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This is a channel where we do nothing but competitions and challenges and act like idiots while doing it! We love Jesus and live to make his name known. USvid has given us a great opportunity to do that! All are welcome and loved so we hope you'll stay awhile, but don't spend your whole life on USvid! Go smell a leaf or something!
Philippians 3:20- "But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ"
The Edge Games!!
3 months ago
SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob SquarePants 18 minutes ago
The hat had one piece of paper
XxGamer_ Darkness
XxGamer_ Darkness 22 minutes ago
9:22 did anyone notice the head behind Joey
Eric Bichel
Eric Bichel 23 minutes ago
Bryan be like this a righty stick Me there is no curve
Adam Caveda
Adam Caveda 24 minutes ago
do a demalicon dearby thiger eght chaling with demalicing dearby cars with paint.
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody 26 minutes ago
J Fred got that W in the last second
Anthony Albright
Anthony Albright 28 minutes ago
End of the video it turn into a war lmao
CrustyTheMoist 28 minutes ago
"Thats why I am single" 3 years later, now married
a perwitasari
a perwitasari 29 minutes ago
can you guys pls download overdox its a realy fun game
Abody25 29 minutes ago
I thought Matthias came back but it was joey:)
Cal3b _playz
Cal3b _playz 30 minutes ago
I feel you bobby
Decyfer 31 minute ago
just a heads up team edge, the lower you are the closer you are to the center if gravity giving you the edge in tug of war
Aubrey Hester
Aubrey Hester 33 minutes ago
bryan: i can’t look down or i will lose my balance -looks down-
Everything Derp
Everything Derp 34 minutes ago
I’m hoping for gunner 2020
chococookie 38 minutes ago
i wish cory was in more challenges
niky and ingrid
niky and ingrid 42 minutes ago
Did Bobby say f******
Pijus zuikutis
Pijus zuikutis 46 minutes ago
I never seen roi with team edge
Pijus zuikutis
Pijus zuikutis 47 minutes ago
What about Guava juice
milaytube 48 minutes ago
i say he did not flinch
Gaming with Carter
Gaming with Carter 49 minutes ago
0:52 Team Bob-Fred
pajcin Todor
pajcin Todor 53 minutes ago
Akash Kumar
Akash Kumar 54 minutes ago
10:34 Ladies and gelman
Venice Nguyen
Venice Nguyen 57 minutes ago
This had 2 mistakes When blue team scored they gave them 3 points and when red team scored their points stay the same
Ryder Schroeder-Theoret
Isn’t dropping people off a building illegal
Venice Nguyen
Venice Nguyen Hour ago
"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."
Venice Nguyen
Venice Nguyen Hour ago
"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."
Get on your faceeee
Wolfgang Bartlett
joey for the win
Jordan Hana Go
8:15 it is actually j-freds and Bobby’s point because Bryan touched it and that was a touch
Christopher Drain
Me and my family are from Canada Bobby. And to fix you bobby, Canada is better!
Karol Molendowski
I'm laughing so much when bobbie says Oh a kitkat
Chessey Breadsticks
I just love this channel
Sydney Fouts
Sydney Fouts Hour ago
bryan why did you give jfred a minus point??????????
karol zajkowski
6:13 look at this puppies there
Say it Ain’t so
Team edge: please do a video highlighting all of the weaponry you guys use. Which paintball guns do you recommend etc.
DP vlogs
DP vlogs Hour ago
The Kobe’s dead joke is actually really bad now😬😬
DP vlogs
DP vlogs 51 minute ago
@Aaron Cyannee that is true but don’t call society a disgrace because I don’t see you going to every single funeral in the world so stfu and just watch the video
Aaron Cyannee
Aaron Cyannee 54 minutes ago
Everyday person dies, the family mourns. A celebrity though, a celebrity dies. The whole US mourns. What a disgrace.
natalietoys Hour ago
Bobby: I’m gonna use this *knife* to make a weapon! Me: Heh... *wait, what???* •_•
Lukas Ethan
Lukas Ethan Hour ago
Sooooooooo goooood
Crackhead hours
I would die for Sea Biscuit
Lukas Ethan
Lukas Ethan Hour ago
I’m a fan:)
Jacinta Moore
Jacinta Moore Hour ago
trollheaven Hour ago
Amanda Ragsdale
Cheaters gonna cheat
dale smithers
dale smithers Hour ago
He squealed like a girl
LazerChicken Yt
Why does billy always not have a mike
Kikotama 95
Kikotama 95 Hour ago
3:43 While the adultes do a puppy Olympus game, the daughters are playing in the background. Lol
Amanda Ragsdale
sniperlif3 Hour ago
Optimus Prime went over the wall on the maze. DQ
Judah Clark
Judah Clark Hour ago
bob it's bambo
The Roblox player L
1:34 my dog dose every thing she could to get her own poop I can relate
Jose C.
