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I Gave Myself Those Awful Ramen Nails
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Here is Cristine's video talking far more in depth about her Holo Taco polishes, usvid.net/video/video-Hq-99XWJ6TI.html I know they're all sold out right now but it's kind of for a good reason because those things are SICK AS HELL. This is her website www.holotaco.com sorry y...
How Illegal Items Are Found And Destroyed At JFK Airport
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At NYC's John F. Kennedy Airport, 1,000 bags an hour are checked for narcotics and illicit food. Customs and Border Patrol officials are tasked with stopping these goods from entering the United States. MORE AIRPORT CONTENT: How Emirates Makes 225,000 In-Flight Meals A Day usvid.net/video/...
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We can’t believe this is now happening! Important: **PLEASE WATCH TILL END** & HELP US!! ♡ Subscribe & Join Our Family ➜ bit.ly/2FtwDlgy 💎 PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO WE ARE HOPING SOMEONE RECOGNIZES HIM AND EMAILS US! TeamTxunamy@gmail.com SUBSCRIBE TO TXUNAMY► bit.ly/2uwJ9gY & SDIEZZEL...
Giant jellyfish spotted by divers - BBC News
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Divers have swum with a huge barrel jellyfish off the coast of Cornwall. Lizzie Daly, a biologist with Wild Ocean Week, said the creature was as big as her body. It is the largest species of jellyfish which is found in British waters, with the average diameter being about 40cm (16 inches). Imag...
Crash Test For Dogs
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Links To Sources: Crash Test: www.centerforpetsafety.org/ Outlet Prank: usvid.net/video/video-mW1wafnVJaI.html Bears: instagram.com/p/Bz2EwFGAeSo/ Coast Guard: usvid.net/video/video-9bEUVN5wu60.html Apology: twitter.com/taylorlorenz/status/1149746863479779328 Lion: usvid.net/video/video-CX...
FAINTING GOATS!  It's Funny but Sad 🐐 (FV Family Farm Vlog)
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SUBSCRIBE ➥ bit.ly/2w4HCfu & become a FUNnel Cake then Press the 🔔 & get some Merch: shopfunnelvision.com We got some new goats thanks to our alien friends but these aren't just any ol' regular goats!! Introducing, the myotonic goat (fainting goat) is a goat that temporarily se...
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I SURPRISE STOVE'S KITCHEN WITH HIS DREAM DOG!!! GET YOUR MERCH AT www.likelizzy.com ♥️ In today's video, Lizzy Sharer surprises Stove from Stove's Kitchen with his dream dog and cutest puppy in the world! Stove has been with the Dream Team since the very beginning and to show he...
A day in the life of our cats
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Go to www.audible.com/rachelandjun or text rachelandjun to 500 500 to get started today! A day in the life of our cats which is technically not a single day because turns out it's difficult to film cats and also I wanted to add Haku cam which couldn't be filmed at the same time as norm...
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Buying my dog EVERYTHING he touches!!
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SUBSCRIBE to BRAWADIS ▶ bit.ly/SubscribeToBrawadis FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL ▶ Twitter: twitter.com/Brawadis ▶ Instagram: instagram.com/brawadis/ ▶ Snapchat: brawadis Hi! I’m Brandon Awadis and I like to make dope vlogs, pranks, reactions, challenges and basketball videos. Don’t forget to subscribe a...
TRY NOT TO LAUGH - Funny Animals Compilation July 2019 - Why Cats Are Scared of Water
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TRY NOT TO LAUGH - Funny Animals Compilation July 2019 - Why Cats Are Scared of Water Welcome back to Life Awesome with series Funny Animals Video. This one contains some of hilarious footages about Cats, who are really scared of water. Enjoy the weekend! NOTE: This is NOT harmful or abused vi...
Buying 100 Homeless Dogs Ice Cream On The Hottest Day
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Wait until you see how happy they are when they get their ice cream! In Buying 100 homeless dogs ice cream on the hottest day I take doggy ice cream to the animal shelter so that we can show rescue puppies some love. In my last video Baking 100 Dog Cakes For Homeless Dogs! we went to Boxer Rescue...
My Dogs Reaction to the Invisible Challenge! | Pawzam Dogs
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Rebecca Zamolo try the invisible challenge with their rescue dogs Blackjack and Peanut from Pawzam Dogs. Would your dogs react like this? #InvisibleChallenge #FunnyDogChallenge #DogsReaction Peanut and Blackjack's Instagram - instagram.com/blackjackandpeanut/ Other Dog Channels that did...
