11/11 in D.C.

Destroying the Illusion
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Kristen G
Kristen G 6 months ago
Are you familiar with the ideas and all the work of Cindy Kay Currier (on YT)? drive.google.com/drive/mobile/folders/1N2UEAg4uaX0Kv0z-aHSaBNm7KVEKmAzv?usp=sharing
Ted Style
Ted Style 6 months ago
wow holy shit I was there, I was on the other side of the reflective pool
Carol Hewett
Carol Hewett 6 months ago
Please spread the word that we need to assist Trumps defense against the CNN lawsuit by collecting as many instances of fake news by CNN as possible, then forward to his press secretary for forwarding to defense counsel
Mikey's Playhouse
Mikey's Playhouse 6 months ago
So much for getting a video everyday. Just another Jordan Sather broken promise....
Richard Calhoun
Richard Calhoun 6 months ago
Some guy I work with was like I used to work at comet ping pong he doesn't think pizza gate is real... smh
ucouco78 6 months ago
It isn't lol. Pedophlia is a problem but Hillary isn't selling children from a pizza place.
dory rees
dory rees 6 months ago
It's the plan. Trust the plan. Trust sessions. The indictments are coming. Q is the president trust
Sally Longhorn
Sally Longhorn 6 months ago
My first time in DC as well. I had the honor of watching the wreath laying at the national cemetery.
VanGuy Steve
VanGuy Steve 6 months ago
Ever since the Facebook reset yesterday I lose my internet connection on this PC if I try to post anything to Facebook.I am fine on here or other forums and even the Chans. Facebook locks up and goes to DNS error anytime I try to post there now. I lose all connection.Cannot do anything.Have to reboot PC to get back online. Anyone have an idea how I can stop this? Guess I have redpilled some after all.
Mimi B
Mimi B 6 months ago
Such a refreshing outlook, no need to have that aggresive angry spiritual constepation like AJ is so stereotyped for, cause this dense material is not the only stop our souls bounce around to
Mimi B
Mimi B 6 months ago
All the 11/11 date hype oy
SOS DD 6 months ago
Oh so sorry about the Big Display of our Military Mite. No Show! They are all in Texas helping out Our Brave Men and Women Border Patrol. Bless Our Military Men and Women.
wisjoh1 6 months ago
Take care, be good !!
Jacs Falconer
Jacs Falconer 6 months ago
There is a fine young man on youtube who rocks the aviator glasses, and it isn't YOU wee man....... Just sayin....
OldManWinter 6 months ago
11/12 and Sinema takes Arizona. Florida about to be lost. Lots of Q posts, and absolutely nothing happening in the real world.
Patti Burrus
Patti Burrus 6 months ago
Anti School Live today with J. Corsi. Corsi thinks He's gonna be Indicted. They have Seized all His Computers and such.
Angela O'Neal
Angela O'Neal 6 months ago
Why didn't you do meditation? Curious only.
Lotus Lang
Lotus Lang 6 months ago
I was there for Laura and Corey but I had to leave before the meditation! Catch ya at the next event! Thanks for all you do Jordan!
Jean Paul
Jean Paul 6 months ago
Hey! Just watched Deja Vu (2006, Denzel Washington). It features FBI and their special system called "Snow White." WTF? (Awesome movie.)
Scott Grow
Scott Grow 6 months ago
Maybe Trump isn't part of the plan. Maybe he is going off the reservation.
DANIEL W MCINTOSH 6 months ago
So no Pizza at Ping Pong Pizza, the All American Pizzeria. NOT!!!!!
vanessa mak
vanessa mak 6 months ago
Hey J.S. Nice dick pic in DC. Ha ha ha! ๐Ÿคฃ
PDD 60 Absorbed
PDD 60 Absorbed 6 months ago
If this shoe (declassification) doesn't drop we'll all soon be eating ours. Whittaker hasn't made trips to Florida Arizona and Georgia? Hope everyone realizes this Maoist takeover is intensifying while we're pacified by Q. Trust what? my lying eyes?
