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bbitebelza ’
bbitebelza ’ Minute ago
me watching with my new iphone11
Adam Bednár
Adam Bednár 5 minutes ago
1:19 nokia 9 has 8 cameras too
Taha Saud
Taha Saud 6 minutes ago
Apple piece of shirt😷
Dalia Anglin
Dalia Anglin 7 minutes ago
Kidz bop 12
Makai 305
Makai 305 18 minutes ago
Honestly I'm not trying to flex with airpods they're only $200 and airpod Pros are only 50 more so does it really matter there just wireless headphones people get over yourselves
Qwerty The B
Qwerty The B 18 minutes ago
Make a song in 1 min with your friend
Jansen Bohanan
Jansen Bohanan 19 minutes ago
Woahs are old and stupid
Odd max
Odd max 23 minutes ago
I actually thought the beginning was a legitimate ad
oscar2game 25 minutes ago
Its ironic that he is making fun of a product that says its more than it really is. While promoting and making money of a product that is the same thing. You are basically trusting nord with your information. And who is to say they aren't hackable?
XD Demolisher
XD Demolisher 26 minutes ago
Lucid dreams
Ezy Ibrahim
Ezy Ibrahim 27 minutes ago
He’s so funny but only if he stops those whispering to himself moments it’s kinda annoying lol 😂
andres buezo
andres buezo 31 minute ago
That's me when I'm alone in my room
Radioactive Jam
Radioactive Jam 38 minutes ago
Proven nord VPN is funding Apple's production
deltarune Jevil [fnia]
Send this to a fangirl of a video game character
DripOnSight 42 minutes ago
Tingabing8379 Ting
Tingabing8379 Ting 44 minutes ago
Bro stop. What do you have against apple? 😂
Frezzy Knight
Frezzy Knight 47 minutes ago
most is fake ,but they are funny 😂
Kyrin Standridge
Kyrin Standridge 47 minutes ago
Make a 12
jacoob ramsay
jacoob ramsay 52 minutes ago
*When you buy a iphone without a headphone Jack* iPhone: hey I got a dongle for 12,000$ *Buys a android with a headphone Jack* Android: we care about our consumers screw iPhone
Weston Kenyon Music
Weston Kenyon Music 52 minutes ago
Honestly, headphones are better.
Victoria Gron
Victoria Gron 53 minutes ago
In 2022-2023 appple is coming out with glasses that are av I bet in 10 years phone ain’t a thing iPad and computers ain’t a thing u will do everything while looking through glasses
Weston Kenyon Music
Weston Kenyon Music 53 minutes ago
Honestly, headphones are better.
CAZS21 54 minutes ago
1:32 lol
[Gunpowder Studio] AK-47
Nord VPN actually got hacked
skater8705 54 minutes ago
30% of this video is an ad :(
Travis Vang
Travis Vang 57 minutes ago
Tim Cook, more like Tim Crook because he stole all of his money.
Illjas Hour ago
Thats why I bought fakes
Heavens Moisset
3:41 the mom is so sensitive lol
Ozdy yy
Ozdy yy Hour ago
you should make one just talking about iphones being a status symbol
jhrguez Hour ago
Dude make another one with the iPad Pro 🤣🤣
rory vonbrutt
rory vonbrutt Hour ago
right.........Word up
Frey Hour ago
That song is so relatable to my Saturdays
tibi 97427
tibi 97427 Hour ago
"An Apple product a day, keeps the broke people away" you made me pause to let me breathe man, I was so done with this genius logic XD
shamma afroj
shamma afroj Hour ago
When he said the r free...I am like..😳 then he said...after u buy them...😂😂
Good content TWD
Reasons why Kyle and Rob are the same 1- Timmy (Kyle) Jimmy (rob) (The names rhym (similar ) ) 2-both mums have something on there heads (towel and bandanna) 3- mums have both a wooping belt 4- you both make songs and your both EPIC!
Gushy YT
Gushy YT Hour ago
Piss 😀
Cee froid
Cee froid Hour ago
The best part is😂 it's free after you buy them! At 3.40 sec
aaron Aaron payne
What the hell is not yes like what😑😑😑
SkullDUDE101 Hour ago
No dude fr tho Apple is turning macbooks into shit takin out the damn usb port wtf??
1129 Is zesty
1129 Is zesty Hour ago
The number actually kinda works
Bri ThatsME
Bri ThatsME Hour ago
Why is this so relatable?
Sola Ogundipe
Sola Ogundipe Hour ago
Write a song in 20 mind
Sola Ogundipe
Sola Ogundipe Hour ago
Write song in 20 mind
DJ MKMAN Hour ago
Do you realized that you made fun of the things you baught
Jason Luo
Jason Luo Hour ago
i cant even say "andrkdsfkummmm"
Harry Obikili
Harry Obikili Hour ago
"Tim Cook".....More like Tim can't Cook
bella unicorns
Finally some one like me...thats not how you do the woah
Tyler Kremer
Tyler Kremer Hour ago
I want those AirPods pro cause my mom and dad won’t buy them for me
Hent0i_UwU Hour ago
I’m watching this with airpods pro
Michelle Rodriguez
Rob: here is everything wrong woth the apple watch Also rob : Subscribe and you will get one of them
ryan kanj
ryan kanj 2 hours ago
who else in 2020 who didn't realise this is 5 years old until they looked in the comment section
IDLE BRAIN 2 hours ago
Just came randomly 😂😂😂
Wickara 2 hours ago
You forgot the fact they constantly go out of sync with each other even if you're wearing both of them at the same time
Nick Caballero
Nick Caballero 2 hours ago
Not justifying romeos actions. But just think about the bad things every tattoo has probably done.
