swimsuits fir this with your face on them 😂
Poisonous 15 days ago
0:47 look at this family standing behind Saul to get seen on the camera to be on live television
Alicia Smith
Alicia Smith 16 days ago
That dude has a nipple piercing
L00kiii 16 days ago
Can someone tell me who this NATURAL bodybuilder is at 7:55 ??
G G 16 days ago
L00kiii Paul Unterleitner from Austria
Max Hi
Max Hi 16 days ago
Paul du Maschine!!!! (7:52)
Cbossman 16 days ago
You suck jimmy
Fly Wie peter Pan
Fly Wie peter Pan 16 days ago
Paul Unterleitner legend
Aki Legna
Aki Legna 16 days ago
Pauli 💪
Kilian Krüger
Kilian Krüger 16 days ago
Wer ist hier wegen Paul ( 7:55)
Mika.O 14 days ago
Die Übergewichtigen die gut für die Show sind zeigen sie teils mehrere Minuten aber den durchtrainierten Paul und sein Freund nur 3-4 sek. oder garnicht
Shervin Kovarik
Shervin Kovarik 15 days ago
Ich haha
Marvin p
Marvin p 16 days ago
Ich 😂
irgendeiner 123
irgendeiner 123 16 days ago
Und 2:31
nivo_03 16 days ago
Wo ist der naturale Paul?🤔
Samy Al-Bazzaz
Samy Al-Bazzaz 16 days ago
Nikhil Yadav
Nikhil Yadav 17 days ago
Thats a weird looking dog but ok
LolaCope :P
LolaCope :P 18 days ago
Trixie looks like she did her makeoup when she got her wisdom teeth rimoved
Emma Poffinbarger
Emma Poffinbarger 19 days ago
I love Nichole byer she is Also a host on nailed it on Netflix
Emma Poffinbarger
Emma Poffinbarger 19 days ago
I’m from Houston Texas
Will J
Will J 19 days ago
Interesting idea for next group of pedestrians. Offer a contest for young kids to draw pictures of Trump. Set up a few tables with color markers and let them go wild. ( perhaps ask them 1st if they know what Trump looks like, then let them draw from memory)
M Ma
M Ma 20 days ago
Trixie looks like one of the power puff girls
SweetPea 20 days ago
Thank you Henry, us short people appreciate you
t7shsh 20 days ago
3:53 what the hell is even that ?
Katlyn Nichols
Katlyn Nichols 20 days ago
I belly flopped today trying to learn how to dive and jeez did it hurt the flashbacks are real
Allie Stockton
Allie Stockton 20 days ago
trixie killed me
Heart Horse Ranch
Heart Horse Ranch 20 days ago
Is Trixie a girl or boy?
Sophie Ellis
Sophie Ellis 15 days ago
Libslo 268
Libslo 268 20 days ago
Why they boddy shaming
Max P
Max P 20 days ago
where are its eyes
Slime Haxx
Slime Haxx 20 days ago
Yasss Nicole byer ❤️❤️❤️
Donteatmycookie 1
Donteatmycookie 1 20 days ago
Anyone love nailed it
Heidi Ferguson
Heidi Ferguson 21 day ago
Trixie is hilarious. If Jimmy was going to act like all the jokes she made were inappropriate they should have cast another guest judge.
Jillian Studerus
Jillian Studerus 21 day ago
Who else never gets their comments liked
Fish Nuggets
Fish Nuggets 21 day ago
Sabrina Bonillo
Sabrina Bonillo 21 day ago
4:11 where are her eyes she’s not natural she looks like a kindergarten threw paint in the wall
Daniel B
Daniel B 21 day ago
Love the show!
Joaquin Orellana
Joaquin Orellana 21 day ago
Trixxie is bit creepy 🤡🤭and her eyes
Melwyn Saldanha
Melwyn Saldanha 21 day ago
Aayyyyy the government lost their Alien
GLITTER BUNNY 21 day ago
I look forward to this each year!!!!
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