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Bear Saves Bird From Drowning
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Links To Sources: Bear: usvid.net/video/video-gJ_3BN0m7S8.html Longboard: instagram.com/hyo_joo/?hl=en Soda: usvid.net/video/video-X1pB6O6AYMU.html Moon: usvid.net/video/video-vl6jn-DdafM.html Deer: usvid.net/video/video-pYJV2eltxaI.html Happy Dance: instagram.com/brutusthabully/?hl=en Co...
What HAPPENED to my PET Fish. . .R.i.p
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For Family Friendly Content. Subscribe to My buddy here usvid.net/show-UCVq4QwX-GuCdS86-gAB1_xw Check out my INSTAGRAM:@RAWWFISHING - instagram.com/rawwfishing/ Support the channel! - www.rawwfishing.com/shop
R. I. P.  Grumpy Cat - We'll never forget you.
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Telling Random kitty that her favorite internet cat 'Grumpy Cat' (a.k.a. Tardar Sauce) has passed away today.
Stocking MASSIVE Mystery Fish into POOL POND!!! *Huge*
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✅Get Your Merch!► Kendallgray1.com ✅SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VLOGS► usvid.net/show-UCTrz3UN8LlvHjlDjy60NXlA 🔥2nd YT Channel► usvid.net/show-UCWVAf2ErX6MYCd8NZuerBPA 🔥Instagram► @kendallgray1 - instagram.com/kendallgray1/ SEND ME FAN OUTROS - graygangsquad@gmail.com Business Email- kendalljaygray@g...
Match Chain Reaction Dragon from matches! Amazing Fire Domino
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Game of Thrones Dragon DRACARYS from matches! Matches Chain Reaction Amazing Fire Domino! In this amazing experiment i build and burn the Game of Thrones dragon Dracarys made from 17500 safety matches as i promised in my last matches chain reaction Volcano video: usvid.net/video/video--kMrXH84Z...
Swingset Stupidity: Fails of the Week (May 2019) | FailArmy
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Happy Friday! It' time for the Fails of the Week! This week we have a virtual reality fail, the best dog of all time, and a woman who gets stuck in a swing! Watch fails 24/7 on the FailArmy app! Download here: fail.army/2Y3NrWK ►►► SUBMIT YOUR VIDEOS! bit.ly/fasubmit SUBSCRIBE! bit.ly/fasu...
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He still needs a home! reneenank@yahoo.com Vet Ranch Shirts!!! www.bunkerbranding.com/pages/vet-ranch facebook.com/VetRanch instagram.com/vet_ranch If you are interested in helping with animals in the future, please visit our partners at www.abandonedpetproject.org to learn more and to donate...
I BOUGHT 25,000 HONEY BEES for My NEW FARM!!! (Bad Idea)
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Well, this is my first purchase for the NEW FARM! Comment below what I should buy next for my new farm! I hope you all enjoy! Enter the BOAT and TRIP GIVEAWAY here - bit.ly/FLAIRGEARR Each item you purchase equals one entry! Ends June 15th! SAVE 30% on the fishing gear I use here - gokarls.com/...
Nolly's Last Big ADVENTURE
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Nolly's first day of school was HIT! Besides just a *few* accidents on the way in... Our Family Cookbook: griffithscookbook.com We are a LARGE family simply LIVING THE DREAM. Mom and Dad have SIX wonderful children. Shari 15, Chad 13, Abby 11, Julie 9, Russell 7, Eve 5. SUBSCRIBE HERE: us...
The First Game Master Network Meeting in Real Life!
Views: 1 638 885 7 days ago
Rebecca Zamolo, Matt, Daniel and Rocky all meet with the gamemaster to solve clues to stop the Quadrant in 24 hours! After Rebecca Zamolo created 24 Hours Overnight inside a GiANT BUBBLE house! (Matt hypnotized at 3am not from Game Master), Matt and Rebecca created HACKER is Missing in Real Lif...
FISH Rescue HUGE MISTAKE! *Tiger Catfish Juvenile*
Views: 137 889 23 hours ago
Fish Rescue huge mistake dropping a prized Tiger Shovelnose Catfish! Special Thank You to Anthony! MY SECOND CHANNEL is CATCH_EM_ALL_LIVE: usvid.net/video/video-3mQBbF4v-ms.html Check out my Instagram @Catch_em_all_fishing: instagram.com/catch_em_al...