Police Not Happy - Top Speed Test in the Ford Focus RS
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Follow me on Instagram: instagram.com/thestradman/?hl=en
Testing Cooling Dog Products
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Keep cool y'all Website: www.rachelballingercomedy.com Vlog channel: usvid.net/u-MissRBaller For business inquiries only, please email: kevin@moopsy.com Twitter: @MissRBaller Instagram: @MissRBaller SnapChat: MissRBaller Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/RachelBallingerOfficial Check out ...
Catching and COOKING Florida’s MOST Dangerous Killer! (HAND CAUGHT!!!)
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🎥TWISTED USA BBQ! Alabama Has Gone TOO Far! » usvid.net/video/video-xBYM0Wzho4E.html 💗SUPPORT OUR MISSION » bit.ly/BestEverPatreon 👕GET YOUR BEST EVER MERCH! » bit.ly/BEFRSMerch 📱Follow Python Cowboy on Insta » @pythoncowboy Thanks to our Patrons, David Baliles, Beau Bourgeois, Wah Yan, Alpa, ...
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✅Get Your Merch!► Kendallgray1.com ✅SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VLOGS► usvid.net/show-UCTrz3UN8LlvHjlDjy60NXlA 🔥2nd YT Channel► usvid.net/show-UCWVAf2ErX6MYCd8NZuerBPA 🔥Instagram► @kendallgray1 - instagram.com/kendallgray1/ #Jesus #GrayGang SEND ME FAN OUTROS - graygangsquad@gmail.com (Make a short ou...
ALL My ANIMALS in One Video!!! *FEEDING*
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Time for an UPDATE, here every animal i own and along with that a FEEDING day!!! My MERCH - paulcuffarobrand.com Clothing Instagram - instagram.com/paulcuffarobrand/ ▫️Subscribe & never miss a video - usvid.net/show-UCKFtfFitaK83yBc0rlg9m1A?view_as=subscriber P.O BOX: 8293 Jupiter FL, 334...
Another one...
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Get your Challenger Games tickets HERE ► www.eventbrite.com/e/challenger-games-track-field-tickets-64253115799 Join the movement. Be a Maverick ► ShopLoganPaul.com/ I COULDN’T HELP IT SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY VLOGS! ► bit.ly/Subscribe2Logan Watch Previous Vlog ► usvid.net/video/video-aIAUfEDNMJQ.htm...
NEW - Jurassic World Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood
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NEW Ride - Jurassic World the Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood. Riders will see several iconic dinosaurs from the film such as the colossal Indominus Rex, the magnificent aquatic Mosasaurus, Blue the Velociraptor and so much more while riding the new Jurassic World the Ride. Guests can also c...
Dog Rescued 2 Weeks After She Got Loose Following Car Crash
Views: 179 163 4 days ago
Michael Crocker and 4-month-old yellow Lab mix Bella were driving home to California from his college in Alabama in May. Crocker was exhausted by the time they reached Arizona, but he wanted to keep going and get home. He fell asleep and his car veered off the road, hit a sign and rolled back ont...
My New WEAVER ANTS Will Blow Your Mind
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Click here to SUBSCRIBE: goo.gl/tlCQJZ I've got a new pet colony of #WeaverAnts (Oecophylla smaragdina) and they are truly epic! I created a tropical jungle #AntFarm terrarium for them, in hopes they would move in and create their signature leaf nests in the folliage of the setup. The habit...
Showing My FARM PIGS at the FAIR!!! ($20,000 PRIZE)
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I finally took the pigs at my farm to the county fair and we WON! Cardi P is a freaking beast! I hope you all enjoy! SAVE 30% on the fishing gear I use here - gokarls.com/lRthXK ►Check out Googan Baits here - bit.ly/GooganBaits ►SUBSCRIBE here - bit.ly/SUB2FLAIRR ►Get the dopest Googan merch ...
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SHOP MY LASHES HERE! kcklashes.com/ Subscribe Please! usvid.net/u-fabulousinmaking ----------------------------------------­­---------------------------------------­---------------------- ONLY Business Inquiries: kennedycmanagement@gmail.com Main Channel usvid.net/u-fabulousinmaking Beauty Chann...
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Something crazy happens in today's Vlog!! Terra makes a huge mistake and isn't sure how to fix it! Rory finds a secret door and we spy on some Zoo Keepers in the Lion Pen!!! *****FOLLOW US****** ↝ IT'S JUST JAYJAY: SUBSCRIBE TO HER CHANNEL HERE: usvid.net/show-UCD3PTAXfTSx2mRyky8...
They Didn't Expect This in a Minnow Trap!