Jose C. 2 hours ago
Poro Bobby
random videos gameing
brayan will win
UNDEADMINER 2 hours ago
It was suppose to be a tie
Josh Jones
Josh Jones 2 hours ago
Ari Schwartz
Ari Schwartz 2 hours ago
Make sure you all subscribe to markiplier guys!
Malou Koch
Malou Koch 2 hours ago
I like when Mattias is in the vid
Skooby YT
Skooby YT 2 hours ago
If your watching this video in 2020 like this comment
stranzla Bieler
stranzla Bieler 2 hours ago
Eric:Joey just pee man Top right korner says:Eric you fool Also im a Big Fan
Alex Rose
Alex Rose 2 hours ago
Poor J-Fred...he gets hit in the crotch...and I feel bad for the others too!
DARK FANG 2 hours ago
I’m making ramen while I’m watching this and you got shot by Ramen BOBBY
Mubarak Al ajmi
Mubarak Al ajmi 2 hours ago
6:09 matt being sarcastic
Gacha Teacup
Gacha Teacup 2 hours ago
Bobby brings out knife* I'll make a weapon out of soap BECAUSE I DONT HAVE A WEAPON Me: YOU HAVE A FREAKING WEAPON
Matěj Vaněček
Matěj Vaněček 2 hours ago
Fxcit 2 hours ago
Watching in 2023 team edge is gone
Noah Blackburn
Noah Blackburn 2 hours ago
Norman & Melissa May
Jordan Jordan Jordan
Amos Porter
Amos Porter 2 hours ago
Bobby: if this video gets one like it means this was unfair Viewers: 94k likes
10k subscribers with no videos
i wish i had a puppy... 1 like = 1 dollar to buy a dog
Janet Medrano
Janet Medrano 3 hours ago
I have a guinea pig
Gaming Girl
Gaming Girl 3 hours ago
1:27 here “is” the rules for round one🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Zion show
Zion show 3 hours ago
Those are cool hiding spots
CDOG TeddyBear
CDOG TeddyBear 3 hours ago
J-fred Looks like if Mathius And Tanner from dope or nope made a child
Reese Kosola
Reese Kosola 3 hours ago
# unihorn
Thomas Daintree
Thomas Daintree 3 hours ago
Bobby’s voice could cure cancer
Jocelyn Rodriguez
Jocelyn Rodriguez 3 hours ago
I have the same camera as the blue one
Brian Puente
Brian Puente 3 hours ago
at 10:26 it looks like bryan screamed and went flying backwards
Liam Ellis
Liam Ellis 3 hours ago
Poop on your computer
Didi cheung
Didi cheung 3 hours ago
Jamie Alvarado
Jamie Alvarado 3 hours ago
Ad coment
Jason thai
Jason thai 3 hours ago
They said Jimmy's mother
BartošCZECH 3 hours ago
7:27 Bryan Said that bad. He Said BNZ 🤣
Jamie Alvarado
Jamie Alvarado 3 hours ago
Do more of hiding in boxing and you can put your hand in the box and shoot a paint ball
Jamie Alvarado
Jamie Alvarado 3 hours ago
Do nerf trick shots.
Ipsycho Exotic
Ipsycho Exotic 3 hours ago
Jimmy Mccauley
Jimmy Mccauley 3 hours ago
A snake
Jamie Alvarado
Jamie Alvarado 3 hours ago
You can make windows that you can shoot it threw.
Roxana Castellanos
Roxana Castellanos 3 hours ago
Hey team edge I want to be in your channel please but I live in Trenton
Jamie Alvarado
Jamie Alvarado 3 hours ago
You can drill big holes in it
Dawson Pearson
Dawson Pearson 4 hours ago
My favorite dog is Optimus prime
Josipa Mihok
Josipa Mihok 4 hours ago
Cayden plays YT527
Cayden plays YT527 4 hours ago
Gunner spin
Vicki Jennings
Vicki Jennings 4 hours ago
I would call him slave hunter
Rhys Wallace
Rhys Wallace 4 hours ago
Hey Team Edge, can you make your join button free so all of your subscribers can join your channel for free to support you?
BeastP 1112
BeastP 1112 4 hours ago
Did anyone get confused in the rules?
GamingDemon 12
GamingDemon 12 4 hours ago
6:55 Bobby: "Mom" Me:this joke is still going? XD
Vicki Jennings
Vicki Jennings 4 hours ago
If I was a zombie I would run in
Richie 4 hours ago
Bobby would choose fishing lmao I love it
Richie 4 hours ago
Lmao it’s so funny cause Bryan’s hair used to be just as long but curly so he’s all used to the wig😂😂😂😂
Molly Allen
Molly Allen 4 hours ago
Dumbo: baby of mine
Patrica Turley
Patrica Turley 4 hours ago
Did any one here coner say f word
Maddy Miller
Maddy Miller 4 hours ago
The socks that joey has on i have the exact pair just with my dog on them