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max manzur
max manzur 2 hours ago
i wish i have the pizza guy si close when i smoke a fat one !
farley boo
farley boo 2 hours ago
Carnival row is the best thing she has done, loved it.
Panji Panuntun
Panji Panuntun 2 hours ago
0:03 yup.. this angle.. gonna be psycho routine
Rooster Flames
Rooster Flames 2 hours ago
ka perfect ba oiiii, lovely
Jax Biebs TV
Jax Biebs TV 2 hours ago
The tongue. Im 😵 Shes so funny thats y love her😂
Tevendran Vadivaloo
she is actually nice i thought she was a terrible person
Raphael Mejia
Raphael Mejia 2 hours ago
Does anyone feel all interviews feel the same?
JO MANGEEE 2 hours ago
she so ugly
I'm sooo bored Jaehyun
I love her eyebrows they are suited to her face
Renee Meyer
Renee Meyer 2 hours ago
Did she just stir the coffee with the spoon out of that can and put it back in it
maria anampa
maria anampa 2 hours ago
If u could survive in the Bronx u can survive anywhere lmao. It’s obvious she’s never been in the part of the world where it’s actually dangerous. Half American half pendeja lol
• V I V I •
• V I V I • 2 hours ago
Lolly Vômito?
book worm
book worm 2 hours ago
She has more energy than me. I'm 15
Who cares who I am
Who cares who I am 2 hours ago
She is a child, an actual cute little innocent child
Steve Abitante
Steve Abitante 2 hours ago
Cindy Was the Face of America in the Early 1990's So long ago WHOA!!!
Neuza Faria
Neuza Faria 2 hours ago
I love how she’s always so honest about the tricks and marketing strategies she used 👌
Haylie Longbottom
Haylie Longbottom 2 hours ago
everyone else’s interviews seem so rehearsed but his just seems so genuine and i love it
Who cares who I am
Who cares who I am 2 hours ago
1:32 That is the cutest thing ever
Jennifer Darkwah
Jennifer Darkwah 2 hours ago
She's so real
I have a lot of hair but still look like a potato
Jasmine Cumberbatch
True is such a cutie pie omg 😍
NY CAV 2 hours ago
Positive comments? Oh wait!! Indians didn’t reach here yet??
Marion Sings
Marion Sings 2 hours ago
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Laju Lee
Laju Lee 2 hours ago
America’s sweetheart.
ellie !!!
ellie !!! 2 hours ago
grace 😍
Nevermore 2 hours ago
American Psycho lol
Steve Abitante
Steve Abitante 3 hours ago
Gisele is amazing!!!
chichichi998 3 hours ago
Nice visuals, cool editing but I have no idea how to make this.
Al Snow
Al Snow 3 hours ago
watchout with charlie zelenoff Kim, he has been stalking you for a while
SevenPhotons 3 hours ago
No wonder why she made the most perfect live action Disney Princess ever. She has trained body, voice and soul.
Davina Test
Davina Test 3 hours ago
Too good to be true
Nina Rasyid
Nina Rasyid 3 hours ago
Producer hayley williams.... wait, that hayley williams??
z3nd3r 3 hours ago
16:04 First Time i've ever seen Tony Hawk skating without helmet and Gear.
Jen 3 hours ago
Omg she is hysterical! I love it!!
eumel dez
eumel dez 3 hours ago
first pictures you had have a skinny but
Daya 3 hours ago
Aboli 3 hours ago
Tansy Tufts
Tansy Tufts 3 hours ago
I want 73 questions with famous outdoor Rock climbers (Alex Honnold, Sasha DiGiulian, Tommy Caldwell, Alex Puccio, Maureen Beck)
Onur GÜLMEZ 3 hours ago
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Sakhawat sobuj
Sakhawat sobuj 3 hours ago
Her dark circles are so much horrible,!
No 3 hours ago
No one: Absolutely no one: My new favorite person: *i have a mouth* Edit: wnxnnwmdjw I just looked her up and she literally doesn’t age how-
Jennifer Madrid
Jennifer Madrid 3 hours ago
It’s like Cindy went to a lab to clone herself, amazing!
Soumitra Mondal
Soumitra Mondal 3 hours ago
Taylor is just such a humble, down to earth kind of person
Adicassmm 3 hours ago
Did anyone notice that family photo at 3:18 ♥️♥️
Evelynwashere 1
Evelynwashere 1 3 hours ago
I love watching her videos
irisxxxxxx 3 hours ago
She looks stunning!! <3
Nanda rajeev
Nanda rajeev 4 hours ago
Karlie has proved to be her bestfriend these years🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Isa Santos
Isa Santos 4 hours ago
She's so lovely and relaxed, also absolutely gorgeous!
Gio V
Gio V 4 hours ago
Hailey is so pretty wtf
Valentina Brasil
Valentina Brasil 4 hours ago
did anyone out there know she is brazilian? I did not know 😲😲😲😲
Arif 4 hours ago
She's the only star in that family. Sorry.
Antonia Rodrigues Soares
As tuas musicas saõ incriveis
Yen Bui
Yen Bui 4 hours ago
Love this Serie!