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We did not expect to catch this in our trap at the creek! AFH T-Shirts and Hoodies! www.bonfire.com/store/arms-family-homestead-gear/ Follow us on Facebook.facebook.com/armsfamilyhomestead/ Instagram instagram.com/arms_family_homestead Pinterest www.pinterest.com/ArmsHomestead/ SnapChat: arms3...
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2nd channel : ~ Beyond the Lair usvid.net/u-BeyondtheLair ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aaah, the long-awaited watering video. Sorry for the massive delay on this video. I am aware that the previous was uploaded in February.. but bette...
My Dog's Reaction to the Invisible Challenge
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Extra videos every Wednesday on the SuperCooper channel: usvid.net/u-supercooper Super Cooper Sunday Playlist: usvid.net/group/PLwiTZDxPg_I1lR23VnvBOomNXVvWF1K3Z SUBMIT IDEAS FOR FUTURE SCS EPISODES: goo.gl/forms/j8Tslzr390pZCopa2 Cooper/Koda have social media: ● USvid: usvid.net/u-SuperCooper ●...
8 MORE Common Reptile Myths DEBUNKED!
Views: 170 385 2 days ago
Are snakes deaf? Can you suck venom out of a bite wound? Find out in today's video, along with other commonly believed myths in the reptile world! Check out our Myths Video Part 1 here: usvid.net/video/video-t8U-QHssqz0.html Works Cited Williams, Becky L.; Brodie Jr., Edmund D.; Brodie II...
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Fish caught on camera jumping out of water. Shamu jumps out of the pool pond. Check out my Instagram @Catch_em_all_fishing: instagram.com/catch_em_al...
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Join the team ► goo.gl/v2jDFK Get my book ► thekingofdiy.com Merch ► goo.gl/fvSh6Y Facebook ► facebook.com/uarujoey Instagram ► instagram.com/uarujoey/ The king of DIY aquarium projects, education and inspiration! MAIL TO: PO BOX 25054 Truro, NS B2N 7B8 Canada How to build aquariums: goo.gl/...
Catching EXOTIC Creatures For My AQUARIUM!!
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We went out and caught a bunch of saltwater invertebrates for my aquarium!! FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM-@NickBingo
Fruit Salad - You Suck at Cooking (episode 92)
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Preordering a cookbook can give you an intense, but safe, thrill: hyperurl.co/yousuckatcooking Instagram: instagram.com/yousuckatcooking twitter.com/yousuckatcookin facebook.com/yousuckatcooking
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Perdita bit me and won't let go! My big Cow Reticulated python bites me for the first time! SUBSCRIBE TO BRIAN BARCZYK ▶ bit.ly/Sub2BrianBarczyk Watch More CRAZY SNAKE BITES ▶ bit.ly/2A1GmtX #BRIANBARCZYK #SNAKEBITES #PERDITA SNAKE YOGA ▶ bit.ly/2XGiRqr BECOME A USvid MEMBER AND GET YOUR ...
BIGGEST Kingfish I've EVER Seen while Barracuda Fishing!!
Views: 270 624 2 days ago
In this episode of BlacktipH, I take a group of fans on a fishing adventure off the coast of Florida to catch giant barracuda, kingfish and goliath groupers. We hooked a dolphin fish (mahi-mahi), and while Jennings was reeling it in, a massive barracuda tried to eat it! We pitched a live jack at ...
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THANKS FOR WATCHING!! THANKS FOR 800+K!!! Social Media Account Links: instagram.com/kaylanicolejones/ mobile.twitter.com/kaylanicolejo usvid.net/u-KaylaNicolefamous SUBSCRIBE TO MY PERSONAL CHANNEL!! usvid.net/show-UC35sMoOG2W_hkV42_K8iu4A VLGOS|MUSIC|LIVE STREAMS|MERCH|etc!! --❤️❤️ ----❤️❤...
Dachshund Left at Home Gives the GUILT TRIP! Caught on Furbo!
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For limited time, save BIG on the Furbo Dog Camera with their biggest sale YET: hello.furbo.com/Crusoe Crusoe the dachshund gets left at home by his Mum and Dad when they go out to get a coffee. Crusoe is a very sad dog to be left home alone, so he plays his "guilt trip" to the Furbo D...
Dog Facetimes Girlfriend
Views: 752 251 11 days ago
Dog Facetimes Girlfriend Tucker Facetimes his girlfriend Mayapolarbear when parents aren't home! Here is their conversation. Watch our other facetime conversation on Maya's Channel! : usvid.net/video/video-0dF0i0p7FgA.html FOLLOW ME: » Instagram: instagram.com/tuckerbudzyn » Faceboo...
