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Ahmad Afif Helmi
Lobo maybe lose the contest, but he for sure win our hearth 😍
John Kolenc
John Kolenc Day ago
The Kobe Bryant Superbowl blood sacrifice ritual was fixed. They needed their all red Superbowl on 0202/2020 to celebrate their god satan.. it's all bs
Mr. Barnes
Mr. Barnes Day ago
Come on the Havanese...the little guy is always looked over.
J Mac
J Mac Day ago
winky stopped for that prime Instagram pic 🏆😊
J Mac
J Mac Day ago
living his best life, so cute
Blondie Shaw
Blondie Shaw Day ago
Cover up.
John lemay Lemay
Out of those three it's pretty easy. The guy with the beard is probably the best ever at his position. Michael and Ray were great but I could name three( at least) better at their position.
J Mac
J Mac Day ago
he didn't get any good boy praise, we don't like that. Lobo is a good boy 💘🏆🏅
svang Day ago
Weak dog.
nipps223 Day ago
No1. Is me when I get 1 strike against my kid haha
Comments aren’t turned off because actual conversation on THIS topic, doesn’t threaten the establishment
DDD Pheth
DDD Pheth Day ago
Tom Bystander
Imma be lobo tomorrow
Antonia Mazzariol
SilentShores Day ago
Fast good boy!
Cg3 Day ago
Dog treats > Dog course.
Mike Kaatman
Mike Kaatman Day ago
What a delicious dog love this guy...
Miguel Florencio
Good job Brad
Gustavo valdiviezo
As a proud owner of a husky....I have to say that was just the Husky wanting to do his own thing 😂😂😂😂 they do it when THEY want to not when We tell them to
Jason B
Jason B Day ago
Never even knew about this 3on3 league till right now. This is dope
Emariaamethyst _
I am so proud of Demi her voice is Beautiful but Whitney Will always be the best in my heart I’m not saying Demi isn’t Great she is it’s just Whitney will always be the best in my heart
I am HURT doug..
Maria Alcaraz
The_Coach Day ago
I remember my first dog was a white husky called Lobo 😢😣
TheScoopp Day ago
mayweather is a salty dwarf. nowadays black people are the biggest racists
nolo Day ago
I will never not get teary eyed seeing Harvick win 3 weeks after Dale died.
Gay Preator
Gay Preator Day ago
It was still a great game.... unfortunately somebody has to win.. That’s why they keep score.
Justin Caldero
Guy in the middle is lame
Pheoria Day ago
First mistake: bringing a husky
Doors067 Day ago
Pj walker about to go garrett gilbert on the leagie and get that nfl backup qb money next season
Sexual Chocolate Robbie
Name: Lobo Job: Don’t give Fucko
Zel Zwrd
Zel Zwrd Day ago
dumb dog should be put down.period
AirFire18 Day ago
Those dogs are very independent, I’m not surprised LOL They do as they please, hate taking orders haha
Bill Blass
Bill Blass Day ago
lol i mean i know we find this cute and funnt but wouldn't like the trainer and owner be embarrassed? Like they take these dog show pretty seriosuly dont they?
MR.WILLIE 95 Day ago
Jimmy Johnson the first black college coach
Sharks Eat Bread
so cheap but it works
Thorin Day ago
This is what happens when you try to train a Husky.
Cy Per
Cy Per Day ago
Mark Elkhoury
Sean Taylor all day
David Abeyta
David Abeyta Day ago
San Diego St is Overrated. They only have 4 Wins against Teams in the Top 30. UNLV was Power Rated at 156. SDST will still get a Number #1 Bid but they are not Physical Enough to go Deep in the Tournament
Landon Wickett
Lou Sunny
Lou Sunny Day ago
Gosh that’s a beautiful dog
Gukguk TV
Gukguk TV Day ago
Pleace 🙏🙏🙏✌🙏 AWESOME....
Gukguk TV
Gukguk TV Day ago
Very Nice Channel.......
Go Caps Park
Go Caps Park Day ago
The Best friendly in the world! !!
Jenna Carvalho
I’m sorry but the way Jefe did the poles made him my fav😂 He looked like a grasshopper
user name
user name Day ago
My two Bassets and I are waiting for the Bassett Hound win!
BroBot Day ago
I could tell all of this is just for marketing purposes lol
robert matt
robert matt Day ago
Man Katie is making some guy very happy!! If only I had a couple more millions and a larger portfolio would take a shot. The world will never know Katie.
