“Ghetto Avengers” Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You (Dance Video)

Ghetto Avengers
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#christmas2018 🎄 #MerryChristmas FromThe Ghetto Avengers 😄


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Dec 24, 2018




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Ghetto Avengers
@Ghetto.Spider & @Ghetto.Deadpool 🎥 By : @Ghetto.Panther 😀 Enjoy 🎄
rain newar
rain newar 13 days ago
Larry Hoover 1
Jayden Flores
Jayden Flores 16 days ago
Ghetto Avengers c. I’m
I Am Taja
I Am Taja 21 day ago
Omg I know Christmas is over but this was littt btw this is a boy 🔥 lit
Beatriz Layogue
Beatriz Layogue 29 days ago
BT Rulez L I.jj.
KING squad
KING squad 5 days ago
Andrea Grinage
Andrea Grinage 15 days ago
Fucking yes
jennifer porga
jennifer porga 16 days ago
Polo Fourteen
Polo Fourteen 17 days ago
Alfa_ 19
Alfa_ 19 20 days ago
Deadpool vs SpiderMan, who the best?
Karen Joyce Roxas
ty h
ty h 22 days ago
Sarah fuentes
Sarah fuentes 22 days ago
Oh nanana
Sarah fuentes
Sarah fuentes 22 days ago
Oh nanana
Maxim Eremin
Maxim Eremin 23 days ago
Парни- красавчики! Отожгли по полной! :-D
Kasyn Wilson
Kasyn Wilson 27 days ago
How they act on black Friday
Nike100% Uzumaki
Nike100% Uzumaki 28 days ago
Delicioso 😶😶😶😶
see soso
see soso 29 days ago
Why did every one stop walking and buying🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
Nikolai Month ago
У нас их бы отпиздили и забрали костюмы с колонкой, у нас свой супер герой человек синяк
Rocket Gamer
Rocket Gamer Month ago
Spider Man Great
vidgamenate Month ago
it HAD TO be a Wallmart with this song
Daniel Almeida Pereira
heierk1ng Month ago
This is so cringe, but funny in the same way.. xD
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman Month ago
Carreta furacão
Patienceplays YT
The boy like oh my god wat y'all doing tf
Kali Carl
Kali Carl Month ago
Hiiisisi@hullo qqjeh e d
phildev Month ago
this shit still is the bomb.. funny, hilariously tryhard humor and it works so so so good!
Ben Lee
Ben Lee Month ago
The smaller guy dances better good video guys Happy 2020 sorry not so happy with the conflict between USA and IRAN
Peachy Poatato Wolf
Why doesn't this happen at my walmart
Zじーさん Month ago
-Kat- Month ago
Imagine rushing to get medicine and stopping for 2 mins to watch this
Jason Campbell
Jason Campbell Month ago
Just by the audience u kno they wuz groovin...
_ swiwiws _
_ swiwiws _ Month ago
dude they jus vibin i aint even stressin
Yorkers Month ago
this honestly makes me feel weird with how hard im cringing at this
Angela Thompson
Angela Thompson Month ago
Everyone is staring and recording
KC Chiefs SB LIV Champs
Good job guys.
Angela Thompson
Angela Thompson Month ago
Goes in Walmart sees dancing spider man ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmm 😂🤣
Florance Fortson
That is cute and funny 😆🎄
C M Month ago
Bad Boy
Bad Boy Month ago
I'm Watching this on Christmas
Vistammit Kharakakos
Just showed this to my brother while visiting for Christmas Eve, only to be told that this was here in our hometown. NOW I'M WONDERING IF I KNOW WHOEVER IS UNDER THE MASKS
Cassandra Williams
How far is that from
Malama Feleti
Malama Feleti 2 months ago
i think every body likes you
Siham Miloudi
Siham Miloudi 2 months ago
Comment vas-tu google tu moche
Shauna Hawkins
Shauna Hawkins 2 months ago
no way
STAR PLATINUM 2 months ago
Deadpools dream be like:
Phil 2 months ago
Omg so awesome
Jaceplayz 21
Jaceplayz 21 2 months ago
I saw yall
Vandhan Porlet
Vandhan Porlet 2 months ago
You should have asked the other people if they wanted to join
girly boy
girly boy 2 months ago
What a cute couple
Vungmuny Animations
girly boy wait
Julie Bane
Julie Bane 2 months ago
I love you Spiderman ❤️❤️
Junior Pereira
Junior Pereira 2 months ago
It's amazing!
Teria Love
Teria Love 2 months ago
Stephaie Wright
Stephaie Wright 2 months ago
Alaska next last xml ne
lori capone
lori capone 2 months ago
Are they available for a childrens party 😂😂 my kids would love this!!
Hien Vo
Hien Vo 2 months ago
Black Panther reaction to this video: *Wakanda dance is this???*
Dayna Stoddart
Dayna Stoddart 2 months ago
Awesome, 😎😎😎🌞🌞2019
Fantastic Battery
Fantastic Battery 2 months ago
Giving Backpack Kid a run for his money lmao
jay dog
jay dog 2 months ago
These guys are fucking iconic legends
Mike Studmuffin
Mike Studmuffin 2 months ago
you can pull stunts like this when all the walmart employees are out back taking their break. They all go at once.
Raul Hernandez
Raul Hernandez 2 months ago
Imagine after thanos disappears spiderman and deadpool dances in some random place to dance
R. B.B.
R. B.B. 2 months ago
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