Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish
200 subscribers with no videos challenge
2014: eh.. 2015: nah 2016: no 2017: not yet 2018: ... 2019: *_YEET-_*
Queen Cheyenne
Queen Cheyenne 55 seconds ago
I like the little color thing they did
Daniel Liwanag Jr
Who's been here after watching the Xanny Music Video?✋✋
ClemenLemon Minute ago
B E 5 minutes ago
You think billie can still do that ? Lmao
Rida khan
Rida khan 14 minutes ago
Lil Billie so talented and Simone bro she's so good too 😂
brighter days memes
brighter days memes 23 minutes ago
Omg I didn’t realize how old she was until now!
Samantha 25 minutes ago
Her hands look like mine after using a hardcore purple shampoo ..
Pia Marie
Pia Marie 33 minutes ago
Nice pink song in the background
Lily’s_lair5115 37 minutes ago
Before I had subscribed to her she had about 10 million subs. And now, she has over 23 million. Wow
Um ser humano qualquer
Um ser humano qualquer 48 minutes ago
0:00 When school is over and school holidays begin ...
Pinguim Plays
Pinguim Plays 52 minutes ago
Black wolfbear
Black wolfbear 54 minutes ago
I honestly thought some vscos we're gonna come out here in the comments.
Anthony Miranda
Anthony Miranda 58 minutes ago
SaVannah Sandoval
Its not that i want to be like her but its more of im tired so very tired of having to act like someone im not I cant express myself and listening to billie its helping me have that break from all the stress that is consuming me and I'm only 13 turing 14 in a month and i know its selfish of me to feel bad for myself when their is people out their who are trying to make their life better while I'm setting down knowing I wont accomplish anything change the world im just a person who hasnt made a impact in the world and no one would know who i am if they were told I passed away im not talented average in grades but.. Even for a second when I listen to someone who i can relate to I feel free and I feel their is hope to be someone who can inspire someone else i want to change it just seems like people have it easier
JEAS Hour ago
AK 47 fuck?
Clebson Gomes
Clebson Gomes Hour ago
She looks like Hayley Williams . And she's got such innocence and beauty I've never seen so far
yeet Nd
yeet Nd Hour ago
Who’s watching this on december 7th-15th 2k19
Oscar Godoy
Oscar Godoy Hour ago
no emo billy :)
Glow Hour ago
You pervert u have been watching me some time.
Monica De Pietro
Intanto sa cantare.
Alina Hussain
Alina Hussain Hour ago
I can trick u Read more
Jessica Morfin
What a coincidence! Avril Lavigne ate a cockroach 😒
Alina Hussain
Alina Hussain Hour ago
R.I.P all the spiders who fell on the floor
Randy Palculict
~she puts dirt on face~ Me:it’s gonna take some time to get that off girlfrien
Kaitlyn Unimportant
i know there’s a lot of young people that listen to her songs, but it’s so cool to be the same age as her and seeing the impact she’s making. she’s probably the most valid inspiration for me because of the big impact she’s made
Chae Hour ago
aNyBoDy WaTcHiNg iN 2045!?!?!?
Xaandria Capel
omg if shes being serious then I need to give her a hug
Kyuiis Hour ago
Simone was actually really good. I thought she was better than Billie. I'm sorry. But they were both REALLY GOOD.
Celeste vega
Celeste vega Hour ago
I like the fact that I’d listen to this song on repeat when it first came out when I was 13 and added it to my playlist that I play when getting ready etc. I listened to this song years before Billie’s name became known known. I mean I didn’t even know her name either. I just really liked the song and I kept bumping into more of her songs after this. It’s amazing to think someone who is the same age as me is doing so amazingly. It’s very incredible to see someone do well. :)
healthy Santos
healthy Santos 2 hours ago
producer: how much autotune do u want? billie: i am autotune. justin: YES
ᔕᕼᗩᗰᗴᖴᑌᒪ ᑭOTᗩTO
Владислав Б
Kelly Stone
Kelly Stone 2 hours ago
I love y r
Sashka Byk
Sashka Byk 2 hours ago
Simone and Billie have no idea that Billie is going to be the most famous teen in the entire world I know this because I was in Ukraine and some guys were taking about her and watching her same in France when I was there
Chu Yao Claire Wang
This girl is good at everything! Singing, dancing, drawing... like, literally EVERYTHING
Elysian Yt
Elysian Yt 2 hours ago
This was 1 year ago and the first song is copycat and idk wut the other song is lol
Shoaib Nuk4 Productions786
2:25 Tarantula has been eliminated by fall damage [224m]
Gacha Aries
Gacha Aries 2 hours ago
If that was her at 12 she's tall
Adrian Maxsom
Adrian Maxsom 2 hours ago
This gurl scares me not bc her dining bc of the spiders
abigail chavez
abigail chavez 2 hours ago
Esta fue su primera canción no?
Salem Nyx
Salem Nyx 2 hours ago
Am I the only one who has seen this video before everyone realizes it was Billie like I wanted this idk 2-3 years ago
Magali Peralta
Magali Peralta 2 hours ago
cute billie eilish ! - your fans
Zinedin Javadd
Zinedin Javadd 2 hours ago
Un temón ❤️❤️❤️
david mercado
david mercado 2 hours ago
Anyone from december 2050 , the pollution makes us go to the moon, i live there
NatyLolita 2 hours ago
It’s crazy to me that it took her only 3 yrs to get to where she is, and she thinks it wasn’t fast.
