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Danny Danny
Danny Danny Minute ago
Cache, or Cash? IDK this is LTT! :-P
Rip Dingers
Rip Dingers 2 minutes ago
iMiguelAOG 2 minutes ago
Thought it was going to be at least $300. But it's only $200 for the regular or $280 with the special cheese grater front. Not too bad
Waqar Ahmed
Waqar Ahmed 2 minutes ago
where is QCY , Haylou and Xiaomi ???
B. J.
B. J. 3 minutes ago
This dude is just the chillest fucking person ever.
Kyle Mendoza
Kyle Mendoza 3 minutes ago
Does messager only call on the portal?
Shmitty 3 minutes ago
i would buy it for 499
Tenerife28 4 minutes ago
The biggest bottleneck would be with a pentium E2180 2 cores @2.0 ghz
Shadey Mcbones
Shadey Mcbones 5 minutes ago
Reminds me when my girlfriend got a brand new iphone 7 (when it was their newest model) Battery started acting up, not charging above 80% and sometimes turning itself off at 70% charge. Luckely she still had apple care that came with it and send it back explaining that the battery is being a bitch. She got it back eventually with exactly the same issue it had before she send it away. When she asked what they fixed they replied with "The screen". Never got that piece of tech to work properly after that.
LoveLess Clips
LoveLess Clips 5 minutes ago
one of this days he needs to mention micro center prices which are just about always cheaper than amazon. at times the 2700x sells for $130.00 at microcenter :)
TheFirespin13 5 minutes ago
this is the best publicity for a new monitor very very great video
storiv 007
storiv 007 5 minutes ago
please spend the extra money on a good cooler becouse my is loud af
aurum 6 minutes ago
~8 years later I still am not a fan of the aesthetic lol
Sam Lewis
Sam Lewis 6 minutes ago
How long did this take to render? 8 hours of 8K red... Also impressive that even USvid saw it as exactly 8:00:00.
Josip Penezić
Josip Penezić 6 minutes ago
I have request for you ! Can you make pc in oil in a freezer and overclock all you can ?
polski dezerter
polski dezerter 7 minutes ago
yeh the only reason I would build a pc that consummes small ammount of power would be so that I can leave it turned on for a week so that my games download without my parents yelling at me that it draws too much power so basically a pc that has a ton of storage space on it's hard drive and only enough of computing power to run steam and download games
Epic Duck productions
Epic Duck productions 9 minutes ago
The HP guy sounds like the priest that comes to my school sometimes.
Raul Monroy
Raul Monroy 10 minutes ago
Since when is 8 minutes 30 seconds
James Smith
James Smith 10 minutes ago
Congratulations, you found a way to include Intel into recommendations, and that's not an easy feat these days, ESPECIALLY when the 3950X competes at gaming with the 9900KS.
weeebie 11 minutes ago
not to mention the 1000000 of free games on pc market.. then thers the milions of indie games.. ther can litterly run on a 10 year old pc.. im playing on 6 year old pc.. i can still play new aaa games maybe not in more than 60fps.. but not like i need it.. i play anno 1800 no problem.. and indie games offen dont take up much.. games like stardew valley or grave yeard kepper... pc is just 100% best way to go.. next i buy pc im not gonna bother with top line pc like i us to. thers no point..
asdfgh123 11 minutes ago
Windows 7 is prettier than Windows 10
Lp Pl
Lp Pl 12 minutes ago
Joyeux Noël et bonnes vacances Linus et toute l’équipe de France
Majid Khan
Majid Khan 13 minutes ago
Fix that camera more high. Actually fix it on the ceiling.
Master E Subs
Master E Subs 14 minutes ago
Build the PC xbox
Rip Dingers
Rip Dingers 15 minutes ago
0:50 what the hell is going on here?
Cali Qm
Cali Qm 15 minutes ago
Maybe,you have a laptop that's broken but the RAM is fine and you wanna put it in your new desktop while saving some cash?
Kilocharlie 15 minutes ago
Honestly think Apple and Microsoft should merge. Have apple design the products, but make them run Windows.
Cem Kaya
Cem Kaya 16 minutes ago
ring can be hacked easy peasy just buy it i will come to you i will hack you i will penetrate your ring
Maska 2
Maska 2 18 minutes ago
sorry on question if have a gpu with 512 mb video card amd radeon r5 graphics can work to play 4k gaming in low quality with great fps?
David Taylor
David Taylor 18 minutes ago
still rocking socks and sandals jesus? lol
Kyle Bollinger
Kyle Bollinger 18 minutes ago
1:33 Hello from Phoenix! We get a lot of new people here. People move here for jobs, weather, retirement, and culture. I just want to warn everyone that it’s too hot here. Here’s a statistic: “Phoenix welcomed 25,288 new residents between 2017 and 2018 - more than any other American city. Phoenix remains the fifth most-populous city with a population of 1,660,272, according to Census data.”
