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Melissa Becerra
I love your song from..isela 😭❣👼👛👛😻🥰🥰💞🧜‍♀️👑😍🥳🤩👄👄😘💏👙💓😹💋❤💕👠👍💍👜
Nikhil Kumar
Nikhil Kumar Day ago
I thought that this is a new song but no...
Marianne Caballero
Espere tanto este video!!!
Alexandra Bayer
Anyone else had this song since it was leaked?
Dignity Gadza
exeptional...well done queen!!
Yosi Fransiska sihotang
I need it from a years ago. Now, I got it!!!! <3
Janeth Romero
Me encanta esta canción 😍
danilovmusic Day ago
Thank you for posting this video, you are a wonderful, talented person, you inspired me, i created a channel on youtube , follow my progress. I would love to some support / feedback , so check it out .❤❤❤
danilovmusic Day ago
@Interview Studio thanks :)
Interview Studio
wow amazing <3
ChubbyGK Day ago
I love this song💛
Kevin James
Kevin James Day ago
I’m voting for #LoseYouToLoveMe to win #BestLyrics at the #iHeartAwards.
Rezky Amelia
Rezky Amelia Day ago
Who says you cant write your song? Love ya sel
Nerd Fortnite
Who from february 2020? ♥️
Claudia Bezerra
Z Day ago
Gomez is unstoppable👏🏻
Sahar Raina
Sahar Raina Day ago
I 've been waiting for this song so long 💕💕.....and finally its released
Kleilson Rodrigues
Vamos da muitas streeemm
Peter Day ago
Esperando apenas por Stained agora
Kleilson Rodrigues
Com fé em Deus vai sair.
Lets Go Wolves
Love u selena
Jacob Hall
Jacob Hall Day ago
I understand the appeal to this song, but in my case both my wife and I could be singing it. And it could be true for both of us. The song appears to be about what people now are calling emotional abuse. We're in a society where we went from something that was happening but wasn't labelled. What was labelled was physical abuse and that was certainly real and usually the man against the woman. So when other types of abuse got labelled, the assumption is still that it is the man versus the woman. My wife took a quiz "are you being emotionally abused" on a website from a Catholic-based group that she trusted. She self-diagnosed the situation and this in part led her down the path of divorce because of these results. When she told me, I took the same test and I checked exactly the same boxes. So... we have a flawed marriage. We also have six kids. We have had plenty of great moments, and our share of bad moments caused by both of us. Do we just worry about "loving me" and quit on each other and our kids? Or do we worry about being selfless and loving the other and loving our children and in return having a truly fullfilling life as we both work to treat each other like we promised to do 22 years ago? I don't really know Selena's story, just saw her on Fallon and so came to check out her song for the lyrics because it seemed like it might apply to our life right now. It kind of does. And in plenty of times, there will be one-sided cases and maybe that is hers. But we shouldn't as a society just assume it is always one-sided. So many marriages have problems on both sides. I knew we did, I didn't like the way I was treated all the time, but I brushed it aside (we were married and busy with a lot of kids, so that's just life I thought). I promised for better or for worse, and so these moments of "worse" were there but pushed out of my mind by all the "better" we had. Meanwhile, my wife was holding onto all the small hurts and kept them ready to unload when she felt there was too much "worse" and not all the "better" she expected I guess. We're only talking now through lawyers and so there is going to be so much that I will never know what she was really feeling or thinking. But be careful. If you get to the point where this song resonates, it might be fully founded on one partner and that is one situation. But it might also be on the both of you. If the song sounds like it might resonate and you (or both of you) might be the one that is making the other feel like the song, take some time and evaluate yourself and how you are acting and how it is affecting your spouse. And take the time to work on it. Even if it's to the point where the other is ready to leave, keep working at it, talk, improve. My marriage is most likely done, and our family split. And had we taken the time and made the effort and been able to get ourselves back on track in treating each other the way we should have been, our family certainly would have been much better than what we will become split up into two different households.
zerfect Day ago
This song is cute <3
Sandro Gomes
Sandro Gomes Day ago
Smash hit!
JonesCode Gaming
*This is the type of music I listen to when homies aren't around.*
Samradnnee xxx
I wish Jelena returns back, but now I feel 'someone' doesn't deserve a rare singer like Selena Gomez.
Paula Iurciuc
The people who hate Selena need to chill! She released this song because we begged for it and not because she is still in pain! You need to grow the fuck up and understand that this is what a true artist would do for his or her fans! This song is the best I ever heard yet! There is nothing you could say to change that! It is a fact! Greetings from Romania!🇷🇴 #feelme 😍❤️
Nurmaidah Silitonga
angela muñoz
I love this song 💕💕
Nohemon_758 Day ago
Al fin Mija! 😍🤗 Siento que te amo más por esto
Rayla Rebel
Rayla Rebel Day ago
i really wanna direct the music video
Awais Aezad
Awais Aezad Day ago
I feel what you saying 👏
Walid Abt
Walid Abt Day ago
Samradnnee xxx
Jelena : like Jailey : comment
Alexandre Bessette
In 2017 she should have put this song on a Ep! With tracks like 1- Bad Liar 2- Fetish (Feat. Gucci Mane) 3- Wolves (feat. Marshmello) 4. It Ain't Me (with Kygo) 5. Stained 6. Back to you 7. Feel Me This could have been major success.
