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Scotty Kilmer
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Dreamy 6 hours ago
Scotty the man, saving people from financial ruin.
Mark Guthrie
Mark Guthrie 6 hours ago
Cool ...I'd love to have those. 15 ford fiesta st.
Jeremy S
Jeremy S 6 hours ago
Pick me
pmexplore 6 hours ago
Who edits his videos?
Travis 6 hours ago
Just got an 05 ES330 that these would be perfect on!
Bmxicano2 6 hours ago
I took my 06 Cadillac to the dealer for a recall which the previous owner(s) never took it in for. They originally said I will be ready in a few days so they gave me a loaner. Well the strike happened and 11 days later I'm still driving this 2019 very nice Cadillac ct6. Nicest car I've ever driven. The strike can go on for all I care lol.
Tyler Applegate
Tyler Applegate 6 hours ago
Yo Scotty 🙋‍♂️
Ru Ben
Ru Ben 6 hours ago
If you have air suspension get rid of it and convert to spring coil suspension
slhines7 6 hours ago
Stupid plastic crap lol.
John Petersen
John Petersen 6 hours ago
2 matrixs in one day. Give away a free matrix!
Mel Milla
Mel Milla 6 hours ago
Scotty how long would a celica would last if treated well?
machia0705 6 hours ago
Unions screwed American companies. The greed they went after, that same greed, they ended up doing the same thing.....GREED.
Roy Fafard
Roy Fafard 6 hours ago
Cool video. Great idea. I'm always learning something from every one of your videos. Thanks for everything
Michael Corey
Michael Corey 6 hours ago
Toyota 4 Life
Krish Reddy
Krish Reddy 6 hours ago
Let there be light when backing up....
1manpanama 6 hours ago
Awesome channel Scotty!
Chan Tak Zee
Chan Tak Zee 6 hours ago
LEDs are so cheap now does it make sense to replace all the interior lights to LEDs ? I like the warm yellow but the advantage of having bright interior is quite attractive too.
Alex P.
Alex P. 6 hours ago
I had the same code on my Acura TL and it used to idle up n down I just disconnected the battery it kept idling weird but after a month it stopped and CEL never came on again
I have to say the old valve covers to the new ones I totally different because the old valve covers you didn't have to remove that much to get them off please do 4 cylinder valve covers you got to remove so much to get them off
Peter Mueller
Peter Mueller 6 hours ago
Bright idea! Thanks!
tubeitmark 6 hours ago
Was the thousands saved in gas mileage? Great Vid 👍
Brad Jones
Brad Jones 6 hours ago
After watching the disassembly, I finally understand the “savage” thing...
jeetendra kumar
jeetendra kumar 6 hours ago
Those coasters comes in 24 and 30 seaters, the hilux dont die and there is the tayota hiace nice 15 seater and town ace👍🏿
Peter Lai
Peter Lai 6 hours ago
Scotty, did I say see mild sludge and carbon in the valvetrain?
Allan Lamb
Allan Lamb 6 hours ago
Hahaha... All these salty Tesla fans. Tesla China just lost 5 billion dollars, and is struggling to even survive. That pretty much backs up a lot of what Scotty is saying. Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Kia, Chevy et al will all be making EVs. And they will be doing so much cheaper.
Jay Santos
Jay Santos 6 hours ago
I'm getting HID backup lights.
Andy 105
Andy 105 6 hours ago
Love LEDS. Low voltage and cool.
ndts ndts
ndts ndts 6 hours ago
DennisandCarrie Whitehead
Good Idea!!!
david smith
david smith 6 hours ago
LOL you only fixed valve cover leak. Thousands? Your skills are on par with a quick lube technician. Now if the valve cover was leaking oil on the o2 sensor then you might have fixed the P-0171 code. I can't believe how many people actually think you can fix cars. And you are working on a Toyota they don't break.....
moe d
moe d 6 hours ago
Thanks for the chance
A.V. Gaming
A.V. Gaming 6 hours ago
Hey Scotty thanks for the video
Insert Game
Insert Game 6 hours ago
Would like to have these for my vibe.
