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Kevin Hilley
Kevin Hilley 41 minute ago
One thing we all agree on is that Carson needs more than ERTZ to throw to!!! DeSean is gone for the season, so c'mon Howie, get us a big name WR, even if he's just a rental for the rest of the year. #FlyEaglesFly #BleedGreen
Derrick Johnson
Derrick Johnson 41 minute ago
The official needs to get the review plays together, that was a clear fumble recovery by the colts. These refs needs to be accountable for what they do as far as blowing calls.
based god
based god 43 minutes ago
Eagles win 25-12 Jordan howard 317 rush yards, 47 broken tackles, 245 YAC and 4 TD. Nelson Aggolar 4 drops
Tommy Fox
Tommy Fox 43 minutes ago
Finally, a balanced game of offense and defense
Jefferson Matos
Jefferson Matos 44 minutes ago
Puting your QB in risk at the end when your winning, Very smart.
Matthia Gryffine
Matthia Gryffine 44 minutes ago
Can you do this for all of the games? I ask because your website is really slow at updating the play by play.
Sneaker Bay
Sneaker Bay 45 minutes ago
You asked for his instrument , so he played it . Lmao go hawks
Guadalupe Preza
Guadalupe Preza 46 minutes ago
Bill O Brian suck. Bad plays we should have blown them oit
Guadalupe Preza
Guadalupe Preza 44 minutes ago
Going for it on fourth down the first time was a bad call. So what happens colts score after the turnover.
Guadalupe Preza
Guadalupe Preza 46 minutes ago
Noah Shurtleff
Noah Shurtleff 47 minutes ago
0:32 we started the philly special
Mason Cummins
Mason Cummins 47 minutes ago
Deandre Hopkins: gets long wide open touchdown Joe buck: "Hopkins, pass caught for the touchdown"
Bernard wade
Bernard wade 48 minutes ago
I thought Kirk did something them motha fuckas were wide open. Vikings D did a good job of finishing that game off
Robert Robertson
Robert Robertson 48 minutes ago
Why is everybody talking about Raiders your forgetting about levon-bell
Ojas Devam
Ojas Devam 48 minutes ago
john fuller
john fuller 49 minutes ago
Officials had to save them.
Syncyl 49 minutes ago
Im kinda mad now. Colts have the easier schedule, and we could still win
Jai Norman
Jai Norman 49 minutes ago
Lol 🤣😂 😂
Isaac Martin
Isaac Martin 49 minutes ago
I hate these predictions the score will be ATL34-7
Jai Norman
Jai Norman 50 minutes ago
Both teams are terrible but somebody had to win it
Troy Wilmot
Troy Wilmot 50 minutes ago
Baku Linkmer
Baku Linkmer 51 minute ago
I’ve never seen a good defense from the colts ever
Harry Diaz
Harry Diaz 52 minutes ago
Should have been Colts ball with 1:32 left in the ball game at the Texans 35-yard line
AmeliYah Barboza
AmeliYah Barboza 52 minutes ago
Don’t start nothing. Won’t be nothing. Myles was being jumped by three steelers, he was defending himself.
Kevin Hilley
Kevin Hilley 53 minutes ago
The Pats barely beat my Eagles last week but I'm SOOOO pulling for them to beat those Cowgirls this week!!! #FlyEaglesFly #BleedGreen
4 Zoe’s
4 Zoe’s 53 minutes ago
Harry Diaz
Harry Diaz 54 minutes ago
Was enjoying the game and unfortunately fell asleep.... Just watching the replays.... Definitely spot-on was a fumble by Watson. Perhaps referees need better glasses.??? That was clearly a fumble. Should have been Colts ball..... The NFL needs to get their stuff straightened out ASAP.
Thomas Judge
Thomas Judge 54 minutes ago
Pats are going to win the Super Bowl no matter what, they could be 4-6 right now and they would win the Super Bowl, no matter what you do
Dee Realest
Dee Realest 55 minutes ago
Good win Houston, washed up Brady next.
Daniel Vanefsky
Daniel Vanefsky 55 minutes ago
How come the fumble by Deshaun Watson wasn't reviewed? Even though the Colts couldn't challenge, it was inside two minutes. Everything gets reviewed
Keshaun PipeDown
Keshaun PipeDown 56 minutes ago
Hopkins looks like he has double Me superstar ability activated
Achilles Rosas
Achilles Rosas 56 minutes ago
Number 41 is getting cooked in all these highlights. They just left him on an island by himself with no help even after gettin repeatedly burnt
Jay Mac
Jay Mac 56 minutes ago
I hate to break it to you but the outcomes of these games are highly regulated. How? By the terrible calls the refs make at pivotal times that seal the game for the chosen loser. The NFL is becoming akin to WWE. They need the drama to keep people watching because the gameplay is becoming boring and bogged down by penalties and rule changes.
Ethan Jones
Ethan Jones Hour ago
The Raiders playoff chances just went through the roof LOL
Steve Winter
Steve Winter Hour ago
Wait , what? no fumble at the end? Looked like one to me.
