$100 Sneakers Vs. $25,000 Sneakers

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“That’s a $100 step right there!"
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Nov 19, 2016




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Comments 13 480
LG REASANTZ III 7 hours ago
Me Low 80 100 mid 150 200 High 500 900 1000
MaybeSomeOtherTime YT
Three Asians, one car
Oliver Ponce
Oliver Ponce Day ago
Where can I get these shoes????
Ahmed Essoufi
fam sitting in the back and says nothing
The Gossip Tea Machine
Low: $30 - $45 Medium: $45 - $60 High: $60 - $100
benjamin kinslow
benjamin kinslow 2 days ago
Dude in the back seat looks so uncomfortable
5000 Subscriber Without Any Videos
For me: Low = 0-80 Medium = 80-150 High = 150-200 Expensive = 200-350 Outta your mind = 350-25k 🤯🥵 = 25k-120k
Milán Rák
Milán Rák 2 days ago
I didn't even see I was watching a buzzfeed video until the end
Who watching in 2017?
Kontrol 3 days ago
Coming in with the brown jersey😂😂😂
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez 4 days ago
25k for a shoe but cost 19$ to make 😂
alex zhang
alex zhang 5 days ago
This man got Oreo 5s for 100, while I got em for 60 at the same condition
Sam Brown
Sam Brown 6 days ago
25,000$ for shoes. THESE SHOULD BE MADE OUT OF GOLD!
DJK 6 days ago
Dude spent $250 and got Laser 1s and oreo 5s not a bad day at all
ITZRAYYAN 6 days ago
Me Low- $55-85 Med- $ 85-100 High- $100-165
Not Joshua
Not Joshua 6 days ago
Buzzfeed rates shoes by comfort
underShowter League
My sneakers prices: 2 air Jordan 1s black and white: 200$ Nike air max infuriate 230$ Dame 4 250$ Crazy explosive 275$
Nikhil Sierros
Nikhil Sierros 6 days ago
Dang. The pre-Andrew times
jus wavs
jus wavs 7 days ago
the only difference is they found a sucka to spend 25k
EJ Sirngot
EJ Sirngot 7 days ago
So ur looking for a pair of black cement 3s
th1ccmang0 7 days ago
5:35 i like how it says no photography on the sign lmao
Mister Random Laughter
A pair of shoes should never be worth $25,000 unless there’s gold or some valuable material in it. So no it’s definitely not worth your money even if ur crazy rich.
David Smith
David Smith 8 days ago
Dem shoes worth a whole brick of cocaine
A Asian Kid M8
A Asian Kid M8 8 days ago
How do you go from 100 to a thousand in two sequences
A Asian Kid M8
A Asian Kid M8 8 days ago
$100 for Oreo 5s geez that’s a steal
EdwinPWNZ 9 days ago
Ok but the undefeated 4’s real ugly tbh
Pabz 9 days ago
My prices: Low: £2 to £10 Average/Medium: £10 to £15 High: £15 to £30 Too expensive:£30+
derpy Lamb
derpy Lamb Day ago
Sameee but I’m with rollers
dill posh
dill posh 4 days ago
Everybody has left the chat
“Can I shoot a hoop?”
-Wooosh Baiter-
-Wooosh Baiter- 10 days ago
Now the Jordan 4 Retro Eminem × Carharrt is worth 8000$
Derek Noppe
Derek Noppe 10 days ago
The Asian trinity.
KissadeanYT 11 days ago
I live in norway and 500$ is cheap for shoes.
