$100 in a Day Flipping Items Challenge

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$100 in a Day Flipping Items Challenge

In this video we go over the flipping / reselling side hustle. This can be done using a lot of different platforms such as craigslist, Ebay and offer up. In the video I buy a used bike on Craigslist and then flip it for more at a pawn shop.
DOLLAR GENERAL ITEMS ANYONE CAN FLIP FOR MASSIVE PROFITS (MAKE $25K/YEAR SPENDING 30 MIN/DAY) Turning $0.01 into $1,000 I Tried Turning 1 CENT into 10,000 DOLLARS! (And This is What Happened) Penny Challenge

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Jul 5, 2019




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Biaheza 6 months ago
smash the like button challenge (COPS CALLED) *not clickbait*
real Cyb0rG
real Cyb0rG 6 months ago
no garage sales in india :(
LouiePK 6 months ago
Flipping bikes *GONE WRONG* *IN THE HOOD*
junggoldberg 6 months ago
Biaheza can you help me grow my page @businessplaybook please bro need your help
liamxjvs 6 months ago
Biaheza oh damn smashing that like button with my forehead❤️😂
Tyler 39 minutes ago
I bought 4 generators for 200$ Spent 100$ in parts fixing them all up. Sold each for 300$ - 900$ profit. I bought a used weight set for 50$ - Sold for 165$ the same day - 115$ profit I bought a set of used bikes for 50$, sold that week for 100$, 50$ profit I found a used speaker set on the side of the road, sold that week later for 20$ I got set of four free tires, sold a week later for 100$ THE LIST GOES ON AND ON, but my point is this stuff is easy. 100$ a day is nothing if you know what you are doing. Also tools and equipment is where a LOT of the money is at. Facebook marketplace is good for buying, but great for selling. Craigslist is great for buying, and only OK for selling (it is starting to go out of style, so less people=less buyers=less competition in buying good-value items). Offer up is mostly trash from my experience. Best way to find good items is to find people that are moving or cleaning out their garage. Learn what is a good value, what can be fixed, and many items can just be bought and sold without needing any fixing. So far I have made around 10 grand flipping, and I have only been doing it about 6 months. Also TAX FREE. I am considering starting an Ebay business, but then I have a feeling my tax-free profits will become taxed profits.
PSQ Think
PSQ Think Day ago
Who ever bought that bike is high u can get a brand new bike for the same price and that's a lot better with warranty
Ryan Kim
Ryan Kim 3 days ago
You got a podcast?
Callum b
Callum b 4 days ago
Why not just get a minimum wage job and make the same for the same amount of time
Fat Idiot
Fat Idiot 7 days ago
I buy shoes off dhgate and sell them on letgo and mercari for a high price
hadjj 8 days ago
when you can hear the “ayn“ in Biaheza lmao
Noah Tie Heng
Noah Tie Heng 13 days ago
You should use ExpertOption for your next video
tenpa samdup
tenpa samdup 13 days ago
Try doing doordash or uber
It'smeJoseph 14 days ago
4:10 or get shot
Markhoorpk 16 days ago
3 dollar give me
DeepInDaSand 17 days ago
I stole a Scooter and sold it for $300
DeepInDaSand 13 days ago
Raindrop21 all about the hustle
DeepInDaSand 13 days ago
Raindrop21 it’s true
Raindrop21 14 days ago
DeepInDaSand seriously?
DeepInDaSand 16 days ago
Jangy Tube thank you Garyvee said something about free products so I got my pocket knife and got my balaclava and threatened the kid and put it on EBay
Jangy Tube
Jangy Tube 16 days ago
best comment
Avay Nation
Avay Nation 18 days ago
Lovely video! The only program that earned me real caash from day 1 and works from any country just Google with no gaps *FunOnlineWork .com*
Like 3K! Your videos definitely get me fired up and focused to make more money!!
