10 Things 2 Chainz Can't Live Without | GQ

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From a custom Goyard lighter to his favorite lip balm, Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz runs us through the 10 items he can't live without.
2 Chainz's album 'Rap Or Go To The League' is out now on streaming platforms.

Check out the things 2 Chainz can't live without:
- RAW rolling papers: amzn.to/2GVEsm0
- Apple AirPods: amzn.to/2UpYdWd
- Vaseline Lip Therapy: amzn.to/2EKwES3
- Orbit Peppermint Gum: amzn.to/2XDoB0w
- Fiji Water: amzn.to/2UfRKN7
- Bond No. 9 Sutton Place Eau de Parfum: amzn.to/2EMya60
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10 Things 2 Chainz Can't Live Without | GQ

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Mar 5, 2019




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Comments 2 226
Lil jamezZz
Lil jamezZz 3 hours ago
Im watching this as the iphone 11 just came out and also i have the same brush as 2 chainz
Ethan Ambuehl
Ethan Ambuehl 7 hours ago
Gq: What is that 2 chainz: its 10,000 dollars, ha sheeeeet
Augie Piczak
Augie Piczak 8 hours ago
bro i dont have a phone
TSM 9 hours ago
2chainz having an iphone 8 makes me feel marginally better about my iphone 5 lol
GamePlayerDude ThE1
2:00 this is why I like humble people
Andrew Sousa
Andrew Sousa Day ago
him trying to be humble is the entire video. 4/10
alex gonzalez
All countries Latest Songs
The coat 🧥 is lit 🔥
J Garner
J Garner Day ago
You can mix Creeds
Garrett P
Garrett P 2 days ago
I can buy 10 iPhone X’s... next one is him with 10k
Mitchell Villareal
Watch my video to waste 20 seconds
Aaron Joo
Aaron Joo 2 days ago
I'm 25 and I still dont have an ID
TheBrandonRobert 2 days ago
His philosophy about knowing when you love something is on point. Good indicator.
Referencer E
Referencer E 2 days ago
But no 2 chains?
Julian Gonzalez
Julian Gonzalez 2 days ago
2 chainz a mood
Filmtenzin 2 days ago
2chainez: *throws the gum* Me : AY THATS WORTH IT I NEEDED THAT
KitKvt 2 days ago
he sounds white
Mny Mar
Mny Mar 2 days ago
Y he just diss the fam like that😂😂😂
Mohanan Kk
Mohanan Kk 2 days ago
2 chainz: organic whatever that means dr phil:did u go to 5th grade
Ed Monix
Ed Monix 3 days ago
2chainz but I got my a FEW ONNN
Alejandro Franco
Alejandro Franco 3 days ago
1:26 who is listening on airpods!
FTS _1tap
FTS _1tap 3 days ago
Hella humble
King ledison
King ledison 3 days ago
I got the same phone and case as 2 chains
Tonic Water
Tonic Water 3 days ago
I have the same phone as 2 chainz
matthew yemane
matthew yemane 3 days ago
Camden Walker
Camden Walker 3 days ago
We have the same phone, I am honored
Brian 4 days ago
Alright so I guess he don’t air to live 🤷‍♂️
Mk_ ron
Mk_ ron 4 days ago
ParadoxMg 4 days ago
what he can’t live without 2 chains
marinela slavcheva
LOL! He was in a Pixel 3a ad! And he uses an iPhone!
crazyquake 5 days ago
Essential items: doesn’t list 2 chains
Joel Varela
Joel Varela 5 days ago
Bond 9 is gross
Jose Pineda
Jose Pineda 5 days ago
He looks like a Hasidic rapper lol... dope
Deglel Tesfandrias
This guy is a leaned mommy
Deglel Tesfandrias
I love it
Damian McLean
Damian McLean 5 days ago
Mad respect to 2 chainz with that iPhone 8👏🏼👏🏼
JGB.VIDS. 5 days ago
videos came out on my bday
Yung Sāucē
Yung Sāucē 5 days ago
Polar Beat
Wtf Samus Idk !
Wtf Samus Idk ! 5 days ago
With cologne less is more.
All Mighty Doma
All Mighty Doma 5 days ago
You can mix several Jo Malone fragrances into 1 as well.
This guy is awesome.
TFX_ SCARZ 7 days ago
0:22 “It is organic, whatever that means, it’s just like a word that makes us by stuff; right?” LOL
thiccc shot
thiccc shot 8 days ago
Air, water, and food
ALA 9 days ago
*whats this?* casually says “10k.”
Dominic Cutri
Dominic Cutri 10 days ago
2 chains aren’t even on his essentials list
FBI Agent Abdi
FBI Agent Abdi 11 days ago
I saw 2 chainz in the j’habite fight September 9th like if you went
Maliq Hicks
Maliq Hicks 12 days ago
Francesca Kibbelaar
Please do snoop dogg
Cyrus Moore
Cyrus Moore 15 days ago
Weird how 2chainz can somehow live without 2 chains.
Zen 16 days ago
His dog id expired 2 years ago LMAO!
Kathren santiago
Kathren santiago 17 days ago
5:00 😂
jew chao
jew chao 18 days ago
I thought he uses Pixel 3?
Supreme Farquad
Supreme Farquad 19 days ago
I just came here to say wtf cares what two chains favorite things are.
orange70383 20 days ago
Why does he go by his slave name.
slxmp 20 days ago
10: Weed 9: Weed 8: Weed 7: Weed 6: Weed 5: Weed 4: Weed 3: Weed 2: Weed 1: Weed
jacob mikko
jacob mikko 20 days ago
the fact that 2 chains arent in his essentials bothers me
Lil Maurice F.I.U.
4:11 Yoooo thanks for the shout out "F.I.U." 😂😂🔥
Blair Williams
Blair Williams 21 day ago
Something that 2 chainz can’t live without? 2 chains.
MmeLuella 22 days ago
he;s soooo cute!!
samir99 Abdullah
samir99 Abdullah 22 days ago
Go to 2:32
Flowery Geshia
Flowery Geshia 22 days ago
I swear 2 Chains and Jay-Z are the same person. 😂
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