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aya hamze
aya hamze 3 hours ago
Andres Escamilla
Andres Escamilla 3 hours ago
Man this is so hard, life for sure is not easy and our minds are really tricky
Geral A.
Geral A. 3 hours ago
Awwwww, I love them ❤️
Sparkelina uwu
Sparkelina uwu 3 hours ago
Please do BTS or BLACKPINK next 💜✨
armys welcome
armys welcome 3 hours ago
Actually 'Gucci Gang' would have been so easy lol
Raena` Ward
Raena` Ward 3 hours ago
actualy 2 years later he does do it.
Famnii Games
Famnii Games 3 hours ago
The Spiderman thing got me xD
armys welcome
armys welcome 3 hours ago
*I'm a bad guy* ....Silence.... *dUh* Hahaha this really had me 😂
Bob Smoo
Bob Smoo 3 hours ago
Garbage movie
Jaime Urbano
Jaime Urbano 3 hours ago
U one of those alphabet people????
Jalen Schweiger
Jalen Schweiger 3 hours ago
Bob Smoo Don't cut yourself with all that edge.
Asensio RM
Asensio RM 3 hours ago
I'm preplexed!
Thewingman 13
Thewingman 13 3 hours ago
Yeah but have you actually watched the film
Kevin Christianson
Kevin Christianson 3 hours ago
A lot of people: Heaths Joker didn't closely follow the comics. Me: That's cause he made the character his own.
YeeYee 3 hours ago
Spooky szn is upon us
Lulo 3 hours ago
Wheres the Bloody Mary one ? 😭
disney chennel
disney chennel 3 hours ago
Kino's English is just ❤❤❤❤😥
Hector Guererro
Hector Guererro 3 hours ago
“A disco gurl”
Lilly Rock
Lilly Rock 3 hours ago
Pozdro z Polski🙂 Też lubię Charliego💖
yanelle tamayo
yanelle tamayo 3 hours ago
Minecrafter2011/ Boomer is an icon!!!
Hector Guererro
Hector Guererro 3 hours ago
And I oop sksksks
Hector Guererro
Hector Guererro 3 hours ago
Vsco btw
yanelle tamayo
yanelle tamayo 3 hours ago
Letizia Moonlight
Letizia Moonlight 4 hours ago
"Haha😰.. don't trust her" 😂😂😂 i love him
SwordArt 4 hours ago
They should have shown Dances with Wolves
StefaNuggets 4 hours ago
@FBE About 4 months ago I was promised a shout out. I never received that shout out so it would be nice if I could:) No Hate. THANKS! @
Imogen C
Imogen C 4 hours ago
damn. euphoria has such a good portrayal. they done did their research
Adela Kim
Adela Kim 4 hours ago
I didn't know before she has a such great singing voice until i watch this video. Sorry Tiffany ♥️😊
Ellen Yorgensen
Ellen Yorgensen 4 hours ago
❤️ them both!! But it's really weird seeing them as Bob and Silent Jay. 😂😂
Jorge Santiago
Jorge Santiago 4 hours ago
Where is superhero costumes
Walid Lacheb
Walid Lacheb 4 hours ago
Why Madison acts cOoL
dita rania
dita rania 4 hours ago
I love how Tiffany enjoyed when she sing her song and also Girl's generation song.
Patricia Ramirez
Patricia Ramirez 4 hours ago
Walid Lacheb
Walid Lacheb 4 hours ago
Syy Madison acts cOoL
Game Over BG
Game Over BG 4 hours ago
I am here just for rey mysterio
Roisin Dunne
Roisin Dunne 4 hours ago
Don is the cutest ever.
Imran Yousaf
Imran Yousaf 4 hours ago
You can't beat heath ledger as joker Joequin: hold my beer
Shreeja C
Shreeja C 3 hours ago
Kevin Christianson
Kevin Christianson 4 hours ago
shannen xarmy
shannen xarmy 4 hours ago
Dario Abrador
Dario Abrador 4 hours ago
Blink 182, good Charlotte & simple plan... they’re legends
marcoman 20000
marcoman 20000 4 hours ago
8:12 amazing editing
Luna 4 hours ago
haechanmyonlysunshine uWu
Yuto can u stop being so adorable?!! my heart can't handle ur cuteness
Diana Frez
Diana Frez 4 hours ago
Is foot o shope
Dante Leon
Dante Leon 4 hours ago
Don't know this lady, who is this lady? And how can someone not know "Bad Day"? Damn such an amazing song.
dita rania
dita rania 4 hours ago
She is Tiffany. Ex SNSD/Girls'Generation member. The Kpop legend girlgroup.
Diana Frez
Diana Frez 4 hours ago
DE goost
Sarah 4 hours ago
nobody: lily: HIIIIIII
dont look
dont look 4 hours ago
Ksi isnt trueful because he has a girlfriend and he's hiding her
maryam 4 hours ago
No one : Hui: I have energy and confidence
Sonam C
Sonam C 4 hours ago
This is so lovely❤
유진셔누 4 hours ago
Can you tell me who's the guy who trained with Shownu???
