10 Xbox 360 Facts You Probably Didn't Know

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Xbox 360 is a fond memory for many of us, one that we like to revisit the many awesome games and play from time to time. But memory fades, and it's easy to forget some of the more obscure stuff. Here's 10 facts about Xbox 360 we couldn't help talking about...
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Sep 8, 2019




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Julio Garcia
Julio Garcia 18 hours ago
Did anybody else play 1 vs 100?
nfl street.
Loaded6Stringxx 15 hours ago
Nick yeah but did you see the picture
Nick 16 hours ago
Loaded6Stringxx yep, it’s a game...
Crumb Animations
Crumb Animations 2 days ago
I had an original xbox 360 and it never failed EVER it was indestructible
TheSenseiNeo 3 days ago
Got my 360 on UK launch, 2nd Dec 2005... the best gamimg generation for me. Now on X1 but its not the same
araz tavakoli
araz tavakoli 3 days ago
Achievement unlocked 99999999999999999999999999 G rrod
ace_ ticer
ace_ ticer 4 days ago
All tool fans at 3:53 SPIRAL OUT!!!
fakhr aldeen katrjy
i lernd that ps3 is better than xbox 360
Alamo94 Radio
Alamo94 Radio 5 days ago
Deadbox😎360 Bow down to your Sony overlord you Micro-softie Pleebs Sony Gang!!😤🚀
Oliver Fasola
Oliver Fasola 5 days ago
If gta 4 didn’t come out on the Xbox 360 I’d owe a ps3 and maybe a 4
TJG119 6 days ago
Is it weird that I had a ps3 with the yellow blinking light an never turns on so I switched to xbox an never had a problem
No Top Teeth
No Top Teeth 8 days ago
A friend of mine would literally beat his system off the concrete floor of his basement to get it to read discs. People would come over to see it. It started as tapping on the top to smacking it hard a few times and opening and closing the disc tray to full out beat the box of the ground itself. This is not a lie. I swear on my children's lives.
b b
b b 6 days ago
im pretty sure they had like a metal box underneath the case.
Pvris 8 days ago
ODST Republic
ODST Republic 8 days ago
My house can't have internet, and no way in hell I'm going to buy satellite internet, that's too expensive. My house is also ostracised from Xfinity, and at&t also version have no internet at my house. It's a sad 3 years for me and watching things at 480p on USvid
Kam Iam
Kam Iam 6 days ago
Research rv internet. There are affordable, and reliable options out there.
Hayden Lawson
Hayden Lawson 9 days ago
NFL street.?? U mean NBA
Nick 16 hours ago
Hayden Lawson Nope nfl street was a real game
that guy
that guy 10 days ago
you forgot the xbox 360 prioritary storage bs
darkflames1284 10 days ago
Am I the only one who seen the Tool poster?
ᖴᗩT ᗷOY ᗯOᑎᗪEᖇ
Wanna know how to fix the RROD? Replace the thermal paste on the CPU of the Xbox 360. You're welcome.
Drmgiver Drmgiver
Drmgiver Drmgiver 15 days ago
I lucked out with an original that never failed.
Buggaloo 18 days ago
x is where the treasure is
Buggaloo 18 days ago
I still have mine working no problems lol I must be one of the lucky one's that didn't try to jtag it lol
Fluffy 2918
Fluffy 2918 19 days ago
i don't have a defect xbox 360, but i do have a defect controller
Chris Brown
Chris Brown 20 days ago
Solution for #5... And one word; "other"! Achievement received for earning all OTHER achievements!
Caelan Mars
Caelan Mars 20 days ago
brickson98moto 20 days ago
Well it would really suck if your graphics card you’re using to model heart attacks started artifact and crashing. That’s what happened to my first xbox 360. 2010-2016. Thing still works for 2D tasks, but as soon as you put a load on the graphics card, it crashes
CoolUmbreonKid 09
I watched this because i still have it at home
Alpha Fricktor
Alpha Fricktor 22 days ago
“NFL Street”
Ryan The Robloxian
Ryan The Robloxian 22 days ago
“NFL street”
Stixman415 22 days ago
I remember first getting my Xbox 360 slim on Christmas day 2012. My 7 year old ass went crazy, I played it a bunch, it had finally died in March 2018. Not once did I get a red ring. The only problem I got was from the hard drive logging me out every time, but that didn't bother me. Damn I miss those days.
Shaun Dewey
Shaun Dewey 24 days ago
The 360 not sure if they all had this issue but a lot had really crappy disc drives that in my case alone destroyed 5-6 copies of NFS: Carbon, they even at one point offered replacements for games that suffered the smudge but they were all either a previous iteration of a current game or was a game nobody bought.
Someguy Studios
Someguy Studios 24 days ago
Xbox 360 and windows 7 master race
FfandD Condragh
FfandD Condragh 25 days ago
The bitterness btw MS and Apple is more for show. If MS had not invested a shit ton of $$$ into Apple when SJ came back, they would have gone under.
