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Doctor Mike
Doctor Mike
Dr. Mikhail "Mike" Varshavski D.O.
Actively Practicing Board Certified Family Medicine Doctor living in NYC
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An avid explorer of life. Just a man and his dogs against the world. Human first.
My goal is to make the field of medicine relatable, understandable, and fun!
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Goten Hour ago
Ok boomer
Mas Rifqi
Mas Rifqi Hour ago
i like you doc, your smile melts my heart XOXO
Nice one! Love it when you react and smile :)
lightwork11 Hour ago
I adore her, I'll be checking out her videos and I've followed her on Facebook.
Dro Esq
Dro Esq Hour ago
Where did you get this opening song from?
Dania Abdelwahed
I learn so much when I watch Dr. Mike I really love him
Nicole Clark
Nicole Clark Hour ago
Is there a reason your humans head looks way to small? Lmfao
Food Bubbles
Food Bubbles Hour ago
“Small time of window” Why does that sound weird
Aurora S. Roxx
usvid.net/video/video-yJc921NJqNM.html You should review this Dr. Mike! It's by an acting troupe called "Studio C" (love them) and this one is called "Worst Doctor Ever" My family and I would really love to see your reaction to this!
Ruth Ronnie
Ruth Ronnie Hour ago
Omg. Number 5 reminds me of BLACK MIRROR
Hamza Bhavnagari
How much do you earn per day
Gerard Tan
Gerard Tan Hour ago
Now there's no one left to create DM-V6.
Dominyka Jasinskaite
7:36 About the period inducing... For women that already had their first period. In case of holiday or some other event there is a way to make your period come few days earlier or later. Drotaverini and some warmth on your lower abdomen can make your period come earlier it can also help with period cramps. Vitamin C can help your period to come later, but it also can increase cramps. I wouldn't offer to do this really often. Hope it helps someone;)
An a
An a Hour ago
Dr Mike I envy you such a good, positive attitude. Greetings from Poland 🤪
Megan Drianis
Megan Drianis Hour ago
Doctor Mike, I'm in a play next month and theres a part that I have to strain my voice as a lumberjack and scream multiple times on and off stage then quickly switch back characters and calmly say my next line, but I am literally dying by the time I change back and it's super hard to breathe let alone say any more lines. What can I do to help with that? Excercises, breathing techniques? Thanks!
Syamil. Y
Syamil. Y Hour ago
Why he throws the IPHONEEE like thatt~! Drmike might seems do not care but poor peeps like me DO.
Patricia Barron
I don't "like" anything but I "liked this" 8^))!
XD Gaming
XD Gaming Hour ago
It's so unrealistic its unbelievable well duh it's a TV show.
XD Gaming
XD Gaming Hour ago
All he needed was a needle not all that funky technology oh yeah forgot someone in an airport just randomly had a needle.
Visitor123 Hour ago
Ants are dead when child is dead. I see what the mum did there.
James Paris
James Paris Hour ago
are you still a doctor?
Jane Srygley
Jane Srygley Hour ago
"Why doesn't it hold true for non-opioid medications?" Um... because doctors think African Americans are more likely to be drug addicts...??? Oy please don't apologize for your colleagues!
kelvin yestrau
Doctor mike is a homo
kelvin yestrau
God said to man.......oops I screwed up, your gonna have to put animal pieces, toxic chemicals, and aborted babies into a needle and inject it into my peoples blood..............just so they are smarter and healthier................... cuz I screwed up, BRO! folks, you need to wake up and see WHO is leading you down this path....lol.
Lightning X
Lightning X Hour ago
React to chubbyemu - like for him to see
XBlue Daisey
XBlue Daisey Hour ago
You and i , doctor😂🙄
Khim & Marj
Khim & Marj Hour ago
Tv doesnt need to be the same as medical ! It is just a tv series. Ohhh your the smart one. Your the smartest. Yeah godbless
I've played this game
Khim & Marj
Khim & Marj Hour ago
Do you know whats the meaning of TV series ?? Meaning its just a tv nit the real one !!!
zully boy 11
zully boy 11 Hour ago
All of a sudden Dr. Mike these are young people and there are kid that dont what there parents to know they smoked THC
L K Hour ago
Did any one else see him type 69 before erasing it? 10:04
Pradipta Chelleng
Do an anime medical review "cells at work..."
