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Hey Guys,
I’m Sierra Furtado... this is my vlog channel. Not everything you see on the internet is real...hopefully this channel is somewhat pure. Subscribe!
a new chapter.
4 months ago
7 months ago
i  failed
11 months ago
11 months ago
Cavalier Bailey
Cavalier Bailey 3 hours ago
good job on the video.....Picking up a cavalier king in Georgia today. any advice?
Briana Vivian
Briana Vivian 7 hours ago
Your eyebrows are everything 😍
Opochtli 11 hours ago
Best vlog
Fabiola Suárez
Fabiola Suárez 12 hours ago
Love when my favorite USvidrs are all friends 👭
Fabiola Suárez
Fabiola Suárez 12 hours ago
Who else wants to be part of their friend group?! 🙋‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️🙋‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️
Caroline Killoren
Caroline Killoren 12 hours ago
So nice to hear I’m not the only person who feels like that. I’m doing college but community college super hard to make friend and been taking it slow. Just moved to Seattle, got married but I’m a senior and I everyone knows what they want to do and are graduating so I feel the same - stuck and having trouble finding friend where I’m at in life.
Crystal Tan
Crystal Tan 12 hours ago
been loving the videos lately! more vlogs sierra! girl is thriving! that booty! love you!❤️
Madeline Phillips
Madeline Phillips 13 hours ago
When you go to crumbl you have to get anything BUT the sugar cookie 😂
Tiffany De Elvir
Tiffany De Elvir 14 hours ago
Loved rhe Vlog. More like this plizzz. Love to see you back Sierra. ❤❤❤ BTW, can you make a tutorial on how you curl your hair with flat iron and with regular curling iron plizzz . I have my hair exactly like yours and I will love to style it as you do cuz I love it. 🤩🤩🤩🤩
Alyssa Leiann
Alyssa Leiann 16 hours ago
They literally did nothing, there wasn’t even any content in the video 😅
S B 2 hours ago
Alyssa Leiann they did a lot in Tesla’s video Sierra doesn’t really bling in motion
Sin V88
Sin V88 16 hours ago
Siera I love this it seemed like what I do with my girls when we go out I actually live in Utah and I knew every place you went to I live right next to the capital building in Salt Lake City this was such a cute vlog too... hope you could visit again I’m glad you had fun visiting over here... you’ll have to definitely come back when it’s snowing and try snowboarding or skiing it’s beautiful up in Park city..
Alyssa Osben
Alyssa Osben 17 hours ago
it’s so nice that they met up with aspyn! I’ve missed seeing them together
Alondra Carranza
Alondra Carranza 18 hours ago
Out of all the thumbnails you could have taken... that’s the one you chose? Broke girl code
Mackenzie Harmon
Mackenzie Harmon 18 hours ago
where did you get that jacket from sierra!?
Zehn Ja
Zehn Ja 20 hours ago
new squad aka? hihi
Whoknows ?
Whoknows ? 20 hours ago
Went all the way to Utah and still no content 🤷🏽‍♀️
Adri Mnky
Adri Mnky 20 hours ago
Honestly I think eva was the problem why you guys split
The Cohen Twins
The Cohen Twins 20 hours ago
You seem so sweet and down to earth and a total girl's girl!
cabbage scented candle
Should've tried the other cookies. The sugar is actually better cold
cabbage scented candle
Try southern utah some time, it's incredible. Zion National Park is the coolest place
Lo Dino
Lo Dino 22 hours ago
Nothing like having crackhead moments with your best friends amirite ladies
Tess Valmont
Tess Valmont 23 hours ago
I have always loved your videos alone, not in couple I don't know how you have a different vibe without offending as you are more dedicated to your videos and I loved this blog .
Kaitlyn Chartrand
Omg this girls trip looked like so much fun! It makes me so happy to see Sierra really happy with her girls! Love this friendship so much! Ps. Small USvidr here!
Denise Zepeda
i love the vibe in this vid! it’s everything! so happy for you🖤
Paola Lopez
Paola Lopez Day ago
Who shares a salad ? 😂
itsallllli Day ago
Omg crumbl is disgusting and it smells horrible in there
cabbage scented candle
@itsallllli i never get those ones anyway I get the weekly ones. The churro one was probably the best cookie I ever had
itsallllli 21 hour ago
cabbage scented candle it just smells really sweet in there to me & I feel like the sugar cookies are way too sweet
cabbage scented candle
Tf it smells like heaven in there
A & O
A & O Day ago
Wow you guys definitely picked the worst tasting cookie from crumbl 😂😂 they’re all good beside the sugar cookie
Isabella Mendes
I just love how genuine you were in this video!❤️💕❤️💕 Really showing that you took to heart the convo w niki
Zane Brahmane
Looooved the part where you all went crazy in the car before going in Target 😄😄 now i want to go out with my friends! This was such a fun vlog! You’re doing a great job, Sierra! 😍♥️
Ana sweetie
Ana sweetie Day ago
They don’t get along with Eva anymore?, something happened?