/Lucas —H— Rowett\
He slim crew
Grux Galaxy
Grux Galaxy 26 days ago
11:24 “NFL street”
Devil's ThadvoGameCat
Coincidental with that last fact: If you called support for the Astra- designed Nike Fuel Band or the Astra-designed Microsoft Xbox 360... There was a very good chance you were calling the same building / call center. I know this because I used to take calls for one and had coworkers who took calls for the other.
Andrew Cool
Andrew Cool 28 days ago
Did he use the word dick do they could get around the kid friendly thing? (Coppa)
Nick 16 hours ago
Andrew Cool or he just talks like a normal person?
MR. PICKLES 28 days ago
Where you at that you get 20$ controllers
Water Sheep
Water Sheep 29 days ago
Xbox 360 achievement Hunter: ok so I've played every 360 now let's play race orama Xbox achievement: get all the achievements Achievement Hunter: the FBI should be knocking on the door any second now
Jeb Broham
Jeb Broham Month ago
At 0:36 you can definitely tell the CPU was made in Canada. Is that maple syrup they used to bond the processor to the base? lol
Joshua Turner
Joshua Turner Month ago
I loved my 360 did you love your too
Splatoon Murderer / Coral
I got no rrod on my xbox
CAO Designworks
CAO Designworks Month ago
#10: Wrong. They used IBM's power PC architecture, that's it. Sony's proprietary Cell architecture wasn't used. #9: It wasn't CPU or GPU that was defective, but the solder that was used. In a bid to be environmentally friendly, they went with a lead-free solder. The cooling wasn't sufficient enough to and the heat would cause the GPU to separate from the board. This was largely solved by the now infamous "X clamp." That was what caused the RROD. #8: The Xbox 360 controller was never $20. #7: Checks out. #6: yep #5: Not really an Xbox 360 fact. #4: Not really an Xbox 360 fact. #3: Not a whole lot of irony. And I don't think Microsoft is all that bitter. They invested $150 million in Apple in 1997 to keep them from bankruptcy. #2: Checks out. #1: Checks out.
Knight Owl
Knight Owl Month ago
7:35 the moment they decided to force everyone to have internet to be able to play the Xbone is when the Xbox brand died & the ps4 had instantly won this generation
b b
b b 6 days ago
I liked being able to have xbox accounts on my xbox 360 that were on the console and not xbox live
David Empey
David Empey Month ago
lets be honest though. who cares what your xbox looks like as long as it plays smoothly and don't overheat.
Sarge Slattery
Sarge Slattery Month ago
I remember my older brother waking me up at 2am to show me the xbox 360 he just bought. We unboxed it and realized it had a ghost busters trap power supply. 😅
Captain_Carnar Month ago
Cars race o Rama used to be my favourite game but I played it on the wii
TheSmosis Month ago
got a first gen elite 360 thats still going strong in 2020
MrMeyer Month ago
Whaaaaaa... I've got that exact silver remote with the switchable D-pad and grey buttons
Svilen Mavrev
Svilen Mavrev Month ago
That's all 10 reasons I will never buy Xbox 😁😂
popularMMOc gaming
2:01 same but I had 1
Josh Walters
Josh Walters Month ago
Great video!
MrWeeboler Month ago
11 red ring of deaths. I think I hold the record
Ryu beauman
Ryu beauman Month ago
Gamers suck these days. Just look at the loss you guys buy
christopher lind
I have my original Xbox 360 I have a problem with the disc door not stay in clothes
Kallum Kavanagh
Kallum Kavanagh Month ago
I got two Xbox 360s and both work fine and got them the day they come out
Aidan Richardson
Still have my xbox 360 and use it today, never had an issue.
Benji Greenlee
Benji Greenlee Month ago
Your mention of Microsoft buying Macs for gaming development and being contradictive reminds me of the auto industry, I've seen Ford using Chevy trucks at factories and vice versa lol
Ryan Allsbrook
Ryan Allsbrook Month ago
funny you say xbox had the same cpu as sony I call bullshit it used an amd apu and the time and rell comp tsa a+ cp teach would know being the xbox and PlayStation compete against each other. the xbox 360 was nothing but a slim pc
IlputocapoMateo Month ago
I really like #4 how you mention the internet connectivity comment !! Its forgotten how many gamers still don't have consistent high speed internet. When just buying a new game, internet is required to install a game and then it will probably have an update before you can play. Then most games will continue to release updates. And ofcorse the single player part of game is shrinking as the online parts takes over.
riccccccardo Month ago
I have the last 360 still playing it today. Had two red rings with the 1st gen ones.
Amir Zaim Mohd Zaini
Xbox 360 - the only Xbox console where the Japanese loves it...because the Japanese designed it! Also, there were several Japanese-made games which were previous titles published on PS2 turns out being exclusive on X360 like Ace Combat 6 and also Rumble Roses XX.
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