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Lizbeth Skiles
Emiri-Chan Day ago
YES! Isabelle!💕
Tails lis
Tails lis Day ago
Sonic mania ok
Dippo .mp4
Dippo .mp4 Day ago
KiddoLeaf Day ago
I’m Still Worryed About The Nintendo Switch Snap/Thanos Snap
Miles Youngblood
Who’s here in feb 2020
Tino Casas
Tino Casas Day ago
They said on Wii U
Tino Casas
Tino Casas Day ago
Tom Nook’s
Tom Nook’s Day ago
Dashie games should play this game
Bianca Day ago
This game looks amazing!!! I'm so excited
beau boy
beau boy Day ago
List of new features: Landscaping Stairs Moveable buildings Ladders Fences Dying
Fedor Java Gamer
It's already nostalgic..
Calico Day ago
Race mixing? CRINGE!
Scrubby Alien
6:22 MaD lAd BoOm BoOm
Bowie Padgett-Day
Kk slider is 100 times better
Kelly Day ago
At 23:57 the town name is “nintenland” which means we can finally have longer town names! At least 10 letters now!!! Yay start planning NOW everyone! :3
SmokeSesh520 Day ago
I hope they race swap Zelda to a gay woman of color, and Ganondorf finally comes out as gender fluid.
Patrix San
Patrix San Day ago
Am I the only one to notice that having a coop island is a missed opportunity?
Small Fry
Small Fry Day ago
Tom Nook
Tom Nook Day ago
Now i'm counting not just the days, but also the hours!!! ❤❤❤
Z3R0 Day ago
Inside vibes- creepy ambient environment. little nightmares -female protagonist Limbo -scary enemies
19:50 Ok you can not tell that this person made their character look like Hinata from Haikyuu not on purpose.
Nyan Girl
Nyan Girl Day ago
0:45. What is happening there?
OwO Who's this?
Tom Nook b beggin for clout lol
Camo Clone Trooper
0:18 we live in the best timeline
Amy Games
Amy Games Day ago
Can someone confirm if you pre-ordered this does it come with the actual game or do I need to order seprately?
NatyÑëïæ / FancyYouABeating?
It’s amazing how they took customization to the NEXT LEVEL with this game. You can choose which hemisphere you live in, you can choose where your neighbors live, you can move your facilities anywhere, you can make pathways without using the Custom Design app a million times, you can SHAPE RIVERS and CLIFFS. Nintendo just pooped out a platinum dung that we will literally play forever, and this is why we love them so much. Great job.
Sean Velez
Sean Velez Day ago
Someone turned playing soccer into a Jojo/power rangers jungle force anime. The loading screens should just scream goal. The whole time.
sleep enthusiast
I have watched this over 100 times. I am so pumped.
Jason Medici
Jason Medici Day ago
I really love the new music. Especially at 19:59
Mar's Bananana Shenanigans
Timmy and Tommy ARE puppies!! They are young tanukis, which are a type of dog.
Mar's Bananana Shenanigans
Not 100% dog but come on
Dean Pearson
Dean Pearson Day ago
Charlie Day, bird law
Juice Casey
Juice Casey Day ago
Kalonji Sams
Kalonji Sams Day ago
We are so close.. All I'm missing is a squad to experience this with, and I'll be ready
Hobbes Day ago
Just a random DOOM fan here. Hello Animal Crossing community. :)
ÉkopNaf [Inactive]
Nintendo: *Has several worldwide popular games that require you to play online to play the game* Also Nintendo: “Pay us more money to play the games that you also payed for”
Jacob Artly
Jacob Artly Day ago
It looks so good. I love it.
-PanoramicDreams -
to be honest this is the very first direct that has made me shed tears of pure joy, thank you Nintendo
Tran Bach
Tran Bach Day ago
Sound like colonialism, but ok.
H34Dsh0tt Day ago
I’m getting this game along with Doom Eternal, the perfect mix
Akari Wu's Way Videos
Ohhh, nice! Two games!
Mia Ashwood
Mia Ashwood Day ago
I'm worried about one thing. DLC and In-game purchases. I'm terrified they'll add these and make it hard to progress in the game or make it less fun without buying add-ons.
Akari Wu's Way Videos
@Mia Ashwood Yeah, me too. I've got college debt too, haha
Mia Ashwood
Mia Ashwood Day ago
@Akari Wu's Way Videos Exactly, as well as the fact all the broke college kids (me) can't afford that stuff 😆
Akari Wu's Way Videos
They said it would be free for the DLC in the future, I'm not sure about in-game purchases. But it would suck if they did that because I bet a lot of players wouldn't be able to buy them because their parents are the ones who will have to get them.
Mapled Day ago
Hear me out, what if in order to stop the reincarnations they have to make Hyrule Skyloft again?
용이 하세요
im so happy to see my girl sydney here 💕 @ 17:20
Noah Day ago
I’ve never played animal crossing before, and I wasn’t too interested in this one, but now I’m sold. Can’t wait to play this!
