10 Things 2 Chainz Can't Live Without | GQ

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From a custom Goyard lighter to his favorite lip balm, Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz runs us through the 10 items he can't live without.
2 Chainz's album 'Rap Or Go To The League' is out now on streaming platforms.

Check out the things 2 Chainz can't live without:
- RAW rolling papers: amzn.to/2GVEsm0
- Apple AirPods: amzn.to/2UpYdWd
- Vaseline Lip Therapy: amzn.to/2EKwES3
- Orbit Peppermint Gum: amzn.to/2XDoB0w
- Fiji Water: amzn.to/2UfRKN7
- Bond No. 9 Sutton Place Eau de Parfum: amzn.to/2EMya60
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10 Things 2 Chainz Can't Live Without | GQ

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Mar 5, 2019

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Comments 1 951
Acrolis 6 hours ago
He can't live without 2 chains duh
TiTAN 12
TiTAN 12 20 hours ago
2 chainz can't live without 2 chainz
Grace Grace
Grace Grace 2 days ago
His essentials are stoner essentials to the t. 👌🏽🤣
character ideas x
This is Ez Food Water food Water Food Water food Water Wine 🍷 smoke lighter
BrickBoi 43
BrickBoi 43 3 days ago
lol he said funcionable
Eli&Aire Nation
Eli&Aire Nation 3 days ago
The fact he said 10,000 dollars like it wad nothing😂
tyler mack the game child
Not intelligent at all
Carter Kendall
Carter Kendall 4 days ago
What about weed
I don’t smoke much brings out rolling paper and a lighter
Sebastian Coste
Sebastian Coste 4 days ago
0:48 "Aaaaand, it's functionable" 2 Chainzus Opulentus Maximus 2019
Hussbat FTW
Hussbat FTW 5 days ago
Confirmed 2 chains can live without food
Angelo Nadonza
Angelo Nadonza 5 days ago
2 Chainz has to have da weed
Angelo Nadonza
Angelo Nadonza 5 days ago
2 Chainz has to have da weed
Amen Biru
Amen Biru 5 days ago
I was ShOOk at 4:14
Logan Pilcher
Logan Pilcher 5 days ago
Doesn’t he endorse google pixel but has an iPhone?
E G G.
E G G. 5 days ago
What a humble rapper
Malaika Abwonji
Malaika Abwonji 6 days ago
I love him so much 😁 may God continue to bless you!
Jo Ku
Jo Ku 6 days ago
He can’t live without his 2 chains
it’s carpet
it’s carpet 6 days ago
iphone 8 gang
Cole Malouin
Cole Malouin 6 days ago
*Tony Told you*
Ansherina Cuesta
Ansherina Cuesta 7 days ago
Vaseline lip therapy is honestly the best one out there well the cocoa butter one is good too
Far Fletch
Far Fletch 7 days ago
How does he not carry two chains ??
Carter Mino
Carter Mino 7 days ago
xdAzur 7 days ago
Other rappers: Ice 2 Chainz : Gum , water .
Ninja 7 days ago
No weed
AD Dunn
AD Dunn 8 days ago
Isn’t he sponsored by the google phone
Mrbeast Mrbeast
Mrbeast Mrbeast 8 days ago
Johny dang tiger ring
COOKIES 8 days ago
2chainz has a masters and a doctrines degrees if his music fails, he can become a doctor
Sushant Fotedar
Sushant Fotedar 8 days ago
2🔗 is probably the coolest person.
Luke Burgio
Luke Burgio 8 days ago
Dog: goes to target and buys m for mature game Worker: I need your I'd because its rated m for mature Also dog: pulls out ID also worker: k
iDot 9 days ago
I'll have two 4:22
*Guardian Angel*
*Guardian Angel* 9 days ago
Bruh fr i lost my AirPods like 15 times and I bought it like 4 months ago
itaxhi 7 days ago
*Guardian Angel* i lost mine and it took about 2 years until i found it. no cap.
Mistic Tality
Mistic Tality 9 days ago
2 chainz aaid he doeant have enough money to buy iphone x's (rly ur a millionaire 2 chainz)
Nick Ghur
Nick Ghur 9 days ago
2:32 didnt he just say he had the money to buy ten iPhone Xs at any given moment 😂😂😂
Lil Air Freshener
That’s the joke bud
Ninja Gamer04
Ninja Gamer04 9 days ago
I’d think anyone with airpods that don’t have it with them will think the worlds ending including me 😂
Run Forre3t
Run Forre3t 9 days ago
I can't believe his chains not on the list
Anton Wirtz
Anton Wirtz 10 days ago
He reminds me of OJ
wowokwow 10 days ago
I need one of Kenny beats
Gamers best friend
Gamers best friend 10 days ago
"I have enough money to buy 10 Iphone xs" While I have enough money to buy a used Iphone 1" Get *nae-naed*
1987 Acura Integra
1987 Acura Integra 10 days ago
Those are pretty rare now a days so maybe a iPhone 4
Abhisar Rawat
Abhisar Rawat 10 days ago
The ten things are:- 1: lungs 2: heart 3: soul 4: liver 5: kidney 6 :brain 7: intestines 8: stomach 9: life 10: the whole body
Do- Nathan
Do- Nathan 10 days ago
2chainz has dreads why use a brush
Jonny Weston
Jonny Weston 11 days ago
"Water is my thing". Oh dear: Modern Hip-pop really is a race to the bottom isn't it.
Isabella Ruiz
Isabella Ruiz 11 days ago
He’s got great style! And he seems like such a nice & down to earth person!
Actno 11 days ago
When i saw 2 Chainz i thought it was future
