12-Year-Old Young Jamaican Trainer INCREDIBLE Motivation

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12-year-old Demarjay Smith, aka the Young Jamaican Trainer, is one of the most motivating people you'll ever meet!
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Nov 5, 2018

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Comments 621
Whistle Month ago
COMMENT with an athlete who motivates YOU!
Connor Maddox
Connor Maddox 12 days ago
Zain Retherford ZainTrian
Muss_ 692
Muss_ 692 19 days ago
Whistle kyrie irving
Jigna Bavishi
Jigna Bavishi 20 days ago
Gong ht
FrOsTyIntrosGaming 20 days ago
WaffleGaming - Overwatch
Allen Iverson
Nichole 3 hours ago
My dream is to be in the NBA but its going to need a lot of work because I'm a girl.
trebledc 15 hours ago
Very positive lil guy but his right they will be obstacles and punches that you never know where it came from. You should be ready to take it.
its Caroline
its Caroline Day ago
Dis kid needs to come to my school 🤣
Austin Plemons
Austin Plemons 2 days ago
Love it bro keep inspiring people around the world no matter what people tell u dont listen to them keep motivating SNW DQUAD💪🏾
Aaron Feddes
Aaron Feddes 2 days ago
Do you now how to talk
Julia587 2 days ago
You inspire a lot of people I am so proud of you my boy😊😁
POGBA Kobe24
POGBA Kobe24 2 days ago
That's my man
JET Nätion
JET Nätion 3 days ago
Subbing to anyone hat subs to me
sophia C
sophia C 3 days ago
Deni saga 123 playing
This is so inspiring and motivational we need kids like this because kids these days only play fortnite all day while this kid is cares for his health and lives his life!👏👏👏
Lily  Linsdell 2006
Was he born in 2006??
Fortnite Funnygod
Yo he is so nice
Johnny P
Johnny P 3 days ago
This is a great vid
GoodGuyGrand 3 days ago
Im like the exact opposite of you
Murling 4 days ago
Does he put the Jamaican accent every now and then
Dark_ Blessed
Dark_ Blessed 4 days ago
I won my football game thanks
Gaming With Killer killer
Look he is only going to get scholar ships because he is campus there are always peaple that work 10 times harder but no one no we I just tired 13 I will pastry you at basket ball your over raided
Meghan Thompson
Meghan Thompson 4 days ago
My dream is to become a professional basketball player
Voltedi 4 days ago
FaDeHyper 4 days ago
I’m a simple man, I see Demarjay I click
Leo VeryRare
Leo VeryRare 4 days ago
This dude fire no cap thanks g
zack zack
zack zack 4 days ago
Awesome speeches man
Grind for My mod back
What a kid
O O 5 days ago
He talks like cardi b
Mitchell Kim
Mitchell Kim 5 days ago
This kid sounds like big shaq
Maisie B Hayes
Maisie B Hayes 5 days ago
Can I meat you
XXDJDAUHXX 6 days ago
what is he saying?
John Sena
John Sena 7 days ago
he gave me alot of advise strenth no weakness!!!!
RareLilLlama -ROBLOX
it makes me wanna run 5 miles even though its night
Kerry Gaubault
Kerry Gaubault 7 days ago
yea man wagan
Kerry Gaubault
Kerry Gaubault 7 days ago
bro i am jamican to and we train
Bravo Agario Mobile
He’s probably like the best public speaker in his region
Madness Studios
Madness Studios 8 days ago
Just a little cringey
Nick Bal
Nick Bal 8 days ago
Strength no weakness love line
Luis Rivera-Crowell
so no saturdays
Ella Jordan
Ella Jordan 10 days ago
Shane dowling motivates me.
Sylvan Wynter
Sylvan Wynter 11 days ago
Wonderful kids good job
Basketball4life Curry
Makiya Mcfarlane
Makiya Mcfarlane 12 days ago
L u djs
Inspiring Vanessa
Inspiring Vanessa 12 days ago
Amazing video, I had the honour to meet my friend in NY and film interview with Demarjay 💓🤩🙏🏼 #inspiringvanessa #demarjaysmith
Abdullahi Muse
Abdullahi Muse 13 days ago
The Best YouTube channel
He insperder me to became a bascketball player
Bubs_AT_ 68
Bubs_AT_ 68 14 days ago
Best video I have ever seen
Jimmy Middleditch
Jimmy Middleditch 15 days ago
Mini Obama
Siege 17 days ago
SILvER GAmES 17 days ago
We can all win
Kade Gainey
Kade Gainey 18 days ago
Why are Jamaicans so inspirational sounding
Trooper 44
Trooper 44 18 days ago
Another thing to help is swimming laps or join a team. It makes almost every muscle in your body stronger even ones you don’t use.