Views: 163 525 4 days ago
In today's video, our cute puppy milli sharer is getting ready to play in Carter Sharer's backyard. She is excited to race with her new best friend a cute puppy husky named Caleb. Lizzy is the host of the race which will have 3 rounds! Milli and Caleb get ready to play and race together...
Fly Fishing for Giant Iguanas
Views: 549 888 5 days ago
Best fly fishing ever! We linked up with Iguana Man and deciding to catch some monster iguanas on fly! #flyfishing #reptiles #iguana Iguana Man's Channel: usvid.net/show-UCbtpvE3wMmfVjmpW5yO1YMQ BryanTheCEO's: usvid.net/u-bryantheceo ** FFP Osprey Reel GIVEAWAY: Click Link Below offer.f...
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GODZILLA TURTLE EATS RARE WHITE LOBSTER CRAWFISH! *EPIC BATTLE ROYALE* Leave a comment, Like, & DON'T forget to SUBSCRIBE if you haven't already! BOOYAH! SUBSCRIBE to my CHANNEL here!: usvid.net/show-UC4Pv2_x9OGhBSoe1Rt_U5IQ Follow my Instagram @Joey_Slay_Em: instagram.com/jo...
2 AMEOWZING Homeless Cat Transformations!
Views: 241 656 4 days ago
Merry & Bright were rescued off the streets of an apartment complex in Tampa FL… they were in terrible physical shape and wouldn't have lasted much longer. They'd ingested plastic/trash since they were so hungry and had a host of other issues including, scabies, ringworm, ear mites...
Saying Goodbye to our Animals
Views: 186 452 4 days ago
It's always tough to leave the goats, chickens, pigs, peacocks, turkeys, ducks, kitties, & dogs. But it's time for a vacation and we're ready to escape the summer heat! Each morning on our one acre farm in the city of Phoenix, Arizona, we start the day with milking goats, feed...
LOST Video!! Totoro Squishy Remake! Doctor Squish
Views: 121 464 3 days ago
Grab Your Doctor Squish T-Shirts and other merch at: teespring.com/stores/doctorsquish Hi Guys! Doctor Squish Here! This is lost footage of a video that I found. I shot this video over a year ago and totally forgot about it. I never posted it so you guys are the first to see it. I decided to d...
Meet CHARLIE 🐾 Our new English Cream Golden Retriever
Views: 77 364 3 days ago
We're doing in a meet-up in every state we visit this season! Come join us for coffee. www.patreon.com/KeepYourDaydream More Info ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️Click Show More 📣Mentioned in this episode: Charlie's spill-less dog bowl: www.amazon.com/shop/keepyourdaydream Grand Ole RV Resort grandolervresor...
Turtles Love Popsicles!
Views: 15 327 937 14 days ago
Happy 4th of July! In this video I feed the turtles some tasty popsicles made out of shad, strawberries, blueberries and pond water. They absolutely loved them! Thanks for watching!
Not Everybody Loves Doggy Kisses! + 11 Week  Hair Transplant Postop
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eOUR CLOTHING LINE: www.bolliebrand.com SUBSCRIBE HERE: usvid.net/u-bonniehoellein? BLOOPERS Playlist: bit.ly/2DyJm2R ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Follow Me On Social Media ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Twitter: twitter.com/bonniehoellein Instagram: instagram.com/bonniehoellein Facebook: facebook.com/bonniejoelho...
Tiniest Puppy Transforms Into A GIANT Pit Bull | The Dodo Little But Fierce
Views: 207 858 10 hours ago
Guinness was only half the size of all the other puppies when he was born. He had trouble breathing and eating and so many people thought he wasn't going to make it. But this woman refused to give up on him. Now he's grown into the most BEAUTIFUL pit bull. Keep up with Guinness and his...
I Suprised My Girlfriend With A Puppy!
Views: 291 500 8 days ago
I got Chloe a puppy! Instagram: aceandchloe , yungeenace , chloeglasss
My Aunt's Husband Wants To Fight Me..
Views: 173 163 Day ago
My Aunt's Husband Wants To Fight Me.. Yesterday’s Vlog: usvid.net/video/video-q0kKx73wIVQ.html Wassup Adoomygang!! I upload vlogs everyday to make you all smile!! Much LOVE! Twitter: @omgAdamSaleh Facebook: Adam Saleh Instagram: @adamsaleh Snapchat: adamsaleh93 SUBSCRIBE for Daily Videos...
How Many Puppies Will She Have?
