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Mason Fuller
Mason Fuller 3 hours ago
This is how many times he said the s word 👇🏽
TheBoonkey 3 hours ago
JerrenB 3 hours ago
T.I. aint never lied about Georgia history I hate that class i had to reeducate myself on the truth
Myles Bell
Myles Bell 3 hours ago
Akademiks is a bitch
holly favored
holly favored 3 hours ago
JerrenB 3 hours ago
i know they all are business men but it would be dope if they put to gether a series of like 5 or so or do one ever year thats about an hour on current issues like a state of black america talk love and respect appreciate all the hard work
Jeff Trinkle
Jeff Trinkle 3 hours ago
why they blur out tip?
Saul Gomez
Saul Gomez 3 hours ago
27 pairs! Shiiiii I b happy to get one pair of Skechers tf
Noah Reagan
Noah Reagan 3 hours ago
Who else wished Complex did a Sneaker Shopping collaboration with XXXTentacion before he died?
Sovereign Mind
Sovereign Mind 3 hours ago
I like shows like this. we want to see none celebrities like Danielle Pierce, Dr. Umar Johnson, Dr. Boyce Watkins, Dr. Claude Anderson, and Dr. Ali Muhammad.
Igor Muniz
Igor Muniz 3 hours ago
Cabra aboiolado.
Joe Montana
Joe Montana 3 hours ago
Bad boy killa 2 pac thug Life 💯
Voice Crackhead
Voice Crackhead 3 hours ago
Billie is so fucking beautiful❤️❤️❤️
Truth82189 3 hours ago
Powerful Video I want more of this video ✊🏾
GKR Welding
GKR Welding 3 hours ago
That’s a teachers yearly salary lol
m 3 hours ago
already camping out for 2 pairs
Dotre A
Dotre A 3 hours ago
Dude, the shoes that the host is wearing are pretty cool. Does anybody know what they are?
YCM Cody
YCM Cody 3 hours ago
aint nobody in that fucking building going to hit nobody, not a single dude in that building is made for jail. they are all privileged and pussy, even joe. and honestly they are all man-children.
changitochiflado 3 hours ago
I fuck with this shit on a thousand. Killa, Tip, and Banner are true leaders.
SamBeers 3 hours ago
ii bet cuh hmu when shi free
Lil Gas
Lil Gas 4 hours ago
This mans really left the faze house for complex shiii I would too😂😭
Homie DoMore
Homie DoMore 4 hours ago
1/3 of the hip hop Avengers.
Theo Haxhirai
Theo Haxhirai 4 hours ago
I swear if we wasn't famous he could go out on the streets impersonating a homeless man
StreetPrice President
Mike is very very very educated
CG anthony
CG anthony 4 hours ago
Am I the only one who thinks Nike blazers are a really cool sneaker?
yjamel14 4 hours ago
Killer M. needs to come with another season of his show... Expeditiously!
Pu-Bee Real
Pu-Bee Real 4 hours ago
Nicki Minaj put on a facade for the camera, (it's for the fans), but in real life (off camera) Nicki Minaj is a true gangster. You can still catch Nicki Minaj in front of the chicken place freestyling with thugs in Hollis Queens.
Daisy 4 hours ago
Eugene Blyther
Eugene Blyther 4 hours ago
Bruh the song name from 50cent is Candy Shop not amusement park Wayno lmaooooooo
Jake Payne
Jake Payne 4 hours ago
Since when have bred 11s ever been $1368
Jo'el C.
Jo'el C. 4 hours ago
Ak is so corny and deserves the backlash. Just any one who disrespects Nicki.
Reuben Bueno
Reuben Bueno 4 hours ago
Such a humble dude! One of my favorite artists in the game too 🙏🏼
Jake Payne
Jake Payne 4 hours ago
Offset lowkey felt disrespected at 7:28
Sterling Jackson
Sterling Jackson 4 hours ago
This ain't highschool no more u gotta do more than dunk in the league
TDB 4 hours ago
You hate Cristiano because you can't get 1% of what he has but as you only have shit in your head I won't waste time telling the great person he is.