B3N G 4 hours ago
I can smell fear in the questionnaire voice,coz he went thru the hood😂
Antonia Rodrigues Soares
Pabllo vitar you incrivel
Red_Queen_of_Shadow-Hunters And_Crows
I really want to see Kim do a whole rainbow glittery sparkle eyeshadow look cause everytime I see her she's wearing neutral nude colours😂😂
Olivia Stephens
Olivia Stephens 4 hours ago
She is beautiful 🥰
jordy jo
jordy jo 4 hours ago
She and lisa Maeve look strikingly similar!
Antonia Rodrigues Soares
Pabllo vitar es incrivel
Artrell Knight
Artrell Knight 4 hours ago
"No this is not my worst look of life...this is" 😂😂😂
kkg9876 4 hours ago
Who would've thought that Delany was so interested in following Anna's IG? What a babe
ana byun
ana byun 4 hours ago
meu deus pq eu não sou linda q nem essa mulher???
The De Shawn La Faye Experience
That truly just made my day!!!
Azouzi Khadija
Azouzi Khadija 4 hours ago
The most and best instagram accounts usvid.net/video/video-HjTJfjRlHRs.html
Leigh Taylor
Leigh Taylor 4 hours ago
I had skin once
usvid.net/show-UCLw69cBa9xbtz2YMuPeLAJw 😍😍😍😍
Avan Saheba Pungalan
Let's call her Depikka Padu Kone Ayee😭omg...why did she pronounce it like that😭😭😭😭nooooooo
FYMB 66 4 hours ago
1:13 just me ???
FYMB 66 5 hours ago
Did Kim kardashian ever donate money just wondering ??
Kara May
Kara May 5 hours ago
Why is there a bag there??! WHY IS THERE A BAG THERE??!
Sanjay Sunil
Sanjay Sunil 5 hours ago
Despite having such a deep voice how he manages to hit those high notes using his chest voice is amazing.
tamara9656 5 hours ago
Why everyone doing this in the same bathroom?? 😂😂😂😂😂
Sanghoon Lee
Sanghoon Lee 5 hours ago
That's not defying age. That's just aging well. No one will think she is twenty five. Everyone will think she is an elegant old lady. Which is all we should hope for when we reach that age.
Aisha Mussa
Aisha Mussa 5 hours ago
I give one day for me to feel bad about myself Read that again
Saransh H7
Saransh H7 5 hours ago
Kim r u Okay ? 😂😂
Sunny Lam
Sunny Lam 5 hours ago
I just don't how white men see African women attractive. How can she become model? She just tall that it.
Mollie Green
Mollie Green 5 hours ago
Loved this look! I’ve also got my own ‘Glowy Bronzed Makeup look’ on my channel too💖
levi grey
levi grey 5 hours ago
Cardi is just to real not pretentious
Stacia A
Stacia A 5 hours ago
YES to Adele’s album!
Straightupnochaser 5 hours ago
Khloe daughter is so beautiful..
Fuzzymoon Beam
Fuzzymoon Beam 5 hours ago
I wish my hair would curl and bend with just a cap... No chance but that's pretty cool. It really does look make up free other than the lippy which is hot and not over the top either. I think the only french thing I can do is apply eyeshadow with my finger (no skills otherwise)... wish my eyelashes were long enough to just 'curl'. What an interesting video! Loved all the skincare stuff. Never been in a french pharmacy but it sounds like a cool place to be!
Andrea Ellington
Andrea Ellington 5 hours ago
OMG she is so Beautiful and cute at the same time.
Montserrat Nava
Montserrat Nava 5 hours ago
Eres un orgullo para México!!! Mujer triunfadora
Lucinda King
Lucinda King 5 hours ago
idk why i decided to watch a piece of plain white bread answer questions at 3am
Emma Keaney
Emma Keaney 5 hours ago
True is the cutest of kris' grandchildren
P Cuff
P Cuff 5 hours ago
Best friendddd
B.shaan Entertainment
I love Sonam Kapoor....... ever and ever 💓 💓🌹 💓 Thanks 😊😊😊
Leandra V.
Leandra V. 6 hours ago
So nobodys gonna talk about the superglue ??
Darkman 6 hours ago
plástic Face wtf
Andrèa Oliveros
Andrèa Oliveros 6 hours ago
I think i would never get tired of this video, she is amazing.
pink glitter4
pink glitter4 6 hours ago
She’s so gorgeous ❤️❤️
Kei Limepie
Kei Limepie 6 hours ago
The Met Gala look both this year and last year, were so freaking incredible! Snatched for sho.
sabkal22 6 hours ago
Isi Ibelieveinmiracles
Girl did you drug the child...baby literally not moving. 😂😂😂
Patsy Hooker
Patsy Hooker 6 hours ago
she seems like the best kind crazy
ccbbh4477223 6 hours ago
Anyone else notice this absolutely irresistible woman??? Perfect smile, perfect skin and then she gets up and walks around and I realize she might just be perfect...... WOW!!!!!
LizaRay Bruh
LizaRay Bruh 6 hours ago
She's the realest ✊
Anonymous anonymous
She is amazing. Goals