10 Things You Didn't Know About BigLebowski

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Jun 21, 2019




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chindleymuffin 18 days ago
I actually got this movie on DVD for free, was the best money I never spent!
rcrxjlb Month ago
Steve Buscemi was under-used in this film...
Shannon Lee
Shannon Lee Month ago
I guess I am one of the few people who actually did "get" it in 1998. Honestly I really didn't know anybody personally who didn't! We all liked it from the start!
Matthew Wynne
Matthew Wynne Month ago
I went into the movie expecting something like a bowling comedy, and was not prepared for what came. I am one of those people that has yet to re-watch it to get a better understanding.
Richard Philip
Richard Philip Month ago
Here in Edinburgh we have a bar called Lebowski's, on the front there is a huge mural of the dude and in the main room above the fireplace surrounded by a picture frame there is a TV with the movie constantly playing over and over with the subtitles on :)
martin Bassett
martin Bassett Month ago
Well,that's just your opinion man
Dw K
Dw K 2 months ago
Its the Cohen Sisters now
Dw K
Dw K 2 months ago
Oops thats the Wachowski Sisters...
Juanesha Franklin
Juanesha Franklin 2 months ago
I liked how the kid just goes to the window and watched John Goodman reck "his" car. He was unfazed.
Miikka Välimäki
Miikka Välimäki 2 months ago
Yoko Ono is an artist?!
Daniel Southerland
Daniel Southerland 3 months ago
10 Things You Didn’t Know About See No Evil, Hear No Evil
Richard Barry
Richard Barry 3 months ago
I like how you use the word “whom” 👍🏼
Branimir Smrekar
Branimir Smrekar 3 months ago
Cute film, but overrated!
Spartanm333 3 months ago
Fun fact 11... Jeff Bridges was sober and doobie free during filming and did not ad-lib, virtually every line was carefully crafted and rehearsed... which makes the bowling alley scenes, the meeting of the two Lebowskis and the Larry homework scene even more incredible. Great actors, great script, great directors... this movie is truly a legend.
tolfan 3 months ago
That rug really did tie the room together
Melk Lima
Melk Lima 3 months ago
11:02 True XD
Brett Dillingham
Brett Dillingham 3 months ago
That Goodman/ Milius thing had been bugging me for years, I knew he reminded me of someone.
Mohamed Monem
Mohamed Monem 3 months ago
7:45 In other words, they’re living in the fucken past!
Dr. Cat
Dr. Cat 3 months ago
The movie is about the 7 deadly sins when they become unbalanced
Bryan Ganz
Bryan Ganz 3 months ago
Spice World!
Sk8r4evr 91
Sk8r4evr 91 3 months ago
I like the period correct Miller Genuine Draft bottles. It was shortened to MGD soon after this era
mgmcd1 3 months ago
I’m Robin Leech Jr., I’m yelling, and I don’t know why! 😎
Paige Scaffidi
Paige Scaffidi 3 months ago
OMG this is probably one of my favorite and best comedies ever! I'll never forget telling my older brother that I had never seen The Big Lebowski and he made sure I watched it! When I saw the Dude wearing jellies, I was sold, literally peed a little the first time I saw this CLASSIC, fantastic choice, Minty!
oscargo29 3 months ago
"Far out" Minty 😎 The Big Lebowski my favorite movie 👍
herman452 3 months ago
No mention of the Busby Berkeley influences?
Vincent Reid
Vincent Reid 3 months ago
I went to seen the movie when it the first night came out and the movie theater was almost completely empty.
James Smith
James Smith 3 months ago
You need to get a better microphone, Minty. Come on.
Stew DuDe
Stew DuDe 3 months ago
Dude. well done. I went to the 20th anniversary Lebowskifest last year, am ordained Dudeist priest and love all things dude related. Yeah well, that's just your opinion man. and it's a bloddy good one MInty
chris wammock
chris wammock 3 months ago
Why they picking they fingers?
rusty2222 3 months ago
Those Ray Bans don't suit you mate.
bakery clerk
bakery clerk 3 months ago
The Shining was trash dude.
Alan Ladd seine Katze
The Raymond Chandler storytelling approach is the one I would always favour over any other! Actually, I think everyone into the art of movies should be forced to read Chandlers Marlowe novels, and, in addition, study the aspects on the protagonists evolution over the years. Doing that is of highest importance to have one understand the importance of the rhythm and music of dialogue, or even monologue, as proven by the off-narrative monologues of Marlowe, or, for instance, Sterling Haydens monologue in Dr Strangelove. These views are underlined heavily by the works of Shakespeare, Orson Welles, Michael Curtiz, Stanley Kubrick, Quentin Tarantino, Robert Zemeckis, and many more. All of the works by the above are only remembered and referred to as being classics due to what is said. If one is not able to remember any dialogue/monologue of a certain movie, it will never be referred to as being a true classic. And this even includes the silent years, when dialogue was delivered via text panels.