Views: 99 363 3 days ago
I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video and give this video a thumbs and follow my dog page @blakesbullyranch I can’t wait to have all these beautiful puppies at the ranch for us to learn and care for them! : Edited By: Dylan Moll Photography & Editing @therealnatureguy - Instagram : :
Chicago's Elusive Alligator 'Chance The Snapper' Finally Caught | NBC Nightly News
Views: 46 989 Day ago
An alligator that had been spotted in a park was captured early Tuesday morning after a weeklong search, officials said. » Subscribe to NBC News: nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC » Watch more NBC video: bit.ly/MoreNBCNews NBC News Digital is a collection of innovative and powerful news brands that deli...
Trying To Hold My Dogs Tail! He Won't Let Me Catch It!
Views: 440 022 3 days ago
Trying To Hold My Dogs Tail! He Won't Let Me Catch It! It became a game of he can catch the tail first! Merchandise designed and sold by us: designedbyboo.com/product-category/keyush-the-stunt-dog/ If you would like to send Key a gift he has an amazon wish list: amzn.eu/9Q7QVjx Subscribe:...
The Old Tom Spike Lid Rat Trap Fail. Mousetrap Monday
Views: 235 573 2 days ago
The Old Tom Spike Lid Rat Trap Fail. Mousetrap Monday. In this video we test out a vintage fruit jar rat trap on the rats in the chicken coop. I then answer viewer questions and talk about future projects. Click here to see Ryan Gill's Bison Video: usvid.net/video/video-l7jMxfopKjM.html L...
Views: 89 655 3 days ago
Thank you to Blue Apron for sponsoring this video. Check out this week’s menu and get $60 off when you visit blueapron.com/AHWU More AHWU ► usvid.net/video/video-9juva0v5_xI.html We smack each other around with Super Bats and play ""manga"" roulette in AHWU 482. Join FIRST t...
OFF GRID and SUSTAINABLE no one talks about this!
Views: 28 417 Day ago
Doug and Stacy live OFF GRID in a LOG CABIN they built from scratch. The have no PUBLIC UTILITIES like sewer, water and trash. This is how you start a HUMANURE compost pile. No need for SEPTIC SYSTEMS or other expensive options. CHECK YOUR LOCAL ORDINANCES =) ↓↓↓↓↓↓ CLICK “SHOW MORE” FOR RESOURC...
Things were Going BAD Until I Discovered this HACK Flashing the Roof on the POST & BEAM barn
Views: 79 927 2 days ago
Things were Going BAD Until I Discovered this HACK Flashing the Roof on the POST & BEAM barn Where we got our Post and Beam Barn Kit From ~ bit.ly/2LjBmeT ~Our Website~The Modern Steader Blog~ bit.ly/2xbEUb1 🛒SHOP our favorite products on AMAZON: (affiliate link) www.amazon.com/shop/lumna...
What's Inside Survival 1963 Sanitation Kit?
Views: 184 880 4 days ago
Japanese Earthquake Survival Backpack - usvid.net/video/video-QNds2J9CuPY.html Subscribe to: 2nd channel - usvid.net/u-origami768 instagram instagram.com/crazyrussianhacker/ facebook - facebook.com/CrazyRussianHacker DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME! Business email: crh.inquire@gmail.com FAN MAIL...
"THIS is a Forest Ranger's Worst Nightmare" | 4 HORRIFYING True Stories
Views: 31 410 2 days ago
Would you rather work the forest service for a National Forest? Or would you rather SURVIVE? Pick one. 🌖Subscribe today! bit.ly/2FEgquh 🔮Chat with us on Discord! bit.ly/2HOy1AN 🔥Follow me on Twitter! bit.ly/2QTzTZT 🌖Like and follow me on facebook! bit.ly/2TOk5cS 🔥Share your story! bit.ly/2T0...
Street Cat Rescue: Before and After
Views: 949 200 9 days ago
We found Teddy on the streets of Brooklyn, in really bad shape and needing immediate medical attention. Follow along as he gets a second chance at VIP life and finds his own loving family! Flatbush Cats is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, you can learn more and support our work at flatbushcats...
Views: 408 715 10 days ago
Today we are packing for our babymoon, and Aspyn has some pregnancy brain mistakes... Subscribe for more videos! LUCA + GRAE WAREHOUSE SALE INFO // Where: Luca + Grae HQ (858 W 350 N Suite A, Kaysville UT, 84037) When: 7/13/19 from 9 am - 12 pm Come shop LG items, Aspyn's closet items, an...
Wolf Pack Takes on a Polar Bear - Ep. 1 | Wildlife: The Big Freeze
Views: 655 656 7 days ago
Filmmaker Bertie Gregory records the first-ever video of two predators facing each other in the Canadian Arctic. ➡ Subscribe: bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe #NationalGeographic #BertieGregory #WildlifeTheBigFreeze About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination fo...