Throwing My Dog a Pool Party
Views: 1 081 708 3 days ago
Throwing My Dog a Pool Party Tucker loves to go swimming. Today I decided to surprise him with a massive pool party with all of his golden retriever friends and family. FOLLOW ME: » Instagram: instagram.com/tuckerbudzyn » Facebook: facebook.com/tuckerbudzyn » TikTok: vm.tiktok.com/JuTyTo/ » Tw...
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Todays the DAY!!! Transferring 2 expensive redtail catfish into a bigger aquarium and they look GREAT.... My MERCH - paulcuffarobrand.com Clothing Instagram - instagram.com/paulcuffarobrand/ ▫️Subscribe & never miss a video - usvid.net/show-UCKFtfFitaK83yBc0rlg9m1A?view_as=subscriber P.O ...
Control Freak Yorkie: Bailey | Full Episode | It's Me or The Dog
Views: 312 439 4 days ago
Prison boss Phil is a prisoner in his own home, totally at the mercy of his troublesome Yorkshire Terrier. Bailey is spoiled rotten and rules the house, but can dog training expert Victoria Stilwell put Bailey in his place before the couple's double bed goes cold forever! It's Me or th...
How Tarantulas Grow | A Perfect Spider House
Views: 2 740 207 15 days ago
One morning Sue found a spider in her bathroom. Unlike some other people, she thinks the spider is adorable and she wants to make him comfortable. While she's ordering a new terrarium for the spider, slime Sam is watching over their new guest. And Sam discovers something amazing. The spider ...
Massive dog preciously protects tiny puppy
Views: 579 687 3 days ago
Now this is just way too cute!
ASMR Dog Reviewing Different Types of Food #5 I MAYASMR
Views: 697 007 3 days ago
We're back with a new episode of Maya's food review! :) Info: All tested foods were checked for safety on the American Kennel Club website before feeding. Asparagus (not asparagus ferns!), green (aka bell) pepper, eggplant, kiwi, radishes, mango and lettuce are all safe and contain lot...
7 DIVERTIDAS MANERAS DE RECICLAR JUGUETES VIEJOS || ¡haz tus juguetes viejos geniales otra vez!
Views: 27 750 278 16 days ago
¿Por qué querrías reutilizar los juguetes? Porque tienes juguetes rotos sin usar que realmente no puedes regalar. Porque quieres hacer un regalo especial y memorable para tus amigos, algo de tu infancia para atesorar sin que parezca infantil. Porque te sientes nostálgico y quieres encontrar una m...
Views: 241 037 4 days ago
We try with our dogs the real food vs dog food challenge. Many people have done the gummy vs real food challenge so we thought this would be fun to see their reaction. Matt and Rebecca broke this down into 4 rounds. Many people have tried this but this will be the first time with pets enjoying...
Shark Puppet eats Cardi B Chips!
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Merch: teespring.com/stores/sp-shop Instagram: instagram.com/the.shark.puppet/ Twitter: mobile.twitter.com/thesharkpuppet YEAH!
These rescue kittens won’t STOP!
Views: 80 614 Day ago
Our 4 week old rescue kittens have started to get difficult. We found 3 kittens on the side of a barn, and we're hoping to turn them into backyard farm cats. Taking care of newborn kittens is a lot of work, and Lydia is getting rather tired of it. Each day starts with feeding the kittens, th...
Grumpy Cat: Internet’s most famous cat dies aged seven
Views: 382 795 5 days ago
Grumpy Cat has died aged seven. She became an internet sensation in 2012 when images of her downturned mouth and unimpressed expression emerged on Reddit. She soon became the universal digital shorthand for displeasure, with thousands of memes and gifs of her being circulated online to communicat...
Rare Albino Alligator Finds Tranquility in Safe Space
Views: 76 901 23 hours ago
Albino alligators are extremely rare. Biologists estimate there are only about 100 in the world. And one of them is making an appearance at the Brookfield Zoo in Illinois. Appropriately named Snowflake, the gator is 16 years old and measures in at 7 feet long. He just moved in at the zoo's s...
The NEW planted aquarium - 1
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Join the team ► goo.gl/v2jDFK Get my book ► thekingofdiy.com Merch ► goo.gl/fvSh6Y Facebook ► facebook.com/uarujoey Instagram ► instagram.com/uarujoey/ The king of DIY aquarium projects, education and inspiration! MAIL TO: PO BOX 25054 Truro, NS B2N 7B8 Canada How to build aquariums: goo.gl/...
Husky Puppy Meets Big Sisters Memphis and Shelby
Views: 143 740 2 days ago
Husky Puppy Meets Big Sisters for the first time! Husky puppy homecoming! Yes, today is the day, we couldn't make you wait that long! The new Siberian Husky Puppy is here! Our newest member of our family, our Siberian Husky puppy, Kira! Subscribe: bit.ly/SubToGonetotheSnowDogs 👕Check...