PuphaS 18 days ago
Usher Back!
Veckler 18 days ago
Bruce Lee inspires me
why harvest
why harvest 18 days ago
Thank you demarjay I lost 14 pounds
ninja lowder
ninja lowder 18 days ago
STRENGTH NO WEAKNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jamy noor
jamy noor 18 days ago
I wish I had a track and I have to go to my grandmother's house to play ball
TheIronGlitch 18 days ago
My name is Adam but they call me Adam
James Chase
James Chase 18 days ago
Lionel Messi inspires me
Mikey Gambino
Mikey Gambino 18 days ago
This kid motivated more people I know than Michael Jordan motivated people to play basketball
We got it Nation
We got it Nation 19 days ago
Noah Bosso
Noah Bosso 19 days ago
I fucken love that kid
Hana Abdellatif
Hana Abdellatif 19 days ago
why does he fake the jamaican accent lmaoo
tactipoo772 19 days ago
This kid looks 9 lol
Lia Blank
Lia Blank 19 days ago
I got muscle now
Jobe Alipio
Jobe Alipio 19 days ago
Jamaican kid:I love to motivate kids Me:your a kid
Celia Marjoram
Celia Marjoram 19 days ago
He is good at basketball but when he is on the track please get him spikes
Diego Garcia
Diego Garcia 20 days ago
Hood talk
Hollywood Franco
Hollywood Franco 20 days ago
Bet i run faster then him
roxyniko 20 days ago
He gets annoying
Amine Sbai
Amine Sbai 20 days ago
you are the best motivator and have turned a switch turn on in my brain.
Karan Shergill
Karan Shergill 20 days ago
He really should run for president
Deathblaze19 asok
Deathblaze19 asok 20 days ago
I used to sit down and watch tv but know I work hard to run and I go to different country’s to play soccer
Cool Music
Cool Music 20 days ago
Thank you so much you help me bro you legend
Blazar Gamer
Blazar Gamer 20 days ago
Thanks man . Now I know what my life is man🔥
QURAN ʜᴅ 20 days ago
Strength! No weakness!
Kenzie Shanholtz
Kenzie Shanholtz 20 days ago
You really inspire me and i play basketball to!!you really inspire me and i think your going to get really far in life
Buckify Fortnite
Buckify Fortnite 20 days ago
I’m wearing the same just do it shorts as this kid right now
Rokas Aleksa
Rokas Aleksa 20 days ago
shane talwan
shane talwan 21 day ago
Yo this guy demarjay inspired me to work out every day man
sergio Castro
sergio Castro 21 day ago
I don't know what he is saying bot motiving
Adrian D
Adrian D 21 day ago
I got up the couch in less than 2 weeks I lost 10 pounds
Lee Lee
Lee Lee 21 day ago
I am Jamaican and I like basketball
Weiteng Tan
Weiteng Tan 21 day ago
Stephen curry
Who’s a better trainer? Like - This kid Comment Stephen Curry’s trainer
Tyler Keung
Tyler Keung 21 day ago
Simarpreet Issar
Simarpreet Issar 21 day ago
I’m 10 and I’m almost just like him So I think I cane become This 12 year old And great job 12 year old
Ebere💀 21 day ago
Strength no weakness -Demarjay Smith
Kareem albarqawi
Kareem albarqawi 21 day ago
I weighed 84 pounds and because of you I weigh 79 with a 6 pack and I’m 9
Maxcarol Alor
Maxcarol Alor 21 day ago
Maxcarol Alor
Maxcarol Alor 21 day ago
Nathan B
Nathan B 21 day ago
Kristaps pornzingis
Nikolas Zajac
Nikolas Zajac 21 day ago
Brasko veľmi veľa si o sebe myslis
How is he so fast
Joseph Thompson
Joseph Thompson 21 day ago
bruhh this guy right hea made ME wake up at 4 am in the morning went to the fields starting running down and eating healthy god bless you man keep up that same energy
Lara's Corner
Lara's Corner 21 day ago
god bless this kid
L Ohuafi
L Ohuafi 22 days ago
Nice job bruh kep it up
Alexis McDonald
Alexis McDonald 22 days ago
I'll always remember when I fail strength no weakness
Brad John
Brad John 22 days ago
You need to be president
travis 22 days ago
liking the country USA 🇺🇸
Alexis Cochran
Alexis Cochran 22 days ago
Yo this kid is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Inspired me to follow my dreams when obstacles come strength no weekness
Itsjustrob 22 days ago
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