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#1 Alabama vs. #3 LSU Full Game Highlights | CFB 2018

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#1 Alabama vs. #3 LSU Full Game Highlights | CFB 2018
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Nov 4, 2018

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Comments 1 870
Lino Kakiva
Lino Kakiva 6 days ago
Tyler Southard
Tyler Southard 10 days ago
You wasted a whole minute on the first play....
freedom fighter95
freedom fighter95 22 days ago
They heard it they we're just trying to hurt him.
Miriam Miller
Miriam Miller 27 days ago
They know Tua is hurt now they were just out to finish any chances of Tua going to the NFL
Roll Tide Roll
Roll Tide Roll 27 days ago
Jalen Hurts led bama to 2 CFP national championship games and now he’s on mop up duty. At one time his draft status was pretty high. How much has his draft status declined since he’s going to more than likely be 2nd string until he graduates, or will he even be drafted? And do you think it would have helped his future going to the NFL if he would have transferred out of AL and went somewhere else? Just curious on anyone else’s opinion on this.
Nijaat1 Month ago
What an ass whooping in front of 102000 liquored up LSWho fans
apepjones1 Month ago
No doubt, the committee had the wrong team at #3. Propped up LSU just in case they were to win. SEC bias
Brodrick Robertson
Here's another highlight for Bama. Coach Ed called to take out Tuas knees. Well Tuas little bro showed up with LSU lan on. Ha their family is to close for that. So yeah he lost Tulia with that call out. So that was actually 2 L's for LSU IN THE SAME GAME!!!
Supxhier Month ago
I just can’t give a fuck about college football. Think of the NCAA, so corrupt making millions off these players. Messed up.
James Guthrie
James Guthrie Month ago
I’ve Been an Alabama fan my whole life. Was born and raised in Alabama. But if Tua gets seriously hurt because Saban lets him play, i don’t think I’ll ever feel the same way about him. I don’t care how good of a coach he is. Tua is hurt. And if he doesn’t let that knee heal, his career is going to end early.
Sam Rad
Sam Rad Month ago
fucking incest
Joshua The Giant Slayer
Tua tagovailoa...he special
Tau Safua
Tau Safua Month ago
Bla! Bla!bla!one intersection, sound like Oman!complaint! Tua Tagovailoa Quarterback Alabama is young n good and LSU defense is good my hands go up your mouths keep shut !!!
Peanut Butter & Jelly
LSU LSU LSU LSU LSU. Still love you.
lmao lsu trash
yakisakisumo Month ago
LSU's Delpit can hit the Tua when the play is called dead (dirty hit as we all saw) but when it's game on, Irv Smith smokes him like a cheap cigar for the 25 yard TD throw from Tua. And just think, they said Delpit was the second best LSU defender during the targeting review. Delpit was owned just like the rest of LSU.....
soulful terrain
soulful terrain Month ago
Crimson Tide plays the N.E. Patriots. Final score Bama 51 Patriots 0
osu5inarow Month ago
Anyone know if Mississippi State lost anyone to bogus targeting calls last week? Not a fan of James Carville but the guy had a point about Alabama.
osu5inarow Month ago
+Lifted Wouldn't call it a conspiracy when it's proven. Also been proven Alabama gets help from the committee given how when they've played crap teams like Fresno State who will have losing records yet remain ranked over 1 or 2 loss teams. Most damning evidence is still the targeting one. How teams magically lose their best players the week prior to playing Alabama is suspect at least. Funny how everyone but ESPN are covering this though. Actually their whole reaction to how hard they have tried to erase all footage of James Carville bringing up that point only solidifies the bias.
Lifted Month ago
Haters always gotta make up conspiracy theories as to why a team is better than theirs. Alabama doesn't need any help from the officials to whip that ass.
Manfred Buchholz
after hearing about the multi billion dollar contract partnered with fox who in teir right mind will watch college football again it is dirty
Big Brother Ultra
Alabama is a very good team. But the SEC as a conference is way to overrated there is no way that LSU should be #3 and UCF should be #12
Calvin Johnson
Calvin Johnson Month ago
Tua 1st 4th quarter played this season...
Leoncroi Month ago
3:16 - He wasn't tagged; guy could've driven the ball further.
daniel sarn
daniel sarn Month ago
LSU overrated, Bama kings again, lol ROLL TIDE
Seb Reni
Seb Reni Month ago
LSU were dirty fucks diving at Tagovailoas knees at every blitz.
Kit Mateyawa
Kit Mateyawa Month ago
So sad when teams have to resort to low blows so that they may have more of a chance of winning. Dirty players never get far in their careers that's a fact.