Ninja 11 days ago
What is the last shop? Plsss answer
Ya _ Boy _ Elmo
Ya _ Boy _ Elmo 7 days ago
magnoilia park
That 1 Kid :0
That 1 Kid :0 11 days ago
shoe game la is fake probaly
Memeboi 12 days ago
My shoe prices: Low $50-$100 Medium $100-200 High $200-$300
Linden Hamiltond
Linden Hamiltond 12 days ago
6:20 sound like he said n word fact
C.N.F Club
C.N.F Club 8 days ago
No it doesn’t
YouTube Stealth
YouTube Stealth 12 days ago
Imagine; Man walks in to the sneaker store and then try’s on the most expensive sneaker and then just creases them on purpose
I scant Bmx
I scant Bmx 12 days ago
My low is $100-$150 medium is $250-$300 high is lien $500-$505
I Like Ovens
I Like Ovens 12 days ago
My shoe prices Low: $5 - $20 Medium: $20 - $40 High: 40$ - $70
I need some Milk plz
I have those J’s bro
VINKICKS 14 days ago
Shoes prices for me Low: anytning up to 120 Medium: 150-200 High: 200-300 Extra high:300-500 GOD:500 to 1000 higher
Hexzun 16 days ago
Cheap 1$ - 50$ Mid 51$ - 135$ High 135+
Chinmay Ramesh
Chinmay Ramesh 17 days ago
I forgot that I was watching BuzzFeed,I felt so dirty watching it but I enjoyed it. Ain’t proud to say it.
Magnetic Seckon
Magnetic Seckon 18 days ago
7:03 isn’t this from them sneakerheads be like series??
J D 18 days ago
5:18 That is the look of true love
Ray 19 days ago
The guy in the back of the car is me.
Skyler Musser
Skyler Musser 19 days ago
Low is 70 to 100(Adidas Superstars/Air Force 1s), Regular price 110 to 140(most Air Max, Adidas NMD), High 150 to 220 (mainly retro jordans and Adidas Ultraboost), Luxury is 220 and up (Exclusives and stuff shown towards the end of this video 😂😂😂😂)
Cronzie Chaos
Cronzie Chaos 19 days ago
Skyler Musser imma give this a like because you sent about 5 min making this comment
User Name
User Name 19 days ago
2:00 Doing something that looks like a drug deal in broad daylight and in public view. "sighs" Idiots.
Ovan Peng
Ovan Peng 20 days ago
Just watch their video then win free yeezy and AIR Jordan 1,get yours now at: usvid.net/video/video-9yBoWnDipeE.html
Manoli M
Manoli M 20 days ago
6:19 sounds like he’s saying n*gga fact
User Name
User Name 19 days ago
You should see their ice cream video where they combined the words "chocolate" and "vanilla". They all realized how ackward it sounded 😁
Ruby Rutin
Ruby Rutin 21 day ago
6:20 Excuse me?
$25000 shoes? That cost more than my rent.
SuperSimpleasthat 22 days ago
Only blacks buys Jordan etc. Most are poor and live in ghettos. You dont see White kids in Beverly hills with Jordan .
SuperSimpleasthat 19 days ago
@User Name Welfare check, food stamps , drugs and most of them working minimum income jobs. They save up for several months to buy a pair of sneakers, instead of investing in education and etc.
User Name
User Name 19 days ago
Then how can they afford to buy them?
Lathan Smith
Lathan Smith 20 days ago
SuperSimpleasthat you obviously dont know how to dress then
Nike life
Nike life 22 days ago
So is this an expensive bootleg? Technically
Rafael Barret
Rafael Barret 22 days ago
Air mags are like three time the price tho
Christian REYES
Christian REYES 24 days ago
Shoes in gta:
Ronnie Paraiso Jr
Ronnie Paraiso Jr 24 days ago
For me low 150$-200$ Medium200$-400$ High400$-2000$
S W E R V O 25 days ago
Everybody love 1s . If you dont own a pair of Air Jordan 1s you need new shoes .
B 26 days ago
My price Low-45-70 Mid-70-130 High-130 and anove
Lil adolf Hitler
Lil adolf Hitler 26 days ago
Ryan should buy the retro 12 doernbeckers
bro fist
bro fist 26 days ago
i thought its unsolved
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