Annalise Cartwright
i love how one of them just falls on the floor and you see her face its hysterical but she quickly hides it and keeps going lmao 🤣
Annalise Cartwright
off her mouth lmao
It'z gacha raffy
It'z gacha raffy 2 hours ago
Melisa jimen
Melisa jimen 2 hours ago
I ❤️ YOU 😻😍
antonio Jose filho
antonio Jose filho 3 hours ago
Minha linda 🤩
Marina Miranda
Marina Miranda 3 hours ago
Amores da minha vida❤
melissa Dizmang
melissa Dizmang 3 hours ago
Ok everyone has been talking bout it so here I am
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood 3 hours ago
*Pause the video and click on all of these:* 0:01 0:02 0:03 0:04 0:05 0:06 0:07 0:08 0:09 0:10 0:11 0:12
Kemmi Love
Kemmi Love 3 hours ago
I feel like her friends are gonna say ‘You think your a saint?” Or like “you think your better than me now?” Or something like that
Doge Charger
Doge Charger 3 hours ago
Arxabella 3 hours ago
wow, imagine being talented at 14.
Rudy Rivera
Rudy Rivera 3 hours ago
Billie u are brave to have dose 8 legged creatures on u!
Victoria Young
Victoria Young 3 hours ago
Even at this age she was light years ahead of the other girl. Flawless.
Nancyjo Russell
Nancyjo Russell 3 hours ago
Billie: knock knock Autotune: who is there Billie: Autotune Autotune:Autotune who Billie: exactly 😂
Rubina Kokab
Rubina Kokab 3 hours ago
Did she actually put that spider in her mouth🤢
DiamondZee E
DiamondZee E 3 hours ago
She was born with ocean eyes.
Go pocoloco
Go pocoloco 3 hours ago
Sander and Robbe😭
Deborah BOYETTE 3 hours ago
Wow so impressive and takes alot of strength...well done!!!
Fletch 3 hours ago
1:54 spider in mouth
Rebeca Ilarion
Rebeca Ilarion 3 hours ago
Chica loca me agradas 😈😎
Hunt Fish
Hunt Fish 3 hours ago
Perfect song for a girl with the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen!!!!!
Haley Nicole
Haley Nicole 3 hours ago
Okay but when I took photos with a tarantula I was told to keep its butt away from my face because they do the porcupine thing??? And it feels like fiberglass???
LT 3 hours ago
Oh poor Billie in her fucking yeezys
Cristal Martinez
Cristal Martinez 3 hours ago
Chales, no c que hago en los comentarios si no hay comentarios en español :v
luna gacha
luna gacha 3 hours ago
WOW 😍😍😍
America Morales
America Morales 3 hours ago
Alguien que able español
Briana Decker
Briana Decker 4 hours ago
Producer: do you want it to be scary/ scary or do you want to be eating spiders? Billie: YESH!
Maria Ramirez
Maria Ramirez 4 hours ago
How are u not afraid of spiders
Deliquit 4 hours ago
am i the only who thinks this but i think she made this vid for views 🤣 dont get me wrong i love billie
mariquita7896 4 hours ago
this is her first vidio
Victor Camacho
Victor Camacho 4 hours ago
OMG so cute
Taelys 4 hours ago
Ce sont de fausses araignées hein ? 😅 Sinon j'aime trop la musique et toi évidemment Billie ☺️
Dark Master
Dark Master 4 hours ago
Alguien que sepa español, me siento solo entre tantos de habla inglesa
la Rivers
la Rivers 4 hours ago
pelo sombra
pelo sombra 4 hours ago
La araña solo queria picar :"v
Gabriel Barré
Gabriel Barré 4 hours ago
I'm 18. And she looks older than me when she was 13 than me at 18 now
Eva Wu
Eva Wu 4 hours ago
We love u Billie Eilish!
Bonnie Kunstfrau
Bonnie Kunstfrau 4 hours ago
I'm just gonna say: 1:55
tea 4 hours ago
Why are black people afraid of chainsaws Run niganiganiganiga
Phobos 4 hours ago
Really like this song!
PizzaSallad 4 hours ago
SlyArtË 4 hours ago
This track is a perfect soundtrack for a porn
Кристина Атажанова
Недавно было 24 млн подпищиков
Kaylee Kiser
Kaylee Kiser 5 hours ago
On 1:36 she said 👁👅👁
Camila Palma
Camila Palma 5 hours ago
Funny Billie is wearing a red blouse and is hanging from a turquoise ribbon and Simone has a turquoise blouse and is hanging from a blue ribbon 😂
Sackiema Fennerty
Sackiema Fennerty 5 hours ago
Beautiful song. My husband has ocean eyes❤❤❤
Gary McKechnie Television
She and Finneas are the Karen and Richard Carpenter of the 21st Century.
elektronik BP
elektronik BP 5 hours ago
Billie at 13: make this song Me at 13: listen this song (now)
Dani F
Dani F 5 hours ago
gatto pardo
gatto pardo 5 hours ago
The Brother I' ve always wanted....! Bravo guys!
Yunna chan ꧂
Yunna chan ꧂ 5 hours ago
Algum Br???
Pikachu Fofucha jujuba
‘-‘ i love this dance of Billie ;-;
Ana Paula Silva
Ana Paula Silva 5 hours ago
Quem é brasileiro e ama billi eilish da um like
matron minor
matron minor 5 hours ago
Fifa 17😍😍😍😍
Timer 5 hours ago
Can we just respect and think about the talent that she has when she only 13 or 14 its crazy if you think about it