12 vs 1: Speed Dating 12 Musicians Without Seeing Them

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Aug 11, 2019

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Comments 14 849
Jubilee 6 days ago
Some people say, “The great love of their life is music”, but can you fall in love with a musician JUST by hearing their music? In today’s Vs. 1, we wanted to see if that was the case. Check out the episode & let us know which musical performance/musician you would want to get to know more. For our Post It Wall, please send in your illustrations( get creative!) to 9029 Airport #91598 Los Angeles, CA 90009!
Koray Berke Satır
you should do more about countries. For example Azerbaijan-Armenia 🇦🇿 🇦🇲 , Turkey-Greece 🇹🇷 🇬🇷 , Russia-China-America 🇷🇺 🇨🇳 🇺🇸 , Pakistan-India 🇵🇰 🇮🇳 , Serbia-Croatia-Bosnia 🇷🇸 🇭🇷 🇧🇦 , Saudi Arabia- Iran 🇸🇦 🇮🇷 .
Legendary Gunslinger
Jubilee Maria’s so cute and gorgeous, I would definitely try to steal her heart with my singing if I met her. These guys were awful
Funny Hideout
Funny Hideout 9 hours ago
I post Toronto content, check me out yall!
Gameman2 BM
Gameman2 BM 23 hours ago
I fell in love with the music of Freddie Mercury, so i’m gay?😂
Othon Pedro
Othon Pedro Day ago
I loved it
NotSoDev 53 seconds ago
Roman's voice is just amazing. Well done.
Jin Minute ago
I can t believe she said that at the end
Mr Sklounst
Mr Sklounst 2 minutes ago
This is too cringe man 😳
Lauren Whitehead
Lauren Whitehead 2 minutes ago
Forever by lewis capaldi good song choice! 😄❤
Syrine 4 minutes ago
Damn mikey is good
Miko Kura
Miko Kura 5 minutes ago
Half of them can't play
Hetian Ma
Hetian Ma 6 minutes ago
Did the first guy just autotuned without autotune?
Suck it up David
Power Slap
Power Slap 7 minutes ago
Omg. He play Stairway to Heaven
MrShadows420 7 minutes ago
Aww David
David Vasquez
David Vasquez 8 minutes ago
Yo does Mikey have a USvid channel
Alex v:
Alex v: 8 minutes ago
2:09 song?
Lila_xoxo 8 minutes ago
Mikey was fit 🥵
Pepe the frog
Pepe the frog 9 minutes ago
Why is nobody talking how both of them called each other ugly
YURA ACOUSTIK 9 minutes ago
Indonesian say!
Gerrad im Lim
Gerrad im Lim 10 minutes ago
Where can i find mark
Lila_xoxo 10 minutes ago
1:02 is she on her phone??
Zitodawa leone
Zitodawa leone 11 minutes ago
She is basicminded ...nothing special
Lord GeyBoi
Lord GeyBoi 11 minutes ago
Max was my fav
cooltroop2 11 minutes ago
Hahahaha love these guys, some of them were nervous tho!
Jonathan Figueroa
Jonathan Figueroa 12 minutes ago
OMG, I can’t believe Ravel/Debussy won! I didn’t expect that, classical musicians have a chance! Nice!
NALA DOG 13 minutes ago
First guy has built in auto tune?
Anonymous 8675309
Anonymous 8675309 15 minutes ago
Ooh mad props to the tall fella with the jazzy voice. Frank Sinatra-esque
ali bazzi
ali bazzi 15 minutes ago
Mikey is the most skilled one by far.
Butchy Brannan
Butchy Brannan 16 minutes ago
Mikey and Max had a great style.
Da Go
Da Go 16 minutes ago
K P 19 minutes ago
As a straight man, I wanted to bang Mikey
Kristian Stoichkov
Kristian Stoichkov 21 minute ago
He should’ve go for “ye, and me, no offense but i like smaller ass”
sofia 21 minute ago
Real question is, aren’t the guys wearing shoes?
fiesta51 22 minutes ago
That drummer was sooo good on the drums!
qtpie h03
qtpie h03 22 minutes ago
Why do you like guys who play guitar They finger very quite good
XFuture 24 minutes ago
Mikey is literally best prove me wrong
Chi Dung Nguyen Duy
Chi Dung Nguyen Duy 25 minutes ago
she is pretty pretty
SAILOR KOOKIE 25 minutes ago
Deff Mikey for sure. That girl missing out
Igneous 26 minutes ago
Why did they try so hard
zaden sheets
zaden sheets 27 minutes ago
Everyone is swooning over Mikey, but no one is representing my man Max Stutz. “I’ve got a beat up toy plAne. And you’re the only one preventing me from giving it away” PURE BOYFRIEND MATERIAL.