Llll Ooo
Llll Ooo 4 hours ago
How does Nikki husband a convicted rapist get a pass for trying to get at DJ Akademiks. Man back in the day everyone would’ve clowned Nikki and her lame ass husband. It looks like a free pass given by the hip hop community. Things really getting this soft. To much hate in y’all hearts to want to see harm done to a blogger. Shit weird to me
Leïla 4 hours ago
She look like Meghan Markle 😍
Miya Jonez
Miya Jonez 4 hours ago
“ New new “ she’s so gorgeous 😍 but RIP to Nipsey 😇
Mr. N D
Mr. N D 4 hours ago
Fuck complex for running another mans video vlog just for views! *FUCK FAKE ASS JEW NEWS!*
Voice4Radio B-Dubb
Voice4Radio B-Dubb 4 hours ago
Now allow these fools to Stumble on why they support abortion, but claim they love blacks. You CANT love blacks AND support abortion. Blacks make up 13.7% of the population, women around 5-6% of that number, but make up up to 37% of ALL ABORTIONS IN AMERICA.id love to see them justify THAT LOL
Prophet Sharise
Prophet Sharise 4 hours ago
David Banner you were the bomb in that video... ##STEADY ##LOVE
Jayce Neptune
Jayce Neptune 4 hours ago
He so comfortable with himself, you can tell. The body language just relaxed af. I’m tryna get like this.
Jayce Neptune
Jayce Neptune 4 hours ago
faze lmao
Mr. N D
Mr. N D 4 hours ago
You can't just tongue fuck all of'em... yo he's tongue fucking everything! 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭
God //
God // 4 hours ago
The power of Hood Economic??
Darrien Williams
Darrien Williams 4 hours ago
Subsequently, simultaneously, Tip 😂😂
Dash Wave
Dash Wave 5 hours ago
*Dapper Dan was the first person to combine street wear and luxury wear*
Ian Green
Ian Green 5 hours ago
nobody: billie: i'm not like other girls
dojoMax 5 hours ago
5 am sex huh nedeska. She got piped before she came to work
ATLien 5 hours ago
$31K, gone down the drain. Just like he said..that shit will tear the fuck up! 🙄
Rodrick Hayes
Rodrick Hayes 5 hours ago
Isn't Complex White Owned???
Kate Tyler
Kate Tyler 5 hours ago
Do Bobby shmurda when he free
Adrián 5 hours ago
Are we not gonna talk about how the title is just « no »?
jroh85 5 hours ago
Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez 5 hours ago
She's beautiful
Reuben Jones
Reuben Jones 5 hours ago
Key to what they mentioned treating each other with love an respect an growing to a collective effort in change, definitely need more discussions an information
Kenndawgg 5 hours ago
Drake run far better than jays jay z wasn’t even best if his generation he was just there by default cuz pac and big died then Wayne came
Need you now
Need you now 5 hours ago
Wait...does this n*gga got a faze hoodie on ?🤨😂
Gus Domenech
Gus Domenech 5 hours ago
He should run for president
OG Nick's JUUL
OG Nick's JUUL 5 hours ago
jeff data
jeff data 5 hours ago
she like them big she like them chuncky
David Robinson
David Robinson 5 hours ago
Say what you want about the other Jordans, but MJ made them all look good on the court, because everything he did was so clean. He gave them a magical aura that no one's else has been able to duplicate.
Nolan Martin
Nolan Martin 5 hours ago
Homeboy doesn't like.... Want it...
John Doe
John Doe 5 hours ago
Too much real for them to let it be 1hr plus.