TMX SPM Day ago
Can he be fast, can he be championship Doggo : yes
lânchánđời nguyễn
that is a crying melody,what a savage and landscape feeling from his harmonica.
Mike Min
Mike Min Day ago
Not sure how I got here and I don’t say this often, but thanks USvid algorithm
Alex J.
Alex J. Day ago
That is the most trained husky I've ever seen
Stan K Feenger
Bob Suddarth
Bob Suddarth Day ago
Great video. Very satisfying.
Rich Kunkiewicz
Looks like he got a nice whiff of that skirt walking by in the beginning.
Bob Gunner
Bob Gunner Day ago
Let's face it .. if it were not for the fact that these shows are rigged, the Golden Retriever would win Best in Show every single year. Goldens are always the best!
JudyRChung Day ago
1:15 “Henlo hooman what’s goin- HEY THAT RUUDE!”
LoveGuru Rider
Ooooow nice dog talent....awsome🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵
puff balls
puff balls Day ago
Lobo is still my absolute favorite this year!
Mack Avelli
Mack Avelli Day ago
Great joke off the rip! "As a University of Oregon graduate even I can say what beautiful dog this is". Go UW!
Unkwon Malaysian Guy
a husky is like a kid with adhd. but with alot of fur😝
Surely it's time to stop cutting up puppies? Boxers have long ears and tails.
German Shepherd looks crippled. What a disgrace. This cruel abnormality being bred into the standard could never work for sheep nor police.
Joey Boedeker
Puppy Puppy Puppy
Hayleigh's World
Who would namee their dog P!nk
Ganesan Muthi Ganesan Muthi
So beautiful, nice, interesting.
Nicole Sinclair
The commentators was trying to have a humor on Rudy because they thought it would be all fun and everything but Rudy proved them wrong. Heck if only the trainer can keep up with him with proper body positioning. He could be equal to the Border collies. That speed was amazing!
Dee Day ago
Oh man, that dog was airborne most of the time!
Man Ransom
Man Ransom Day ago
Steers would have been a better name
Kibbly Day ago
he's a little confused but he's got it
CalumF1 Day ago
Anyone have a link to the one they were playing on the build up to the race? At the end it says something like "one last time" for the 48
Abha Forever
Abha Forever Day ago
2:28 he hugged him so well so Cute!!
yeni hayat
yeni hayat Day ago
Steroids, period.
Paul Yun
Paul Yun Day ago
"How the heck did i end up here?" - Most people watching this video
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia Day ago
sean payton talkin bout the deal thoo
김하하 Day ago
5:58 look at how he skips the inner foreleg step. Incredible.
Swapnil Sudhir Kashikar
Was this all fast forward!???
nina carranza
Lobo means wolf in Spanish
Jaza Masita
Jaza Masita Day ago
I want to cry when I see Rudy. He's so amazing. He was the only bulldog in this video. And we all know bulldog is known for being bad and all. But Rudy proves anyone can do anything they want and be anything the want. I love you, Rudy 😘
P. Elle T.
P. Elle T. Day ago
I identify with Winky's performance
Jaylin Walker
4:50 to 5:00. This man here
Jaylin Walker
2:40 to 2:44. Pause Vick 😂
Jikook Army
Jikook Army Day ago
That Doberman should have won. That coat was the nicest I've seen in a while.
Looks like Paul von Hindenburg
Jikook Army
Jikook Army Day ago
Another wire fox terrier winner lmao, the circus never stops.
Gee0 Dee
Gee0 Dee Day ago
Le Val
Le Val Day ago
I’ll spend most of my time trying to stop my dog chasing other dogs.
Bagofdope420 Day ago
Rudy too fast for grandma
보더콜리 어질리티 몇개 보는데 텍스 핑크 페임 셋 다 29~31초 사이긴한데 셋 중 페임이 제일 잘 하네요
Arav Kharkar
Arav Kharkar Day ago
Am i the only one who doesn't know whats going on
basant vimal sharma
Von Rudolf Augustus Perkins
Johnny Solo
Johnny Solo Day ago
I'm from Albuquerque! You're an idiot! I love my Dodgers! Vacate your 2017 Championship!
jimin is my BOO
Why am I watching this at 3 am
David Chen
David Chen Day ago
We have fortune... then we have LOBO
100 subs without vids ,subs you back
"Lobo" is a Filipino word which means "Wolf". Kinda get it why he's name like that😊
Alin Azmi
Alin Azmi Day ago
WHAT A HANDSOME GOOD BOI! 😍Majestic and fluffy
That’s totally a husky lol 😂