유진셔누 4 hours ago
@Jewel Lee thank you for the info! 💙
Jewel Lee
Jewel Lee 4 hours ago
I think they trained together in JYP
Jewel Lee
Jewel Lee 4 hours ago
Hui, he is the leader of Pentagon ^^
Gael Jared Vasquez
Gael Jared Vasquez 4 hours ago
Halloween isn't a holiday
Jessie 4 hours ago
Pretty sure it is but ok
Ava Poteet
Ava Poteet 4 hours ago
Kaitlin xox
Kaitlin xox 4 hours ago
Who else has a massive phobia of clowns
Natalia Henry
Natalia Henry 4 hours ago
That last one with the viewfinder makes no sense.
winTAE Bear
winTAE Bear 4 hours ago
I miss edawn :<
Lucas Lein
Lucas Lein 4 hours ago
Does anyone knwo there thise flannel is from its 🔥
Programmer 4 hours ago
HarvitoT Bruh
HarvitoT Bruh 4 hours ago
ananya samarasinghe
1:36 OMFG IT'S BENJI!!!!!
shadow girl
shadow girl 3 hours ago
Emma Doolin
Emma Doolin 3 hours ago
Sofia Santo
Sofia Santo 4 hours ago
Anna Pittman
Anna Pittman 4 hours ago
Who the heck hates nuns?!
Jessie 4 hours ago
Confession Guy
Confession Guy 4 hours ago
10:02 was that english
naxinilliannus 4 hours ago
J.R.C.S Productions
Don is a treasure
유진셔누 5 hours ago
Her husky voice is beautiful. Why didn't I noticed it in snsd songs?
Potterhead 95
Potterhead 95 5 hours ago
Please do one with BTS and BP
Sparkelina uwu
Sparkelina uwu 3 hours ago
ryan gill
ryan gill 5 hours ago
Grabyourtablet 5 hours ago
1:21 uhh oh umm it’s my turn? Oh that’s sick...
Rite Shoi
Rite Shoi 5 hours ago
Kota Hyatt
Kota Hyatt 5 hours ago
Where is that black hair kid, i wanna meet him
Angelita Felicia
Angelita Felicia 5 hours ago
"i wrote my songs based on what ive been through" welp i guess the start of "cheating on you" music video is a lie then:)
Cassie Vetters
Cassie Vetters 5 hours ago
I watched that movie before I got so scared
Aussie Drone
Aussie Drone 5 hours ago
Honestly who else could have played tonto the way Jonny did tho!
monster3bod 5 hours ago
i just love don he kills me every time
John Palcon
John Palcon 5 hours ago
Thanks for using the term Indigenous
Powergirl 5 hours ago
I’m never ever scared I love horror
AndrewSun15 5 hours ago
Who keeps sighing and palming their head when Haley talks? 🤦‍♂️
Oscar Pena
Oscar Pena 3 hours ago
I thought she carried herself well
Digital Error
Digital Error 5 hours ago
I realized that the “tired blue boy” from pacify her is in the film
DragonKingZ 2
DragonKingZ 2 5 hours ago
Hi freddy ;-; ITS plushtrap
Adam Wallace
Adam Wallace 5 hours ago
Paulette is not an elder... she's an icon!
Carson ooh ooh ahh
S 5 hours ago
BeanTaco856 5 hours ago
So jealous. That is all.
Official Laura Marii Palo
Yeeees, Carson’s in the videooo🎉🤩
Cool Kid777
Cool Kid777 5 hours ago
the "crepper aww man" song could have been there if this series could have been introduced earlier
Eric McDonald
Eric McDonald 5 hours ago
I put 535155
Carlos Villanueva
Carlos Villanueva 5 hours ago
My Mexican friends will get the joke 🤣🇲🇽 Nobody: Quico: sailor costume: been there done that!
Kpop SpRiNkLe
Kpop SpRiNkLe 5 hours ago
Pls protect😭❤️
Kian Nathaneal
Kian Nathaneal 5 hours ago
What about the movie spirit? I mean it was from the perspective of a horse but still
Vinicius Moreira
Vinicius Moreira 5 hours ago
what's alberto's problem lol
David Beckham
David Beckham 5 hours ago
He literally emmboodiieedd... Emmmboddieed this roll
Muhamad Kal
Muhamad Kal 5 hours ago
Kpop SpRiNkLe
Kpop SpRiNkLe 5 hours ago
V. 6 hours ago
omg this was so wholesome, protecc at all cost
2ez 6 hours ago
"Attention Seekers" is what these people should be called, depression is a joke.
Ahnya Evans
Ahnya Evans 4 hours ago
Depression is a chemical imbalance in people's brains do some research
Craft, craft And more craft
This is a joke, right?
Izzi6780 6 hours ago
C a r s o n
Momo Shin'Yami
Momo Shin'Yami 6 hours ago
I see Tzuyu, I clicked.
AnimalSZ sahal
AnimalSZ sahal 6 hours ago
i still cant belive they didnt bring ajani huff for the spooky skelton
music to the soul
music to the soul 6 hours ago
Shania Wentz
Shania Wentz 6 hours ago
Protect these elders at ALL COSTS ❤ (especially Don and Catherine)
Brad Lewis
Brad Lewis 6 hours ago
Oh hey, Corridor. Sweet.
LeotheZombieSlayer 6 hours ago
Don't they paint the English as the bad guys in Pocahontas?
seventhseance 4 hours ago
@The Hitcher kinda? No they definitely were terrible.
The Hitcher
The Hitcher 5 hours ago
I mean, we kinda were
Jeon Jl Seok
Jeon Jl Seok 6 hours ago
react bts make it right
LiamGL 6 hours ago
I wish that Bill Wurtz was my history teacher
Brad Lewis
Brad Lewis 6 hours ago
Tfw FBE stops uploading original content
ak_72 6 hours ago