Kevin Guzman
Kevin Guzman 5 hours ago
5:05 justin beaver hes a big fan of yours. *Shows justin wearing the chelsea jersey * 😂😂😂
jeff data
jeff data 5 hours ago
I would buy like 50 shoes wtf
Rafael Ortiz
Rafael Ortiz 5 hours ago
The fact that he just called the DB 4s Superman’s says a lot about his sneaker knowledge. This nigga is a clown and the ones saying “finally someone who knows what they talking about” are bigger clowns.
Kwan Smith
Kwan Smith 5 hours ago
Replace T.I with Willie D and this is a Cold Muthafucka
a lil bit of aussie down under
That midlife crisis hitting hard 😂
Ethan 5 hours ago
Lol is he wearing underwear
King Kosha
King Kosha 5 hours ago
this was too short. I wanted to hear more.
Peep Da Slang
Peep Da Slang 5 hours ago
Killer mike a mofo beast bruh real shit Vegas in the building
Alex Fontenot
Alex Fontenot 5 hours ago
What are THOSE!!!!!
The One
The One 5 hours ago
30mins. Voting is apart of the matrix doesn't matter already a done deal made-up just like these fake ass laws in the part 250 years
Yaasmiyn T
Yaasmiyn T 5 hours ago
When is David Banner, Podcast coming on ?!
Kwan Smith
Kwan Smith 5 hours ago
Best Gold On USvid Currently
XxtexasxX 817
XxtexasxX 817 5 hours ago
Faze offset*
Need you now
Need you now 5 hours ago
7:47 sounds like he's rapping
KeeSankey 5 hours ago
I just really appreciate this conversation.
Common Tron
Common Tron 5 hours ago
We have to get away from listening to celebrities like they are scholars and have the answers. They’re just fucking rappers. That’s it!
Menace 3CF
Menace 3CF 5 hours ago
U gotta be a real rat/ bum ass nigga to put out a girls threats even tho she got enough money to et u hit up u gotta relaxxx these new niggaz got no morals 😅😂🤣
william peters
william peters 5 hours ago
I feel what our brothers was talking about was highly beneficial and we all should share this to fb or to any social media sites so people that wouldnt never think to look it up can get a taste of some real talk from our 3 brothers 💯
Eugene Henry Jr
Eugene Henry Jr 5 hours ago
Tip said that shit
Yousri Mekni Habachi
Il se trouve où la boutique 🏬
SirRichieSan 6 hours ago
Okay dumb question but was there a live translator during the interview or do they all have earpieces or something ? Does anyone know how it works please ? I've always wondered
Real Dre Mode
Real Dre Mode 6 hours ago
Wayno tryna ignore that most of the artist Jay-Z signed to Roc-a-fell are gone..bye bye.
JUST BTO 6 hours ago
Bro a lot a poor people would eat with dat money
jaquan gray
jaquan gray 6 hours ago
ybn almighty jay
Rip nip
D-roc Beats
D-roc Beats 6 hours ago
I got beats on my channel if u need em, Check me out if U got a second 🔥
Ronaldofan788 6 hours ago
is it me or is ak getting fatter?
Alvin Holden
Alvin Holden 6 hours ago
Thank you.
New Noise
New Noise 6 hours ago
Huh? Thats it? I thought this nigga was finna take like 10 pairs.
7 77
7 77 6 hours ago
4:06 what model of jordan thar
Undeniable Talent
Undeniable Talent 6 hours ago
I like this guy he’s good one of my favorite actor l, I first seen Black Panther he was the bad guy in that then I seen creed one and two he was the hero! My man....✊
Dinero Slim
Dinero Slim 6 hours ago
hardbodymh 6 hours ago
78 people don't like this? I bet y'all don't look like us🤷🏾‍♂️
Beverly McFadden
Beverly McFadden 6 hours ago
Over priced ass tennis shoe are you fucking kidding me. Lmfao
Naison Edmond
Naison Edmond 6 hours ago
I have those jumpman quotes
young flacko
young flacko 6 hours ago
offset nikeboy
Makaveli X
Makaveli X 6 hours ago
Always said I wanted mike and banner together on the same platform.