HI BABES! I'm Lauren, your DIY-obsessed bestie that is all about creativity, glitter & petting dogs. Welcome to the #prettylittlelaur fam!!
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I'm jealous of him
7 months ago
my new hair
9 months ago
10 months ago
Kacie K
Kacie K 10 hours ago
I hate pants. -LaurDIY 2019
Lesley Rowland
Lesley Rowland 10 hours ago
qna are some of my favorite types of vids and wished youtubers did more of them
Nadia Begum
Nadia Begum 10 hours ago
Me: How much crop tops do you need girll?!?! Lauren:Every single one Me: ok then
Lyla Zanjani
Lyla Zanjani 10 hours ago
I love your channel sooo much never stop filming 💙💛❤️💜♥️🧡💗🦄🙃💖🙃
jay lee
jay lee 10 hours ago
No offense but why do you go to therapy Sorry this is my first vid on this channel
Addy White
Addy White 10 hours ago
Am I the only one who learned how to draw a good snow flake lol 😂
Rafiu Bahar
Rafiu Bahar 10 hours ago
the iceacle can be a gif
Ryan Lane 579
Ryan Lane 579 10 hours ago
You do realize you have to go back to Alex‘s house and film A gingerbread decorating competition video with him
Skyla who?
Skyla who? 10 hours ago
13:00 - 13:03 i died😂😂💀
Emma Loveless
Emma Loveless 10 hours ago
Lauren’s is awesome and so cute
Aspen Toussaint
Aspen Toussaint 10 hours ago
You can see over pins. I repeat you CAN
Freebird Trimboli
Freebird Trimboli 10 hours ago
I am a ♌️ I was born in August I love the shirt were did you get it
Arhama Jawwad
Arhama Jawwad 10 hours ago
WE *NEED* "aaaaaaand contact" MERCHH
Olivya Seymour
Olivya Seymour 10 hours ago
That was a nail for sure
Olivya Seymour
Olivya Seymour 10 hours ago
You nailed it for sure
D B 10 hours ago
I'm a Leo
Ralica Chervenkova
Ralica Chervenkova 10 hours ago
From where did you buy that tshirt!Love iiit ! 💖💖
CadyHorseLover 10 hours ago
Lol you can see the heart ornament at 5:26 Props to you for trying Laur lol
Isabel Gee
Isabel Gee 10 hours ago
The icicle looks like a shiny turd
Skylar King
Skylar King 10 hours ago
OMG where did you get that shirt I’m a Leo
Katie Foland
Katie Foland 10 hours ago
The Ice sickle mascara looks like a glittery poop
Paola ocasio fan page Ash
xxMoon Reeperxx
xxMoon Reeperxx 10 hours ago
Riyanna Al-Rashideh
Riyanna Al-Rashideh 10 hours ago
Do a part to with trying to make a cute dress or a modern outfit
Jenna Oostland
Jenna Oostland 10 hours ago
the icicle thing looks like a sparkly turd...
T.T UNICORN 10 hours ago
I love ❤️ #hoLAURdays
Helena Garrels
Helena Garrels 10 hours ago
The mascara before white it look like a pickle🥒
The Weird Life
The Weird Life 10 hours ago
For the marshmallow bread you should have just sewed the while thing together lol
Molly Beals
Molly Beals 11 hours ago
Wait your a leo too
Aiyanna Cruz
Aiyanna Cruz 11 hours ago
In thought in the video ur gonna be with a troom troom person or smth like that
Lacie’s music
Lacie’s music 11 hours ago
JC for sure!!!!
My life as Tatum
My life as Tatum 11 hours ago
Lauren you are a Leo ???
Asmr Studio
Asmr Studio 11 hours ago
Omg that is so good
Casey BTS
Casey BTS 11 hours ago
I love your rings and bracelets
Haylie Lucas
Haylie Lucas 11 hours ago
Am I the only one that would let laurdiy tattoo me? 😂🤔
Maddie Cash
Maddie Cash 11 hours ago
who else feels like she’s been at 8.99 million subscribers forever?!
Jennie Kim
Jennie Kim 11 hours ago
Troom Troom is a weird diying USvid channel.
Maya Arkay
Maya Arkay 11 hours ago
No one: Lauren: Ahhhhhhhhhh
M B 11 hours ago
How watches scary and Halloween movies on Christmas.
Esther Parsley
Esther Parsley 11 hours ago
You are so talented, Lauren
Alexia Heyn
Alexia Heyn 11 hours ago
the icicle looked like a pickle at first 😂
Aaralyn Castro
Aaralyn Castro 11 hours ago
Anyone in December of 2019☹️
Gemma 11 hours ago
It’s literally 10 days til Christmas 😂😂
Jazmin Garcia
Jazmin Garcia 11 hours ago
At 1:09 😔😔
Jazmin Garcia
Jazmin Garcia 11 hours ago
He said they were going to together forever 😔😭
Cindy Nguyen
Cindy Nguyen 11 hours ago
Love how the time lapses of her Santa beard are just of her eating the marshmallows 😂
How Not To
How Not To 11 hours ago
The first one she did works with puffy paint, and they stick to windows
Mydi & Mariam
Mydi & Mariam 11 hours ago
Girl where did u get the shirt tho...... it's cute
Erin Hunter
Erin Hunter 11 hours ago
What holo did she use? There's no link
Amanda Thurman
Amanda Thurman 11 hours ago
90% of comments: things that Lauren says/ said the other 10%: this is how many---- ⬇️⬇️⬇️
Ivy Marie Rivero
Ivy Marie Rivero 11 hours ago
12:00 that is a pickle
Vanessa October
Vanessa October 11 hours ago
R u a Leo too ???
