$100 Sneakers Vs. $25,000 Sneakers

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“That’s a $100 step right there!"
Special Thanks To:
ShoeGame LA:
The Shoe Surgeon:
IG: instagram.com/theshoesurgeon/?hl=en
IG: instagram.com/themagpark/?hl=en
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Nov 19, 2016

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Comments 13 241
Joey Hernandez
Joey Hernandez 2 hours ago
yall be saying: low-500 medium-1000 high-3000 stop lying, we both know you aint that rich lmao
Wendys roasting Session
My shoe budget Low $60-$150 Medium $150-220 Kinda high $220-$500 High $500-1000
dayumdrew Day ago
My shoe price Low: 500-1000 Med:1000-3000 High:3000-5000
ESCTobias Day ago
Stop wasting your money on foot protectors dud
Alex Pappas
Alex Pappas 2 days ago
25k for a pair of shoes? When did men start acting like women? Honestly the most I spend on footwear are workboots...
dayofthesnakes 2 days ago
Whether Ryan Bergara will ever wear something so expensive ever again will remain.......unsolved.
Torpifys 3 days ago
My price range Low : 30 / 40 Medium : 50 / 60 High : 60 / 200
Torpifys 28 minutes ago
@Wendys roasting Session ik but I only get shoes for around 1 to 2 hundred
Wendys roasting Session
Torpifys what shoes go for 30-40 Walmart 3s
Cdimops 4 days ago
This show is the only normal thing buzzfeed does...
Psycho 4 days ago
OoOoOo, Steven going for the Jordan 1s man. Those are nice shoes bro.
Exo Gaming
Exo Gaming 4 days ago
The fact that jimmy buttler used eminems for a basketball game got me weak
KeVDogg4311 4 days ago
Can I be a sneaker head if I’m poor
Drake Scallon Vlogs
Bruh the shoe surgeon looks like H3
CARTER SMITH 4 days ago
It’s a damn shoe wtf r we paying for it’s a damn brand soo doesn’t matter all used for the same thing all get dirty so wtf r we paying for
Ryan Cenord
Ryan Cenord 4 days ago
NoobMaster69 o
NoobMaster69 o 5 days ago
What if there was bags of coke and weed in the shoe and the cop just walked away lol
To Saki
To Saki 5 days ago
for people who are not sneakerhead we are buying the story behind the shoes
Euginia Meliana
Euginia Meliana 5 days ago
Shoe budget: Low: 90$-120$ Med: 150$-250$ High:300$-500$
bhyde12 7 days ago
Low-£70. Medium-£120 High-£180
David Koh
David Koh 7 days ago
I don't even how a sneaker
Jerry The Fucking Mouse
This week on Buzzfeed Unsolved
King 7 days ago
I wouldn’t pay anymore than 350$ for sneakers. ( don’t attack me unless your a sneaker head with more than 10pairs)
Vilmer V2
Vilmer V2 8 days ago
My shoe prices Low:20-80 Medium:80-170 High:170-300 Extra High:300-1000 Unaffordable: 1000-infinity
Previon 8 days ago
My shoe prices Low: 80$ - 300$ Medium: 300$ - 600$ High: 600$ - 5k$
Drax z
Drax z 6 days ago
U rich
Nick Newin
Nick Newin 8 days ago
Isn’t the 2016 Nike air mags b.t.t.f more expensive than the jordan
22_amd 9 days ago
U filmed in portrait AaAAAAAAaAaAsAAAAaaaaAAAAAA
LeackedImp7 9 days ago
They went to completely the wrong places- they went to sneaker head low, mid and high. They should have gone fast fashion level then Jordan brand level, gone designer level. They way u actually get the different quality levels not just different hype levels
Fresh Jellybean
Fresh Jellybean 9 days ago
Its basically unsolved vs worth it
Ryan Mitchell
Ryan Mitchell 10 days ago
Me Low 60-90 Medium 100-140 High 141-200
Orville is the new Trek
I don’t understand, none of those shoes are sexy to me at all. They all look like cheap sweatshop garbage.