Sam Brentwood
Sam Brentwood Month ago
I’m a noted dame fan and I don’t think they have a chance against them
Sam Brentwood
Sam Brentwood Month ago
Wow they are really good
Michael Little
Michael Little Month ago
Real class there with the LSU players giving one another skin with Tua lying on the ground. That's real class. The lowest I've witnessed in a football team. Tua showed them.
mis nomer
mis nomer Month ago
LSU welcomes the Harris family and all their friends but they kicked Tiger butt anyway.
Trosclair434 genus
I'm from Lafayette. I now live in denham springs. I absolutely fucking hate tiger town. How the hell does such a shitty team get such a religious following. We're not even fucking good.
William Powell
William Powell Month ago
People said this would be a good game...... I told them they were full of shit.
A M Month ago
Alabama and Georgia again...
Nick Pace
Nick Pace Month ago
Clemson is the only hope of beating Alabama but of course I am biest because I'm a Clemson fan
Trisa Manas
Trisa Manas Month ago
Roll tide
Andrew Patrick
Andrew Patrick Month ago
Honestly, Joe Burrow had zero O Line and running game help.
Andrew Patrick
Andrew Patrick Month ago
I will say that first I am not a Bama fan, but LSU is guilty of taking cheap shots. I am an FSU man and do not like Bama, particularly Saban, but LSU plays dirty. Hitting an opposing player in the nuts is ridiculous.
Andrew Patrick
Andrew Patrick Month ago
1) Clemson 2) Michigan 3) Bama 4) ND 5) UCF
Josh B
Josh B Month ago
5:07 Smith just got away with that kick to the head? I didn't get to see the game so wondering what kind of suspension he's getting for that? That made the Suh stomp look like a ballet step.
#1 Bama Fan
#1 Bama Fan Month ago
Yeah we still haven't played anyone. Tua and the real nasty wide outs will shred any defense in the country. Roll tide
Lockon Stratos
Lockon Stratos Month ago
USC kill them
Hamoanese Month ago
Fuck that dirty bitch Delpin going for Tua’s nuts on the first play! 🖕🏼
sansing78 Month ago
They are trinng to hert him
Booster6969 Month ago
Serious question, does Tuas family live in Tuscaloosa now? They show them at every game. Hawaii is a long way away, like coming from another country far away, they obviously don’t fly every weekend. Something seems fishy there....
Luke Gooey
Luke Gooey Month ago
They moved
Sione Sione
Sione Sione Month ago
Booster6969 They’ve moved there.
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Month ago
Bamas just those niggas man, they the mfs wit the smoke
jermed2001 Month ago
Juedy is college football's Le'Veon Bell...except he's a wide receiver.
Josh Epps
Josh Epps Month ago
bamas just to dominant.
Aiden Marshall
Aiden Marshall Month ago
Baka will lose to Michigan, Clemson or georgia
Sione Sione
Sione Sione Month ago
Aiden Marshall Oh ok, so do you want to make a bet on that?
Aiden Marshall
Aiden Marshall Month ago
Sione Sione
Sione Sione Month ago
Aiden Marshall Who is Baka? Lol
John Vales
John Vales Month ago
notre dame could face alabama in the nanional championship notre dame will win nick saben will feel so bad because they only losed 5 games in 5 years
Light Yagami
Light Yagami Month ago
That first play was DIRTY thats ejection worthy!!!
Bob Smithereens
Bob Smithereens Month ago
I heard Nick Saban is worried about playing Notre Dame in the playoffs.
S M Month ago
Fake news😂😂
Bob Smithereens
Bob Smithereens Month ago
lol. not really.
Richard Strohbach
What highlights ? This was a pure ass kicking by the Tide.
Doodle Bob
Doodle Bob Month ago
“Nobody could hear the whistle on this play” ‘18 of the 22 players stop running’
Common Sense Machine
Yeah, they had to over turn that targeting call, just to shut LSU up.
Taylor Harrison
Taylor Harrison Month ago
Want some? Get some!
P4dddy1977 Month ago
LSU paid for the dirty hit on Tuas nuts, defense said "we got you".
Danetta Woods
Danetta Woods Month ago
Saban is a byproduct of Belichick and he's a byproduct of Bill Parcells, which means they were both destined for greatness. Both of the aforementioned coaches have a monopoly on the NFL and NCAA, and the only way to beat them is through attrition. As long as they coach they will be the best in the business, period.
Mark Jones Jr.
Mark Jones Jr. Month ago
#4 is DIRTY!
sv650rider Month ago
for everyone saying LSU played dirty --- Tell me what happened @4:30 --- what is #82 trying to do as he rolls out of that tackle?