Jeffrey Photonboy
Jeffrey Photonboy 19 minutes ago
*XBOX ONE and Bluetooth* The updated XBox One controller does (I think added with the "S" variant) but the XBox One consoles themselves do NOT. www.windowscentral.com/so-why-doesnt-xbox-one-use-bluetooth-anyway
Zenith 19 minutes ago
You should review the corsair 220t
Trevor Phillips
Trevor Phillips 19 minutes ago
These Verge jokes are getting old and boring, like 6 months ago.
Igor Heemels
Igor Heemels 20 minutes ago
07:26 "Fortunately I have friends, or at least people I pay". So... are they still cheaper than a subscription for a cloudservice? :-P
Igor Heemels
Igor Heemels 20 minutes ago
07:26 "Fortunately I have friends, or at least people I pay". So... are they still cheaper than a subscription for a cloudservice? :-P
Xamiakass 20 minutes ago
why are you still advertising it as massdrop when they themselves are sending emails as drop and in brackets saying "formerly known as massdrop" ? not a complaint or anything, just makes me wonder
Chris Kampmeier
Chris Kampmeier 20 minutes ago
Wow Creepy insert twilight zone theme Way to go Linus way to make Dennis feel a home Eh?
Frankie Andrews
Frankie Andrews 21 minute ago
Me: buys flex 14 with a i5 and an mx130 so I could casually play some games for 1200cad Lenovo: bios locks thermal limit on gpu to 59 degrees so it performs worse than Intel integrated graphics Also Lenovo: releases ryzen version significantly cheaper
Gabriel Leal Felix
Gabriel Leal Felix 21 minute ago
Look its a Xbox Series X
stillhasbadmemes _
stillhasbadmemes _ 21 minute ago
Nobody: Absolutely nobody’s: Linus: Do you want a RGB ssd
maxsKi Moose
maxsKi Moose 16 minutes ago
Please stop
Basic Account
Basic Account 21 minute ago
Fear Searcher
Fear Searcher 22 minutes ago
As someone who has a constant fear of parts of earbuds falling off when I’m wearing them and then the part getting stuck in my ear, I will not buy it. Also I hate Apple.
Billy Bob
Billy Bob 22 minutes ago
Linus you're such a hater! Its time to grow up! You do honestly know that you have bad ideas and are a hater that simply repeats the media's fake-news hatred of Apple, so you truly lack credibility.
I eat poop
I eat poop 23 minutes ago
Get in my lvl ~MontanaBlack88
Chris Flores
Chris Flores 23 minutes ago
I hate being negative because I absolutely LOVE LTT! I watch it every day and even leave it on for my dog when I leave the house. haha but seriously, intel amd intel am intel amd... enough... oh wait, this video didn't have Jake... ok nevermind, it's fine.
Aston Lamb
Aston Lamb 23 minutes ago
r9 290 still at best
DerScharfSchutzE 23 minutes ago
THIS. This is healthy competition and we the consumer is the one winning the most.
joeychgo 24 minutes ago
thats not a weasel
Fear Searcher
Fear Searcher 24 minutes ago
Ear Puds
Cesar lol
Cesar lol 25 minutes ago
Or you turn off the rgb...
Robert C
Robert C 25 minutes ago
720p is the new 8k ig
Getasew Gebru
Getasew Gebru 26 minutes ago
I'm late Shittt!
Moi MacArt
Moi MacArt 26 minutes ago
Pretty impressive.
SolaireFlair 26 minutes ago
Oh man, I love clicking an affiliate link for the 3950X and seeing that it's STILL out of stock.
12kenbutsuri 27 minutes ago
Isn't not profiting called dumping?
Daily Hit Of Youtbe
Daily Hit Of Youtbe 28 minutes ago
Nice size
Charles Yeo
Charles Yeo 29 minutes ago
4:08 poor western digital. I remember how sad completely killed their raptor and black series drives. Everyone else was investing in ssd, even Seagate. But western digital is still stuck in the past and won't budge
Jeffrey Photonboy
Jeffrey Photonboy 29 minutes ago
*about 120FPS* Linus, you guys implied that this type of choice would be PC-only. There's strong evidence that many game developers on next-gen console will offer a choice of 60FPS/4K or 90FPS+ at lower resolution. It's a pretty big deal for SHOOTERS and while 120Hz (true) HDTV's are in the minority now it's also probably not that difficult to offer that type of performance especially for a Freesync 2 HDR HDTV where you aren't using VSYNC (and thus trying to hit 60FPS or 120FPS to avoid screen tearing). Also, dynamic resolution helps as well hit FPS targets and there will be increasing GAME ENGINE level changes to ensure you can hit the sustained FPS target you want.
E Vers
E Vers 30 minutes ago
Still don’t think the i3 is a good buy. People already complaining about the 4 threads of an old i5 holding them back in some popular multi player games. Also if using a more mainstream gpu like an rx580 or gtx 1660 you will notice almost zero difference in performance between the i3 and a similar priced R5. Finally when its time to upgrade the AM4 platform will have many more affordable choices. Get an r5-1600 or 2600 not the i3.
pew 30 minutes ago
Do a GPU version
James Love
James Love 30 minutes ago
Team blue having a bad time politically and in cpu as well :D
Grant Palmer
Grant Palmer 31 minute ago
Did anyone else catch “a drill person.. a Man” someone “a top” 😂
TriggerzGaming 31 minute ago
Here in a philippines, many farmers planted trees about 10,000 planted per people.
