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David Johnson
David Johnson 24 days ago
My name is David Johnson. I decided to google my name and this guy came up.
Mathew Shaw
Mathew Shaw 2 months ago
Go forward year
V00D0024 IRNMYK24
V00D0024 IRNMYK24 5 months ago
2019, hoping this guy shows up
Travis Ghiloni jr
@Larry Legend GOAT me too
Larry Legend GOAT
Larry Legend GOAT 2 months ago
I miss this DJ
Supahmario 1
Supahmario 1 2 months ago
CourtKing B C S
CourtKing B C S 7 months ago
The first clip ne David Johnson breaking to the right side of the field is the reason y the nfl is scared to put ne on our schedule
Don Solo
Don Solo 9 months ago
Looking back at this. Overrated
Shane Moore
Shane Moore 11 months ago
Saquon Barkley should be in the top 5 in 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nomar manuel-munoz
Talk about a one yr wonder....
Travis Ghiloni jr
Anyone else watching this wishing he would run like this again.
Jeff Lucas
Jeff Lucas Year ago
Overrated. Dude got paid and down go the numbers. 12th best in the NFL? Ain't even top 12 at his position these days. Just another Doug Martin...
gangster Year ago
He's still pretty good just not a top 3 back anymore and his whole team is garbage
Kool Kitties
Kool Kitties Year ago
Howard is overrated. I have him on my fantasy this year and he hasn't done squat.
Kaine Year ago
Pay the man, god damn
Hussein Rizk
Hussein Rizk Year ago
Should’ve been top 3
Wapo J
Wapo J Year ago
Clinton Iowa stand up
Adrian Castillo
So u put david johnson on #12 player of the 2017 season based on 2016 film?
Robert McCullough
David Johnson = Brian Westbrook 2.0
David Johnson
David Johnson Year ago
Wow. I don't even watch this sport, but respect where respect is due.
Aaron Shoaf
Aaron Shoaf Year ago
Top 3 running back in the league with Bell and Gurley. He’s a beast and maybe future hall of famer.
Adan Cortez
Adan Cortez Year ago
DJ has to be in top 5
Noah Smith
Noah Smith Year ago
David johnson is in my top 10 RB
_ Asencio
_ Asencio Year ago
Best RB in the NFL
erik coker
erik coker Year ago
Better than zeke. He's battling bell for first.
Brandon Harris
dude is a monster
Jetsfool27 Year ago
No disrespect to Bell but that year DJ #1
Jeremaya Roybal
Jeremaya Roybal 2 years ago
I didn’t see Bell be a candidate to be offensive player of the year and he is number nine don’t get it 🤔
Hector Campana
Hector Campana 2 years ago
joseph Stanton
joseph Stanton 2 years ago
I think David Johnson should have been number 1
RealChevalier HD
RealChevalier HD 2 years ago
He like a carbon copy of Le'veon. Great at everything.
Aldo L
Aldo L 2 years ago
Numbers dont lie zeke>johnson
DatBoiKiyah 69
DatBoiKiyah 69 2 years ago
Aldo Leon what?
I think we can all at least agree DJ and bell are both way better then zeke.
PiggyYT 2 years ago
1 good year and he is a legend???
Shaan 2 years ago
U are all idiots. Jordan Howard should at least be the top 15. (I am a Falcons fan ) David Johnson should be at least in the top 10 Z could be like around 13 or 12
Granola Bar
Granola Bar 2 years ago
I know people are gonna say I'm being bias cuz I'm a cardinals fan, but he should have easily been 2015 rookie of the year. And then his second season, leads the NFL in rushing yards, and isn't even top 10? Zeke has the best o-line in the game, if you noticed, he didn't so much break tackles, he got amazing blocking. I respect the fact that Bell is ahead of him but should have easily been top 5 and MVP candidate. And to everyone who says " he was good in college trucking through dudes " again, amazing blocking from o-line. Don't believe me, go watch his college highlights after this vid... O-LINE. And no the cardinals don't have that good of an o-line. Our best guy is right guard # 76 Mike Iupati, everyone else is pretty trash.
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 2 years ago
David who ? Kareem Hunt train baby!!!!
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 2 years ago
Drafted Johnson #2 in fantasy team, got kareem Hunt in the 7th round I'm not mad he's done for the year
Dgaming Vs
Dgaming Vs 2 years ago
He has a worse o line than bell and zeke bit still he is a million times better than both of them
Trey Martin
Trey Martin 2 years ago
Best back in the league
Ben Poppe
Ben Poppe 2 years ago
Keep sleeping on him, just you wait.
Iam_ Ger
Iam_ Ger 2 years ago
Better than zeke
J. Sanchez
J. Sanchez 2 years ago
Dj is an animal he is amazing
Jason Castellanos
Jason Castellanos 2 years ago
He should switch with Zeke on the list
Ross Tretiak
Ross Tretiak 2 years ago
Hi I just made a Mixtape of David Johnson if you would check it out that would be awesome! Thx
Aarnav Kolli
Aarnav Kolli 2 years ago
What tf is Michael Bennett wearing? 😂 😂 😂
Damien D
Damien D 2 years ago
If johnson had a half decent o-line he would be top 5
Horchata 2 years ago
Real team player. First thing he does after a TD is hug those big men
John Valenzuela
John Valenzuela 2 years ago
Should have been higher than zeke. Johnson is working for these yards and zeke has a line to open up holes so big I could be an NFL star. given and earned are two different things
John Valenzuela
John Valenzuela 2 years ago
Should have been higher than zeke. Johnson is working for these yards and zeke has a line to open up holes so big I could be an NFL star. given and earned are two different things
Colin Kane
Colin Kane 2 years ago
David Johnson>>>Elliot and Bell just Facts
Chancellor 2 years ago
Most monstrous rb in the league right now
Nick Dreyer
Nick Dreyer 2 years ago
I think David and zeke should switch
lohengren 2 years ago
The Humble Rumble almost won me my league last year. Let's win it this time!
lincoln 2 years ago
"he's not the best back in the nfl yet, but he could be the best ever" Bruce Arians (During DJ's rookie season)
Brotherly Love Productions
Best RB in the league. No questions.
Ethan Swartz
Ethan Swartz 2 years ago
David Johnson>bell>>>>>>>>>>>> Ameer Abdullah> zeke
Ethan Swartz
Ethan Swartz 2 years ago
Top 5 player and best running back way way WAY too low
Andrew Marchese
Andrew Marchese 2 years ago
People don't want to believe it yet, but he is the best Running Back in the league right now. I think Le'Veon is incredible as well and a close 2nd. The only ability that Le'Veon hasn't had that DJ has thus far is consistent availability. Zeke is great runner, super tough and is an amazing closer. I think his numbers are great but the O-line does help him out a lot too. Not a knock on Zeke but between DJ, Bell and Zeke, DJ was to do it with the worst line of the 3 and he still makes it look easy.
Chancellor 2 years ago
David johnson basically came off his first year as a starter, theres no sure way to say that he has consistent availability but i will say that if he has a season with similar numbers as last year hes the best rb in the league for sure
Charles Gorman
Charles Gorman 2 years ago
David Johnson is a beast.
Robert G
Robert G 2 years ago
if Johnson had cowboys Online tho, iupati on the cards has 80 run block in madden in madden he's their best linemen😂😂
pay that man he needs his dollars he balling
kgkustomz97ser 2 years ago
what a joke of a ranking. he's top 4, period. 26th worst offensive line and STILL dominated. he gets 2500 total yards if he's in Dallas
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