Omnicidal Clown
Dante for Smash, please.
putting KK against Isabelle is illegal
Broman Day ago
Tom Nook may make his children work 24/7 due to lack of human rights laws on a deserted island but at least he is more forgiving on loans than my college
용이 하세요
please nintendo i want to play this game until im 80 please let us cloud save
Grie Delamont Dragonblood
this is the best trailer of anything ever.
ajpw_ kawaiiprinces24
Why would soem one fricken dis like this your evil like LOOOK AT ISABBLEEE
I expected Donkey Kong Country, Earthbound, PAC Man, and Mega Man 2
That One Weird Narwhal
I love this game and I play it a lot on Xbox and I’m now so happy it’s available on the switch!!!
Joy Davis
Joy Davis Day ago
This is how you know developers have really run out of ideas to make games with; they make a game that can make ANY game. XD
ScrapBox Day ago
2020 duck hunt zapper and super scope come on Nintendo I know it’s possible
ajpw_ kawaiiprinces24
용이 하세요
Xin Quiote
Xin Quiote Day ago
The first appearance of fierce deity.
ERROR_404 Day ago
I’ll never be able to get a Nintendo switch ;-;
nhwf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!
All of this and more only for the low low price of 999999999999 bell's 9999999999998 nook miles an arm a leg half of your vital organs and your soul
Lion Smile
Lion Smile Day ago
Tom Nook, the Jeff Bezos of the Animal Crossing world
DEKUtheKID Day ago
Wait....Nintendo gave Isabelle the win? Shocking
Doni V
Doni V Day ago
two animal crossing directs that are exactly the same? you love to see it 😩👌
The one Serious cat
Nintendo should’ve made the joy-con grip white
sTaTiic_Sona Day ago
Please buff the FPS on Nintendo Switch...
Dimitar Dunkov
I love Nintendo :D ... but Bulgaria is in Europe and I am in Bulgarian D:
LHunter101 Day ago
They should have Link drifting up to the shore as a Links Awakening reference
Princess Zelda
I've watched this so many times...I don't even want to play any other game
Midnightskye 56
wait where is the froggy chair I forgot
Disney Lover
Disney Lover Day ago
did you guys noticed that by 22:31 there is a grave?
Zackary D
Zackary D Day ago
Justin Nguyen
Day 3 of rewatching this direct
Elena H.
Elena H. Day ago
It will be great you to do a nintendo switch lite animal crossing edition, because I wil love one, but my brother already has the switch and my parent would only buy me the lite. Thx!
A marshmallow Fan
How do you get the strobe bulb
gael pix
gael pix Day ago
i am going to die if i dont play it NOW!
Akari Wu's Way Videos
I wish they'd surprise release it lol
Calvin Curran
Will there be an April fools day with blanca the cat? I think that should be included with the first update.
DEKUtheKID Day ago
Some one pls make a video with this same idea....only more animals. And for the record those new dodo birds r amazing in so many ways. Making cuteness the first category ....not fair to be judged on only that first rd. Again those birds...May not be super cute but they have the most personality in the game. Not to mention....u can't have kk and Isabelle facing off so early ....just ridiculous lol
Cristel Castillo Aguirre
Does the game include?
Josh Day ago
I love you Nintendo! You guys are so amazing
Akari Wu's Way Videos
Yes they are!! :D
welcome to hell
Evan Travis
Evan Travis Day ago
First thing im doing once i get the ability to edit my town HEART POND
Teresa Gomes
Teresa Gomes Day ago
Anyone knows the name of the narrator? Reminds me of someone who I used to watch here on USvid for beauty product reviews. She was lovely!
Sarah Z
Sarah Z Day ago
Dear Nintendo, I and many other fans of Animal Crossing are really unhappy about the “one island per console” plan. This is really annoying because a lot of people don’t want to share their island and have their own playing experience. Actually, that’s the whole point of Animal Crossing, to have your own fun experience. And a lot of people are not going to buy a whole other console because of this, that would be ridiculous. I and many other fans are urging you to not follow through with these plans. Thanks
Xander Leighton
We need Mob from Mob Psycho 100
some plays
some plays Day ago
This video is honest and clickbait at the same time
GamerMomma 2
GamerMomma 2 Day ago
We’ll run away together. We’ll spend some time forever. We’ll never feel bad anymore!🎶🎶🎶
PokiMoki Day ago
We need TomodachiLife for switch.
yamantakaz Day ago
did anyone else feel severe anxiety when they heard the resetti music
Johnathan johnathonson
Ok cool, now bring in the doomslayer
NotSoFunny Day ago
25:23 is that a Earthbound Beginning reference??!!
Ness Day ago
Somewhere, Doomslayer is happy
PokiMoki Day ago
Alex Moon
Alex Moon Day ago
I've watched this too many times
Nintendo: You share an island With your whole family! Me: Can we also not? I don’t really want to share my town with someone else.
Charby64 Day ago
I still want to know what happens when you die
zeldera Day ago
1:05 lmao
Prin600 _
Prin600 _ Day ago
USvid recommended: *pokemon is pokemon*
Yasmine Day ago
I was half expecting this to twist into a murder mystery
zeldera Day ago
this game is going to be a top 5 best selling switch game
Akari Wu's Way Videos
Yeah, I believe it. :D
Ricardo Ortiz
This was all Nintendo’s decision to add Byleth. Not Sakurai.
Ariana Aracelly Rojas Marichi
Japan? oh no mario has coronavirus
Another direct! Awesome! This seems the same as the previous direct, however is totally not the same one reuploaded!