Dog Spent Entire Life On The Street Until A Tourist Spotted Her
Views: 574 219 7 days ago
Homeless dog who spent all her life on the streets gets rescued by Howl Of A Dog. A foreign tourist who was visiting Romania and who was following our Howl Of A Dog USvid channel, contacted us about a stray dog she kept seeing on the street during her stay in a small resort town. When we got ther...
Letting My Dogs Decide Where We Go For Vacation | We Are The Davises
Views: 75 166 2 days ago
We want to go on a trip so we let our dogs decide where we go for our vacation. Where do we end up? Subscribe usvid.net/u-wearethedavises Check out our merch: fanjoy.co/collections/we-are-the-davises Our mailing address: We Are The Davises 28241 Crown Valley Pkwy., Suite F613 Laguna Niguel, CA 9...
3D펜으로 그림 그리기
Views: 898 146 6 days ago
● 3D펜 살땐! [사나고샵] smartstore.naver.com/sanago ● 3D펜카페 [사나고의 3D펜 비밀기지] cafe.naver.com/sanago ● 나고사진 보려면? 인스타그램 instagram.com/sanago_kr/ ● 트위치 방송국 바로가기 www.twitch.tv/sanago_kr ● Contact 광고문의 uggnll@naver.com #사나고 #3Dpen #3D펜
Adding Fish to the DIY Pond
Views: 199 618 5 days ago
The second installment of the pond build is here! The pond still isn't entirely complete, but we've got fish in it now. This pond was build specifically for the group of fish that I already have, so I am very excited that they're finally in their new home along with 11 new addition...
Water, Water, EVERYWHERE | VLOG | Roots and Refuge
Views: 19 700 Day ago
Want More Roots & Refuge? Check Out: Our Instagram: instagram.com/roots_and_refuge Our Facebook: facebook.com/rootsandrefuge/ My Infrequently updated blog: www.thehodgepodgedarling.blogspot.com My Articles in Do South Magazine:dosouthmagazine.com/?s=jessica+sowards Our Music is by our frien...
Letting MY DOG Decide What I Do For 24 HOURS CHALLENGE!
Views: 58 484 20 hours ago
Letting MY DOG Decide What I Do For 24 HOURS CHALLENGE! Use MANGO30 to get 30% OFF your first month at Scentbird sbird.co/2Xsqugh This month I tried: Gucci Guilty - sbird.co/2SirjXj Juliette Has A Gun MMMM... - sbird.co/2JuFaH9 Fresh Hesperides Grapefruit - sbird.co/2YQzjkA *Thank you ScentBir...
On FaceTime With Your Jealous Girlfriend Be Like
Views: 1 020 738 11 days ago
We've finally done a collaboration with our lovely friend Tucker Budzyn ❤ Go check out Tucker's channel and watch his boy version of our FaceTime video: usvid.net/video/video-7Pz2kzan9Ao.html Watch More: ASMR Dog Reviewing Different Types of Food #6 I MAYASMR usvid.net/video/video-rwAz...
Latest Qanon Posts 7-17-19 : Distractions, Panic.....
Views: 35 319 Day ago
twitter.com/SpeakerPelosi/status/1151273555952320519 twitter.com/SenSchumer/status/1151273847838171137 twitter.com/StormIsUponUs/status/1151146806115368960 twitter.com/HawleyMO/status/1151287368382656519 twitter.com/HawleyMO/status/1151289488922095616 twitter.com/JudicialWatch/status/115116710542...
Watch Bed Bugs Get Stopped in Their Tracks | Deep Look
Views: 708 105 9 days ago
At night, these parasites crawl onto your bed, bite you and suck your blood. Then they find a nearby hideout where they leave disgusting telltale signs. But these pests have an Achilles’ heel that stops them cold. SUBSCRIBE to Deep Look! goo.gl/8NwXqt Join our community on Patreon! www.patreon....
My Cat's Reaction To The Invisible Challenge
Views: 5 899 295 7 days ago
We install the "invisible wall" for the cat on the way from the room to the kitchen and let’s see how the cat will react and if he will be able to go through this wall. Subscribe also to the second channel CatPusic Academy - usvid.net/u-CatPusicAcademy On the second channel, all usefu...
Spin the WHEEL Buy the Animal!
Views: 171 838 8 days ago
For Family Friendly Content. Check out my INSTAGRAM:@RAWWFISHING - instagram.com/rawwfishing/ Support the channel! - www.rawwfishing.com/shop
Switching Lives With DailyBumps For 24 HOURS! *scary*
Views: 39 320 Day ago
We switched lives with DailyBumps for 24 hours and it was really scary and hard! I can't believe how much work their house is! SUBSCRIBE and JOIN the SOCASSIE Fam! ► bit.ly/2BHF4Jx SUBSCRIBE To OUR SECOND CHANNEL! ► usvid.net/u-cclifevlogs Check out my other social medias for fun stuff as...