Rachelle West
Tyla is soooooo freakin fake and annoying why are you friends with her. She’s the worst USvidr around.
Dbloc The Entrepreneur
Utah is always an option Sierra to land and give a chance.
Dbloc The Entrepreneur
I'm glad you enjoyed it, Utah is a awesome place to settle down and try a new culture, I'm from L.A. California but live in Utah. You have people around you that are fun and love to explore new territory
Ayee Dominguez
Aspyn is so sweet
Fortuny Day ago
So how was ramen?
Cassandra canales
How about cookie
Cassandra canales
What type of dog is that
Daniela castro
Beatrice Nespoli
oh wow so Cheesecake Factory actually exist! Sorry, I'm not american
Iklil Haziqah
Does anyone know the name of the song that they were listening to in the car before they went to target ?
Samrawit Hehn
Samrawit Hehn 21 hour ago
felx rich homie quan
B Pal
B Pal Day ago
Are they drunk? I hope so. I couldn’t ever imagine acting like this sober?
diamond walker
diamond walker 15 hours ago
lessstt idk shoot girl, I’m sorry for your life too. I don’t know why y’all hop on USvid to watch her live her life if it makes you feel so negative and grouchy. That’s not healthy. They are literally having fun. You guys are boring.
Ariel 16 hours ago
B Pal why do they have to be drunk to have fun and enjoy themselves?
lessstt idk
lessstt idk 18 hours ago
diamond walker you’re sorry that some of us have never embarrassed ourselves looking like donkeys in the middle of a fucking target parking lot???? lmao i’m the one who feels bad for you
diamond walker
B Pal I’m sorry for your life.
Gabriella Pravdová
That blond fits you so well 💕✨😍
ariel alena
ariel alena Day ago
you seem so happy and free spirited and fun loving lately!!! i am LOVING this new energy for you girl!!!
Ashlyn Baker
Ashlyn Baker Day ago
Oh saddd crumbl it's the best!
Alexandra Day ago
im loving your vlogs sm!! happy to see youre doing amazingg ❤️
Suna Onofreychuk
Chocolate chip cookies from crumbl are the best!! 🍪 Only kind I like from there.
cabbage scented candle
Whaaat there are way better ones, churro and Twix are so good
Elleeee23 Day ago
Sarah Day ago
The literal second I said I wonder if they'll meet up with aspyn she said theyre meeting aspyn
Michala Kenney
What is the name of the jacket at urban
Kaitlyn Rose
Kaitlyn Rose Day ago
You seemed sooo happy!! Also love Aspynnnn haha!
MichelleT-22 Day ago
I love sierra's hauls she honestly has really good style!! Please do more!!
Danielle Chapdelaine
So happy that your so happy and your not scared to vlog in public
rachel Day ago
You did mere wrong with the thumbnail. Bad friend
Peter Parker
Peter Parker Day ago
You look so cute and happy Sierra. Loved the positivity in this video.
AHHH UTAH, my home state, thank you for visiting and I hope you really enjoyed exploring.
Kristina Espinoza
Sierra: *shows ground from balcony* Me: *leans back from screen like that'll help*
Kaitlyn Chartrand
I love all the clothes that Sierra got! She is so pretty and her hair colour is gorgeous! Ps. Small USvidr here!
Jewel Pinlac
Jewel Pinlac Day ago
outro song??
DaleMurph Day ago
Sierra Meredith and Aspen all look great
Alison Solis
Alison Solis Day ago
I looooooove seeing diffferent you tubers that usually don’t hang. Hang out. I’m also really enjoying the consistency, keep it up!! Always here to support 😊
Riley Nicole
Riley Nicole Day ago
love these types of vlogs they are so genuine and light hearted ❤️❤️
Gigi Vel
Gigi Vel Day ago
Now, I want to take a vacation to Utah! Love the vlog, Sierra. You seem to be genuinely happy!
Button Brigade
Omg I loved this side of you ❤️ so fun and care free love you
taylor chandler
You’re glowing and the energy you’re giving off, I can feel it! You seem so happy. Love to see this!! 💕
Emily Michelle
Mere’s hair looks so pretty
Bailey Calhoon
*travels just to take pics not even do anything*
Cherry Annalise
Cherry Annalise 20 hours ago
Bailey Calhoon ikr, I went to Portugal for a week and did so much exploring and water sports I needed a holiday after the holiday to recover 😂 I ‘only’ really get 1 holiday a year so I wanted to cram it all in
Bailey Calhoon
B Pal just to purely say “I went there” but when people ask what’s there to do they’ll say “oh we just went to target 🤣” sad lmao
Kaylyn Boyd
Kaylyn Boyd Day ago
USvidr life for you. They travel for content not to actually enjoy the trip
B Pal
B Pal Day ago
Bailey Calhoon Yeah. So sad. Glad that’s something I can’t relate with because that’s the saddest thing ever.