Megamans64 6 months ago
Mr. 22 is on the move>>>>
Dennis White
Dennis White 6 months ago
Would you eat pizza from "Ping Pong"? I'd always wonder what's in it!!!!! (Lets all throw up!). Declass better happen soon.Some skepticism starting, but still hopefull!! .
Jim Cooper
Jim Cooper 6 months ago
i was walking around in the mall yesterday too! wish I would have saw you! it was a great day outside.
Tess Jones
Tess Jones 6 months ago
Its Miranda Lamberts Birthday
Nanda Hertz
Nanda Hertz 6 months ago
Hey Jordan: how do you like my Home town? I was born, just a few blocks away, in the heart of the Pentagram [GW hospital, next to the WH]. I could take you on a trip, there? We (the Georgetown-Crew), ran that town: think about that! Go to, Govinda Gallery in GT. (btw:I have been written-up in the WP, (Washington Compost, back in the day.) Go to the Hare Krishna Temple, in Potomac; tell them Swamiji sent you.
S Baxter
S Baxter 6 months ago
Thanks for all your insight!!
Laura Rhodes
Laura Rhodes 6 months ago
I just want to go home! Tell yoda I am literally Done! I canโ€™t take this shit reality any more! There is no good energy here, itโ€™s getting harder and harder, we have fuck all money left, we have no heating or hot water, itโ€™s ridiculous! I am going to get really fucking angry soon! Iโ€™m done!
Flying Lady 76
Flying Lady 76 6 months ago
11th month/11th day/11th hour
About Time
About Time 6 months ago
Big things will happen on the 11th!! Trust sessions and the plan, next week will be huge! After that its holy shit, then drop your socks and grab you cocks! Next month is ohh my GOD! After that its going to really happen for sure!! Then all these people go down. Its all happening! There's panic in the streets! Its 3D chess checkmate!! Trump made a Q!! This is it really for sure absolutely positive happening as we speak it's going down next month I'm almost sure it will be a month to remember because huge big things and critical thinking will take place and there is indictments and that's really serious because Q posted and said so and gave me a red pill with some popcorn.
About Time
About Time 6 months ago
Kind of gave up on the Q thing after POTUS fired sessions. Kinda thought that was going to happen after midterms. The hole trust sessions thing proves the info isn't coming from where they claim
Holger Bosse
Holger Bosse 6 months ago
+About Time Oh my god!!! Am I safe? Will the force.....aahh sorry, will Q be with me? So many questions......
About Time
About Time 6 months ago
+Holger Bosse , Yep, the Tall whites and Grays are in full panic mode right now, the FBI just raided there death star. It's over ....
Holger Bosse
Holger Bosse 6 months ago
I heard there is panic even on the moon. I mean on the dark side, where the Nazis have their retreat.
Stephen Buck
Stephen Buck 6 months ago
Yesterday was spectacular. I wish I was able to stay longer but my parking only lasted until 5. That meditation was VERY powerful, things are about to speed up dramatically. I had a feeling you might have been there but I never saw you, maybe you saw me with my exuberant rainbow hat lol. Listening to Corey Goode and Billy Carson speak inspired me and allowed me to visualize myself on one of those panels presenting information about disclosure. The thing about this event is that it was perfect for people who had no idea what disclosure is as I noticed many wanderers. The psychic security was A+ for a place like DC. I noticed some "strange entities" get uncomfortable and leave at key moments. I've had intense visions of who i have been in other lives and who I will be in this life. I just need the discipline to move forward with my Voice. WWG1WGA 77
Bryan Eddy
Bryan Eddy 6 months ago
1111 was GLORIOUS in POMONA CA ,as was the weather .. free from smoke... different CHAMPIONS of 2018 actually WON the final race as well!! so got two trophies! All GLORY went DIRECTLY to GOD !
Cosmic Conduit
Cosmic Conduit 6 months ago
So mad i didn't get to go. Work withheld me, lmao i hate my job
Cosmic Conduit
Cosmic Conduit 6 months ago
How was the event?
Robin Genova
Robin Genova 6 months ago
Lieutenant Peyton
Lieutenant Peyton 6 months ago
Some leftist rats in Broward county are singing.
