Rudy Mancuso
Rudy Mancuso
Rudy Mancuso
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Mal Peterson
Mal Peterson 37 minutes ago
But rudy is out here duble cheeked up on a thursday afternoon
Stevens inwhite
Stevens inwhite 42 minutes ago
En vez de musica salsa hubiera puesto musica de mariachi o banda norteña eso si es muy mexican papi.
Carlo Bolanos
Carlo Bolanos 46 minutes ago
White people should have been wearing the kkk robe
Carlo Bolanos
Carlo Bolanos 48 minutes ago
The title should be "how white people see others"
Carlo Bolanos
Carlo Bolanos 48 minutes ago
Looking through the eyes of a white peoples
You won't be gerrin any of MY money!
The USA sucks 🖕🏻
brown77 Hour ago
если были бы субтитры на русском, я бы подписался
Jasmina Bekanovic
your trainer is Mike Tyson he was the best boxer in the world he has 50 wins 44 Knockouts and only six losses
Malcolm Doherty
Batman roasted Spider-Man and that was hilarious.”were all friends here well I am not your friend”.
UnKnowen Hour ago
Thanks to you the police showed up to my house when u said hey Siri call the police thank u
Prasenjit Chakraborty
Love the song
Part 2
Michael Jnr
Michael Jnr Hour ago
I watched it more than once, any one here watching this in 2020 give me a thumbs up 👇👇
zothan 88
zothan 88 Hour ago
Worst I've ever seen
عوا نمن
عوا نمن Hour ago
0:59 lm done 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Malcolm Doherty
Anwar I don’t drink anymore. A few hours later gets so drunk
Harleigh Jones
I hate marvel
TheMegan 2019
TheMegan 2019 2 hours ago
This song reminds me of the song Celoso
عوا نمن
عوا نمن 2 hours ago
4:30 I'm done 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
ter sweet
ter sweet 2 hours ago
Rudy's music always GREAT❤❤
Boyan Ilchev
Boyan Ilchev 2 hours ago
Great vidio
Jonathan Yang
Jonathan Yang 2 hours ago
No one: Literally no one: *”joker goes in bathroom to dance instead of taking a shit”*
Meli Pérez
Meli Pérez 2 hours ago
Amo este video jajaja
liana raspberry
liana raspberry 2 hours ago
Poor bat man when i saw that i was so sad my ibrows turn down
Ibrahim Nassir Mahomed
I am a Muslim
Lendrit Beqiraj
Lendrit Beqiraj 2 hours ago
Its funny
Meave Larson
Meave Larson 2 hours ago
Enjoyed it so much 😂
Meave Larson
Meave Larson 2 hours ago
Last scene 😂😂
rongmei jianpu
rongmei jianpu 2 hours ago
😎love u bros
panos 2 hours ago
Didn't said tequila
Mark Deroy
Mark Deroy 3 hours ago
Nobody made a comment about his name.
Benjiro 3 hours ago
Go to hell purple teletuby 6:41
happy Gabby!!!
happy Gabby!!! 3 hours ago
He said imagishination at 2:46?
Uncalled Four Gaming
5 min in back I m just kidding🤣😂🤣😂
Kian Mclaren
Kian Mclaren 3 hours ago
I love it
Kian Mclaren
Kian Mclaren 2 hours ago
F And
Kian Mclaren
Kian Mclaren 3 hours ago
I love it
Me Hazib
Me Hazib 3 hours ago
Who loved 3:00
JuunToon JTG
JuunToon JTG 3 hours ago
There was a guy named Robert he was feeling kinda down so he got himself a beer and he sat there with a frown his girlfriend just broke up with him that day so things were not ok
SA MI 3 hours ago
it contains a good message..............
Adam Shawakat Al aswad
JuunToon JTG
JuunToon JTG 3 hours ago
Alec wont let Rudy add anything WHY IT IS RUDY'S SONG
poweryoutube knudsen
Racist classes part 2?
B.O.T Gaming
B.O.T Gaming 3 hours ago
I love you
Supreme Gamer
Supreme Gamer 4 hours ago
That is kind
sangsangi Kholhring
Like it ......so so so much ♥️♥️
ros sins
ros sins 4 hours ago
Wonder women have eyes heat
Andy 4 hours ago
By day Imma a plumma, by night I kill maffuckers
ALFIE Foster
ALFIE Foster 4 hours ago
ALFIE Foster
ALFIE Foster 4 hours ago
Maks Janyshbekov
Maks Janyshbekov 4 hours ago
Бляяя дайте мне эту телку 😋😋😋
Miana-Maria Farha
Miana-Maria Farha 4 hours ago
Awww poor robot
The GoOmerLuka
The GoOmerLuka 4 hours ago
Why was lele lying to him
Bethany Noah
Bethany Noah 4 hours ago
The firsts *tf boys! The foreign boys
Yariyari Kaylee
Yariyari Kaylee 4 hours ago
I noticed that Rudy always love to be topless in his videos he just really don’t care 😂😂 well I’m not complaining 🤷🏽‍♀️🤣🥴
Porter Rock
Porter Rock 4 hours ago
hardik bhardwaj
hardik bhardwaj 4 hours ago
Its because of that puppet that she left him and met justin!