So we got a Roomba
Views: 584 662 6 days ago
We did the thing and got a Roomba. Our cats seem somewhat concerned. It has since this video splooshed water from the cats' water bowl, so we put the "don't go here" stick next to it. This video isn't sponsored but if you want to buy a Roomba we have an Amazon affiliate ...
Watch this 1-Pound Bulldog Puppy Grow Up to Have the Most Amazing ROLLS | The Dodo Little But Fierce
Views: 572 665 6 days ago
When Mathilda Swan was rescued, she was so sick and skinny that her new parents didn't know if she’d make it. But they knew they had to make sure Mathilda knew how loved she was whether she was with them for a day or for years to come. ...
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Got this awesome Kirby puppet!! FOLLOW THE SML CREW ON INSTAGRAM (CHILLY) instagram.com/ChillyJimenez (LOGAN) instagram.com/loganthirtyacre (TITO/TEEDS) instagram.com/titototters FOLLOW ON TWITTER www.Twitter.com/JimenezChilly FOLLOW OUR FACEBOOK PAGE www.Facebook.com/JimenezChilly
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Make sure to watch today’s video you might learn some Stuff if you pay attention 😉 give this video a thumbs up and subscribe also follow me on Instagram @BlakesExoticAnimalRanch : Edited By: Dylan Moll @therealbatureguy - Instagram : :
I Gave My Ants a Mouse
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Click here to SUBSCRIBE: goo.gl/tlCQJZ What happens when we place a mouse into a terrarium with millions of #FireAnts? Watch nature's best biological dismantlers do what they do best, as they take apart the #Mouse to feed the colony, piece by piece. This #Feeding video will leave you speech...
It was SUPPOSED to be the BABY GOATS First Day Out! Until this happened
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It was SUPPOSED to be the BABY GOATS First Day Out! Until this happened ~Our Website~The Modern Steader Blog~ bit.ly/2xbEUb1 Where we got our Post and Beam Barn Kit From ~ bit.ly/2LjBmeT Items That we use and Recommended ~ amzn.to/2zfRwg2 Link for FarmFoods Grass Fed Beef ~ Use Promo Code LUM...
Sink Bathing Our BABY Puppy
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Whitening Shampoo: amzn.to/2JKQlvO My Shoes: bit.ly/2EflyDH GO WATCH THE OTHER BIRTHDAY VLOGS: Julies Channel: bit.ly/2JJwzRi Beaus Channel: bit.ly/2QbN35L Joel shows his hair transplant process, post op day 10 OUR CLOTHING LINE: www.bolliebrand.com SUBSCRIBE HERE: usvid.net/u-bonniehoellein?...
R.I.P. Grumpy Cat: Remembering the life and legacy of the most meme-able feline
Views: 94 762 5 days ago
Tardar Sauce, known to online users as Grumpy Cat, was a celebrity cat who died on May 14. She was 7 years old. Read more: wapo.st/2Jw3iKP. Subscribe to The Washington Post on USvid: wapo.st/2QOdcqK Follow us: Twitter: twitter.com/washingtonpost Instagram: instagram.com/washingtonpost/ Facebook:...
Bird in coma, Survives hitting my Window!
Views: 243 835 2 days ago
I ran outside, a young blackbird had just hit my window. I wasn’t sure if she was going to make it. Here's what you should you do in case you find a bird like this. Know that a lot of them break their neck on impact... there isn't much you can do. In case they are still alive: First m...
ASMR with KITTENS 🐱 Ear to Ear Purring, Goodie Smacking, Fur Grooming
Views: 526 523 5 days ago
MEOW sweet insomniacs & cat lovers. Ready for some ASMR with KITTENS?! 🐱 ASMR ZEITGEIST's fluffy little companions bring you lots of ear to ear purring, goodie smacking, fur grooming and more. It's official, I finally fulfilled my destiny and became a cat dad. Say hello to Rasputi...
Wild Dog Plays Dead To Escape Lion
Views: 1 887 002 6 days ago
Calvet, a forty-nine-year-old African Bush Camps’ guide, and his guests from Somalisa Camp were on a game drive in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe, when they came across a pack of wild dogs that just finished eating a kudu but ended up being too close to a lioness! Book your trip to Zimbabwe: bit...
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In this video, I fish right after a heavy night of rain, and find a few fish around a drain, but once I cast INSIDE the drain, I find the monster!!! I was using a 3/8 oz black and blue jig in this video, with my KastKing combo!! THANK YOU for watching!!!! Next up is a HUGE CRAPPIE video!! ► G...