Craig Lancaster
Craig Lancaster 3 months ago
you truly look like a cunt waering sunglass indoors!
Karen Eastman
Karen Eastman 4 months ago
I love this film.:-D I love when great films are based on real people.:-):-DRIP David Huddleston and Philip Seymour Hoffman.:-(:-(:-O I saw Santa Claus the movie.:-) Poor Donnie. I felt so bad for him.
Uma Chan
Uma Chan 4 months ago
While I love the movie now I'll admit I didn't get it when it came out but there was something there that kept bringing me back. It took another two viewings before it finally "clicked" and I *got* what they were doing. Also it cemented a love for the Coen Brothers as being truly auteurs when it comes to making movies.
kiddtaak 4 months ago
The one thing that I missed in this movie was the bowling tournament the finality between the dudes team and the Jesus is team that's why I look forward to in the movie and it never happened
Daniel Ackerman
Daniel Ackerman 4 months ago
incredible analysis! love your work.
Ryan Underhill
Ryan Underhill 4 months ago
My father is a dudeist priest
Mr. Magoo
Mr. Magoo 4 months ago
Bro your vids are sick idk why ubdont have a million subs yet ull get there my friend keep it uppp
adam tarver
adam tarver 4 months ago
The name The Big Lebowski kinda hurt this movies release. I didn't watch it for years because i assumed it was some lame movie just from the name
Fletch CNC
Fletch CNC 4 months ago
I definitely found this movie took a few viewings, too. The first time I saw it, I was like, "Well, it's kind of funny," and I forgot about it. Then, people kept telling me how great it was, so I watched it again, and thought, "Ok, it's pretty good..." After three watchings, "That's genius!"
T Bone
T Bone 4 months ago
When was there a mansion in Ghostbusters 2?
Obliv3us Maxmus
Obliv3us Maxmus 4 months ago
Way ahead of it's time. One of my very most fave films. Chock full of one liners. This is what happens when you meet a stranger in the Alps!
Gamer Boy99
Gamer Boy99 4 months ago
Hey it really tied the room together
J Coz
J Coz 4 months ago
I hate your voice.
conal cochranh3
conal cochranh3 4 months ago
"Get a job Lebowski!"
awyld85 4 months ago
Fuck it, Let's go bowling
awyld85 4 months ago
Get the fuck out of my beach community.
UNDERSTAND THAT! 4 months ago
Shut Up Donny, You're Out Of Your Element.
Tom Servo
Tom Servo 4 months ago
Ha! I happened to be wearing my 'The Dude Abides' t-shirt w/ it's 'Little Urban Achievers' neck tag!
kraftwerkVS 4 months ago
What is Big Lebowski? A Koens' movie. That's basically says that B.L. is in the same time all that Minty suggested in the begining of the video
gohan00dbz 4 months ago
Great job Minty!
MRN Bricks
MRN Bricks 4 months ago
I can get you a toe.
JPhilB 4 months ago
How did you not drink like 4 White Russians during that review??? Man.....
Jibly Beget
Jibly Beget 4 months ago
Thank you minty you bring joy to my life. Keep rocking brother
RightReverend BubbaBullfrog
#11 Julianne Moore's fantabulous booty as she flies overhead on wires making her 'painting' was really her booty.
Paul77ozee🇦🇺 4 months ago
Anyone else at the Astor theatre in south Yarra last month when they showed this? I took a pic of the screen before it played which just has the picture of the rug. If you want to check out my pic of it check out my IG which is the same name as my eBay handle.
L H 4 months ago
Hey Minty, I want to say the mansion was used in 48 hrs and The Golden Child as well. I could be mistake but it looks like it.
Anthony Parker
Anthony Parker 4 months ago
If you really want to trip out, go see Pulp Fiction and watch Eric Stoltz playing his Character "Lance". It's the dude 100%, except it happened several years earlier. It's freaky. He has long hair with a goatee, and there's a scene with him walking around in a dingy off white robe smoking a joint. It's eerie.
AnarchYxNoob 4 months ago
Still my favorite John Goodman character.
Elementalism 4 months ago
It wasnt a good theater movie. I watched this in the theater and fell asleep lol A decade later I gave it another try and have loved it ever since.
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