S M Month ago
sv650rider yea that was for hitting tua in the nuts n targeting ruggs so gtfoh with that bs😂
The Scatman
The Scatman Month ago
Them DTs Williams and Davis. How can you be 6-4, 295, 6-7, 315 and be so athletic?
Will O'Neil
Will O'Neil Month ago
LSU defense is dirty cheap shot hit low and high dirty
MLC Month ago
Hey lsu, how does that dick taste? Bc you been sucking on it for 8 years now. I guess playing dirty didnt help get the win huh? Neither did getting help from the refs huh? Suck dick or die trying lswho
Fernando Angelone
Michigan vs Alabama!!!🏈🏈🏈😀😁😉I wish though. Ain't happening this season.
Dan Jorgensen
Dan Jorgensen Month ago
Tua with one leg like Captain Morgan still took it to the cajun house on that 44 yard play was a sight to see especially when LSU players was chasing him like he stole there hot sauce.
Call Me Hunky
Call Me Hunky Month ago
Those LSU players celebrating on the first play LOL
Echo Solar
Echo Solar Month ago
I still cant believe there are actually people who thought this was going to be a game This is the best Alabama team that I have ever seen - probably one of the best teams i've seen - anyone who thought LSU stood a chance must have not watched a single game from Alabama all season. They got it all...
Patrick Hunt
Patrick Hunt Month ago
I am not giving anything away to the talent on Bama team. Tua, is a special player...They played with intensity....Not making any excuses....That's for the weak minded bitches....Bama beat us in all aspects......But, you also knew you were in a fight, that's why Tua played all 4. Hurts, was in no condition to play, and Saban wasn't about to throw a kid into this melee. This was the 1st tim they, Bama had been challenged.....And they knew it.....They've been planning for this game alot longer than we have....But, they got the win, and God bless em' for it.
Angel Martinez
Angel Martinez Month ago
paying kids to go bama .Typical sec
Sione Sione
Sione Sione Month ago
Angel Martinez Do you actually believe that? They chose to go to Bama.
Patrick Hunt
Patrick Hunt Month ago
Alabama didn't score on their first possession....Not shown, Tua played ALL four quarters, shown but nothing mentioned...Bama held to 29 points....Nothing mentioned, TUA intercepted, first time this year....Nothing mentioned....Lots of highlights, if this was really about highlights....Gary Danielson is the Chris Collingsworth of the NCAA.
Patrick Hunt
Patrick Hunt Month ago
Gary Danielson is living his life through Bama football...Little-sick punk....I thought when Verne retired this would stop....But evidentally not,
robert holloway
robert holloway Month ago
take the best players off clemson,texas,oklahoma,ohio st and alabama still wins by double digits,you dont have to like that comment or agree but that doesnt mean im wrong...roll tide till i die,then my family will carry it on...just like dabo sweeny will when saban retires,this shit wont stop any time soon,only alabama can beat alabama
thorified Month ago
Every time I see Number 9 cheap shot Tua, I get mad. He heard the whistle. thuggery. Go to hell LSU.. Loser U
Steve G.
Steve G. Month ago
Why hasn't anyone said anything about the one handed catch Henry Ruggs made! That was a thing of beauty.
Sub to Me
Sub to Me Month ago
6:35 “ He wanted to slide”proceeds to score a touchdown
ArrowJ Smith
ArrowJ Smith Month ago
usvid.net/video/video-g0YJnpaAtxU.html Made their Ass (Lswho) Quit. BAMA has won 8 out of 8 in the last 8.
Genesis Jamie
Genesis Jamie Month ago
ArrowJ Smith
ArrowJ Smith Month ago
Notice #40 White of Lsu during Tau's 44 yard TD run is blocked. Some fucking difference.
Dylan Clampit
Dylan Clampit Month ago
I personally hate Alabama booooooo
Kaum Muas
Kaum Muas Month ago
Not a good game for Tua. But a good win
Jim Tom Stimpson
Roll Tide!
Celia H.
Celia H. Month ago
WTF?! Watching Tua get hurt is like watching a gory horror movie. Too awful to see. There should be a rule that someone that talented cant be tackled.
