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Team Edge
Team Edge
This is a channel where we do nothing but competitions and challenges and act like idiots while doing it! We love Jesus and live to make his name known. USvid has given us a great opportunity to do that! All are welcome and loved so we hope you'll stay awhile, but don't spend your whole life on USvid! Go smell a leaf or something!
Philippians 3:20- "But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ"
Catnip Kittie5
Catnip Kittie5 5 minutes ago
"We dont like participation awards" thats uhhhh...... thats not what a tie is fam. A participation award would be like if you gave last place a prize. Like, "we dont like ties here" thats fine u do u but ties arent participation awards. It just means the first 2 places were equal. Which obvi in this case i get why you dont like them since theres literally only 3 of you, but yknow, u dont gotta do an big misinformation.
Need you now
Need you now 14 minutes ago
5 views 22 likes your life and USvid is a lie Team edge I love you guys so much and you always make my day. When a new video is done ✅ I click on it as fast as possible
Mie Tabula
Mie Tabula 19 minutes ago
9:53 i remember when its j fred birthday
Zahid Hossain
Zahid Hossain 22 minutes ago
If bear grylls die no promblem there is another beargrylls J-fred cux bothare weird and eat insects and has no fear
Purple Pig
Purple Pig 28 minutes ago
What about the -500 points at the start?
Faiz Ramadhan
Faiz Ramadhan 31 minute ago
Try bring Matt, we miss him
Grace Alexandrea
Grace Alexandrea 33 minutes ago
Moey won because they actually worked together.
Dr3ad 3Y3
Dr3ad 3Y3 58 minutes ago
Yess come to Aotearoa aka new zealand
Need you now
Need you now 13 minutes ago
Like old time .... i wish matt is here its like 4 brother now :)
Michael Paul
Michael Paul Hour ago
Joey takes out every hot sauce challenge from that one day 😆he quit
Purple Pig
Purple Pig Hour ago
Rip team edge
Butterwarrior 150
Did anyone else hear Bryan say f**k at 12:31?
Austin welsh
Austin welsh Hour ago
kaye Maniquez
kaye Maniquez Hour ago
Make a basketball game again
Belinda Clarke
alfred silaban
Just bring matt back bro....just one episode thats all i ask
Frontal Lobe
Frontal Lobe 2 hours ago
i live in zew zealand boiiiiiiii
Googly Eyes
Googly Eyes 2 hours ago
Who in here is a BTS fan?? Cause I am. :)
Lilly Jarick
Lilly Jarick 2 hours ago
who here misses Mathias on this channel? not saying go don't like you guys just it was extremely funny with Mathias.
Divine God
Divine God 2 hours ago
Can we see the rest of the answer from the Family Feud game
gaming cube
gaming cube 2 hours ago
FortniteJedi 07
FortniteJedi 07 2 hours ago
Joeys whole body flinched on the first one
MARIO game
MARIO game 2 hours ago
Keith’s Vlog Channel
6:50 oh I just burped out fire Brian said I SEE WATER I said
Puna Seumanutafa
Puna Seumanutafa 2 hours ago
I live in NZ and it's beautiful 🇳🇿🇳🇿
Gurpinder Garcha
Gurpinder Garcha 3 hours ago
I love team edge
flamejay10 3 hours ago
8:05 J Fred: 5 down. Thats 5 right? *Bryan winks* that's not 5!?
Kelly Wilkinson
Kelly Wilkinson 3 hours ago
Is fun to whach
Tigerous 3 hours ago
Bobby dumb af
Julius Edwards
Julius Edwards 3 hours ago
Why would u need suits or something if u want someone to get hurt
Elisha Gilmore
Elisha Gilmore 4 hours ago
I dunno why but I thought Eric was Bryan's brother along with Kevin and Marvin. Is he a cousin or something?
Theo llanto
Theo llanto 4 hours ago
Get on up there jeffry
Super Panda Sage
Super Panda Sage 4 hours ago
Lol were thos smash sound effects i hear during the elimination wall?