Jon Mcadams
Jon Mcadams 12 days ago
Weed, girls, fame, and gucci
Juicy Pomegranates
Juicy Pomegranates 12 days ago
Lol I have an iPhone XR and he has an 8 I feel rich
Ethan Beguely
Ethan Beguely 13 days ago
He has lip therapy, but now he needs teeth therapy
aesthetictrashgang 13 days ago
2 Chains 10 Things can't love without
tony m
tony m 13 days ago
2 chainz look like a cloud
1000 subscribers whit out videos pls
Nobody: 2 Chainz Wears Ice bear
Isaiah_ AA
Isaiah_ AA 14 days ago
I hope this isnt taken but *2 chainz be lookin like hes going to be the king of the ice age* 😂
Anderson/Archer Essary
Everyone can’t live without water😂🤣
Weston Brown
Weston Brown 15 days ago
Non rich people: 10,000 dollars that’s a lot of money 2 Chainz: 10,000 dollars child play
Reagan x Kearney
Reagan x Kearney 16 days ago
Who else is listening to this with airpods
D pride music
D pride music 16 days ago
What us he wearing?? A polar bear!!!
Autumn Castillo
Autumn Castillo 16 days ago
Erebody always asking me what I got on I said dont worry bout it sweet heat dont worry bout it
Rosie Whithaus
Rosie Whithaus 16 days ago
“It’s $10,000” I have about $250 in my bank account lol
roberto Jorge solis conzales
Thats 10.000 $ .................😂🤣😂
Owen’s World
Owen’s World 24 days ago
“Big crusty lips” 😂
Shubham Soni
Shubham Soni 24 days ago
1:12 it's been expired since 2 years...
Erick Lazo
Erick Lazo 26 days ago
Now with the gum thing places should do that giving packs of gum for free
Jamorah Vlogs
Jamorah Vlogs 27 days ago
*Organic, whatever that means*
Alex Maunu
Alex Maunu 28 days ago
Do y’all not see this coat my man is wearing????
Yung Anteater
Yung Anteater 29 days ago
I have the same exact brush for my waves, lmao
Sheng Zhong
Sheng Zhong 29 days ago
Rap or go to the league means you either rap or you become a NBA player, that pictures showing a yellow basket on a wooden pole is a basketball hoop representing basketball.
Breudy Geraldo
Breudy Geraldo Month ago
You can easily look up to this guy. What an idol..
StaticD2 Month ago
How much he casually says “oh 10k” I can’t even afford cup noodles
OG Samurai
OG Samurai Month ago
Them: what’s this? Me: 10 dollars 💵
yogpodfan420 Month ago
water is great
Gronk Month ago
Dude used to smoke exclusively blunts
Royal Ray
Royal Ray Month ago
2 Chainz cant live without 2 chains its obvious
B C Month ago
God is not one of his essentials
Metkel Beiene
Metkel Beiene Month ago
2 Chainz has one of the best personalities in Hip-Hop
Stephen Caputo
Stephen Caputo Month ago
Should out Josh
Is it me or could you smell that calone through the screen
Camille M
Camille M Month ago
“What’s this?”...”it’s ten thousand dollars”... dead silence 😂
josefina Month ago
Its *functionable*
Chea Vichit
Chea Vichit Month ago
Where are foods? Dafaq is that Is he immortal
Cristian Cristi
Cristian Cristi Month ago
2 chainz parfume name?
Alvaro Gallego
Alvaro Gallego Month ago
Whats the name of the fragance? Anyone know?
1M views Month ago
“This 10,000 dollaz” *Silence*
Justin Xu
Justin Xu Month ago
this fool straight up said people plagiarizing his cologne choice... and they should be grateful cause he's "not a petty person" about it...
Dylan Dixon
Dylan Dixon Month ago
Lol making me drink more water
hex u
hex u Month ago
I don't care about phones
TSP Heat22
TSP Heat22 Month ago
A sub would make my day
cortez colburn
cortez colburn Month ago
What bond no 9 is that
Shadow HQ
Shadow HQ Month ago
Love you 2chainz
Jackxum Month ago
I may have an unbelievably small penis, but
Which are coincidentally 10 things that every other normal person can easily live without....
Jamie Brown
Jamie Brown Month ago
Dude got a crummy personality
carguy 35
carguy 35 Month ago
The real U this man aint no capper thats a fact
Spencer VanOchten
"its organic whatever that means"
King Queen
King Queen Month ago
Man I thought you a gangster?
Alpha Raccoon
Alpha Raccoon Month ago
I thought the gum was a credit card. I have no clue why
Steven Paxtor
Steven Paxtor Month ago
Wait what’s the named of the cologne he use bc I couldn’t hear him
Jonathan Player
Jonathan Player Month ago
Fiji doesn’t have reps. That water so good it’ll sell itself. So trust me you not doing them any favors bruh.
Devin Reynolds
Devin Reynolds Month ago
Litterly came cause I thought he would say he can’t live without his two chains what a let down
Lxxrt Month ago
Her personality is so chill I love it
Keith Costello
Keith Costello Month ago
Absolute legend
Sarah Month ago
An Iphone 8 is considered old now lol? I still have my iPhone 6. Sheesh I must be ancient then!
Derp Month ago
My ugly ugcle got one a iphone8 To Bichices
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