SOUL 10 4 hours ago
Spider black 😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅😅😣😣😣
JeeK 4 hours ago
At 1:57 bach puts his left hand inside the car but in the next shot it's his right hand
SOUL 10 4 hours ago
Anwar 😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😂
Eevee 199
Eevee 199 5 hours ago
me at 0:00 to 1:38 this is a good song 1:40 are you sure about that
Lucky DSC
Lucky DSC 5 hours ago
This is more a a collab not a battle :P
ashi ly
ashi ly 5 hours ago
And that's my life..........motherf*cker's ..
Joël Anthonij
Joël Anthonij 5 hours ago
Waw amizing rudy
Madley Mertz
Madley Mertz 5 hours ago
"Are you okay? Steve? Uh, I mean.. Peter?" - Ironman.
くんれいでん 5 hours ago
"a product that you definitely don't need"😂
くんれいでん 5 hours ago
and now, "a little bit shittier" 😂😂
くんれいでん 5 hours ago
"it's like apple, but crappier"😂
Loyd Peralta
Loyd Peralta 5 hours ago
What's the chords?
Since17 Memes
Since17 Memes 5 hours ago
2:18 I really felt that slap😂😭😭😭
ZvinH1 6 hours ago
Legend says.... Innana is still alive... But for real- we never saw her get shot
Tayah The Potato
Tayah The Potato 6 hours ago
_More Music_
Mario Guillen
Mario Guillen 6 hours ago
Omg! I feld in love on this video
Eros C
Eros C 6 hours ago
This makes know scence are they cheating
Marija Mitreska
Marija Mitreska 6 hours ago
Canadian Superman wins
Uncalled Four Gaming
Family reunion also anxiety 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
pajhoutan 7 hours ago
Imagine your playing truth or dare and your friend that is a girl she says i dare you to kiss me And your friend punches you in the face You it is in that moment you fucked up splap to the ground
Eddy Edward
Eddy Edward 7 hours ago
French superman that accent
Inda Martin
Inda Martin 7 hours ago
I feel like this could me a real song
Angela Fusco
Angela Fusco 7 hours ago
When the wader came over dude dude she’s so hot
Daniel Pye
Daniel Pye 7 hours ago
Wow giant crowed must of mad getting hit worth it
Sonia Parvin
Sonia Parvin 7 hours ago
Rudy has a more interesting life than any other person I know. Everyone he sees is MUSICAL. And also he didn't mention tequila
Jadejade Mt
Jadejade Mt 7 hours ago
It would have been better if you two both sing
Journey of my soul
Journey of my soul 7 hours ago
What do we all have in common?
dead mask
dead mask 7 hours ago
Hehehehe I'm white Got me so hard
Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq 8 hours ago
So I'm watching this again in 2020
Koda Butler
Koda Butler 8 hours ago
Poor robot at least he got a girlfriend also his girlfriend died :( f in da chat for the robots girlfriend
angel 8 hours ago
Loved 2:50 when a voice crack snuck in
i will die for ALLAH
born for music
Dante Duruisseau
Dante Duruisseau 8 hours ago
😂😂😂😂yes true story.
chris vaniz
chris vaniz 9 hours ago
knock knock whose there your a dirt bag
1HP FlipaClip Videos
Is keaven even real
baberina1 9 hours ago
I love Mike TySon!
Jaywolf Ak
Jaywolf Ak 9 hours ago
Thor and Spiderman characters are so fit in.
Jaywolf Ak
Jaywolf Ak 9 hours ago
I don't think batman can handle wonder woman, you know she's strong his thing my break. Edit: after I saw Robbin I'll go with batman.😩
Inika Vbh08
Inika Vbh08 10 hours ago
Sup! Rudy and anwar Edit: I didn't want to type this
Mr perfectionist
Mr perfectionist 10 hours ago
So all of them left the girl hanging cause she have boyfriend??
M. 10 hours ago
This is just boring old style, always comes Rudy as two characters one of them love to sing and the other just paranoids, then eventually sings along, we r waiting for something cool and different like MAMa SONG.
Dkkdjdj Kdkdjdjdjdj
Dkkdjdj Kdkdjdjdjdj 10 hours ago