STATE RECORD Size Mystery Fish DEEP Inside TUNNEL!!! (Dream Catch)
Views: 85 918 6 days ago
In this video I explore a spot I found on google earth and end up with a possible record breaking catch! Send me stuff and I'll open it during "Mail Time!": 618 Fishing P.O. Box 462 Hamel, IL. 62046 618fishing.com - (coming soon!) Follow me on these SWEET Social Media apps!! ...
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Our backyard pond water temperature is 95 degrees! Time to get the largest solar powered umbrella we can find and give our pet fish some shade! Subscribe for more pond videos: bit.ly/Bama_Bass Solar Umbrella: amzn.to/2lgKh3Q Watch a 24/7 underwater livestream on our other channel: bit.ly/BamaBa...
Meet the Obese Kingsnake! How Will We Help it Lose Weight?
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Become a member! goherping.com/membership This kingsnake was recently acquired from Craigslist, coming from an owner who completely overfed him. The snake is left with large, squishy fat rolls - not something you usually find on pet reptiles! Today, I give updates on two underweight ball pythons,...
ASMR Husky Reviewing Raw Fish Parts!
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My dog Gohan reviews raw fish parts! Enjoy the ASMR! SUBSCRIBE to Max The Husky - usvid.net/video/video-R8K-WdxMaUg.html Gohan's Raw Food - www.wefeedraw.com/ Use coupon code: "GOHAN20" for 20% off order! 👕 Gohan’s NEW Merch: teespring.com/stores/gohan-the-husky 🐶 Things/Items I ...
Our Invisalign Experience | WahlieTV EP681
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Have you ever wondered what its like to have invisalign? Get started with 8 free meals - that’s $80 off your first month of HelloFresh. Go to bit.ly/2Bs7tkl and enter wahlie80 Thank you HelloFresh for partnering with us in this video! Previous Vlog | bit.ly/2YUMgKp Be a part of the WahlieTV si...
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BIENVENIDOS #SUSCRIBETE #ACTIVAlaCAMPANA #COMPARTE hola mi gente bella hoy les traigo un video basado en hechos reales Lo Vio de menos por ser pobre pero se llevo enorme sorpresa esto pasa mucho hoy en dia donde para muchas personas lo mas importante es el dinero y lo material y no se fijan en ...
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#ROOMSWAP #SISTERFOREVER #CHALLENGE We switched room , Alisson went to Emily's room and Emily went to Alisson's room . 🖱 SUBSCRIBE IF YOU'RE NEW!!!! 🖱 Make Sure To Tap the 🔔 & Turn on My Notifications 😘 This prank went too far ** OUR DAD IS GOING TO JAIL BECAUSE WE PRANK...
Las tortugas se mudan a su nuevo y más espacioso hogar
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Gracias a todos los comentarios de nuestros televidentes, Slime Sam y su amiga Su consiguieron un nuevo terrario para sus tortugas de orejas rojas. Sin embargo, Sam tenía una idea ligeramente diferente de buscar un mejor hogar para sus mascotas. Se llevó a las tortugas en el tour para ver si pued...
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The time has come for Emporio to have his first outing, I decided that bringing him to our house would be the best option. This is how it went. Instagram @matt_hafrnacke @_jessedrent
Our cats just disappeared.
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Our chicken coop cats, Outlander & Rusty, have mysteriously disappeared… ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ Click “Show More” for resources ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ Thank you to Trevor McBane for allowing us to feature his song, “Tomorrow” Download and stream the song at: songwhip.com/artist/trevor-mcbane MORE FROM WHITE HOUSE ON THE...
ARE WE STILL TOGETHER... + What I've been up to
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DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE (ALMOST AT 100k) usvid.net/show-UCXeKbLBy5lyC9_2ET2LAHbA SUBSCRIBE TO OUR COUPLE CHANNEL usvid.net/show-UC8E9c1q2P2o8U_a-bxAGoigIg's FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM instagram.com/danni_dope23/ Follow liz on Instagram! instagram.com/lizethramirez__/ BUISNESS EMAIL dm...
Scared dog gets hit by a car in Hollywood - the artist who found her did something special for us.
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After Noelle Hetzel spotted Honey Pepper, she knew to call Hope For Paws for help because she has been following our work for a while :-) Noelle was concerned about the huge medical bill that is coming our way in order to save this special dog, so she painted our Lucky Leash on a model and other...