Holger Bosse
Holger Bosse 6 months ago
11:11 o'clock on 11/11 is the bginning of the mardi gras season in Germany. Given that nothing else is happening today, apart from some rice bags toppling over in China, I assume that Q's post highlighting 11.11. was in reference to.....mardi gras - which would make perfect sense given the kind of mardi graish content of more or less every single previous Q posts.
David Buffamoyer
David Buffamoyer 6 months ago
could you talk more about less.........
Invisible Man
Invisible Man 6 months ago
11/11 and nothing......
Lynn Lynn
Lynn Lynn 6 months ago
nothing burger red october and a double nothing burger 11 11. some operation blah blah... fired sessions...no expectations...lol Q is John de Lancis
Chris Allen
Chris Allen 6 months ago
How did you like driving in D.C.? Been a while but it used to be bad.
Don Torni the Rock
Don Torni the Rock 6 months ago
MovingArtStudio 6 months ago
Q is certified bullshit
MetalGearMk3 6 months ago
Don't get too attached to Corey Goode, you might get butthurt.
lizard king
lizard king 6 months ago
Listening to the good Jimmy church radio show with Wilcock the other night chatting about above majestic. I so love both of those bad ass mofos....(the good guys!) BUT... I was astonished to see comments about you. Many defended you, while others literally called you "David's slimy little apprentice" and followed it up with "I can't stand that guy Sather" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I laughed my ass off at them saying you doxxed a nurse on twitter for having different views on a medical issue. (She's probably pushing vaccines or defending fluoride or maybe it was how chemotherapy is so great.....like all the other masses of doctors, big pharma and lots of others in health care now days) I threw my head back and laughed deep and long at alllll of it. I actually have been a Jordan fan since your first videos. Before Q even posted first on Oct 28 of 17. Congrats my friend ....you have arrived. Officially when the trolls are out so hot and heavy slamming you..... that means you are "someone" to them now. I predicted all of this in a comment on a USvid video early on too. Before the big feb. scandal where DTI channel was deleted by yt. I told you this was your destiny and you'd blow up. And I still think that's true ...and this is just the beginning. You are going to do fabulous things with your life of service. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ Go Jordan go! So much love to you for being you and for being a part of pushing the limits of our societies evolution to the next level. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
blizzard veritas
blizzard veritas 6 months ago
You look identical to the Soros buttboys Krassensteins in that pic hahaha. Hope that's where similarity ends
LowCountryGirl 777
LowCountryGirl 777 6 months ago
Thanks. Have a blessed, safe, and wonderful trip. Looks like a gorgeous autumn day there. God bless!
Natalie Chohan
Natalie Chohan 6 months ago
Greetings from Germany! Good to see a good vibe out there!
Daniel 6 months ago
Trust Sessions to 'step down' when asked and allow the 'stealth bomber' to come in and take over - Sessions could have resisted all of this if he was not a trusted patriot. Too many don't see the plan being laid out right before our eyes.
Nobody Important
Nobody Important 6 months ago
When i went to dc i accidently drove by comet pizza. The place just sneaks up on you and it makes it all the more creepy
Christian Smith
Christian Smith 6 months ago
I'm destroying illusions constantly because the send them from so many sources its costing them so much that it's scary for me. I never wanted any one to have so much debt to me or any at all. Bilbo guess I over estimated their accounting skills. The truth is expensive
jay allen
jay allen 6 months ago
in your oun words... did you dox Dr Joefrom thecarolinas???? ...
jay allen
jay allen 6 months ago
Ohanapecosh 6 months ago
So you contrasted that "big weird phallic looking thing" out of the vid (@ ~4:57).......good job Jordan, that (making things disappear) ain't one of them ET tricks eh
Terrence Jackson
Terrence Jackson 6 months ago
Welcome to DC Jordan, enjoy my city!
Joenabel Garcia
Joenabel Garcia 6 months ago
I'm highly motivated. Thanks for showing us places.
