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C3ank Hour ago
tjay jay
tjay jay Hour ago
12:19 that laugh
Jente Zijlstra
Why tf is Simon wearing crocs?!
Undoubted BTW
Undoubted BTW Hour ago
I’m always confused which team Hugh wizzy is on😂
hi Hour ago
Let’s wear black and white and not tell Simon
Suraj Sridhar
Suraj Sridhar Hour ago
Petition to unbleep Harry
That Guy
That Guy Hour ago
I thought interstellar was shit might have to watch it again to check
Michael Skelton
No we know why Ethan got a beard it’s so his mum would love him
Hannah Waagsholm Rønstad
They don't know sigrid??
Ryan Hour ago
Behz has a cheek to say Harry is a cheater
Come Melbourne Callux, you get weather of all types from cold to hot. It was the worlds most liveable city for a decade as well!
ZAC ELDER Hour ago
5:36 look at Simon, that was a clean transition
zaYn jaVed
zaYn jaVed Hour ago
So callux is basically an unofficial member of sidemen.
Josh Robinson
Josh Robinson Hour ago
At least his not the only one who don’t like Americans
Prema Panneer
Prema Panneer Hour ago
The og 5
Micheal D11
Micheal D11 Hour ago
Play monopoly
Ross Hendry
Ross Hendry Hour ago
Shouts to Joji
Arrowlad Hopkins
My baby brother had cancer twice
Rylan Pucko
Rylan Pucko 2 hours ago
Tobi starting to sound a little like Tobi at 20:28 ...
Darkenserminer 2 hours ago
finish the diss g
Gracie Brewer
Gracie Brewer 2 hours ago
Mt top 3 diss tracks 1. Simon's 2. Ethan's 3. Harry's
Michael Silvestri
Michael Silvestri 2 hours ago
17:09 this is funny to watch now
Stephen Creighton
Stephen Creighton 2 hours ago
For wing, why didn't they say left or right? They all play football?
Eline 2 hours ago
ethan at the end, you can punch me if you want, thats what makes him real man
wdfw fwfw
wdfw fwfw 2 hours ago
pls do more of this videos!⭐️⭐️⭐️
Jun Wei Goh
Jun Wei Goh 2 hours ago
19:57 And that is where shannon briggs learnt his catchphrase
TheReal Bwcrew08
TheReal Bwcrew08 2 hours ago
Size Ten isn’t even big that’s uk average. I’ve got size twelve feet
Re1iCz ll
Re1iCz ll 2 hours ago
Australia gang 🇭🇲🇭🇲 Or in JJ's case 🇳🇿🇳🇿
Syme 2 hours ago
Simon just casually in Crocks
Baz Queen
Baz Queen 2 hours ago
Australia is very hot but the fish is good😂😂
Eline 2 hours ago
come live in amsterdam cal!
Sarcastic Brit
Sarcastic Brit 2 hours ago
"You were asking for quite a lot." "I had cancer, Harry." Fucking killed me lmfaooo
magnus rosenkilde
magnus rosenkilde 2 hours ago
denmark is my city
julia -I love SEX:* TAP ON MY PHOTO:*
*Who knows you*
Tommaso Friz
Tommaso Friz 3 hours ago
Vikk being already tiny chooses Aquaman
Raven Mane
Raven Mane 3 hours ago
rn in australia qld and nsw are having some of the biggest bushfires recorded there with over 150 houses fucked and a handful of people dead thats a yikes, in perth rn this week today was 37, tomorrow is 36 then 39 then 40 and then next week will average about 33 degrees this is in celcius. And oh yeah, we have a masive ass hole gaping right above us in the ozone layer so be fucking prepared
Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah 3 hours ago
I didn’t know I clicked on another roast sidemen video.
TweedleDumAndDee 3 hours ago
I like how Harry called out Ethan for his kiss, first thing I thought of aswell
JHolland 3 hours ago
My guy Jj was confident , got the W , easy good shit
JHolland 3 hours ago
Ksi confident here , was a draw , still basically won lol
• Pouya •
• Pouya • 3 hours ago
19:51 let’s go champ
Swag Lord
Swag Lord 3 hours ago
Callux what’s the difference between Sarah and Cancer? One of them is coming back
Austin 2k-_-
Austin 2k-_- 3 hours ago
BladeXsmasher 3 hours ago
When your favourite USvidrs diss your country. 😭😭😭 big up Australia 🇦🇺
Lewis Catlin
Lewis Catlin 3 hours ago
VIkk defo copies Ethan with the phone question, looks at Ethan’s board then writes the number 😂
Harrison Davis Khan
I would really love to see a video about how well the sidemen know Callux Said no one ever
Steakandcheese 3 hours ago
Holy shit the girl at 3:40 is so beautiful
shab 3 hours ago
Denmark 🇩🇰🇩🇰 12:22
Mghool4ever 3 hours ago
Favorite porn category They should've said patient doctor role play
Ryan Parsons
Ryan Parsons 3 hours ago
That smudge on the lens makes me nervous
Matthew Houchin
Matthew Houchin 3 hours ago
Don’t move anywhere in Australia tho, move to kangaroo island 🦘
Matthew Houchin
Matthew Houchin 3 hours ago
Big up australia 🇦🇺
Gaming With Jackson138
#stop vic about
nasti nas
nasti nas 3 hours ago
Love the crocs Simon
tbomber37 Smith
tbomber37 Smith 3 hours ago
The funny’s out of all of them is Ksi Ethen Simon
Marzbarz Vlogz
Marzbarz Vlogz 3 hours ago
7:24 ksi is a ...