vicky love
vicky love 2 hours ago
Is it just me or did anyone hear the voicecrack in 2:53
Devan Alexander
Devan Alexander 2 hours ago
Next video should be about the iPad Like so he can seeeee
Lucas Jongsma
Lucas Jongsma 2 hours ago
usb-c is really good though
Sam van Remortel
Sam van Remortel 2 hours ago
Team 
Rishi Maurya
Rishi Maurya 2 hours ago
Protect him from Apple fan boys
Sunflower Aesthetics
Please sub to me
Jesse Morgan
Jesse Morgan 2 hours ago
Funny. Honestly though USB-C is great.
Simon Greaves
Simon Greaves 2 hours ago
Mostly a fucking advert
Generation Choice
Generation Choice 2 hours ago
Rudy Mancuso
Nur Vahidli
Nur Vahidli 2 hours ago
U should have more subscribers😂😂
Natalynn Jennings
Natalynn Jennings 2 hours ago
I'm playing this on my speaker
h28v 2 hours ago
So this is basically an LLS spinoff
Guillermo Aguirre Almazán
I have airpods pros, my parents gave it to me in my 12th birthday because im not a fucking peasent that doesnt have the mony to buy a simmple airpod
Hmmmmmmmm go to any website and ur info safe.....HMMMMMMMMM Search bar ________________________________________ www.darkweb.com ________________________________________ Hackers:*trys to steal info Also hackers: impossible
And also don’t go to the website
Dsypher Fresh
Dsypher Fresh 2 hours ago
Can I have a MacBook plss
Sketchy_ Diamond
Sketchy_ Diamond 2 hours ago
I don't Have an IPhone Get Shrekkt
ki ki
ki ki 2 hours ago
u dont need 8 cam.🤣🤣🤣
Beat 2 hours ago
Look at the end haha
Luminous Presentations
Me watching this on my Samsung: That's nice.
Terrance Shinry Johnson
Damn that dude is fine
Versail 3 hours ago
Wait this was an old video?? It was in my recommenced
Kevis Seymore
Kevis Seymore 3 hours ago
Tim Crook, got you
Hanna W
Hanna W 3 hours ago
1Billion Subscribers without any video Challenge
Finally I love Apple products
Brian University
Brian University 3 hours ago
Lets be honest woahliveir is a woahdigger
brian henry
brian henry 3 hours ago
Every IPhone went down hill after the IPhone 6
David 3 hours ago
I love reading the comments from the apple idiots that are actually hurt by the truth.
Morgan Prior
Morgan Prior 3 hours ago
Your the woah guy!!!!!!
Gok Ozel
Gok Ozel 3 hours ago
How is this guy not getting sued by Apple?
Marquil Chestnut
Marquil Chestnut 3 hours ago
He legendary. And this is so true
Ibrahim Ballal
Ibrahim Ballal 3 hours ago
An apple a day makes your wallet away
Coach Trini
Coach Trini 3 hours ago
I’ll take over the ear any day 🤷🏾‍♀️
VOV GIRL 3 hours ago
I look at APPle a different way now 🧐
Coach Trini
Coach Trini 3 hours ago
Lmao middle fingers tho 😂😂😂
Coach Trini
Coach Trini 3 hours ago
The fucking song tho 😂😂😂
Coach Trini
Coach Trini 3 hours ago
Dos pairos 😂😂😂
Itz Horsez
Itz Horsez 3 hours ago
Team apple 🍏 🍎
Hockey Century
Hockey Century 3 hours ago
Why would you put( don’t be lazy) in you bedroom
Marie G
Marie G 3 hours ago
Should’ve been iBook 😂
Liron Humtsoe
Liron Humtsoe 3 hours ago
Apple is like the same product you buy at night time with higher rates called Night Rate |
Sedkid 3 hours ago
Damn those tic tacs look dope
[squidboy13] 3 hours ago
I have seen this too many times
IamTheHofTheWorld 7
2:34-3:21 LOL I WAS LITERALLY LAUGHING AT THIS PART BECAUSE I WAS LIKE, "Wait, the mac has something new again?" THEN I WHEN I SAW "PhoneBook" I ALMOST FLIPPED MY "MacBook" HAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!! P.S. I'm literally using my MacBook Right now to watch this awesome video.
Jason 3 hours ago
She said you peed on her. She said i traumatized her. Oh really?
Skerkler 3 hours ago
Tbh if u would actually play in stranger things s4 i would stop watching it just bec ur in it
Anoosh Aghajan
Anoosh Aghajan 3 hours ago
Steve robs ur money
Funz Mobile
Funz Mobile 3 hours ago
just doing a social experiment whether people will like, dislike, or comment on this comment, and if you don’t its fine with me! 😀 👇 👇 👇 Edit: (Just choose anything! 😁)