12-Year-Old Young Jamaican Trainer INCREDIBLE Motivation

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12-year-old Demarjay Smith, aka the Young Jamaican Trainer, is one of the most motivating people you'll ever meet!
COMMENT with an athlete who motivates YOU!
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Nov 5, 2018

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Comments 765
Whistle 3 months ago
COMMENT with an athlete who motivates YOU!
jeff mckinnon
jeff mckinnon 9 days ago
Mitch Marner
Muhd Afiq Shaheezam
LeBron James..even he's currently not playing right now due to injury and already missed 17 games. He is still my no. 1 basketball role model. He made me addicted to the game. I love the way he plays. Best nba player on planet. Much love from Malaysia
Niraiya M
Niraiya M Month ago
Whistle Usain Bolt + Myself
DarkProDani TV
DarkProDani TV Month ago
Stephen Curry
The Minted Tuc
The Minted Tuc Month ago
Malachy Crann & Sam Madden
Awesome Man
Awesome Man 14 hours ago
He would be a good coach
Daveed da sick
Daveed da sick 14 hours ago
Con artist in the making
Colt Shark
Colt Shark 17 hours ago
The kid is like KSI jr
Dark Blade
Dark Blade Day ago
Miranda Edwards
I was the first girl on my schools football team
Benji Man
Benji Man Day ago
Latoya Thompson
Latoya Thompson 2 days ago
Braelyn Young
Braelyn Young 2 days ago
You are the the dumbest boy in the whole entire world you try to just get money 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾and I mean this for my heart
Jonathan Adanene
Jonathan Adanene 2 days ago
RonLarhz 3 days ago
Idk..... Just feel like ppl feeding a fantasy. When he's on his own, he might not be able to face reality...... And that usain bolt race just reminded me how much extend ppl go to feed the fantasy... Welp... At least he's exercising...
Andre Juarez
Andre Juarez 4 days ago
You inspired me to be a soccer 🌟 star
Kortni Arndt
Kortni Arndt 4 days ago
Show of you’re know trainer
Yelowker r
Yelowker r 5 days ago
This kid is a legend
David Brown
David Brown 5 days ago
Do you want to race me you look fast
Sophia Mariani
Sophia Mariani 6 days ago
Your such an inspiration thank you
Aminecraft Baga
Aminecraft Baga 6 days ago
Murcia Bitches
Murcia Bitches 6 days ago
This kid is washed up from Ellen a usain bolt letting him win a race
Luca Hajek
Luca Hajek 6 days ago
start of the video, i'm like wtf is going on
Myles Hollomon
Myles Hollomon 7 days ago
You’re amazing keep going strength no weakness
Nicholas Bezama
Nicholas Bezama 7 days ago
You da best
Yaboijared 7 days ago
5:14 I didn’t know his trainer was blueface 😂😂
LolWanted Animations
Still scrawny
Shaheed Bateman
Shaheed Bateman 9 days ago
Nice demarcation
Mason Slaughter
Mason Slaughter 10 days ago
i have a dream to be in the NBA
Takane Meshack
Takane Meshack 11 days ago
I like this dude 👌👊👊
Celisse Garza
Celisse Garza 12 days ago
I like your positive attitude.
Angela Thomas
Angela Thomas 13 days ago
Be geart
Tacy Blanket
Tacy Blanket 15 days ago
Coleman Tranum
Coleman Tranum 15 days ago
You are bad
Booja Oombaga
Booja Oombaga 15 days ago
I swear this kid has never grown taller
Wolfgang Amadeus Da Vinci
Best accent
Milana 18 days ago
He is so motivating and I love his accent.
Delfino Grimaldo
Delfino Grimaldo 18 days ago
Just wait till he figures out what fortnite is
The golden Gamer
The golden Gamer 18 days ago
Your channel inspires me so much
SEANIECCM 4 19 days ago
“No days off” *decides to go to the nba all star game
Colin Coyne
Colin Coyne 19 days ago
I hate this kid so much
Ginny Mcclanahan
Ginny Mcclanahan 19 days ago
Where do you live and I want to play basketball with you
BruhItzRuRu 21 day ago
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah 22 days ago
Wyatt Emmick
Wyatt Emmick 22 days ago
Working out doesn’t get you stronger it’s your body knowing your own expectations so yes take days off or you won’t see any improvement
Calandria Hughes
Calandria Hughes 24 days ago
Ok boy
OG TV 24 days ago
Your nice kid
IIREFLEX 24 days ago
I wanna know what he smoking
Sinful clipsYT
Sinful clipsYT 24 days ago
You made me get a 6 pack with in 4 months thank you,you are amazing
Jack Tenold
Jack Tenold 24 days ago
wow dude your a beast ur really inspiring
Pete Hemingway
Pete Hemingway 24 days ago
You are very strong
Arslan Rana
Arslan Rana 25 days ago
run for president
Lp Cuber
Lp Cuber 28 days ago
This kid is great
Chalienys Yoc
Chalienys Yoc 29 days ago
I would want this kid as a coach
Jethro N
Jethro N Month ago
His got a wise brain the way he talks
iiKing_Panzoid Gaming
This kid is very mature for his age, what a legend... Keep inspiring people!