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Getting our COW ready for her Next Calf
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Aunt Phylis, our family cow is due next month. So we’ve got to wean her calf, cut her alfalfa ration and dry her off so she can put energy into this new baby. ALSO in the VLOG: Testing Meat Chicken feed, Spaghetti Squash, Pork Chops from farm, AND talking KITCHEN RENOVATION. Learn how to raise ...
Yeah! That's The Ticket!
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In Today's Video We Do A Little Dirt Road Driving, Deer Watching, Playing With Fishy, Fishy, Fishy And More. Hope You Enjoy! CVK www.patreon.com/CampervanKevin -support CVK here For As Little As $1 Per Month You Can Support The Channel Directly Here! I See This As Nothing More Than A Tip Jar...
Furry Nopes, Grizlords, & Murder Carpets
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Time to talk about the furry nope (bears), also called the danger floof, big forest pupper, or murder carpet. There are many kinds, like the raccoon bear, cobra bear, and murder cottonball. Then there's the fiercest furry nope of all-the grizlord. And watch out for doggos-they're lookin...
Excited Bulldog puppy can't get enough of his new cozy bed
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Chunk, a 4-month-old English Bulldog puppy has just got himself a brand new Memory Foam bed and there can be no happier puppy in the entire world!
Unexpected Event While Muskrat Hunting!
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We were out muskrat hunting as usual, and this happened........ Link to ferreting video.... usvid.net/video/video-D2Cs_AYXPUY.html Facebook- facebook.com/Minkenry-and... Instagram- instagram.com/joseph_carter_t... Twitter- twitter.com/JosephCarterTh1 Subscribe to my NEW CHANNEL on VIMEO! vime...
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Today I pulled a tick off my tortoise and fed it to my pet spiny tail iguana... SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL ▶️ usvid.net/show-UCmHktdcPGlSJ9KF2ANAwV2g?view_as=subscriber FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM FOR EXCLUSIVE CONTENT NOT SEEN ON USvid ▶️ instagram.com/jacobfeder_/?hl=en FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK:▶️ m.fa...
What’s Inside A Turtle Shell
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A turtle can’t crawl out of its shell. In fact, the shell is actually part of a turtle’s skeleton, as much of our ribcage is of ours. But if you could peer inside a shell, you’d find some of the most unusual features in the animal kingdom, such as a butt - err, cloaca - that some species use to b...
Mature Warthog is not afraid of any lions! warthog against lions to occupy a baby gazelle
Views: 480 269 6 days ago
Mature Warthog is not afraid of any lions! warthog against lions to occupy a baby gazelle Wild Animal - Top Fight Of Wildlife 2018: usvid.net/group/PLz1WFBMeCxCgYHf-eXoEk1COa46AzLvhP
Dating A Cancer
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Dating A Cancer Who's feeling crabby? MERCH: shop.bbtv.com/collections/drew-lynch PATREON: patreon.com/drewlynch Drew Lynch is a comedian with a stutter and this is his dog with a name that's Stella. LINKS: Tour - drewlynch.com/shows Twitter - twitter.com/thedrewlynch/ Facebook - fac...
Funny And Cute Golden Retriever Puppies Compilation #46 - Cutest Golden Retriever Puppies
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Funny And Cute Golden Retriever Puppies Compilation #46 - Cutest Golden Retriever Puppies 😍Watch more of the cutest dogs! usvid.net/group/PLEHXbiPZyhGiwC0KIwOWCQ7fZXCEKK0se 🔔 Subscribe to Puppy Lovers if you love puppies as much as we do! usvid.net/u-PuppyLovers Music used from Kevin MacLeod (...
How I Connect With My Animals
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Every animal needs something different, and I have a lot of animals! COME SEE ME IN VEGAS: mgmgrand.mgmresorts.com/en/entertainment/cesar-millan.html FOLLOW CESAR & HIS PACK: Instagram: instagram.com/cesarsway/ Twitter: twitter.com/cesarmillan Andre Millan: instagram.com/andremillanofficia...
11 Minutes Of Mysterious Creatures Recently Discovered!
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Description: One of the coolest things about our planet earth is the fact that it’s such a vast place with literally millions of square miles to explore! Also, one of the scariest things about our planet earth is that there are countless different creatures, animals and species to fill all those...
🧀🐀 DIY Simple Rat Trap from Cardboard
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There has been trouble in Sam and Sue's home. Someone ruined Sue's favorite socks, nibbled on Oreo and turned all the craft supplies upside down! It looks like they've got a rat in the house. But it's not Tater Tots, it's someone new! To catch this naughty fellow, Sue...