Roisin Sutton
Roisin Sutton 3 hours ago
8:30 mins in and I just realised Simon is wearing yellow crocs ... proud supporter of the crocs life!
Oh 3 hours ago
*Callux arrives in Australia news reporter "there has been a sudden increase in bushfires, please be aware"
ItsMe Connor
ItsMe Connor 3 hours ago
Callux: "What's my favourite porn category?" My brain: child
chocco. 4 hours ago
Its fucking freezing here in AU atm
Mindza 4 hours ago
Logan Paul Joe Weller Harry Ethan NetNobody Quadeca Dax 7:56
eddie petruzziello
eddie petruzziello 4 hours ago
Any1 watching from Australia?
aquatic— ice
aquatic— ice 4 hours ago
simon nice crocks
Trent 4 hours ago
Vik dissing Australia 😡
EzyCreation 4 hours ago
How could you bully the Australians like that
Console God
Console God 4 hours ago
They on their 20s and they still friends . That’s crazy I only have 2 friends since little lol
KINGYOLO786 YOLO 4 hours ago
Jimmy Hooper
Jimmy Hooper 4 hours ago
We do still have winter here in aus guys 😢
SLNT_Deaat h
SLNT_Deaat h 4 hours ago
No one: Simon: is on the stage with crocks
Michael ZIPEVSKI 4 hours ago
Callux is welcome in Australia
DimitarM12 4 hours ago
13:05 can this guy now say "stfu" to KSI? :D
Anna- I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :*
uestion: What sport is Callum actually good at? The right answer: cell division
Dylan Phillips
Dylan Phillips 2 hours ago
No thot bot allowed
Glad Games
Glad Games 2 hours ago
Fuck off with the copied comment T H O T
Fawaz 3 hours ago
Jack Light
Jack Light 4 hours ago
ryan stuckey
ryan stuckey 4 hours ago
I love how JJ knows Callux more than any of the Sidemen even more than the dude he's known since year 7 😆
Ricardo Milos
Ricardo Milos 4 hours ago
Joe Weller next?
Shaq n Bake
Shaq n Bake 4 hours ago
Where’s my Australian blokes at
Alex Risetto
Alex Risetto 4 hours ago
*cries in Australian*
oscar murray
oscar murray 4 hours ago
@13:20 Nah, I'm in agreeance with Callux here. Australia is a great place to live
Ryex 4 hours ago
1:57 “u mad” *falls off*
sanga vids
sanga vids 4 hours ago
10:11 anybody else felt that??
Sarah Ward
Sarah Ward 4 hours ago
Cal, half of Australia is on fucking fire
My opinion is invalid, but Thot
Ahh we’re fine down here *sweats in 40* C heat*
Liquid ICE
Liquid ICE 4 hours ago
callux has one wonky trim. has his hair only just grown back or something
Zainal Mustakim
Zainal Mustakim 4 hours ago
Sidemen pls stop being friends with callux
Zainal Mustakim
Zainal Mustakim 4 hours ago
Istg i hate callux so much! Dead content!
Australia is fuckin great
R7_ Saeed
R7_ Saeed 4 hours ago
Best channel
Luke Spazzaro
Luke Spazzaro 4 hours ago
Bruh sorry callux don’t think you wanna come to Australia anymore Yesterday was 37 degrees Celsius And were on fire lmao literally
Deza Edradan
Deza Edradan 4 hours ago
Whats the forst aong name
Nayaaz 5 hours ago
tobi is such a cheater
Alex Banks
Alex Banks 5 hours ago
Simons shoes😳
Lee&Sav 5 hours ago
Aditos 5 hours ago
it only HOT in the world ,not in the HELL yet
Jack 5 hours ago
how can simon think he looks good in yellow croks, what an atrocity
Argentum Silver
Argentum Silver 5 hours ago
26:00 tobi's kettle boy reference makes sense now bc of that $100,000 in one hour video
Justin_0907_ 5 hours ago
Who's here after JJ beat Logan ;)
Rafiqi Haqimi
Rafiqi Haqimi 5 hours ago
How did it get from *plane* to *nandos*
Aleisha may
Aleisha may 5 hours ago
Im not the only one who is half way through the video and only just realised simon is wearing bright yellow crocs right?...
Samad Raihan
Samad Raihan 5 hours ago
Ethan said soo many cancer jokes ... But one Harry joke changed it alll!!
Holly Sofini
Holly Sofini 5 hours ago