HeyYouGuys! 6 months ago
Simon Parkes said that at least one indictment must be opened before December 20, 2018 or, somehow, we will be put on a less favorable timeline. OPEN THOSE INDICTMENTS!
IC5 GEAR 6 months ago
What is address for q drops my phone broke and lost Addy . I had 3 different addys on old phone
Bob George Malem
Bob George Malem 6 months ago
Hey Jordan, heard you and Dustin Nemos just got disinvited from an up coming Q conference, or sort. If it's true, I think you guys have to put video together to highlight and respond to what they are trying to hide from the people.
Gracious Love
Gracious Love 6 months ago
MEGA Make everyOne Great Again
Eric Rossi
Eric Rossi 6 months ago
I swear, dude, I saw a UFO.
Buster Gibbons
Buster Gibbons 6 months ago
Hey you look spiffy!! Thanks for what you do!! Don't miss the smithsonian.
Ivy Rivard
Ivy Rivard 6 months ago
Terrible,TERRIBLE meditation.Bad promo for 'Above Majestic'. Pushing a globalist agenda.Get rid of military,'become the 'refugees'??? Bad meditation.
Anthony Guarnieri
Anthony Guarnieri 6 months ago
K 11/11 came and went Merica will be united Yeah I think we better be careful about being strung along.
Lilian Escobar
Lilian Escobar 6 months ago
You look good too!
Waking UpNow
Waking UpNow 6 months ago
Welcome Home Mr. President and First Lady !!!! God bless !!!!!
bill demmon
bill demmon 6 months ago
thanks jordan.... don't ever join three letter agencies.... unless its NSA white hats!....
Enlighten All
Enlighten All 6 months ago
Welcome to our side of the country... love you to spend time with us... love the encouragement... have a great day...
Addison Smith
Addison Smith 6 months ago
Congratulations on your part in the movie, your a movie star now!
Good Sine
Good Sine 6 months ago
You say you got a real solution Well, you know, we'd all love to see the plan.
Targeted in Ireland
Targeted in Ireland 6 months ago
Your cia handler has wet dreams about you
Melvin Liles
Melvin Liles 6 months ago
The enemy is @ the front door....the storm is upon us.
Lynn M
Lynn M 6 months ago
Weird to visit? Try living here...
ucouco78 6 months ago
11/11/18 So where's the Beef?
Cheryl Crawford
Cheryl Crawford 6 months ago
Love your movie! Thank You! I believe I could be a neighbor in WA
Ewe of The Lamb
Ewe of The Lamb 6 months ago
Rootin poopin regray
Elizabeth Blanch
Elizabeth Blanch 6 months ago
My favorite place is JFK grave and the Vietnam wall hubby is a disabled veteran. God Bless our President love your videos
Justine DeVoe
Justine DeVoe 6 months ago
Iโ€™ve not been to D.C. either. The presence of all the history there would have to be a bit sobering. Beautiful day there! I donโ€™t believe the first thing Iโ€™d want to ask the President would be who is Q. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
av40229 6 months ago
Had 4 blackhawk helicopters fly over heading to the airport in formation about 1 1/2 hours ago.
Enthusiastic Gamer
Enthusiastic Gamer 6 months ago
Today's Q post. Let the unsealing begin. Let the DEC[L]AS begin. Let the WORLD witness the TRUTH. We, the PEOPLE. JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW. Q
Kozmic Karma Koala
Kozmic Karma Koala 6 months ago
John Yaniuk
John Yaniuk 6 months ago
GUMP !usvid.net/video/video-NcOTZeZ3_40.html
Ramona Pennington
Ramona Pennington 6 months ago
Man!!! I was just there the week before elections. What a great trip. Sure wish we hadn't missed each other. I have so much to talk about, just like you :)
kali kitten
kali kitten 6 months ago
you sound like "Stan", like the main character in Eminem's song from the early 2000's.