Your Favorite Claymation Penguin
I don't understand the people who love to collect shoes, I just need one pair for casual, and one pair for formal occasions. What's the appeal?
Jason Sontag
Jason Sontag 12 days ago
Lmao ain't me but my brother he's a big sneakerhead Low$150 - $300 Medium $300 - $750 High $750 & Up he rich
Eric Liang
Eric Liang 13 days ago
My shoe prices: Low: 20-25 Med: 26-30 High: 30-75
anak tampan
anak tampan 11 days ago
That's deep
Bartow Jones
Bartow Jones 14 days ago
For me: Low:60-150 Medium:150-275 High:275+
A1dox 14 days ago
Those custom shoes are fakes
Menace 17 days ago
My shoe budget: Low: $90-$120 Medium: $121-$300 High: $301-$1000
Wendys roasting Session
Menace that’s like mine
Hannah Sani
Hannah Sani 20 days ago
You missed one Slippers Only $5
Ish miru
Ish miru 20 days ago
$100 Sneakers Vs. $25,000 Sneakers = Documentary XD
Spencer Luu
Spencer Luu 21 day ago
Do you know what an artist and a sniper have in common? *Details*
Zach VanTassel
Zach VanTassel 23 days ago
bruh im a shoe person, but these people are fuckin weird
a c
a c 24 days ago
The last one is idiotic.
a c
a c 24 days ago
Trademark violations? Does nike care.
DANU KAHFI 24 days ago
Air mags:am i joke to you??
Dante B
Dante B 27 days ago
Clicked on this as soon i saw the carhartts
Marcellinus Joseph
Marcellinus Joseph 27 days ago
They should try 3 different ghosts😂😂
Hoddi / green
Hoddi / green 28 days ago
2:13 No, but I love shoe's just how he said it made me laugh.
Airgoden 28 days ago
The most expensiv shoe is the nike air mag , which was used in the Film " back to the future". IT is listed on Stock X for 3 milion dollars....
XGN Ghostly
XGN Ghostly 28 days ago
Shoe prices for me Low:10 - 100 Medium:150 - 600 High:650-2000
God of All Daniel’s
You should’ve started with sketchers
kaarel . vosur
kaarel . vosur 29 days ago
In Estonia you can buy Nike React’s for 104 dollars BTW where are the Nike Mags And they should have made this recently so they could have had the RED OCTOBER’s
Dizzno 29 days ago
My shoe prices Low 50-100 Medium 100- 200 High 200 and up
Volcanic Month ago
The jump man logo! Lol
Deus Ex
Deus Ex Month ago
At 4:43 look at top left. No recording lol!😂😂
T. A. C. M.
T. A. C. M. Month ago
The shoe they tried didn't look that good
Rock Fossil
Rock Fossil Month ago
Why ?
Derp Filmz
Derp Filmz Month ago
Low: 50 - 150 Mid: 150 - 280 High: 280 - ???
Mr Idle Hands
Mr Idle Hands Month ago
5:10 where in the hell can I find those shoes!?!?!?
Ajn Subb
Ajn Subb Month ago
Go to the Shoe surgeon and get him to Make those 20k shoes for like 2k.Its just sneakers.
Daniel Stein
Daniel Stein Month ago
where was this video posted
Mckenna Piersel
Mckenna Piersel Month ago
I have air Jordan’s and I love them
PCDxEaMs Month ago
Jordan Retro 4 owner's. Raise your hand
Polar Shrimp
Polar Shrimp 19 days ago
1,000 subs with no videos? Me
iBreakThings Month ago
Those js are fake
Garfield On Drugs
The 5s looked a bit fake
Jesse Lopez
Jesse Lopez Month ago
Adidas Ultra boost 19.$180 Got mine,Get yours!!
Pod mac BATO
Pod mac BATO Month ago
My most expensive shoe is 200$. Its still a lot..