DonBosco Dan
DonBosco Dan 6 hours ago
Andrew Aguilar
Andrew Aguilar 6 hours ago
Great job Scotty. Love the videos. Keep up the great work.
Luis Serrano
Luis Serrano 6 hours ago
Scotty, I have a 2012 Honda fit.
1g2002541 6 hours ago
my matrix had the same P0171, we tried oxygen sensor, intake gasket, pcv valve, and at the end, it was the bad MAF sensor. Ah~~~~~~
ZenZaBill 6 hours ago
My girlfriend needs a set of these as her night vision is not the best!
Neptonic 101
Neptonic 101 6 hours ago
3:28 minecraft villager
Mike T
Mike T 6 hours ago
Those valve cover bolts don’t they need to be torqued to a certain specification using a torque wrench??
Gabriel Altland
Gabriel Altland 6 hours ago
Where do u get ur cat pillows
CommonMan62 6 hours ago
Ultra bright back up lights are keen.
Nathan Thompson
Nathan Thompson 6 hours ago
I want to do LEDs for all my exterior lighting
g mat
g mat 6 hours ago
i hate this. smaller scale but Real, look up Peavey Electronics Deserted. I love cars but love guitars , too. This is sad.
Alexandros Macedonia
We are learning so much from you Scotty ! 😃
mreediowa 6 hours ago
Great video
DYNABIKE1 6 hours ago
Scotty - - My modern Toyota had orange juice accidentally spilled into the Drivers seatbelt buckle. It works very hard now. What could I put into it to free it up - - if anything ???
Christopher Toliver
Led bulbs are the way to go...do yellow fog lights help at night as well?
Jack Doo
Jack Doo 6 hours ago
Looks like a great idea. The factories should make this standard equipment.
Jesse Barraza
Jesse Barraza 6 hours ago
LEDs for the win!! Great video Scotty!!
WorkInProgressK 6 hours ago
But does the 4runner have the same issue?
Tim Caron
Tim Caron 6 hours ago
Hey a car repair video that actually showed something technical.
F!@#Guilt 6 hours ago
SMOKING UNDER THE HOOD YOU SAY?! Tell it to switch to vaping.
Neptonic 101
Neptonic 101 6 hours ago
The grunting is hilarious 😂
john l.
john l. 6 hours ago
Clean commmmmment
Nigel Mayuga
Nigel Mayuga 6 hours ago
Nicholas Narcowich
Nicholas Narcowich 6 hours ago
Wow, Scotty, this is just the thing for my delivery truck. I seem to have some trouble seeing at night when I am backing up. I had wished for bright lights when backing. Hope I win these :-)
Does it keep you cool in Texas heat
elfpimp1 6 hours ago
Did it clear the error? ?
Ghostly Lurker
Ghostly Lurker 6 hours ago
My mother has worked for Fel-Pro for over 40 years, glad to see you use them Scotty!
king sanchez
king sanchez 6 hours ago
Clean again
AwakeDude911 6 hours ago
scottys not been this dirty in many videos !!!
Tim Reeves
Tim Reeves 6 hours ago
That's a good idea. Thanks. Do I need anything else or is it just plug and go as the vehicle in your video?
maks kasio
maks kasio 6 hours ago
I appreciate your channel and all the great advice you give, sure could use some led lights myself.
delepie 6 hours ago
You make it look so effortless, God help me
Michael Mathe
Michael Mathe 6 hours ago
Great Video Scotty !!!
Larry M
Larry M 6 hours ago
Canadians do make good engines/cars I always look for Canadian made rather than USA/Mexico made because Canada does build them the best however the hellcat engines are made in Mexico but assembled in Brampton Ontario Canada.
