julien solomita
julien solomita
julien solomita
i make videos that range from dog birthday celebrations all the way to recklessly cooking in my kitchen. also sometimes featured are my girlfriend jenna as well as our pack of crying doggos; kermit, peach, marbles and bunny
i made tamales
10 days ago
next stop pies!
2 months ago
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dog massage
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Candyce Parker
Candyce Parker 22 hours ago
So I'm the only one wondering what happened to the beautiful bench top? Lol you know you're getting old when...
crimebs 22 hours ago
i can’t stop laughing at peach lmaooo her jumping all over the place and going under the table in the bathroom and in their bedroom was SO FUNNY
Ypsilion 22 hours ago
OOH! As a Spanish person with lactose intolerance I haven't been able to eat Crema Catalana (it's how we call crème brûlée in Spain) in YEARS! This is such a nice idea, will definitely give it a try. Also, the neon color before the burning of the sugar is totally normal, normally it is even more yellow because of the egg custard.
Vanessa Lucado
Vanessa Lucado 22 hours ago
Am I the only one insanely bothered by that white spot on the countertop? Like, what is it? And why hasn't it been cleaned up???
linkinqueens97 22 hours ago
whys his head so big
LoserLyah 22 hours ago
If Julien doesn’t throw on an apron and start cooking on their wedding day then they should just stay friends
Akalya Sri
Akalya Sri 22 hours ago
can you try to make pizza or some shit with the blow torch only ??
Grayson Hill
Grayson Hill 22 hours ago
If u ever serve it too someone make sure they don’t have a nut allergy lmao
reinerca 22 hours ago
For anyone who wants to make this but can't get/doesn't want to get the torch, do everything the same way but instead of the torch use the BROIL setting on your oven! Sprinkle the sugar on, turn the oven on and wait for it to get hot, then place the creme's on a tray and stick them under the top part of your oven (where the broiler is) for about a minute. *Keep an eye on them!* The sugar should caramelize in the same way.
Ruby 22 hours ago
Jennas E-Girl makeup is so cuteee
brookexo3 22 hours ago
Can someone please tell me what the white spot on the bench is?
Shawntel Korn
Shawntel Korn 22 hours ago
Brûlée it to em
Listen here Sweaty🌺🌺
I'm not trying to be mean or anything but I think your apron is trying to choke you 😂
Emma Cummings
Emma Cummings 22 hours ago
Why is nobody talking about the noise at 5:34
Mara Files
Mara Files 22 hours ago
What blender does Julien have? My blender is fuckin stupid and cracked when I put ice in it as if they expected me to make smoothies without ice
David Morales
David Morales 22 hours ago
No, that was sweet soup.
m b
m b 22 hours ago
"I cant believe that has no calories" loool fuulll of calories
Jen Crecelius
Jen Crecelius 22 hours ago
Simmer close to a boil? 😂 Anyone else literally scream no outloud, because I totally did 😆
No Vegans Or Vegetarians Allowed
*WHY Do You Make Foods...That You CAN NOT Make...Using Eggs, Dairy Or REAL Meat!? It's So FRICKING POINTLESS!!*
Shaun Campbell
Shaun Campbell 22 hours ago
Kermit has all the workers at the vet know his name because it's always him who gets hurt. #MiddleChildProblems
samantha Colson
samantha Colson 22 hours ago
My brother works at a restaurant and he cooks the food and he made me one of them and its soo good and he has me draw there kids menu pictures3 bc I'm good al drawing
ASH KHAN 22 hours ago
4min later I am like....(Jenna's voice) boyyyy hurry up with it) than jenna's voice JULIANNNN
Colin Bledsoe
Colin Bledsoe 22 hours ago
good doin it to em with the coconut milk there! the sound is very buzzy and a lil high pitch icky. only LOVE fam!!
Faith Thornton
Faith Thornton 22 hours ago
Please make empanadas. they're so good!
No Vegans Or Vegetarians Allowed
*There Is NO Sweeter Things In Life Being VEGAN!!*
alexalovesnatalie 22 hours ago
Julien's next tattoo: a torch
Chelsea's Channel
Chelsea's Channel 22 hours ago
Julien feeding Jenna made my heart break 😭❤️ they are so cute omg
emilyhershman 22 hours ago
lower ur apron
Megan Dehn-Rose
Megan Dehn-Rose 22 hours ago
You needed to bring it to a simmer (light boil) to activate the cornstarch which is what thickens the mixture.