Vl Hmangaihi Chenkual
Vl Hmangaihi Chenkual 27 minutes ago
Mikey's the best.... So sad yarrrr
Vaughn Bannister
Vaughn Bannister 27 minutes ago
i wouldnt stand a chance hhah
Xanesthia Killi
Xanesthia Killi 27 minutes ago
Wow the AIM log off sound really bringing back the 00s nostalgia huh
Ramadhan Muhammad Naufal
She's so sweet
SUBMOTO 28 minutes ago
wow, that first guy has autotune operated into his larynx! ... 🤪
Lord Ako
Lord Ako 29 minutes ago
2:09 he’s so perfect
Bromieomie Dolan
Bromieomie Dolan 29 minutes ago
Dav said: 🤖
rosesillygirl 31 minute ago
I would’ve chosen Roman😂 He and I would be singing musical duets till the cows come home😂
Cassie Hahah
Cassie Hahah 31 minute ago
She legit eliminated the best one like mark and her had a connection like ahhhh
Kiomio 31 minute ago
I would date you mikey, even tho I am a man. and straight.
Flu 31 minute ago
Can i just marry mikey.
MR BOLEUS 31 minute ago
In the other hand if I was there, I'd win by look, but when she realise how empty soul of mine is, looking at everything through BW filter, she'd run away in no time....
Stelly Richard
Stelly Richard 32 minutes ago
Sing Shallow dudes ! 😄
N J 32 minutes ago
I like Max, humble, quick to admit, and accepting. Also talented and cute.
Shi Shi
Shi Shi 33 minutes ago
Her laugh reminds me of alodia
N J 34 minutes ago
“It’s fine. She doesn’t get it. She’ll have to learn.” _honey, you should learn that not everyone will like your style. You won’t ‘blow up’ if you expect everyone to instantly like you._ I think you were just hurt.
Metalboi 666
Metalboi 666 35 minutes ago
If I was there she would be like “ what would you play for your girlfriend?” Me: death metal
Louisa Castro
Louisa Castro 35 minutes ago
Mark was such a sweetheart can he please hmu
Annie B
Annie B 35 minutes ago
can I have mikey?!
Thorpe 4901
Thorpe 4901 37 minutes ago
Max should have won. I want him to record a cover of toy plane and put it up here on youtube. Do it Max!
Domingues 37 minutes ago
O 1° tem auto tune portátil? Kkkkkkkkkkkk
SnM Vital
SnM Vital 40 minutes ago
2 of the guitarist is good then she kixked them out lmao
SnM Vital
SnM Vital 41 minute ago
Max was great
Kelly Luo
Kelly Luo 42 minutes ago
so just vocalists, guitarists, pianists, and one drummer? So many other instruments and styles out there
Wilson Leung
Wilson Leung 42 minutes ago
She just didn't remember the name
FBI Nigga
FBI Nigga 43 minutes ago
Her laugh gives me aids
lucas pallan
lucas pallan 45 minutes ago
Dav...... we wanted musicians......
Gorter Klint
Gorter Klint 46 minutes ago
6:28 Debussy!!!
Fayaz Shagoo
Fayaz Shagoo 46 minutes ago
12 people are trying to impress one.. We are progressing.
Jordana Andrelino
Jordana Andrelino 46 minutes ago
max is so cute!
Basket Ball
Basket Ball 47 minutes ago
Hell no andrew should’ve got picked
Chin Wut
Chin Wut 48 minutes ago
Dav's natural voice was well tuned without auto tune.
Ace 0317a
Ace 0317a 49 minutes ago
I didnt know chris patt can sing
Wheatspin 49 minutes ago
Imagine the ego you walk away from this event with if you’re her
Eric Stone
Eric Stone 50 minutes ago
That piano is rough. Props to anyone who made it to second round with that.
Cyber 51 minute ago
Whats the song at 2:13 please
jezmarie aguirre
jezmarie aguirre 53 minutes ago
I wanted her to choose mikey
boblucu 53 minutes ago
Lauge Rasmussen
Lauge Rasmussen 56 minutes ago
The guy playing babe I'm gonna leave you is a legend
Fordthecow 56 minutes ago
Okay Dav relax
? ?
? ? 57 minutes ago
Dav is actually pathetic with his auto tune LOL
Mr. J
Mr. J 58 minutes ago
Obviously the first guy was not a musician
scott hermelin
scott hermelin 58 minutes ago
Max is playing “Toy Plane” if anyone was wondering
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