13 DIY Kawaii School Supplies!

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What about a couple of interesting ideas for the school? Today we'll make a Kawaii school supplies! And we invite you to join us!
Supplies and tools:
• Plastic ball;
• Paints;
• Brushes;
• Glue;
• Pompons;
• Sparkles;
• Felt;
• Foamiran;
• Scissors;
• Markers;
• Box cutter;
• Tin can;
• Felt-tip pens;
• Filler for soft toys;
• Beads;
• Needle;
• Thread;
• Colored cardboard;
• Notebook;
• Notepad;
• Wool for felting;
• Self-adhesive paper;
• Paper clips;
• Lego parts;
• Long toothpicks;
• Sponges;
• Makeup sponge;
• Paper;
• Basket;
• Drinking straws.
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Aug 9, 2019




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Comments 700
deku the innocent child
i watch yu bcz i can and i dont do any of these
The Turtle Family
its not kawani ITS KAWAII!!!!
Diamanzia Angelz
I hate you
Diamanzia Angelz
Jenna Sandberg
Jenna Sandberg 2 days ago
my favorite faces are UwU and OwO and when she said OwO i died!!!
Jollie Law
Jollie Law 2 days ago
Mariluz Lemus arango
Quien habla español
Galaxy Kittie
Galaxy Kittie 3 days ago
Troom troom-Cut the neck off like this. Me-HELLO 911 I HAVE FOUND THE CEREAL KILLER !!
lulu the skeleton :3
D-did she say "OwO whats dis?" If she did im suprized
Sarah Hill
Sarah Hill 5 days ago
Ibjjri rd ueu euvurbudv
Sarah Hill
Sarah Hill 5 days ago
Mas Didin
Mas Didin 5 days ago
Tangan mu nek kasek kebeler bahaya
Tierney Johnson
Tierney Johnson 6 days ago
Kawaii KAwAiie that’s what I hear
Jani Mughal
Jani Mughal 6 days ago
Who sees the video and never does it like my comment
dest2730 dest2730
Every time she said Kawaii I cringed and like had a mini hissy fit 😂😂
D Wyckoff
D Wyckoff 7 days ago
You don't need paper clips for studying
Jonelyn Dela cruz
Wait...wait.wait you got glue it why do you need to sown it just why..........
tonkurii 10 days ago
Juliet Newman
Juliet Newman 10 days ago
We bare bears!
glowwy 54
glowwy 54 12 days ago
The we bare bears are cute
gamer 10
gamer 10 13 days ago
ummmm what did you say there troom troom 3:31
g r e a t l y f o r g o t t e n
Convenient, fun, And of course, *BaAAAaa*
g r e a t l y f o r g o t t e n
LPS Hamster
LPS Hamster 14 days ago
Elisabeth Barfield
Elisabeth Barfield 14 days ago
When they say batting I'm like ITS CALLED COTTON!
Miwifu Chan
Miwifu Chan 14 days ago
oh mah god OCD TROOM TROOM "kawawai" YOU SAID IT WRONG
Caila Bangug
Caila Bangug 16 days ago
I love webearbears
Vsco girl • 10 years ago
Ka-wa- E
{*mini_potato*} 18 days ago
I'm not trying to be mean but I don't think they know the meaning of "kawaii" .-.
Sofia franchesca Suzon
1:46 thought they were making rj.Jins character in bt21. Love you troom troom
Kimberly Bozeman
Kimberly Bozeman 19 days ago
I clicked immediately when I saw we bear bears
MyCatCheeto 123
MyCatCheeto 123 19 days ago
Kawaii: (exists) Troom Troom: *KAH-WAH-EE*
RJFUN 19 days ago
I thought the sheep was a cat you can bro me
roshansrijan magar
roshansrijan magar 19 days ago
I am a god I sell Not make you fith forever
Dhani Reddy Saraswathi Devi Reddy
Please do halloween hacks
rainbow dash friand fluttershy
the three panda i like that who like that like
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger 20 days ago
Even my six year old brother doesn't like troom troom!
DashTag Gamer12
DashTag Gamer12 20 days ago
Evan Lander
Evan Lander 21 day ago
bruh its kawaii NOT KAWA EE
Hannah Ware
Hannah Ware 21 day ago
I'm sorry... BUT WHAT IS WITH THAT HEAD PEN?!?!? And is that in a video I can watch?
Farnaz Asad
Farnaz Asad 23 days ago
She syas kawa eeeeeee like if agree
Clevage Stories
Clevage Stories 23 days ago
Jake the dog and fin the humanadventures never end adventure time!
Amy Sarris
Amy Sarris 23 days ago
Kids love watching these, nice projects - but as a parent worried about safety. The video shows kids to use a Stanley/craft knife and cut towards themselves or they fingers/hands. Very dangerous. Drink cans being cut up with very sharp edges. Producers of these videos need to take responsibility of these issues. Would hate for injuries to happen when kids try to copy.
my hecking lasagna omg _
*oWo wHaTs tHiS*
Marlin Skeete
Marlin Skeete 24 days ago
Ssooooo cute
Marissa De Leon
Marissa De Leon 24 days ago
Love it😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚
Zahir Uddin Limon
Zahir Uddin Limon 25 days ago
Love ly
BLINK VLOG 26 days ago
The racoons hands is really weird
BLINK VLOG 26 days ago
I like the we bare bears
Lilmonster Art, gaming, and more
I’m surprised she actually said OwO what’s this!?!
xKITTYtmx 26 days ago
Can’t u just say cute not kawaii It’s cringe It’s like ur those vomit cutely people who are like Purrr~ nya nya ^^ KAWAIIII!!!! >~< don’t touch my tail!!! *cries cutely* *sobs cutely* *vomits cutely* *does everything kAwAiI* It’s cringe And the girls that always say uwu
Aria Holland
Aria Holland 26 days ago
i replayed the first couple of seconds of the video because i was hoping they didnt say owo whats this but they did
Elizabeth Sabio
Elizabeth Sabio 27 days ago
wow it is beutiyf
Veronica zhang
Veronica zhang 27 days ago
you say kawaii wrong, go work on your Japanese, you say it like an Alabamian
Garret Moyer
Garret Moyer 26 days ago
I know right
Kaelyn Payne
Kaelyn Payne 27 days ago
She says Kaa- why-ee. It freaks me out! But I still love the video!
Roselyn Sihombing
Roselyn Sihombing 27 days ago
Menua Melikyan
Menua Melikyan 28 days ago
honestly you guys are super intelligent
Afshan Hammad
Afshan Hammad 28 days ago
Lovely hacks
Becky Northey
Becky Northey 28 days ago
Ewww you're trying way too hard to be kawaii. As a anime fan u triggered me saying kawaee like WTF HOW HOW JUST HOW DID THE EDITING TEAM NOT NOTICE THIS!!! Ladies please please refrain from saying kawaee ever again I am begging you it's it's disgusting. I cannot stress how horrible it is to hear that would honestly I was watching this at 2x I had to skip back 3 times then I slowed it down to normal cuz my ears could not accept what they heard... Please just no just no
gatinha construtora
Gostei muito do facto de ter usado as personagens do CN
Geeta devi telu
Geeta devi telu 28 days ago
I love kawaii
Pixxicorn 28 days ago
I know this is troom troom but can I just say whoever sewed the things in this video has some good sewing skills.
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