“Ghetto Avengers” Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Dance Video)

Ghetto Avengers
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Dancers : @ghetto.panther @ghetto.spider @ghetto.deadpool .. Like And Subscribe (FOR MORE !)

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Apr 3, 2018




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Comments 342
AnimeMartialartMoviesJBWKZfan !
When I seen they were dancing to whaaat a Rick Ashley back in the day song, I jus had to click it! That was funny, I enjoyed it alot. They are something else! 😁👍🆒
Ruben Wilson
Ruben Wilson 6 months ago
Who you think you are fooling. You like them not because their dancers, you want them all sexually. I know a woman that can teach you how to be a real woman with self respect. I know what kind of people people are just by the words that come out of their mouth. If they were older looking men, you would shun them and not look at them twice. So please stop the BULL.
KJ’s Khronikles 334
Kameron. Gadson
Lisa Ellis
Lisa Ellis 8 months ago
Yes! they are!
Stephanie Marizan
AnimeWalkingdeadJBWKZfan ! Google gaga do you do you do
Ghost_15 Year ago
AnimeWalkingdeadJBWKZfan ! Rick Ashley? Don’t you mean Rick Astley
Draygoes 14 days ago
Please, mind if I use this in a video in which I want to include lyrics for my fiances birthday? I will not upload my altered version to youtube unless you say that I can, and I won't monetize it no matter what.
sara robledo
sara robledo 2 months ago
::):):):):):):):):). 7u7
Gabrielle Toupence
Gabrielle Toupence 2 months ago
I of course know Spidey and I think that is the Black Panther, but who is the other hero?
Gabrielle Toupence
Gabrielle Toupence 2 months ago
They make people happy - the most wonderful superpower anyone can have.
Jewel Inciong
Jewel Inciong 4 months ago
Deadpool's face looks fake
Rahul Samant
Rahul Samant 4 months ago
Amazing.....they just make my day😊
Paige Watkinson
Paige Watkinson 4 months ago
where can I get get that spiderman outfit
Abdullah 26
Abdullah 26 4 months ago
chris brown tyga wale it's you shit😍🙌❤ good songs to dansineg
cadehall2 5 months ago
THIS is the dance off to save the universe that Star Lord was talking about!!
accuURated 5 months ago
JEMYSTICAL 6 months ago
Never gonna give you up, You no strangers to Good Dancing! I just wanna tell you how im feeling ;- )
JEMYSTICAL 6 months ago
Makkarakiisseli 6 months ago
Best video ever
Ruben Wilson
Ruben Wilson 6 months ago
Avengers, nice dance.
Christian 6 months ago
Spider-Man was the best👍👍👍👍😄
Sl33peRS 3
Sl33peRS 3 6 months ago
Thanks for the laughs, carry on😂
Autumn 6 months ago
You guys are great! Can you teach me how to dance?🤣
Rasun FrmQns
Rasun FrmQns 6 months ago
Ronan stared at starlord with the same look im having right now
Myrna Figueroa
Myrna Figueroa 7 months ago
We want more!!! Dance to Aha’s, Take Me On!
Myrna Figueroa
Myrna Figueroa 7 months ago
Can I rent you guys for parties?🎉🥳
Myrna Figueroa
Myrna Figueroa 7 months ago
Pamela Goodman
Pamela Goodman 7 months ago
You guys are awesome and a joy to watch :D
Foxy Games
Foxy Games 7 months ago
Spider man is killing me and deadpool to 😂😂😂
Maurice Mayhams
Maurice Mayhams 7 months ago
Ghetto avengers will always be the greatest dancers forever and ghetto avengers I will always love u forever and forever
Jennifer Donlin
Jennifer Donlin 7 months ago
I have a feeling they're white boys.
dragonball3166 7 months ago
Camera needs stop shaking for better video keep up great work
Cristian Dangelo
Cristian Dangelo 7 months ago
ajajajjjjajaj excelente!!
fannerson Bedoya molina
Joey Gladstone
Joey Gladstone 8 months ago
I swear the Spider-Man has to be Roy purdy
IlluminatiNugget 8 months ago
Me: walking down the streets Me: sees them dancing
Ambers Lil Rose
Ambers Lil Rose 8 months ago
It might be better if they could do moves that reflect the era of the song they’re dancing to a little more. Instead of just whipping for every song.
Káratemindfulness 8 months ago
Guapísimos!!!! Gracias!!!
GhosteX Delta
GhosteX Delta 8 months ago
No, that song with that dance, no. Poco gusto
Bunny Rabbit
Bunny Rabbit 9 months ago
Rodrigo Oliveira santiago
Kkkkk esses cara são muito engraçados muito bom 👍
I Die
I Die 9 months ago
Just got rock rolled by the avengers
CSR STLPG 9 months ago
These guys are amazing!
Pilgrim 9 months ago
Avengers 4 trailer looks SO F* AWESOME!!!! OMG
delhidevilz 9 months ago
Spidy CAN dance!! Wow this is really good.
Lynnetta Boone
Lynnetta Boone 10 months ago
Spider Man the only one with shoes on
Jermaine Halili
Jermaine Halili 10 months ago
What do you call the move at 0:43
Virginia Lover Productions
I have to admit, they got the moves!
Nicolas Backer
Nicolas Backer 10 months ago
Son muy buenos!!!👏👏👏
Tyler you SUCK
Tyler you SUCK 10 months ago
Omg my two fav things the avengers and NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP lol
Elcio Miranda
Elcio Miranda 10 months ago
Carl Spackler
Carl Spackler 10 months ago
In this ONE instance, I didn't mind being Rick rolled LOL
It's shæ
It's shæ 10 months ago
1:24 ayeee get it Deadpool!lol
Southern Belle
Southern Belle 10 months ago
Deadpool's got some moves in this one LoL...Spiderman is just flat out sick with his dancing! All 3 of you are amazing for doing this. Keep it up💙🤣💜
Bonkgang 11 months ago
explain this atheists
Captain America Head
Captain America Head 11 months ago
Black panther: when your friends quit, but you're like no we can do this. But you realize you can't so you quit too
Nick L.
Nick L. 11 months ago
i googled spiderman singing never gonna give you up while smacking anothers ass and i got this
Bertha Jean Louis
Bertha Jean Louis 11 months ago
Black people can dance to anything?
Soledad Bobadilla
Soledad Bobadilla 11 months ago
Creo que a Rick Astley le dió un ataque después de esto!!
Ruby Arboleda
Ruby Arboleda 11 months ago
Виктор Ошурков
the best! !!!!!!!
Shocked PikachuHD
This is everything I've ever needed and more
Michelle Vacanti
Dress as Santa... or jack skeleton... love u guys
Mia Taylor
Mia Taylor Year ago
I love this song. And finally I find some oldie song with a dance to it!
Omg died when they did the dance those goth kids do to Thomas the train engine
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