‘I’m always concerned about Zion’s health’ - Max Kellerman | First Take

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Max Kellerman, Will Cain and Ryan Hollins discuss Zion Williamson’s 2019 NBA Summer League debut and Max expresses concerns about Zion’s health.
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Published on


Jul 15, 2019




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Comments 1 143
Joe Munnings
Joe Munnings 3 months ago
Lil Drizzy
Lil Drizzy 3 months ago
Wtf is Ryan still on first take?! Can we get Kobe to be a first take analyst instead?
Paul Sellari
Paul Sellari 4 months ago
Lol Ryan better than most of these analysts anyway
DropSixteenTV Tv
DropSixteenTV Tv 4 months ago
How did Ryan handle pressure in his career?
The Random Raving
The Random Raving 4 months ago
Skip Bayliss: I'm the worst basketball analyst in the history of TV Ryan Hollins: Hold my beer
Avi Gindratt
Avi Gindratt 4 months ago
Max made a great point, I'd rather make sure he is basketball ready before he plays for my team. That's basic.
Counter strike
Counter strike 4 months ago
I guess this is like Summer league for Ryan Hollins where he needs to improve to be on "First Take" once NBA starts. I hope he never does.
Judah Lion
Judah Lion 4 months ago
Max. Who is this, yellow highliter flickin. Big fo'head tote'n. Trash talkin young buck over here. That thinks that Zion needs more playing time. What! Are you crazy! Have you gone mad man! He was wrong, before he even opened his yellow mouth. There's no way in the world. That Zion Williamson needed to go to summer league, to get his chops up. That was a rookie assessment. To even suggest, such a thing. Somebody please pull his chair, out from up under him. Please. Zion playing in the summer league. Was purely entertainment, and for promotional purposes only. Just to give the people watching. A very small taste. Of what a real game might look like. In the upcoming season ahead. Emphasis on might. The point of him bumping knees, with an offender. Is just the product of him being so agile and quick on the floor. But I am very sure, and even positive. That Zion Williamson, is constantly learning from his mistakes. Seeing that the NBA, is on a whole nother level and animal. Conserve, Watch, Position then Explode. But I agree with you Max. He does need to tone up a bit, and trim the fat. Literally. Otherwise, he will hurt himself.
Dede Berry
Dede Berry 4 months ago
Ryan Hollins is actually speaking the truth about Zion but ppl not trying to listen. Smh
MCM Jakke
MCM Jakke 4 months ago
Lonzo had huge pressure in Summer League
Honestly Speaking
Honestly Speaking 4 months ago
Will Cain is way off here. I think hes so caught up in tryna prove Ryan Hollins wrong that hes even starting to sound like a dumbass.
KEZEEWHOA TV 4 months ago
This nigga Ryan is ass but he is right summer league is for the rookies so his ass needa play so the pelicans can see if they spent their money right you getting injured against niggas who ain’t even gonna touch a nba court in their life
o. k
o. k 4 months ago
Espn is unwatchable with ryan hollins in it
Hayden Quaid
Hayden Quaid 4 months ago
Clicked on this saw ryan hollins name Started watching undisputed
Lucas Parzybok
Lucas Parzybok 4 months ago
Will made Ryan his son in this segment
Jordan laird
Jordan laird 4 months ago
Ryan hollins don’t know as much about basketball as max and will 🤦🏽‍♂️ espn think they can get anyone on and people will watch.. not me no more whilst this idiot is on there
Francisco Moreno
Francisco Moreno 4 months ago
Does max have herpes
Sal Garcia
Sal Garcia 4 months ago
I didn't know Max had a PhD in anatomy.🤔 Glad he is there to clear up what happen to rose. I was thinking it was the major injury that change his career..glad I learned. 😒
Moe Abdelaziz
Moe Abdelaziz 4 months ago
I guess Ryan was never a finished product 😂😂😂😂
Moe Abdelaziz
Moe Abdelaziz 4 months ago
Oh!!! Ryan Hollins!!! I never heard of him? Did he play like high school basketball??
Moe Abdelaziz
Moe Abdelaziz 4 months ago
I have been watching basketball my whole life. Who is that guy in the grey suit?? 🤔 is it just me or does anyone else get triggered with this guy?
StreetLifeEnt 4 months ago
Will Lost.... I Hate When Will Loose 🤦🏿‍♂️
maddy4heisman 4 months ago
Ryan Hollins dat super lame dude who beef his self up 2 feel important
Michael Baldwin
Michael Baldwin 4 months ago
According to Hollins …………. he played year round and as was still lame half quarter talent of a janitor but Zion needs to prove himself!!!!!!!!! kick this Hollins off tv for life
La Pompeii
La Pompeii 4 months ago
If Lance Stephenson and Draymond Green can lose weight, so can Zion. Take 20 or 30 pounds off and he'll be good.
The Revolutionary Leftist 21
Jesus please get Ryan Hollins off QUICKLY
Peter Gazer
Peter Gazer 4 months ago
Ryan Hollins is worse than Rob Parker....I never thought I'd say that.
Out Working Talent
Out Working Talent 4 months ago
Ryan act like he was actually good in the nba
Ajant Smith
Ajant Smith 4 months ago
Everytime Ryan talks my stomach turns, I dislike you Ryan. I don't know you personally but your irk me, just listening to you vocalise whatever nonsense pops up in your head irks me. Go away Ryan go far away and stop ruining ESPN for us.
Anthony Williams Jr
Anthony Williams Jr 4 months ago
Ryan shut your mouth
Marko Mitrovic
Marko Mitrovic 4 months ago
Who is the girl?
Nickdiam5 4 months ago
Just get Rayn Hollins out of TV please... I know its his job to say dumb stuff but that's enough!
Gilbert Tan
Gilbert Tan 4 months ago
Zion should hire a nutritionist and conditioning team
codejjm 4 months ago
Thumbs up if you thumbed down because of Ryan Hollins
David Lewis
David Lewis 4 months ago
He should play in summer league he needs to find his role
Who Cares
Who Cares 4 months ago
Ryan is an idiot
joel manzano
joel manzano 4 months ago
Omg this guy Ryan! Lmaoo
Sam Sanders
Sam Sanders 4 months ago
I liked hollins today. Sorry guys
Leighton Guang
Leighton Guang 4 months ago
Ryan Hollins took Stephen A’s seats thinking he’s Stephen A😂😂😂
Banana Messiah
Banana Messiah 4 months ago
Everybody mad about hollins filling in for sas but let’s just take a second to thank god that will Cain is there
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