Miss Odd1
Miss Odd1 11 hours ago
Hallooooooo merry early Christmas!
AVA WDOVICHIK 11 hours ago
Gab won
Liliana Sanchez
Liliana Sanchez 11 hours ago
All u could do is covered al w bling for the mascara "hack"
Emily Mclean
Emily Mclean 11 hours ago
You should have cristine in one of your videos
Morgan Michos
Morgan Michos 11 hours ago
I love this video and all but I kinda miss the more casual, diy gifts and crafts that we can make with you🥺🎄
Emily Mclean
Emily Mclean 11 hours ago
Hami 1O1
Hami 1O1 11 hours ago
I had fun watching 😂
J R 11 hours ago
I’ve watched this at least 10 times THIS WEEK
Abby R
Abby R 11 hours ago
On behalf of Kentucky it’s okay to cut it
katherine jones
katherine jones 11 hours ago
I love it if you do to like this comment jk don't have to
Nitya Batchu
Nitya Batchu 11 hours ago
“What is a troom troom “ - Lauren 2019
Her Highness
Her Highness 11 hours ago
Nobody: Lauren: How much glue do you need Also Lauren: Yes I am unable to can.
Natalie Vieyra
Natalie Vieyra 11 hours ago
At 22:01 you can see the next craft already on the tree when I saw it I was like welp now I know what happens next 😢btw ilysm 💞❄️✨💎🌼
Orlaith Hardcastle
Orlaith Hardcastle 11 hours ago
I love ur videos Lauren u are very creative and talented and also my star sign is leo tooo !!!!!😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀'
Nelah Marie
Nelah Marie 11 hours ago
She didn’t shake dem to swoosh the rest of the painttttt
Sofi Lynn
Sofi Lynn 11 hours ago
The icicle looked like a glitter poop or smtg...
Lily Gunther
Lily Gunther 11 hours ago
That painting is AWESOME!!! I wish I could do that!!
Thea Wilson
Thea Wilson 12 hours ago
I love the fact u have a dragon blow dryer 😂😂😂
Mystery Gaming
Mystery Gaming 12 hours ago
The most diy thing I’m doing this Christmas is red and green nails 😂
Tracy Lukegord-Hayes
Lauren be like what is the acting for Troom Troom I have so many questions mat be like I like it
Juliaunna Jackson
Juliaunna Jackson 12 hours ago
Why does the icicle mascara look like a Holo poop
jazcara maxvoysey
jazcara maxvoysey 12 hours ago
I was looking for the holo powder in the description box but I couldn't find it
Maddie Peska
Maddie Peska 12 hours ago
Troom troom= anxiety
Carla Winther
Carla Winther 12 hours ago
The mascara just looks like a pickle, before it got painted. you should have kept it that way
rosi6912 12 hours ago
Posted: 1 min ago. 483rd comment
BS 06
BS 06 12 hours ago
Why does the mascara with hot glue, before she painted it, remind me of pickle Rick from Rick and morty 😂
maisy fournier
maisy fournier 12 hours ago
i have the same hat as you!!
Alyssa Benson
Alyssa Benson 12 hours ago
This is irrelevant to the video, but I love how you kind of grew up with your audience. I watched you when I was younger and I still love you now!
Ciara s
Ciara s 12 hours ago
Can we just take a moment to appreciate Laurens freakin eyebrows like wow girl those are goals literal goals
Alexia Heyn
Alexia Heyn 12 hours ago
Saige Byers
Saige Byers 12 hours ago
Icicle? More like sparkly turd.. 😂
s v
s v 12 hours ago
Because ♌ is my zodiac sign
junky possum
junky possum 12 hours ago
Troom troom is another language and I'm guessing the people that w that made wanted people that speak English to hear it so i guess they don't know how to speak English so they put it in a robot voice and that's troom troom for you
s v
s v 12 hours ago
Is ♌ your zodiac sign
Mackenzie Newman
Mackenzie Newman 12 hours ago
When they filmed the snowflake on the tree you could see the other ornament that she made with the heart cookie cutter
Lilly-Mae Goodman
Lilly-Mae Goodman 12 hours ago
Lauren as a student in collage who is doing fashion/textiles i can confirm that you can sew over pins as long as they are put in so when you sew over them the back of the pins is on the bottom so it looks like you're sewing over nothing <3
bobo smith
bobo smith 12 hours ago
Give it up sorry girl you don't look that good at all let the nice looking women do it you stay out of it
Uaex Reporters
Uaex Reporters 12 hours ago
Love your diy
Renata Hendricks
Renata Hendricks 12 hours ago
laur and pop
Jessica Pharr
Jessica Pharr 12 hours ago
Love your shirt (i am a leo)
Rose Harwood
Rose Harwood 12 hours ago
The icey mascara looks like a glittering poop. 😂
Nevaeh Daniels
Nevaeh Daniels 12 hours ago
Am i the only one that seen the heart when she hung up the snow flake before she even made it???.....still lover her tho
Lottie 12 hours ago
The mascara one looked like a rainbow dandruff poop
Phoebe fawkes
Phoebe fawkes 12 hours ago
Leo the lion !!!! Love the shirt! Leo babes!!!!
K J 12 hours ago
"I should have left it!!" Continues to spray paint it
Aubree Allen
Aubree Allen 12 hours ago
Holosexuals are gonna roast you for that snowflake but love you😂
zhara harney
zhara harney 12 hours ago
20:04 cue Lauren’s evil laugh 😂❤️❤️❤️