JoJo Gee
JoJo Gee 22 hours ago
you've got a blow torch which means you're now obligated to make baked alaska, gotta do it
Charlotte Nie
Charlotte Nie 22 hours ago
Normal white cane sugar is not vegan. It has bone char in it to bleach it
Octobers1086Own 22 hours ago
Don't know if you'll see this Julien, but... If you let that mixture come down to room temperature while it's in the blender and then put it in the fridge to cool inside the dishes, you'll get that custard/pudding like texture more consistently. Also, adding more coconut milk can never hurt. The more fat content, the creamier the mixture will be. Just wanted to help in case you try again in the future. Great video and both of you be well. Dink Dink!!!
SpecialKay13 22 hours ago
Just me hearing the awful high pitch noise around 6:32? 😂
Lost In Paradise
Lost In Paradise 22 hours ago
Saw this comment on rylands channel but pls do a cooking video w him 😂 while Jenna and Shane panic on the side 😅❤️
Kittie Peters
Kittie Peters 22 hours ago
I like to do a brulee layer ontop of oatmeal!!!
entersimulation 22 hours ago
i have never had the most violent urge to make crème brûlée at 1 am IN MY LIFE
Tiffany Strange
Tiffany Strange 22 hours ago
It's kind of liquidy though? Creme brule is more of a thick custard. Do you think if you bake that recipe that it would come out thicker?🤔
Cameron Harvey
Cameron Harvey 22 hours ago
I made this and ate it. Don’t be like me. For the love of God, do not be like me.
Renae Taylor
Renae Taylor 22 hours ago
Excuse me you aries'd all over the kitchen.
hellomelaniee 22 hours ago
Pudding with skin - David Dobrik
Riley Wagner
Riley Wagner 22 hours ago
You need to keep your mic away from the induction top. It's making a high pitch whistle whenever it's turned on and it's going to blow out my windows
Eleftherion 22 hours ago
Katie Pattee
Katie Pattee 22 hours ago
Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith 22 hours ago
Ou I wanna tty
Miguel Giron
Miguel Giron 22 hours ago
That’s not allowed.. Omyyghooow that’s not allowed 🤣🤣❤️
ChantelFaith 22 hours ago
I literally just watched a tik tok of a guy bruleeing different fruit lol
Piggiemushroom 22 hours ago
Just looking at the name it sld be French? Maybe that's just me
Robin Rose
Robin Rose 22 hours ago
Why every impressive vegan dessert have to be made with coconut 😢 I'm so sick of coconuts! I wish if I could make this and like it!
AllThingsSalguera 22 hours ago
Can flan come soon?
Jung Cooky
Jung Cooky 22 hours ago
No one : Julien : Hello, there, again.!?¡
Cory Max
Cory Max 22 hours ago
dip them in some soy milk! =]]
Raigen Huss
Raigen Huss 22 hours ago
I gasped when the coconut milk plopped out lol 😂 that fat content makes me so happy. I’m thinking of putting that in my protein shakes. I’m always trying to keep my calorie and fat count up to stay at a healthy weight
Aylén Guevara
Aylén Guevara 22 hours ago
Cero calorías
dremmy1 22 hours ago
Did anybody else notice an annoying high pitch whining noise?
Don't Mess Up My Tempo
I've never tried crème brûlée bc I hate eggs but I would absolutely try Julien's version
ConnorIsTrue 22 hours ago
Poor kermit
ehblehblehbleh 22 hours ago
What is in the bench it's like been bothering me the whole videoooooo
Callie Jo
Callie Jo 22 hours ago
Sometimes I forget Julien is vegan and gluten free, but then he cracks out some cashews to use as eggs and I’m yanked back to reality
Liv 22 hours ago
Im making this this weekend
Allison Young
Allison Young 22 hours ago
I love how when he started his cooking videos were goofy and now he’s so serious about his cooking!!! And the happiness he and Jenna have when it turns out and how delicious it turns out makes me so happy!
Jackson Ross
Jackson Ross 22 hours ago
The ‘I made creme brûlée!’ was the most wholesome thing ever
Raising Ronan
Raising Ronan 23 hours ago
If this show doesn’t make it to a live audience soon I’m calling the senator
sawyerhartman 23 hours ago
Bro making this tonight!
Ale 23 hours ago
next baked alaska
LoserLyah 23 hours ago
Juliens videos get comments really fast and frequently so like someone help me get rid of these ugly zits on my forehead cheaply
Juliette Schlegel
Juliette Schlegel 23 hours ago
i am french and creme brulee is a basic dessert that is served in almost every restaurant/brasserie And YES IT IS THE BEST DESSERT EVER i am totally addicted since day one For those who are a little scared of the torch, there are little ones for you guys to use at home ps: let it cool then burn the sugar coating just before serving/eating, the hot/cool sensation in the mouth will END you bisous bisous
Hailee Bennett
Hailee Bennett 23 hours ago
I LOVE how supportive Jenna is!!!!!! That is always my favorite part of the videos!!!