Llorente Clack
Will fuller is back time to stay healthy and eat every week
Brennon DeMott
That Kenjon barner td punt return was lit
Ian Harper
Ian Harper Hour ago
Wonder what Pat McAfee is goin to say about this
Dale Robinson
Dale Robinson Hour ago
Another blown call, thanks replay
I guess a fumble isnt a fumble and pass interference on TY isnt allowed to be called? Way to take over the game refs...IDIOTS
Dovah Mawi
Dovah Mawi Hour ago
Watson even told Leonard that Leonard had the ball after the game but y’all wanna act like there was nothing going on shady there 😂 definitely could’ve changed the game but it’s all good tho GG Texans. Now do us a favor and choke against the PATS and Titans 💀
DGR Hour ago
Wow a female referee HS. Good job NFL
fakeshake234 Hour ago
Probably the most underrated QB of all time. He's objectively a top 5 QB of all time, and in my eyes he's top 3 alongside Brady and Montana. We got the Brees vs. Peyton SB duel, now I'm rooting for the Saints so I can see a Brees vs. Brady duel for a SB.
Foreign Fatigue
Imagine Andre Johnson and D Hop playing at the same time... their offense would be unstoppable
Aaron Taylor
Aaron Taylor Hour ago
That was a fumble smh
Walter White
Walter White Hour ago
In my opinion, One of the top 20 games of all time. Although I believe too much credence is given to postseason as far as 'Greatest Game' lists go, a 21-3 comeback win which the lead changed 4 times in the 2nd half has to Qualify. Check my channel, I have the greatest games CONDENSED of 2012-2016 (they block anything more recent). I have games that would qualify but they're forgotten since they're regular season. The more lead changes, the more all pros and HOF worthy on the field, the more thrilling a game is. NFL FOOTBALL IS FOOTBALL; Regular season games careers are still at stake, the rules are the same, the blocking schemes and blitz schemes are still there. Sure it FEELS totally different live, in the playoffs, And if its YOUR team's SB run, its perfection. But when its not your lifelong team, recorded football its all about how good the play is, how much pure excitement and fascination of rewinding plays the game generates.
Nahshon Devose
I gotta verse mike Evans, and Chris Godwin, mark andrews, and Edelman this week. But I had will fuller so good start for me.
Hoo Man
Hoo Man Hour ago
I like how DeAndre Hopkins always gives it to his mom
Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson Hour ago
Hopkins proofed this game you just have to streak down field to be the best WR. Also him and Fitz proove year in and year out that the gloves are a glitch.
Jon Collins
Jon Collins Hour ago
Pat Mcafee isnt gonna be happy
L Crumby
L Crumby Hour ago
Back in the 90"s we all ran sub 4.3 40's. Most of us didn't make it to the league tho😞😔
superserial Hour ago
7-4 👍🏻
Valmor Williams
Number two is ridiculous Bob he’s the fastest man ever to be in the NFL .And with the better tracks and footwear diet and exercise he would’ve been the fastest today . Faster than Usain Bolt yes if he were in his prime today
Goldendoodle Hour ago
I'd say Raven's wont get 50, so I'm saying 44 - 14
Reynaldo Giles
I missed watching this game
Edwin Moux
Edwin Moux Hour ago
If Houston stays consistent on games like this they will be on the road to the Super Bowl.
Colts fan forever.
Colts fan forever. 58 minutes ago
Tom Brady will take care of that
Drosh Hour ago
wouldnt be surprised to see colts vs texans wildcard again, gg.
h s.A
h s.A Hour ago
Commentary is meh
iBeGaming2 Hour ago
I see the comment section is where it’s suppose to be now.....⚜️
L pattenaude
L pattenaude Hour ago
Anyone seen the lions vs tenn. what a game
Henry Cook
Henry Cook Hour ago
Jacob Martin exseahawks get the first sack of the game
I never understand grown ass people yelling full sentences at the people during a live interview. 🤷🏿‍♂️
5:42 Man, if Hilton just holds onto that ball, that’s a HUGE potential YAC right there, possibly even a score (Didn’t see any safeties nearby). Texans played a good game. GG mates.
EMONEY Hour ago
Vegas wins again the logical bet was the colts but I knew the texans would win a tight game. I really believe the NFL is rigged
nubian47 Hour ago
To think patriots had Jjimmy G and Brisset behind Brady once. Lol.
Ron Sager
Ron Sager Hour ago
Chase Booth
Chase Booth Hour ago
Ty is trash
Tango Bango
Tango Bango Hour ago
‘Scream...Scream....Scream.’ Lousy Anncrs.