red ghost 101
red ghost 101 22 days ago
How do you decline an offer, when i try I just end up stuttering trying not to be mean
Tipixx 25 days ago
bro i respect this guy so much he is so real with the things he says, he even mention the gas money and his profit after that
Carbon Reviews
Carbon Reviews 29 days ago
$50+$65=$115 $150= $35 profit not $80 😂
PotionSplasher Hector
Carbon Reviews no it was 65 for the bike and touchups
Wizard 29 days ago
Aaron Cornick
Aaron Cornick Month ago
You have inspired me to start on youtube and begin looking into other ways to make a living than plumbing.
vex7_xx Month ago
the best flips i did was AC units in the summer time... sells like crack!
vex7_xx 6 days ago
Offer up and let go
Joey Latrashe
Joey Latrashe 10 days ago
vex7_xx where’d you get them off of?
vex7_xx 11 days ago
@Joey Latrashe window
Joey Latrashe
Joey Latrashe 12 days ago
vex7_xx what kind of ac units ?
john doe
john doe Month ago
He let a Schwinn bike go
Lil Uppiness
Lil Uppiness Month ago
We need more
Humble Mushroom
Humble Mushroom Month ago
really genius idea editing the bike, i was actually thinking of flipping bikes for a while now, and it's easy to find bikes for parts, or just modify a bike with another bike's parts like bbs. it'll look newer and be smoother to flip. I was hesitant to start flipping them because my math teacher told me raw flipping will be noticed, try to fix or improve the bike somehow, thanks for the example.
Eric Month ago
Lit Vid Biaheza!!
Adam Al Balushi
Adam Al Balushi 2 months ago
Can talk about the side hustles that failed? Love your content my man
Cheryl Brown
Cheryl Brown 2 months ago
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lemons 2 months ago
If you ask me for flipping you need to get into the smartphone area high demand and if you charge like $100 extra for the work you can start making some bank I have a friend and he does it and earns like 1k per month doing it
Felipe Partida
Felipe Partida 2 months ago
But this is youtube and counting gas doesn't count lmao
Pyro Geek
Pyro Geek 2 months ago
I bargained texas instrument calculators from 50 to 20-25. After that sold them for 45 each. All in the end of august before school started. Made some good money with that. ( new price is around 110 but they last for years)
Ainsley Harriott
Ainsley Harriott 2 months ago
WOW you got the Gucci autobiography too!!!!
ØJ Fam.
ØJ Fam. 2 months ago
Crunchy Roll
Crunchy Roll 2 months ago
thanks for the effort!
Tony Tate
Tony Tate 3 months ago
Love your content bro. Im from the UK about to start my Real Estate journey. problem is i need a little ££££ to start. You have inspired me to flip items to fund start up :DDD
Mlb Boxbreaks
Mlb Boxbreaks 3 months ago
You should try baseball card flipping
Domingo Rodriguez Beltran
Flipping iPhones started a business out of it lol
Works by Vania
Works by Vania 3 months ago
"gas isn't a thing on a youtube video" LOL You are the best!!!
Caroline Choi Live
Caroline Choi Live 3 months ago
You have really good stuff! It’s fun learning
Parker Cubing
Parker Cubing 3 months ago
this is USvid so counting gas doesn't count
Muneeb Mirza
Muneeb Mirza 3 months ago
such bikes are soo much cheaper in my area can i ship them dis assembled
marius Pacevicius
marius Pacevicius 3 months ago
Biaheza, do you have any thoughts on Amazon's KDP? I am planning to release a book on amazon KDP (Kindle and paperback). Book is ok...The rest I am not sure. Shall I start the online presence on Instagram or youtube doing my fitness stuff which is what the book is about or how do I prepare for the release. Truly your fan. M.P.
But Reyes, what about the gas?!?!?!?
Iamreallytwiggy TV
Iamreallytwiggy TV 3 months ago
LinguistRevolutioner Oh okay! I apologize. I’ve never seen his channel before so I didn’t know.
Iamreallytwiggy TV It’s a reference to Reyes the entrepreneur. His fans always ask him about the cost of gas.
Iamreallytwiggy TV
Iamreallytwiggy TV 3 months ago
LinguistRevolutioner He said if he included gas it’d be around $85 profit. Pay closer attention.