Ravi Kiran
Ravi Kiran Hour ago
" p u p p y "
Hamza Bhavnagari
Hamza Bhavnagari 2 hours ago
Which is more hard to become cardiac surgeon or neurosurgeon
Malin 123
Malin 123 2 hours ago
Is it just me that thinks about how fast he clicks on the phone🥴😉
Mingchao Shi
Mingchao Shi 2 hours ago
"How much coffee does a hospital floor need?" Yes.
Dania Abdelwahed
Dania Abdelwahed 2 hours ago
Its soo cute when he's wheezing it just makes my dayyyy lyy
Chezella Camaras
Chezella Camaras 2 hours ago
Watch The Good Doctor(Korean) PLEASEEE
Carol Bedrosian
Carol Bedrosian 2 hours ago
Dr Mike, I'm very impressed by you! Watching these videos, you really show both medical knowledge, but also compassion & common sense & decency. I'd hire you! :)
Fritz Storp
Fritz Storp 2 hours ago
“Next organ, the skull” hmmmm 3:47
James Games
James Games 2 hours ago
Doc-vlog -day
XBlue Daisey
XBlue Daisey 2 hours ago
That Russian part😣❤️
BearJew05 2 hours ago
Nobody eats a burger with healthy alternatives in mind. You eat a burger from time to time because it is freaking delicious. This constant debate is asinine.
April Summers
April Summers 2 hours ago
Why are you criticizing every moment????
Ashley Wilson
Ashley Wilson 2 hours ago
You should react to 9-1-1
Charles Alexander Yates
Not paying attention when a patient says "somethings wrong" (''unnecessary") is exactly how my Fibro and 2 other chronic pain issues were brushed under the rug for 15 years... Nerve and muscle pain = just growing pains, back pain = too fat, knee pain = they didn't actually think was real. The only time xrays happened for the pain was when I went to the ER, then is was "Everythings fine, probably just a sprain, go home." I had to end up doing the research myself, and ask to be refered to a specialist for the diagnosis. They actually tried to convince me I'm wasteing the specialists time, when the report came back, "You have Fibro".
anonymous opinions
anonymous opinions 2 hours ago
Doctors are people too. In things that are subjective judgement call situations.. like the Opiates to black people thing... if this is pushed too hard to eliminate differences, then things won't get better, they'll just give fewer white people the drugs. You'll meet the statistical parity, but a lot more people who should get it wont.
Danique Dalmeijer
Danique Dalmeijer 2 hours ago
Burn on you!! Mam...
Christ Saves John 3:16-17kjv
lol you said "I see you"
Alexandra Labrada
Alexandra Labrada 2 hours ago
Me: “I need that tea maker!” *looks online, it’s $250* “I need to become a doctor!”
Jenz L
Jenz L 2 hours ago
I watched this when I was little
Welshie Ranger
Welshie Ranger 2 hours ago
3:17 *laughs* no one loves me fool!
stan loona
stan loona 2 hours ago
so this is what women do for 9 months straight......
Edith M.
Edith M. 2 hours ago
And you see doc mike...😁😁😁 now you cant sleep..😂😂
Ashley Wilson
Ashley Wilson 2 hours ago
You should react to 9-1-1
Sarani Bhattacharya
More love to both of you :)
irish maliborski
irish maliborski 2 hours ago
I want to see how Dan looks like!
Triniti Hibbard
Triniti Hibbard 2 hours ago
greys anatomy is amazing
Callum Kerry
Callum Kerry 2 hours ago
Doctor: sleep helps u grow Me 13 years old:3am watching this video
Neeva C Vlogs
Neeva C Vlogs 2 hours ago
Blood pressure. PILLOW WASHING
Sheila Yang
Sheila Yang 2 hours ago
Can you please do more Good Doctor
Shazam !
Shazam ! 2 hours ago
Others: pubg is addictive Dr.mike: no this tapping game is addictive Gosh I'd uninstall that game a second after installing it😂😂
Jesse Charles
Jesse Charles 2 hours ago
Grey's Anatomy is so painfully inaccurate duog🙄
Borahae BTS
Borahae BTS 2 hours ago
Why are you so gorgeous! Life is already hard enough and u make it harder 😖😖😖..
Zain Mohammad
Zain Mohammad 2 hours ago
Why there's blood coming out when u brush my teeth?
Sravya Dasari
Sravya Dasari 2 hours ago
01:49 how could someone who is having periods for 3 weeks straight be pregnant?
Deven Thomas
Deven Thomas 2 hours ago
Hey Dr. Mike! Have you heard of dysautonomia? Its a condition that has really opened my mind to how strong the body mind connection is
ashez2ashes 2 hours ago
Whose copay is $15?! Mines $60!