Helen's Life
Helen's Life Day ago
Go to the capital, and a garden by the capital, go to canyons
jjj626 Day ago
Crumbl has the best chocolate chip cookie
Alex Jayne
Alex Jayne Day ago
I love that my faves are in a video together!!! 💙 Aspyn + Sierra!!!!
nikki dong
nikki dong Day ago
Annisanwrs Day ago
Am so happy to see you happy! 😊
nancy guerrero
living for fun sierra!!! you look so happy which makes me happy for you!
Fabiola Suárez
Me too! I am so happy for her!
Yuliana Morron
3:31 “ I was talking to this guy” 👀 okayyyy love you sierra 💛💛💛💛
Elizabeth McClure
Does anyone know what the song was they were partying to in the car right before they went into target was?
Maryam 99
Maryam 99 Day ago
First time seeing her laughing this happily
Jess W.
Jess W. Day ago
SIERRA LOL! I loved this vlog. I'm so happy seeing you happy. You all laughing & dancing was EVERYTHING! 😆😂🙂💞💞💞
Prisca and Matt
I went to Utah once and almost came back mormon
cabbage scented candle
Lived in utah my whole life. Still not mormon
LuckyBlu Day ago
Prisca and Matt lol 😂 me and my siblings are all Mormon. And both my brothers went on their mission. Their at BYU university for school now. But I’m at my home town university.
Gamer Lily
Gamer Lily Day ago
UNroyalRenee Day ago
Sierra is such a cutie. As well as Mere, Teala, & Aspyn. 🖤🙂
Meeky Day ago
Mere looks beautiful 🤍🤍🤍🤍
Shae Brown
Shae Brown Day ago
Living for all these vlogs 🤩
Meeky Day ago
That music during the time lapse is awful and overplayed 😩😩😩
Alicia Jolley
So crazy to watch like I live there and I know the guy that started crumble cookies lol
chloe laroche
Im obsseeed with your hair! I wanna do the same! What direction did you give your hairstylist to achieve that? 😍😍
Texieann George
Teala get in here😂😂😂💀💀
Meredith Foster
The thumbnail 💀
LuckyBlu Day ago
Meredith Foster you look like a cute lil pumpkin lol 😂
Seidy Valles
Seidy Valles Day ago
you still look beautiful 💞✨👑
Jess W.
Jess W. Day ago
Meredith Foster I loved seeing you all have FUN!!! I'm so happy for you oh duh btw HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 🎉❤️😄🎂🎁
Trinity Day ago
she did you dirty
Lina and Cody
I actually NEED to know what she bleeped out lol
Jess W.
Jess W. Day ago
ethereal angel HAHA YA ME TOO 😄
ethereal angel
ethereal angel
I honestly want to hear what Meredith said 😂
Jess W.
Jess W. Day ago
Lina and Cody OOOH at 3:59 ~~~
chelsea nicole crouch
we love a thriving and glowing Sierra
Fabiola Suárez
Sarah Lockwood
The fact that you did your makeup that good in such a small mirror is astonishing
Fabiola Suárez
I know right! I struggle so hard!
Aww Sierra. Watching this vlog made me feel happy seeing you so happy😊💕
Fabiola Suárez
I know right?! It fills my heart! <3
Erika Henry
Erika Henry Day ago
im LIVING for how happy she looks!!
I live in California and I'm 23, almost graduated from university. I'm thinking about moving to Utah, thoughts? Do you think I'd have a better chance of meeting someone and starting a family there compared to here?
Marcela & Alexia
Ok in another vlog she talked about going to a basketball game 😏 could you possibly have been talking to a basketball player? Lol jk I’m looking too into it but girl go have fun👏🏼 I know you probs won’t tell us about boys haha
Jaime III Panes
Sierra: I feel like no one watches my video Me: 🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻
Chucha Fazil
Chucha Fazil Day ago
We exist
Jaime III Panes she means her friends
Catbanana22 Day ago
now I wanna know what Meredith said lol
Mackenzie T
Mackenzie T Day ago
This girl is immature as hell lmao.
JustSimply Day ago
Mackenzie T I can see that
Chota Mambwe
Chota Mambwe Day ago
That comment is🚮trash,.. Leave her alone .. how is her having fun imature... Go eat a cookie or something n leave her alone.
Eri Kason
Eri Kason Day ago
ethereal angel
Mackenzie T then why do you watch her
Vitoria Bruno
NO FUCKING WAY ! You were the ones dancing on the Target Parking lot ? What ? My boyfriend and I drove by that Target and he looked at me and said “I bet they ain’t from here” WHAT ?
Living Life With Lola
Love that you love life 😄
Eri Kason
Eri Kason Day ago
Finally the Sierra I fell in love with is baaaaack 😩 Carefree, confident, funny and just unapologetic ❤️ Missed you!
Fabiola Suárez
Such a sweet comment
Chloe Williamson
small youtuber looking for love and support! <3