Deplorable Me
Deplorable Me 4 months ago
Is that an E class coupe you’re driving there?
Ondřej Líbal
Ondřej Líbal 3 months ago
Deplorable Me no problem bro you’re welcome :)
Deplorable Me
Deplorable Me 3 months ago
Ondřej Líbal makes sense, thank you my bro 😄
Ondřej Líbal
Ondřej Líbal 3 months ago
@Deplorable Me I have feeling that its f30 - sedan pre facalift so probably before 2015 - otherwise in production since 2011 till 2019☺
Deplorable Me
Deplorable Me 3 months ago
Ondřej Líbal think you’re probably right actually. Now the question is; which model year car is it? 😜
Ondřej Líbal
Ondřej Líbal 3 months ago
It's bmw 3 series i think :)
CUB DOTA TEAM CUB 4 months ago
can some one do more clickbait in just one youtube channel ?, reported
ap f
ap f 4 months ago
Good content and you seem pure and genuine. Good stuff, bro. I'm subscribing. Hey, can you do a borat impression ? Cool thanx mane.
not john
not john 4 months ago
I bought a downhill bike for 250 put grips on it and sold it for 500
STiFF CaNDY 4 months ago
I wasn't really paying much attention to the content cos he is so unbelievably beautiful!!
All About Spain by BarryHaylor
How do you get companies to take shoutouts on ig with you? Thanks Barry
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen Month ago
Text *Jameskosta2* on ¡nstagram
Rvilleguy79 4 months ago
Wear and tear on your car, alone, would eat up more than your profit. Entertaining little video though...
kuzemaie 5 months ago
Honestly just work on Instagram and make logos for smaller street brand resellers or just small companies... I’ve charged anywhere from $15 to $200 for a logo it all ads up to around $1.5k in a month ( this was the lowest I’ve ever made ) to close to 3k a month ( $2700 to be exact ) id say that’s pretty good for a broke student making logos is all about stealing the best part of other brands and mixing the ideas together till you come up with something, 100% recommend doing this. I work with 2 close friends who make money reselling and I promote their pickups so I get a cut of the profit ( anywhere from $20-$50 max it’s not a big source of income but it comes in clutch as pocket money ) please don’t slack money can be made literally anywhere! 👌🏼🔥
Colt- Edits
Colt- Edits Month ago
How do u get people to pay you for those logo do u go up to them and ask them or what
Ride now
Ride now 5 months ago
Could have sold it for 400 easy on eBay or something
Christopher D.
Christopher D. 5 months ago
no bro it's not close enough you said one day
luka zupie
luka zupie 5 months ago
A week ago someone was giving away medical magazines for free, number 1-97. Someone else (not a reseller) was buying those items on that same website. I missed it ofc.:) Idk how much the buyer would pay but it would probably be 100$+. But...that is luck, like with ur bike.
MTG palace
MTG palace 5 months ago
Love the content bro
SGV Foo 5 months ago
can you do a tutorial on how to do your hair?
Profit Monsters
Profit Monsters 5 months ago
this is literally what i do on my channel! i resell stuff for profit and show people how easy it is! love the video my guy! next time dont take it to a pawn shop and sell for that cool five hundo!
Melroy Sequeira
Melroy Sequeira 5 months ago
Love your videos
M. Zar
M. Zar 5 months ago
Awesome videos in your channel. Thanks for the energy you put on them and the knowledge shared as well. Let me ask you please not to drive and record - that can really go against you if you ever have an accident. Better park the car for that! Tnx
Party 5 months ago
I bought $700 worth of amazon goods and I can't get rid of it...
b0zay 5 months ago
@Party why didnt u sell them for profit?
Party 5 months ago
@Stephen Plays Oh I just did
Stephen Plays
Stephen Plays 5 months ago
Can you still return them?
Classic Gamer
Classic Gamer 5 months ago
I gain about 300 follower in 24 hours if you wont me to make video how i did it pliz like so more people see. . .
Go-getter Abe
Go-getter Abe 6 months ago
What editing software you use?
Biaheza 5 months ago
I use Final Cut Pro
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