Bama4evr Month ago
Wow! Why so many negative comments about LSU. LSU is a great defensive team, there offense has had problems against some good defenses, like Miss St., Gators & Bama. They did a good job against UGA. Looks like LSU is on its way back, I never thought they would be 7-2 at this point in the season. Michigan has a great "D" and their offense is starting to look pretty sound. They still struggle against really strong defenses. Anyone that says Michigan sucks is stupid, blind, knows nothing about football or all three. Notre Dame is a good team, I do believe if they played Michigan again they would lose. I think Michigan has improved that much on both sides of the ball. You can't let ND stick around if you get them down, they have a knack for making a play(s) when they really need it. Maybe a little divine intervention? The Sooners are super on offense but their defense, if you can call it that, is not so good. I know you fired Stoops, so what, TTech lit you up, you gave up more points to them than Ole Miss, Ole Miss defense is awful. Now in all fairness OU doesn't care if they get in shoot outs, they are both comfortable and good in those type games. No ones "D" is going to shut down OU's offense, to beat them you must be able to score with them and get about 2 more stops on defense than they do. Clemson is great on both sides of the ball. They can throw it & run it equally well, pick your poison. Strong rush "D" and they can get after a QB as well. Now when a team blows a game they should have easily won I no longer say "they pulled a Clemson", now I say "they pulled an Ohio State". UGA, they really want a seat at the big boy table, not this year, you're not the team you were last year. Don't get me wrong, you are not bad at all, you are a really good solid football team, just a little to inexperienced in a few to many positions. I think you'll be hell on wheels next year, that is if Kirby does not let the QB race divide the team or become a distraction. Not saying which QB is better, I can't say for sure, I have not seen Fields throw a ball yet. He can sure hand it off though. Bama and Clemson are a lot alike, Bama can run it or throw it, play great "D" against the rush and has one of the best, if not the best, four man rushes in college football. Bama knows how to pressure and sack a QB. They can score with the Sooners and will for sure have more stops than than OU on defense. Michigan would slow down Bama's offense but they don't have enough horses on their offense to keep up with Bama. Look at the Michigan State game, 21 won't beat Bama, not sure you could score 21 on Bama. ND, you're in the same boat as Michigan, you are both great teams, just not good enough on offense to keep up. Brings me to Clemson, if things go the way I think we'll have round 4. Not even going to trash talk bout how Bama would destroy them, not going to happen. I think this would be a great game. Both teams play great defense, both teams play great offense, not a lot of flaws on either side. Both have big situations in big games experience, the moment would not be too big for either team. I see a real slobber knocker coming our way, talking about the proverbial immovable object meeting the unstoppable force, you decide which is which. Being an Alabama homer, I'll say Bama wins 38-36.
Common Sense Machine
Mad bro? RTR!!
Tahamaka Palalagi
Tyrone Miles
Tyrone Miles Month ago
Total humiliation at home. It's like the Warriors and Cavs smh
Robert Bragg
Robert Bragg Month ago
Jeudy broke ankles all night
Zion Scott
Zion Scott Month ago
Henry Ruggs and Jerry Juedy are TUFF
Kavron Month ago
Alabama kicked their asses
Gail Alagata-Alo
# 9 LSU targeting and a cheap shot on Tua knee and nuts no call from the refs.
Derick Artis
Derick Artis Month ago
Can anybody tell me what time LSU and Alabama play this Saturday ? Because that was less miles coaching on Saturday past . I'm looking for Ed Ogereon tiger's team . You know them #3 ranked tiger's . Oh y'all stop playing and stop playing them highlights from 2011 from the Superdome . Wait that was Saturdays game ? So y'all kept the same offensive coordinator from less miles team ? What he was calling the same plays from 2011 . But y'all have the right quarterback for his system . No. I thought Joe was the answer this year . Oh y'all said next year . My fault .
D SALLY Month ago
#3 LSU = Nobody
Wanneka Peak
Wanneka Peak Month ago
They said Tua needed his Heisman moment, there you go. That run was it. Outrunning Mr. Devin "Amazing" White behind him on a bad leg.
Louie Lamoore
Louie Lamoore Month ago
The announcers were totally biased for LSU. They kept hoping for some type of revival which NEVER happened. The hit on the TD pass was 100% targeting yet they (announcers) nor cowardice hillbilly refs (who were also totally biased) NEVER addressed it. They're unprofessional even though Gary has always been an admirer of Alabama and justifiably so.
Omar Ramirez
Omar Ramirez Month ago
Delpit deserved to get kicked by Irv after that late hit on Tua! Couldn’t hear the whistle what kind of BS is that!!! The referee is 5 minutes away from him, he heard it and continued to target Tuas bad knee!! Delpit getting kicked was the highlight of the game lol
S. Diaz
S. Diaz Month ago
Alabama made LSU look unranked. #3 my ass!
Larry Burts
Larry Burts Month ago
why they have 2 players with #9
darkmoon69ful Month ago
How sick they cheered and celebrated when the Qb was down..you deserved to be skunked..
Six Six
Six Six Month ago
A$$ whoopin..Roll Tide
Keno Noke
Keno Noke Month ago
It was targeting but u know they wasn’t going to take him out to many scouts were there
Brandon Brown
Brandon Brown Month ago
Roll tide
CrazyChickenDude 2
The Jerry Jeudy, Tua Tagovailoa combo is truly something special.
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