nuradrenalin Day ago
Trang Thu
Trang Thu Day ago
Waiting this song for too long !!!!! Love it, so emotional
Grace Mariya
Grace Mariya Day ago
Iceman bonfil
She is beautiful ❤❤
Fer Marín González
Soy tu fan
Fer Marín González
En español te amo
Vaneza Khey Palma
I loved your songs selena its inpires me to move on with my life from being💔
Yogersy Reyes
Selena te amo😭😭😭
Fer Marín González
I love you
Alexandre Bessette
We have to make this #1
Sally Ramirez
Shruthi Gowda
"Just so you dont dream" I felt that .....cuz I dreamt of having a quite and peaceful.....the thing which I will never get in my life .....now im 17 til this nothing good happenedd to me.....I lost my father when I was 2 years old and my fathers family threw my mom out cuz im a girl baby...we are in such debt yhat I dont if I could repay it in my dear life........since my birth theres nothing happened which is called GOOOD THING....I just hate my life.....so many times I thought about suicide but I thought If I die everyone thinks im coward ......so im just living through it .......and I find selenas songs to be motivational and aspirational
Avocado Girl
Avocado Girl Day ago
this is so good Selena 🥺🧡
Talgat Naiman
Селена, неғой, мен З... болам, ал сен менің келіншегім боласың... Сонжықтан өзіңді норм ұста, окей?
Fayzullo Sharipov
Brooklyn Castillo
For the people who dis-like they meant this i like
Ahmed mohammed
song beautiful
Lam My Phuong
This Disney era was the best
_تشان ريمي
Guys you don't know how I'm thinking about this song when will realise Thank you selena looooveeee youuuuuu
Meg Music
Meg Music Day ago
This song is dope!!!!!! And I hope and pray and know it has nothing to do with justin!!
Iceman bonfil
Sohail Sky
Sohail Sky Day ago
this song is really cheesy it,s like i can smell it
josh bryant
josh bryant Day ago
And what’s the burning toast in the toaster part about wtf
josh bryant
josh bryant Day ago
She prolly not even talking about Justin
Penny Cyrus
Penny Cyrus Day ago
期待好久了!終於~~ Love u ! my queen❤❤
Scar Pitch
Scar Pitch Day ago
A mulher da música morreu, de novo?
comedy video
comedy video Day ago
I like the song so nice song my favourite singer salena gomeg
Valeri zuleta
Siempre hay una persona q siempre te hace llorar sal de ese miedo déjalo o déjala tu te mereces algo mejor se feliz diviértete disfruta tu vida amate a a ti misma like si dejas tu miedo atras
Pamela Rojas
Pamela Rojas Day ago
leave a toxic relationship like a queen♡👑
Riri rommie
Riri rommie Day ago
Haters: Hahaha...you won't be happy; you are shady and blah blah. Selena : hold your beiber "And then Rest is masterpiece, you know! If you know"
l aura
l aura Day ago
the fact that she always changes the lyrics of her songs on stage depending on her emotions. i love her
AbdulQadir Tv
Thissss isss gooodddddd damnnn
julie price
julie price Day ago
i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this song im getting a boy
Sohail Sky
Sohail Sky Day ago
Justin is not alone he has an angle name Hailey
Tivkaa Mary
Tivkaa Mary Day ago
Your spelling is wrong
Emily Rose
Emily Rose Day ago
She's so strong she will find someone so better grown up listening to her music ily Selena!❤💕x
Merly Rios
Merly Rios Day ago
Daniela Cortés
mucho tiempo espere q subiera esta canción 😍
Emmelyn Rodriguez
Love this !! everyone has a petty moment 💓
chanbaek forever
this is so me T_T i m broken as hell !
саша имагулов
Selenuhka ++ многа не плач а то мы не там ++Унас постарайся радоватца забуд прошлое живи Настоящим Ты классная👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👱👳👸
Sohail Sky
Sohail Sky Day ago
Justin: i gave all my attention to you that,s my intention Selena: do you feel me?
Ethan Malek
Ethan Malek Day ago
Feel Me ❤️
Md. Al Mamun
Md. Al Mamun Day ago
One Night I was kind of irritated and i wrote this song
Swaminathan P
Please give Selena a lot of views,subscribers and love like if u agree
Amrit Ghale
Amrit Ghale Day ago
Justin : Love Yourself Selena : Lose You To Love Me
Laila K
Laila K Day ago
Omg I was waiting for this song to come out for such a looong time
Ana Cid
Ana Cid Day ago
This song is helping me, my boyfriend left me last night.
Lana Machado
Lana Machado Day ago
FINALLY OMG Best song fuckers
anne gatinao
anne gatinao Day ago
She looks different now she don't have the same beauty anymore
Origen Beipalotla
Origen Beipalotla
Origen Beipalotla
Abinaya Priya
This song is definitely about Charlie. This is a reply song to "How long" and "ATTENTION". Both the songs are about Selena. He mentioned the girl as shady in "How long" N the girl as crazy in interview about Attention video.
Paula Collemann
Soy el comentario en Español que estabas buscando mi like oooooooooooo nunca tuve tantos like gracias aaaq
wow selena i love u so much love love u
*I am addicted to you.... literally I don't know what to do*
Ellie O'Connor
i feel like i’ve heard this before on the radio
Jacsi Medina
Jacsi Medina Day ago
Anjana Devi Kumar MHT
قَطَرَاتُ النَدَى
Finally, Selena reaches the top in this song "feel me".
HELL4 U Day ago
I listen this song 838173 times before released
Kaiza Maheo
Kaiza Maheo Day ago
I always feel that all her songs has to do something with Justin...
Kriti Bandaru
The best song I ever heard 😊😊😊😊😄😄
Acacia Day ago
Me encanta esta canción.
Pranil Bajracharya
1:26 what is that sound??
Madelyn Paola Marroquin Borrayo
Muchas veces las mujeres nos aferramos a un "amor" cuando ni nosotras mismas nos amamos y buscamos personas que solo nos detruyen. Me encanta tu canción Sel, muy pegajoza, y la letra uff muy realista. Que alegre saber que te amas y que haz superado los momentos dificiles de tu vida. Love Sel 💜