Rudy Mancuso
Rudy Mancuso
Rudy Mancuso
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Click bait Master
Click bait Master 11 minutes ago
Who else think stalking DVD's was a better phrase then employee of the month
intl_bohemian 23 minutes ago
I feel like this is real life for artists who live in LA!!! lol ♡♡♡
Luka YT
Luka YT 36 minutes ago
Bro i remeber when i knew the lyrcs😂
Yara Mahmoud
Yara Mahmoud 43 minutes ago
This is amazing Rudy !! I wonder how hard u work on your videos!! 😍😍😅love uuuuu
Yara Mahmoud
Yara Mahmoud 43 minutes ago
This is amazing Rudy !! I wonder how hard u work on your videos!! 😍😍😅love uuuuu
Aiko OwO
Aiko OwO 45 minutes ago
You should be a famous singing :3
Eshwar Pilli
Eshwar Pilli 49 minutes ago
Epic bro. I might have listened a 1000 times by now. I really admire you work. 👏👏👏
Memes Reporter
Memes Reporter 56 minutes ago
The old man doing Orenge Justise
Sami Sinani
Sami Sinani 57 minutes ago
So cool😂😁
Rahul Netha
Rahul Netha 57 minutes ago
Rudy is a genius
Viltė Vaidelauskaitė
Viltė Vaidelauskaitė 58 minutes ago
6:51 rush hour? 🤣
Nice man the bests 😘😎😎🥳
wacky krishna
wacky krishna Hour ago
Audrey Hour ago
Best content creator ever
AudioBlade Hour ago
Did they ever go to watch that movie..
Karma Gaming
Karma Gaming Hour ago
Hola amigo
Piergiorgio Fariello
So do the same thinghs is love wow
Singapore Mantis
Who else also got the shivers like PHYSICALLY
ace mugdan
ace mugdan Hour ago
Rudy just bought a beer and then bought a beer again!?!!??!
Anne Patriz Gesulgon
This is hilarious 😂😂
Jaileigh Pink
Jaileigh Pink Hour ago
At 3:43 that should be a bully scene 😔😔😭😭
OceanicMidnight Gacha
HOLY VOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Sneezing Snoozer
Sneezing Snoozer 2 hours ago
Mikaela Hoover: exists God: This one here is my most brilliant masterpiece.
Sneezing Snoozer
Sneezing Snoozer 2 hours ago
Mikaela Hoover: exists God: This one here is my most brilliant masterpiece.
Baby Gomez
Baby Gomez 2 hours ago
I thought superman is not hulk
deepesh giri
deepesh giri 2 hours ago
6 mins of nothing
Harmony Petty
Harmony Petty 2 hours ago
Captain America was insulting himself.i mean last time I checked he didn’t have powers except a shield if I’m wrong please tell me
RANA SAHA 2 hours ago
So he got himself a beer and he was wearing a gown... *I'm dead* 🔥😂😂
xXTYLERXx 2 hours ago
Me When Bob Ross Died And I Just Watch This...
oliver.23 lol
oliver.23 lol 2 hours ago
Rudy why did you guys stop doing this videls
Vivien Black
Vivien Black 2 hours ago
This video represents my life! Love it!
Aiko OwO
Aiko OwO 2 hours ago
I love this so much xD I cant stop watching it oh and 2019 anyone!?🤔
alexis queen
alexis queen 2 hours ago
Jesus this is so well made
shad 3 hours ago
Steve trabajo
Zunaira Solaiman
Zunaira Solaiman 3 hours ago
Practice makes pussy uhh practice I died.😂
who cares
who cares 3 hours ago
dope shit dude!
Jamal Jankson
Jamal Jankson 3 hours ago
Shawqi Bukhari
Shawqi Bukhari 3 hours ago
It ended up to be a good song
Catherine Siso •389 years ago
When i die i want to go to 7 11
RobloxMelon 3 hours ago
Rudy is a fucking great musician Anwar is a great dancer Hannah is a awesome agent XD Lele is umm... good at taking photos Cliff is good at um not being in shots Everyone that I missed are great people :) ;)
Leanne Hilder
Leanne Hilder 3 hours ago
Rudy do you smoke
Leah Faonevai
Leah Faonevai 3 hours ago
Cool :3
Lucy Heartfilia
Lucy Heartfilia 3 hours ago
I purple Jungkook
I purple Jungkook 3 hours ago
No. Body. Cares. What. Year. You're. Watching. This. Video. In.
HAZEM ́S TUBE 3 hours ago
MARK GAMING 3 hours ago
So they are all robots or cyborgs??