Bethany Asbury
Bethany Asbury 6 months ago
where are all these indictments?. don't you get tired of repeating yourself. the only one who have been arrested are Russians and some republicans what channel are you watching. q is just here to make you question. he doesn't know anything. q just knows you like to think you have a heads up but he is just watching you run after nothing and everyone does. there is no conspiracy, just people who are bored wanting to feel important. q does that for you. without having to give you anything. ever watch the movie called dumb waiter?.
light bearer
light bearer 6 months ago
blue chicken much
cool kid808 makanani
Do you think that when Q asked what must happen before 11/11 was removing a recused AG for a Stealth bomber?
Edward Carberry
Edward Carberry 6 months ago
JORDAN, was just watching 1PacificRedwood (1PR) He does a wonderful job at showing the on going Weather Modification talking about the jet stream the rain which should be.have been coming down and fires in California! You should??? talk to him because you both talk about the "Geoengineering Weather Modification" going on. You can tell I don't like the SRI. Keep up the good work!
Theresa H
Theresa H 6 months ago
Hahaha, I was out on the mall with my English Springer Spaniel today, too. Yes, it was such a beautiful day in D.C.
Theresa H
Theresa H 6 months ago
LOL! My dog is a bit too hyper to be a service dog. She is bred to be a hunting dog. She needs lots if exercise. As for my mall walk - In Washington DC, there is a two mile outdoor walking path that runs between the Lincoln Memorial all the way to the U.S. Capitol Building. It is the National mall. Locals just say, "the mall" where people walk or jog or just sit on the grass or benches. FYI, all the museums and memorials are along the walk. It is all free to the public.
kali kitten
kali kitten 6 months ago
They let you have a dog in malls where you live? Was it a service dog, of perhaps an emotional comfort animal?
jeanne Littlefield
jeanne Littlefield 6 months ago
so Question? Jordan, do the phallic symbols- obelisks need to get pulled down, before Feminine Peaceful & Powerful can ARISE?
jeanne Littlefield
jeanne Littlefield 6 months ago
I am so proud of you Patriot Q Research Guru-- WALK ON THROUGH! Keep on Keepin' on ! Voice of Kwan Yin
freen happy
freen happy 6 months ago
This is whatโ€™s happening at home in Seattle: www.cnn.com/2018/11/11/us/seattle-fire/index.html
Elise Cwalinski
Elise Cwalinski 6 months ago
I was lookin up when we go into the age of aquarius and ur video was playin in the background and as I read 11/11/11 you said 11-11-11!! Very strange things happening
Caleb Prenger
Caleb Prenger 6 months ago
Stab in the dark here..nothing is happening and it's all complete crap
lolang 1111
lolang 1111 6 months ago
Have an awesome time in DC.... powerful place, powerful day ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Gina Maria
Gina Maria 6 months ago
Hey stay safe, HATE the traffic in DC !
Little April
Little April 6 months ago
THANK YOU !!! Your First visit? WOW! did the hair stand up on the back of your neck when you went by Comet Ping Pong?? ๐Ÿคฃ
Beals007 6 months ago
DC is an awesome place with a lot of restless souls resting in Arlington hope you visit that and pay your respects. Happy Veterans Day everybody yes I put my time in
HuggieSunrise 6 months ago
Yeah jordan the east coast is shit.
O Novo Americano
O Novo Americano 6 months ago
I was sitting in the front of the heater in the tent at the memorial. Your talk was very eye opening and will definitely do some digging on Q. Thankyou for the message ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ
kali kitten
kali kitten 6 months ago
+Zack Franklin Thanks brother. I just love people and don't like what I see being done to them. But hey, they keep asking for the abuse right. Reminds me of "sweet dreams".
O Novo Americano
O Novo Americano 6 months ago
kali kitten, been researching my whole life and always had successful information and I'm very intuitive so I will be fine :)
kali kitten
kali kitten 6 months ago
Do you even know how to research? You need to have an unbiased mind for proper digging. You think you are actually upi for the task??
d q
d q 6 months ago
You cop those shades at the dispensary?? Hahaha!!! Everybody says "high"!!! Cheers, Bro! dq
chris mclaughlin
chris mclaughlin 6 months ago
If you're brave enough to stand downwind of the fan, we must be safe. Trust Qessions? Getting harder every time arithmetic has to be thrown at you to continue grasping straws. We are being played.
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