Quinten Lowe
Quinten Lowe 31 minute ago
I'd rather buy that athalon cpu than pay 30$ for a water bottle...
Greatsaiyanman 31 minute ago
Poor Poor intel.. Was ripping the consumer off and stifling innovation for years all worth it? Scumbags!
gloriouspopeman tom
gloriouspopeman tom 31 minute ago
Now we just need a Titan Grade AMD GPU , gibs now plz.
Kyros 31 minute ago
yoo 2019 people, WSD-F20AGN is on sale from $399 to $149. It's on backorder tho, expected availability might be after christmas (24th to 27th).
Ali Dadouch
Ali Dadouch 32 minutes ago
if your budget is illimited what's the best cpu for everything???
Techhh 33 minutes ago
Xbox Series X: Hold my beers!
The Wicked Carson
The Wicked Carson 33 minutes ago
I actually bought the Alienware r8 recently, and I have had the same problems, and I’m going to return mine since it’s under warranty unless someone here knows how to fix it
Mohammed Shoman
Mohammed Shoman 34 minutes ago
How to use navigation through Bixby?
Daggernath 34 minutes ago
After getting these, the next question is what song do you want to hear first.
Guns VS Games
Guns VS Games 34 minutes ago
I feel like this is like Rick and Morty when morty feels true level and can't go back. I'd love to hear a few songs out of something like that, but I'd be afraid I couldn't go back.
MentalCube 35 minutes ago
So what will be beter a nas drive like this or one you build yourself with software thats out there. Looking to setup something like this or buy one but where I live its not that cheap and biggest hardrive i can buy so far is only 6TB and those alone are few bucks. 🤔
Malice 35 minutes ago
18:18 what the hell linus close your damn tabs
Calvin Taft
Calvin Taft 35 minutes ago
Damn, when did this become a cooking channel? This was like ALL roast!
Lodewijk Vrije
Lodewijk Vrije 36 minutes ago
the new flight simulator, is going to "run" the entire planet in a massive data center. and then you download small square pieces of that, while you are flying.
Jeffrey Photonboy
Jeffrey Photonboy 37 minutes ago
*"we're all on the same platform now because the XBOX is just a locked-down PC"* Well, that's been arguably the case since 2013 but remember the consoles will still have hardware-specific optimizations that may not exist on PC at all or in sufficient numbers to justify using.
PinkCure 38 minutes ago
im gonna rob your house tell me where you live please
Shawn Cecil
Shawn Cecil 38 minutes ago
Haven't watched yet. Will shortly. However, I think AMD is doing very good things. Currently using a ryzen 1700x with a b350 board. Depending how things go, maybe I'll hold out until the final ryzen release in 2020 to max out this build. What is really going to be interesting is since they are gaining market share, if they can transition successfully to another part and keep momentum.
Lyng Nicholas
Lyng Nicholas 39 minutes ago
"in 2019, this list helped me decide for the best wall safe *scafe.shop/tbws2019?5M* hope it helps you out too!"
Gameing Clan
Gameing Clan 41 minute ago
can we get linus to 10m
Panos Rod
Panos Rod 41 minute ago
Big companies are Not trying to gain your trust. They are already big.
KaosZ 42 minutes ago
Bruh his voice 😂😂
T3-Trinity Gaming
T3-Trinity Gaming 42 minutes ago
That first clip from the slow mo video has something wrong with it and I thought I had a bunch of dead pixels -_-
Austin Otto
Austin Otto 42 minutes ago
Every picture he shows EVERY picture makes me feel like the Asus one looks better. I don't see what he see's in the quality but I see better camera all the time.
Kardo Einmann
Kardo Einmann 43 minutes ago
building a pc is just like woodwork i have no idea what i am doing but the result is beautiful
James Eastmond
James Eastmond 43 minutes ago
Echo came out in the same year but it was in November
Yvon Nadeau
Yvon Nadeau 44 minutes ago
You suck!!!
Panos Rod
Panos Rod 44 minutes ago
6.2k dislikes from Walmart paid bots.
William Curtin
William Curtin 44 minutes ago
So this wasn't weird just obsolete parts...…………………………….
Jeffrey Photonboy
Jeffrey Photonboy 45 minutes ago
*IGNORE some of my comment* I commented on the new XBOX orientation prior to watching the entire video. I thought Linus was done talking about the orientation so... sorry. In fairness he initially talked about the difficulty FITTING the case due to its height without mentioning it could go horizontal as he mentions a few minutes later.
Ghanaian Heap
Ghanaian Heap 45 minutes ago
4:35 You ever wonder why we're here?
Ghostlysplash 46 minutes ago
This channels getting worse