Vue Lee
Vue Lee Month ago
Yes mon, i am dready to go use the toilet nol. #du...skrteanth no veekness.
Paul_ Jacob
Paul_ Jacob Month ago
Phillie Fan
Phillie Fan Month ago
He is a beast
Adam Purks
Adam Purks Month ago
I’m going to be honest he’s not very good
Bill Gates
Bill Gates Month ago
I love to motivate kids you are a kid!
Bill Gates
Bill Gates Month ago
Why does he’s lips move weird
Alexander Jones
Alexander Jones Month ago
What a great kid he is ahead of his generation and inspires
Terri Stoeckner
Terri Stoeckner Month ago
I've seen this kid he's good but he talks to loud
Logan Botts
Logan Botts Month ago
We finally got the view of the Dad a.k.a Usian Bolt 2.0 filming them racing lmao
Carcar 013
Carcar 013 Month ago
You helped me push myself harder and get better
Carcar 013
Carcar 013 Month ago
We will win
Robert Lay
Robert Lay Month ago
This guy is a legend
Omareeya Brown
Omareeya Brown Month ago
I'm going to play ball I was thinking aboit quit bc I fell like I was to good but you inspir to teach the other peole and let them folow me I fell like I can be in the women nba love you
Hazel FAN
Hazel FAN Month ago
That's little XXX
pato pato
pato pato Month ago
Goo jub buddy,keep going that way
Mikal Thomas
Mikal Thomas Month ago
Niraiya M
Niraiya M Month ago
I bet none of you have any idea how much I would like to meet Demarjay or even for him to notice me 😫❤️
Danielle Henderson
True he has a point don’t ever give up stay strong 💪🏼
mattie_ sizer
mattie_ sizer Month ago
Whitney bjerkan is an amazing inspiration! Amazing gymnast who kept going despite her surgery stopping her using her elbow forb a year but she came back as an all round champion in her first meet after surgery.
paul's homie
paul's homie Month ago
Nothing is impossible
Gabrielle F
Gabrielle F Month ago
This so much because when I was down about being a softball catcher you motivated me to get off the coach and train work hard “Strength,no weakness
James Taylor
James Taylor Month ago
He will be a strength coach at University of Alabama! Lol
Judged Month ago
He really should run for President at a young age..He has a bright future ahead 🌟 STRENGTH NO WEAKNESS
Calcico Month ago
This guy got a big mouth for a little bo
H G Month ago
Xxxtentation Fan
You made the reason I play basketball
Ron Benyamin
Ron Benyamin Month ago
Anyone can do this that’s stupid
Lavonda Davenport
I want to straight
Delectiz Month ago
Luke Bendixen
Luke Bendixen Month ago
I play baseball I motivated by Cody Bellinger
A and B Vids
A and B Vids Month ago
Does he have a mom?
P Ejiofor
P Ejiofor Month ago
Your the best person in the world i lost wait 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
sophia corral
sophia corral Month ago
U go Demarjay
sophia corral
sophia corral Month ago
If he’s big now imagine in the future
ClayNation2 Gaming
He looks 8 years old
Jermane Anyoha
Jermane Anyoha Month ago
0:25 rastafari!
j vlogs kim
j vlogs kim Month ago
This guy is so full of him self.
Suraj Marla
Suraj Marla Month ago
Me:I should do that one day Then I start yelling at my brother
Luv'ly Stotious Primm
You are my strength
Alex Poland
Alex Poland Month ago
young xxxtentacion
Caden Korzan
Caden Korzan Month ago
bro can i get some lessons?
Myles Fields
Myles Fields 2 months ago
Your my favorite youtuber
Danielle Blackburn
Danielle Blackburn 2 months ago
If you run for president vote for you
Danielle Blackburn
Danielle Blackburn 2 months ago
I have those same basketball shoes
KDOG Vlogs
KDOG Vlogs 2 months ago
We Will Win
AnthonyALD7 2 months ago
We need more kids who are like this
Azael Cobb
Azael Cobb 2 months ago
Liya Fasil
Liya Fasil 2 months ago
so cute! he's going places
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