Justin Crimaldi Knowledge & Wisdom Playlist
When Hopkins gives his TD ball to his mom its special. The second TD he got the announcer says, "say hi to mom again!" The love Deandre and his mom have is a bond every boy and man wants with their mother. If you dont know. She was attacked and someone threw chemicals in her eyes. And she ended up going blind immediately. Theres a video where they explain it. I suggest you check it out. Especially if your a Texan fan. Even if your not. They have a very inspiring story
James Payne
James Payne Hour ago
Lions got played 4:08 the elbow was down first not hard to see then the knee. That's #1 bad obvious plays. Can't believe my eyes... Somehow its a TD.. lol. Maybe game's r rigged he was supposed to score on that play
Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar Hour ago
Michael Vick had the potential to be the best QB ever.. In terms of playing abilities, it's insane... His running game, in my opinion is the best ever for obvious reasons but once he started becoming a more pocket presence QB as well, his arm had zero lack of talent equally... He was incredible, to bad though
Reekobama Ss
Reekobama Ss Hour ago
Fire Joe Buck
Ashley Vickers
I’m a titans fan and I needed the Texans to win cuz we haven’t played them yet
Mr T
Mr T Hour ago
Come on philly
Soo much people sleep on will Fuller it's crazy he a great deep threat and puts his team I'm great scoring position but the Nuke just gets all the credit.
Tristan Williams
Where was this ALL YEAR!!!!!
Pobody's Nerfect
hilton suuuuuucks lmao
Lil Gamer
Lil Gamer Hour ago
You promised us Sweet Victory...and all I saw was...Cheapy the cheapskate 😭😭
Linkz GP
Linkz GP Hour ago
Nuk Hopkins is on a HOF trajectory. 2nd best receiver only behind Julio Jones since AB is in exile. Happy to see Deshaun Watson back in the win column
Jennifer Colston
Johnhumphery Downing
Did you say Captain America really Buddy I think I need to go back to bed and think about what you said There are one team only has a Dallas Cowboys America’s team you know it and I know it it doesn’t matter if they win or lose they are still America’s team you are just a cowboy hater
Drewski4321 Hour ago
100% fumble at the end of the game NFL... MAKE THE REFS BETTER AT THERE JOB
Tango Bango
Tango Bango Hour ago
HATE these Screamin’ Anncrs. These things are supposed to happen in a football game Fella’ you don’t have to yell every 2-minutes!
lisa johnson
lisa johnson Hour ago
I'm here For Texans , We Whooped both Team Ass. 🤘🤘🤘🏈🤘🤘🤘🤘
# Guiltless
# Guiltless Hour ago
🎶Get up come on get down with the sickness 🎶
mshat18 Hour ago
You got to love how these highlights don’t show one of the most egregious offensive pass interference non-callsever. Bad calls went both ways in this game.
Robert Garrett
Okay....so why when he scored the first time you guys showed him handing the ball to his mother.... made me heart melt....but the second time yall didn't?? Like damn
Malcom Jones
Malcom Jones Hour ago
Once again injuries is hurting us. Mack was miss last night. Hilton still hurt. A couple of our WR are out. We got get healthy if we’re going to the playoffs. The game was still winnable. A miss place here, a miss place there. We got to win out. Go colts
kidgohan511 Hour ago
Way more interesting of a game than I thought it would be given how our secondary is held together by bubble gum and hope lol But if you think the Colts "were robbed" by the fumble then you truly don't understand football lol or didn't watch the game maybe. No clear recovery, offense keeps the ball. Plus most camera angles showed the ball surrounded by Watson and other Texans usually meaning there wouldn't be enough evidence to give the ball to Indy. However, I know we can all agree it should have been reviewed and NFL Officiating is largely a joke. The real reason imo the Colts loss is because they put their greatest weapon on a pitch count when their QB didn't really have any other play-makers. They needed TY out there. Even when our secondary is decent he exposes us.
Tango Bango
Tango Bango 2 hours ago
Young Watson is the REAL DEAL! IMHO. Too bad JJ is out for the year, I’d luv to see the Texans in their first Super Bowl.
Dustin Lou
Dustin Lou 2 hours ago
Honestly this is getting stupid. Lineman should be doing 315.
BREEZO 2 hours ago
Great bounce back win for Houston
Adam Lopez
Adam Lopez 2 hours ago
Lets show them what we are made of let’s goooooooooooo 49ers
༺๖ۣۜƊiͥscͣoͫrᖙ༻ Laz
The colts qb was running like dat Lamar Jackson
erkan sidar
erkan sidar 2 hours ago
Earlier in the 2011 year my father passed from a long battle with cancer. He was a life long cowboys fan. I remember every giants game going to my cousins house and watching every game that year. I feel like this Super Bowl win was my dads last gift to my brother and I who are die hard giants fans. This was his gift to us. Miss you Baba. Thank you for the memories!
Poseidon 2 hours ago
Jacoby Brissett so got damn slow
Hans  Harris Jr.
Hans Harris Jr. 2 hours ago
My God he said Justice League SMH
Nate Mauratt
Nate Mauratt 2 hours ago
Brady can't escape the Dallas pass rush. Dallas wins 34-17
Claudia W Miller
Claudia W Miller 2 hours ago
Watch 2019 NFL Game Live STREAM sportsbox247.com/
Bryan Jeffries
Bryan Jeffries 2 hours ago
No review on the fumble? Inside 2 minutes where everything is supposed to be reviewed? NFL is almost impossible to watch now