Alexandros Macedonia
Thanks Scotty , that was a very useful video. Safety first folks !
samuel morley
samuel morley 6 hours ago
Thank you so much - My car
Jay Santos
Jay Santos 6 hours ago
If that were a BMW the computer would put out an error that your engine cover has been removed and would need to be reset by your dealer
The Black Fedora
The Black Fedora 6 hours ago
My mom has a dodge journey 2018 and she has tried to tear it up and it wouldnt tear up. Also the engine sounds meaner and the radio also sounds better than most cars.
Ru Ben
Ru Ben 6 hours ago
Working on the 1998-2002 continental makes me want to yank my hair out. But I got an engine lift at harbor freight for sale. It made the jobs a bit easier but now i need to do a radiator flush.
Kendra C. Williams
Kendra C. Williams 6 hours ago
Thank you for your tireless work in producing these videos. Certainly a major help in having some knowledge when going to purchase a new to me car (used). Wouldn't mind getting those lights either.
Alexios Hubbard
Alexios Hubbard 6 hours ago
Scotty just triggered every mexican in California to texas
Tony Tran
Tony Tran 6 hours ago
LED are what again?!!!? Lol
M C 6 hours ago
Mike Sokolow
Mike Sokolow 6 hours ago
2012 Sonata, turbo, not quite as easy. Good gasket, no added sealer needed.
Just Traveling
Just Traveling 6 hours ago
I have been taking my Honda to the dealer body shop, but I'll finally have to admit they do lousy, expensive substandard work.
Colin Timp
Colin Timp 6 hours ago
Must be a helluva dust storm to come all the way from Africa!
Rob Evancho
Rob Evancho 6 hours ago
Thousands lol please.
Mynor Gonzalez
Mynor Gonzalez 6 hours ago
I have my 1991 Honda Accord. 4 hundred thousand miles. Good car.😀
Bob F
Bob F 6 hours ago
Nice bulbs!
Teddy Mullins
Teddy Mullins 6 hours ago
Great information Scotty pick me pick me
D Evans
D Evans 6 hours ago
Dash cams should be standard equipment.
Kerry Gibbs
Kerry Gibbs 6 hours ago
I love seeing the new products! Scotty, please keep the great product ideas coming. I also love your tool and test equipment reviews.
Sixpak 6 hours ago
Hey Scotty, they are still building the HUMVEE for military use, they can't be that bad, but you can stick with your Prius if you want.
rivahoff 6 hours ago
What about European V6?
Mike Sprite
Mike Sprite 6 hours ago
Love your channel!
ivanbanuelos1 6 hours ago
This would be a nice addition to my honda Accord coupe
wayne gambrell
wayne gambrell 6 hours ago
Wait till you get one where the plenum chamber covers the rear valve cover and you have to pull everything off just to put on a cheap valve cover gasket on. That's real fun. Got a Mazda 2.5L i'm working now that needs a rear valve cover gasket.
okmrocksU 6 hours ago
You could sort of copy and rephrase that old phone company commercial with; Can you see me now? Can you see me now? Can you see me now?
Almighty Drewski
Almighty Drewski 6 hours ago
Awesome video, great thinking. Need some for my Camry.
Dave Claussen
Dave Claussen 6 hours ago
Thanks Scotty!
Ralph Garcia
Ralph Garcia 6 hours ago
Scotty, you can do that with one hand tied behind your back...
Sergio Gonzalez
Sergio Gonzalez 6 hours ago
so as long as you don't over tighten and do a cross cross pattern you do t really need torque specs or sequence
Al Lada
Al Lada 6 hours ago
I did that and on a different car and it took a lot of swearing and cussing. Saved me a lot of money.
N Martin
N Martin 6 hours ago
My 3rd subaru just threw a Transmission code at 9 years and 138k. Three Subaru employees told me the car was “old” and you can’t expect a car with “high miles” to be fine. Long lasting cars is what Subaru built their reputation on. I’m seeing me shifting my brand loyalty away to Honda
Steve Polverini
Steve Polverini 6 hours ago
Scotty hates the entire job and hates on all the parts but is pumped when he fixes it!
K dog Chanel
K dog Chanel 6 hours ago
Work a lot better than mine