Sharon_XOXO Chan
Sharon_XOXO Chan 4 hours ago
Oh gosh poor ar- HEY uhhh you know my friend yes! His name is Art act got hit by his dad bob ross 😱🤣
RIcHmoND BuLLdogS 4 hours ago
Ceazer Cruz-drun
Ceazer Cruz-drun 4 hours ago
Audio tune TWT
Red Forever
Red Forever 4 hours ago
If you played Detroit you’ll feel this
Tamonafate Yaer
Tamonafate Yaer 4 hours ago
Wow great vlogger here 😍
Cracker 4 hours ago
Cracker 4 hours ago
aisya azli
aisya azli 4 hours ago
Hi. I fan you from malaysia.
Jacob Warwick
Jacob Warwick 4 hours ago
I would flog ur buttttttttttttt rudy
Ronna Kuk
Ronna Kuk 4 hours ago
B*tchy ba ba butchy 😂
Nitika Sood
Nitika Sood 4 hours ago
Am I the only one who thinks that Rudy actually looks good as Jennifer. Just me then? Okay
Ronna Kuk
Ronna Kuk 4 hours ago
Juanpa is the cute and stupid type in the video and I love it
Daniel McLauchlain
Daniel McLauchlain 4 hours ago
This is the only time I go for dc
Nu_ supreme
Nu_ supreme 4 hours ago
1:59 is funny and 2:13
Ronna Kuk
Ronna Kuk 4 hours ago
I would definitely get the song my tequila and it's a spider
Princess Bway
Princess Bway 4 hours ago
Omg my name is Jennifer and I’m Greek.🙃🙃
Ronna Kuk
Ronna Kuk 4 hours ago
Rudy is crazy about tequila
Deborah Luciano
Deborah Luciano 4 hours ago
2:17- 2:19 "one thing we should cut is your acting career" 😂😂😂😂😂
Snipzzz_999 4 hours ago
2:35 is the best part
Roblox Developer
Roblox Developer 5 hours ago
Toxiic Invasion
Toxiic Invasion 5 hours ago
this is some deep shit
Christopher Sandoval
Me encanta que ellos si pueden hacer bromas racistas por que tienen amigos de todas las razas y creencias xd
Slauted ツ Ludhe
Slauted ツ Ludhe 5 hours ago
This is my kind of attitude chill
Corbin Javier
Corbin Javier 5 hours ago
Wait, Captain America doesn't have Powers also Batman would beat Captain America
AlfredoDaGamer 5 hours ago
What was the point of lele calling you
Deewan Chamling
Deewan Chamling 5 hours ago
Bro tell me which guitar theme
Lela Trela
Lela Trela 5 hours ago
This is actual connect i fucking love this shit
Luqman Mega
Luqman Mega 5 hours ago
I like rudy say "Aaaaaaaa"
alia azri
alia azri 5 hours ago
I laughed so hard
Zack1948 5 hours ago
I thought this is Hollywood movie
julianna ramirez
julianna ramirez 5 hours ago
wait I don't get the point ...
Folole Graff
Folole Graff 5 hours ago
What did he do it dose not mean driving in green is NOT ELGEL HEAR ME ELEGEL I feel bad for the grinch 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Rajveer Singh
Rajveer Singh 6 hours ago
Hey alfert. Am batman
WWY AIDEN Hi 6 hours ago
Wait captain America doesn’t really have powers all he dose is throw his shield and block with it
NMA-T 6 hours ago
Jary 6 hours ago
This is so sad
Mike Lee
Mike Lee 6 hours ago
Anthony Fuentes
Anthony Fuentes 6 hours ago
In the begining he listed 11 thinngs that wouldnt be listed in a real apple product and its the pinapple 11 phone
Little Jenni
Little Jenni 6 hours ago
My name is Jennifer, I’m dying 😂
Flame 6 hours ago
These intros lol
Don’t Sub
Don’t Sub 6 hours ago
Muhiba Sarwari
Muhiba Sarwari 6 hours ago
You look like Camila Cabello in the thumbnail😂
saw dudes
saw dudes 6 hours ago
"We sall Batman vs Superman we want are money back" True asf
кρσρ ιѕ му lιfєυ •_•
This really triggered me cuz like y’all were so close to seeing each other those other times and UGHHHHH 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️
AnAs CoOl
AnAs CoOl 7 hours ago
Haha card is awesome
Elagance _
Elagance _ 7 hours ago
Friend hey im stuck in trafic hears football game
Damian Medina
Damian Medina 7 hours ago
Don’t worry I liked and commented below and I didn’t forget to subscribe
Elagance _
Elagance _ 7 hours ago
He had a voice crack like if you noticed
Off my
Off my 7 hours ago
Bruh Mexican Hulk said to himself after she saw that green chick; **She got Facebook**
Adyn Todd
Adyn Todd 7 hours ago
3 yr olds after watching this vid: Teacher: Adam, what’s 2 + 2? Adam (a 3 yr old): *banana* *sunday*