Members Only Media
he said oreo 5s sell for $350 😭
F A K E Month ago
So Ryan what u think about the aj 6 “Gatorade”? (Either btw)
Matt Tran
Matt Tran Month ago
jordans are fucking bulky and ugly
Chris Khar
Chris Khar Month ago
it s sad how people get so materialistic.. geez
Zendo Month ago
Nike Mags Fans
Mr Watto
Mr Watto Month ago
$18k and no shoe horn !
Miki Connolly
Miki Connolly Month ago
i thought the air mags were the most expensive shoe
itsjrose s
itsjrose s Month ago
i love the anxiety over creasing shoes lol ( yes i know they are expensive)
ncarroll playz
ncarroll playz Month ago
You can buy a 2019 ford mustang GT For the same price as the Eminem 4s at the end
a c
a c 24 days ago
Yeah but at least the shoes will last three years.
JeboyPlayz - Minecraft PC/PE Peralta
low-20-30 med-40-60 high-70-100 and my most expensive sneaker is a 60 dollar pair of soccer shoes
Davytomb Month ago
www.aliveshoes.com/aboveall-2 if you would like to own a classic designer shoe
Ricky Month ago
My shoe budget Low:60-90 Medium:100-250 HIGH: 250-400
UL Qxvy
UL Qxvy 7 days ago
Low 35-60 Medium 60-130 High 130-everything above that
ayyy 16 days ago
Low - 50- 75 Medium 75 - 200 High 200- 300
Low:80$ Medium:130$ High:mymomkillsme
Duh_ItsMeh Month ago
Just march
Joulesgaming Month ago
My price for shoes: Low $12-$27 Medium $32-$43 High $63-$1,000,000
Joulesgaming Month ago
I like that guy at the back seat of the car
Joulesgaming Month ago
I like that guy at the back of the car
Ashleigh Cameron
The ricky goldsworth jumped out of Ryan 0:18
Octo Zeus
Octo Zeus Month ago
Rip Antonio at the start
Hannah S
Hannah S Month ago
The officer though... I cannot breathe i laughed so hard
Daniel barraza
Daniel barraza Month ago
Cheap- 60$ Nike Medium- 150 nmds Expensive- 205 Jordan’s
Nocando H
Nocando H Month ago
Daniel barraza fr
Kejsi Nuredini
Kejsi Nuredini Month ago
me when I realize that my most expensive pair of shoes costs 130$
Fernando Cruz
Fernando Cruz Month ago
Most of the bois on here are broke bois
Goat666 Month ago
I'm all for appreciating style and well made shoes . Ffs every other pair of jordans looks exactly the same. That's just a label you're wearing now ,no style at all.
Melanin Casanova
Look like the cop tryna cop
Jango Tango
Jango Tango Month ago
This is honestly really cringy
Idkwhattoput Boop bop beep bop
You still know that your getting excited because of shoes???
Idkwhattoput Boop bop beep bop
9:56 y’all extra as hell
sorianomayflor Month ago
Myself Low 50-80 Medium 80-150 Expensive 150-250
justinmicc Month ago
wtf both of em look trash
Albair Ibrahim
Albair Ibrahim 2 months ago
A shoe that is $55 is expensive for me tbh
Pengestttxo 2 months ago
I would still pick Air Force ones over any of these 🤣
Trog Tribe Master
Trog Tribe Master 2 months ago
6:20 kinda sounds like he said the n-wprd
Mike Wazoski
Mike Wazoski 2 months ago
What r black toe shoes the cop got
ROGUEBeast23 2 months ago
Damn I know a girl In my school who just trash her undefeated 4's and it hurts me everytime I see en
Alexander Zhiltsov
Alexander Zhiltsov 2 months ago
Anyone knows what shoe Steve chose at the end there?
benlisa 2 months ago
Jordan 1 laser
Arnav Sangamnerkar
Arnav Sangamnerkar 2 months ago
knew it would be eminem 4s lol
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