fierce942grape 4 hours ago
Team Edge i didn't get the pun
WhereIsZach Playz
WhereIsZach Playz 4 hours ago
3:43 J-Fred tried to cheat but Bobby got him
JOSE makes videos
JOSE makes videos 4 hours ago
The funk bros were there
Alex Chatterton19
Alex Chatterton19 4 hours ago
you guys want to go to new Zealand I live in new Zealand
Flavio1d 4 hours ago
Team Edge Members: Bryan J-Fred Bobby
Aggy _Prisme
Aggy _Prisme 4 hours ago
If u put Kevin Marvin and Bryan in the same shirt and look at them from behind they all look the same
Rebekah Smith
Rebekah Smith 4 hours ago
I come from New Zealand so I feel appreciated! Kia ora ( thank you In maori)
Zeta Barber
Zeta Barber 4 hours ago
Omg I live in New Zealand you should definitely come here
Grace Poulton
Grace Poulton 4 hours ago
i live in New Zealand its nice But I want To Go To...Hawaii =^=
KiroWolf Gaming
KiroWolf Gaming 4 hours ago
Poor Marvin has to fall on legos
Lil Bradster
Lil Bradster 5 hours ago
This was posted on my bday 😄🥳🤩
Ben Duchscherer
Ben Duchscherer 5 hours ago
This is a good video and Cali makes it twice as good
TheMeltingMan1 5 hours ago
My fat ass thought they shoved a big ol chunk of salmon in the tee shirt cannon
TheMeltingMan1 5 hours ago
The more i look at that contraption the more i realize i havent got a clue how that thing would work
Mining Days
Mining Days 5 hours ago
Like old time .... i wish matt is here its like 4 brother now :)
merder sans
merder sans 5 hours ago
What if they did some anime thing where they grab onto each other and throw throw the other person up 😂👌 Sorry I’m a weeb
Aziqir Ahadi Putra Azri
Gunner is cheating
MariaCristina Green
Yeah Brian we were voting for you we are so glad you won you are favorite person from Team Edge
Genny Jeffs
Genny Jeffs 5 hours ago
Put make-up on rest of end of the game for the punishment
Michelle Conway
Michelle Conway 5 hours ago
A carrot 🥕
Owen Collins
Owen Collins 5 hours ago
7:44 j Fred mouthing “elephant”
Makyah Weathers
Makyah Weathers 5 hours ago
This video is horrible he cheating and it’s annoying
Satvik Chauhan
Satvik Chauhan 5 hours ago
This is how many people like Brayan | | | \/
OfficerAmuricun Gaming
Ah yes, das Bible is good book, good reviews, and bye the best author THE LORD IN HEAVEN, anyways, God bless you guys, keep up the EPIC videos Bois,ight imma head out
XxbloodbonexX1 6 hours ago
I hope Bobby has learned to wear a cup during any shoot.
Brazian Bunch
Brazian Bunch 6 hours ago
This is like my 20 time whatching this is so good
Ithmiths 6 hours ago
I temember when these were better
Maisa dos santos ramos
Laila grenade
Laila grenade 6 hours ago
This is the old days when times were good
Laila grenade
Laila grenade 6 hours ago
Ah the old days
The Illumanati Will Find You
I love team edge because its a channel I can always comeback to after not watching for a while and its still amzazing
Kayle and Miaja
Kayle and Miaja 6 hours ago
J Fred didn’t flinch
MDoyle626 6 hours ago
Can't you not with the dumb religious crap thanks would hate to see this channel end up like rekt :)
PixelThePolar .K
PixelThePolar .K 6 hours ago
Bryan Italian voice:”it doesn’t matter if I saw it I won’t get it right” Lol too funny
Danger Dash
Danger Dash 6 hours ago
Did any one notice that j Fred was randomly eating peppers?
Jesse Cisneros
Jesse Cisneros 6 hours ago
He still have his shoes after he hides it 🤦‍♂️
Jonathan Nate
Jonathan Nate 6 hours ago
Joey just say you have bird poopoo on your dish
tia500 6 hours ago
Thought it was semen in the balloon 🤣
Jo Z
Jo Z 6 hours ago
I would hide by the wall at the front door. They would walk right past me
Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown 7 hours ago
but its funnier to see other people suffer
Richmoney Boi
Richmoney Boi 7 hours ago
They said they had to smash the hair dryer but they didn't finish off the ipad
Indestructible?! Random
The real loser is the person that had to fill these up
paige mcniece
paige mcniece 7 hours ago
12:56, when he said NZ I felt that bc ima kiwi and also when he said "gorges" awwwwww man,
Leroy Jenkins
Leroy Jenkins 7 hours ago
Bobby cheats
john diggles
john diggles 7 hours ago
13:45 killed me
Hi Me
Hi Me 7 hours ago
I misss Connor 😭
Anton Colamonici
Anton Colamonici 7 hours ago
Really appreciated the bible questions. Keep it up team edge!
nerick and luigi
nerick and luigi 7 hours ago
Jeff omg
Indestructible?! Random
I feel like jeopardy isn’t how you spell it , but I’m illiterate
chickenwang Murschell
Ice baths are easy
Casey Adams
Casey Adams 7 hours ago
I subscribed
Dexrex Gaming YT
Dexrex Gaming YT 7 hours ago
The green screen edits tho lol!
Donavon Truelove
Donavon Truelove 7 hours ago
Is the answer to the wash down question flash flood
Glenn Watson III
Glenn Watson III 7 hours ago
Nike Willsea
Nike Willsea 7 hours ago
Bobby is sooo cute!!!
Genny Jeffs
Genny Jeffs 7 hours ago
Read team
Victor Tran
Victor Tran 7 hours ago
Probably the whole video is Bryan saying "FORTNITE FORTNITE"
RNG Bandit
RNG Bandit 7 hours ago
0:13 I am selling replay buttons 1 like each
alex wright
alex wright 7 hours ago
Comment like a hundred comments so umm “like a hundred comments”
Slython 7 hours ago
The “no no spot” is the wiener, isn’t it
Daniel Clayton
Daniel Clayton 7 hours ago
I thought the Edge Games were coming back?