Thew Bloxy 2
Thew Bloxy 2 3 hours ago
Its a dragon
Jek Saak
Jek Saak 3 hours ago
You have a lot of patients who have very large breasts? <insert smarta** comment here>
Gladys Faye
Gladys Faye 3 hours ago
it's called a screw driver because the one who invented it was a mechanic. He made the cocktail while working and didn't have anything to stir, so he used his screw driver.
Tusieklkenny 3 hours ago
What's the background music pls tell
Red Potete
Red Potete 3 hours ago
Try Bio Inc??
Tessa Fontaine
Tessa Fontaine 3 hours ago
Maybe the stethoscope to the head is an EEG reading? Who knows
Shai Cebreros
Shai Cebreros 3 hours ago
im currently struggling with my gross anatomy subject grade how i wish its just that easy to learn all the body parts.
Victoria Drozd
Victoria Drozd 3 hours ago
Happy Birthday, Dr. Mike!🎉Always stay happy and healthy😊✌ С Днем Рождения, прекрасный доктор Майк!💛
Echo Delmiguez
Echo Delmiguez 3 hours ago
Note watching or playing this game is not very convenient if you have a cold or a common cold
Steven Baker
Steven Baker 3 hours ago
Bear is beautiful
Counterculture Coaching
Oh my gosh this was amazing. 😂❤️
A Gollihur
A Gollihur 3 hours ago
Niko Dimitriy Poletaev
Hoping I will be a doctor like you.... Someday...
historythug 3 hours ago
@2:56 "what I really enjoy is that urine control"
Crayons 3 hours ago
how can they say that they are anti vax because they are afraid of something that may hurt their child, while at the same time ignore bigger threats that may hurt their child?? to me its just plain stupidity by someone reacting irrationally to something that they experienced rather then think longer then the tip of their nose.
Patrick De Laurentiis
I just want everyone to know... Farts will never not be funny.
Angel Is love
Angel Is love 3 hours ago
His list of girlfriends is longer than a CVS receipt😂
Charity Boat
Charity Boat 3 hours ago
I have one _Me:On my phone in class watching Dr.Mike on USvid Teacher:Are you cheating? Me:I'm learning!
C.J. Davis
C.J. Davis 3 hours ago
Anyone else just read the facts the whole time?
This Is Pau
This Is Pau 3 hours ago
Well trained baby Bear ❤️
Esa Edvik
Esa Edvik 3 hours ago
The whole laughing at dark stuff is just the best for some reason. I love Jeselnik and I rarely even feel bad about it :D I tend to keep my dark jokes inside though, it's so rare they hit the mark.
Elizabeth Davis
Elizabeth Davis 3 hours ago
OMG I have that game it's so stupid but it really is addictive. I'm 12% in
Dancing Teagan
Dancing Teagan 3 hours ago
You should always read the ingredients before you get a vaccine even if the doctor says you are fine read them for your self before than make sure you are ok with it.
m u l t i
m u l t i 3 hours ago
Doctor mike: *excists* This game: *hello*
Tiger 3 hours ago
Nobody: Dr. Mike: Lettuce 😂😂😂
FishingX 4 hours ago
He spelt too wrong
NAV 4 hours ago
Everyone gets spooked by a doctor
Trinity • Mauw
Trinity • Mauw 4 hours ago
*Oh my god I just realized that you sound EXACTLY like Shane Dawson*
Ishtiyak Kazi
Ishtiyak Kazi 4 hours ago
I'm the same even i can learn my lectures on 1.5 or 2x speed I'm listening to this video of yours also on 2x speed it's like my habit now 😂😂😂😂
Chanté Uwu -khaes
Chanté Uwu -khaes 4 hours ago
I finished with ma exams today!yayay!!!!!!!!
Archikon Wiratama
Archikon Wiratama 4 hours ago
Kid : gets a vaccine Virus : comes in Immune system: charge !!!!
Ameer Hamzah
Ameer Hamzah 4 hours ago
well i too feel like homeopathy is bogus...BUT my father in law has diabetes and his creatinine level were increasing it was around 2 i suppose. it was damaging the kidney as the doctor told and he also said that there is no way of reducing the creatinine level and there are no medicine for this and the only thing to be done is control the diet. after hearing this some one recommended him homeopathy he too was skeptical but he started taking anyways and his creatinine level dropped now he has around 1.4 so i don't know what to think. regular science obviously says that its bogus.
Ameer Hamzah
Ameer Hamzah 4 hours ago
by the way youtube recommended me your review of Dr. House, clicked it and have been glued to your videos since.