Meatballs Yes 2
Meatballs Yes 2 23 hours ago
Why does the thumbnail look like a vibe check meme
66slester 23 hours ago
Would a regular lighter work the same?
claudia danforth
claudia danforth 23 hours ago
Jenna with the e girl blush is so cute
claudia danforth
claudia danforth 23 hours ago
Julien: *heats coconut milk on stove* Also Julien:... I don’t know why it’s hot... Julien: *adds a literal tablespoon of turmeric* Also Julien: I don’t know why it’s neon yellow *JULIEN YOU KNOW WHY*
shams doesn’t care
idk why wikipedia thinks it’s from multiple places considering that the words “crème brûlée” are french??? like were spain and england like “bruh. the french have a pretty cool dessert. *lets steal it* “
Luis Alvarez
Luis Alvarez 23 hours ago
An Aries and a virgo discover caramel
E P 23 hours ago
The heating up of the custard is to make the arrowroot ticker the custard. Try next time to bring it to a simmer, then add the arrowroot as it is simmering. It should thicken it I think.
Jason Sierra
Jason Sierra 23 hours ago
I can’t help but notice julien isn’t wearing his chef Julian outfit lately. Sir your FRIEND had that specially made.
Isabel Diaz
Isabel Diaz 23 hours ago
thinking about how he said “get a saucepan out” and he got a frying/sauté pan out 💀
Kayla Zulik
Kayla Zulik 23 hours ago
crème brûlian solomita
Oreal 23 hours ago
vegan pop-tarts?
Stephi Leigh
Stephi Leigh 23 hours ago
Why did I wait so long to watch this?!?!
Melissa Ballmer
Melissa Ballmer 23 hours ago
A minute has passed.
Gracie May
Gracie May 23 hours ago
corinne schreier
corinne schreier 23 hours ago
I’ve made creme brûlée and omg it was so hard! This is so much easier! I’m so mad from now on I’m making it like this! Also you did an amazing job!!!!!!! It looks so amazing!
Rebecca Von
Rebecca Von 23 hours ago
i had to brûlée oranges for a dessert special at my job and tbh the most fun i’ve ever had at work
Kristi W
Kristi W 23 hours ago
Haha you would get a torch that connects straight to a can of butane 😂
Emily Gordon
Emily Gordon 23 hours ago
Okay but.. is a soufflé next? Bet
Sydney Jones
Sydney Jones 23 hours ago
I would like to see Julien make a donut burger
Roxanne Guenette
Roxanne Guenette 23 hours ago
Your videos truly do make me smile
Quarter Castle
Quarter Castle 23 hours ago
Julien you should make vegan lemon curd because it gets hyper neon because of the turmeric.
ChezzyBezzy 52
ChezzyBezzy 52 23 hours ago
Why dont you just use something like zucchini skin👍 not banana peel 👎!
Riley Hollister
Riley Hollister 23 hours ago
a minute has passed
Raini Endicott
Raini Endicott 23 hours ago
Julien nooo.. you're eating soup!
Danielle Evans
Danielle Evans 23 hours ago
Julian if you had brought the mixture to a simmer it would help with the thickness.
Angel Lee
Angel Lee 23 hours ago
Attempt jelly slice omg
Emily McCullough
Emily McCullough 23 hours ago
Hire Peach back as your sous chef so she can give Jenna her money back
allbee damned
allbee damned 23 hours ago
Fun fact: ancient Egyptians used to put Caterpillar eggs instead of sugar for extra protein as it was originally a pre/post battle dish
Caitlin Bear
Caitlin Bear 23 hours ago
WHAT'S WITH THE WHITE MARK ON THE COUNTER? i need to know. For science.
Ximena Gonzalez
Ximena Gonzalez 23 hours ago
Actually the color was just like the Spanish version of it, Crema Catalana. You nailed it Julien!
Pixzen 23 hours ago
I always make Tamales with my dad or when we go to mexico we make them with my abuela. Lemme just say your doing amazing for your first time making them, with making mexican food just feel it let your aries gene fly cause we dont measure our food we just feel it as we go along until we think its right. Thats why no recipe for the same food tastes the same, everyone has their own spin so keep it up
someone you might know
I find it funny that foreigners think crême brulée is fancy but that's so cute
Yoga Medical
Yoga Medical 23 hours ago
Hey y’all I love these and Julien - just for safety tho if you try this don’t blend a hot liquid in a blender! Make sure there is some kind of vent or keep the lid partially off for steam to escape! :)