Baby monkey tries sushi for the first time!
Views: 281 680 2 days ago
Little Curtis the cute baby monkey reacts to trying Sushi for the very first time. His reaction is extremely cute and funny. Guarenteed to help with depression and anxiety and cause tons of good feelings and emotions. Follow us on Instagram! Jay: instagram.com/dj4jay/ Caymass: instagram.co...
Views: 67 830 Day ago
Shopping at Target, Pacsun, LuluLemon...and I can't believe Karli is redoing her bedroom AGAIN! She really does have an addiction! Check out Ivy & Saige new summer line - ivyandsaige.com Follow us -facebook.com/ivyandsaige & instagram.com/ivyandsaige ⇨ SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL - b...
a world record for most broody hens hatching ONE egg?
Views: 65 246 Day ago
We have a ton of broody hens and we don’t need more chicks! So we’re starting a competition to see who can hatch out this one egg. Make your guess… ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ Click “Show More” for resources ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ Thank you to Ridge Wallet for sponsoring this video! Go to: www.ridge.com/WHITEHOUSE Use code: “WHI...
We Had to Leave Right After this Happened...
Views: 25 712 Day ago
This week the James the Fam and Chelsea Luna, venture out on a mini Roadtrip. So much happened over this Vlog, from Pranks, to Haunted Explorations, to being embarrassed beyond belief 😂 We got to stay on a farm and play with some barn animals. Then it was off to explore a Haunted BombShelter, wh...
Views: 48 403 22 hours ago
*DIY* MINI SNAPPING TURTLE PATIO BOWL POND! Leave a comment, Like, & DON'T forget to SUBSCRIBE if you haven't already! BOOYAH! SEARCHING DEEP HOLES FOR GIANT MUD CRABS! LINK:usvid.net/video/video-F-TCImhIjsk.html Follow my Instagram @Joey_Slay_Em: instagram.com/joey_slay_em/ ...
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BEING A GIRL WOULD SUCK 🐮🔪 Subscribe bit.ly/1RQtfNf Patreon: www.patreon.com/cowchop Cow Chop Merch: bit.ly/2dY0HrO Discuss: bit.ly/1qvrlLD Twitter: twitter.com/CowChop Thanks to whoever sent us these masks. We got a little creative to redecorate the hole James left in our hear-... I me...
Abandoned dog didn't trust us, but then her guardian angel showed up!
Views: 365 282 7 days ago
We are so lucky to be supported by you with your donation and we are so lucky to meet lovely people on our journies to save lives. If you can't join us on a rescue, please make a small donation and help us save the next dog, cat, rabbit or a bird: www.HopeForPaws.org Elizabeth Serrato spot...
The 6 Types of Camouflage and Mimicry (as seen in reptiles)
Views: 52 582 18 hours ago
In this video you'll learn about the three types of camouflage and three types of mimicry seen in the animal kingdom, and how each is used by reptiles! Surprised that zebras don't display dazzle coloration? Read more about this recent discovery here: www.ucdavis.edu/news/zebra-stripes-...
Letting The Person in FRONT of Me Decide What We Eat! (Bosco the homeless dog ADOPTED!)
Views: 233 833 7 days ago
Wait until you see Bosco's reaction when he meets his new mom for the first time! Have you seen all any videos that are trending called Letting The Person In Front Of Me Decide What I Eat For 24 Hours ? It is a fun crazy challenge ! If you have been following along on the Adopt Bosco campaig...
My New Puppy Haul!
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I went all out for my new puppy! Welcome to the family Blueberry Muffin! Follow their NEW Instagram: instagram.com/CookieAndBlueberry SUBSCRIBE ► usvid.net/u-rosannapansino Watch My Boyfriends Video: usvid.net/video/video-FK7zTRB0QSE.html WATCH MY PREVIOUS VIDEO ► studio.usvid.net/u-videoYySFV...
Cottonmouth VS Copperhead!
Views: 65 335 4 days ago
On today's adventure, we're going to be catching two of North America's most famous pit vipers: the cottonmouth and copperhead, and showing you the differences between these two snakes! Both are venomous, both pack a punch, but are both completely different snakes! Join Cajun Boy...
Do NOT make this Mistake with Animal water lines
Views: 29 645 Day ago
Spent the entire morning pulling up this water line hose to the forest pig operation. I knew Installing this water line was too easy to be true. Now, I gotta pull it ALL out. Learn what to do (and what NOT to do) inside my New Permaculture Pigs course (Kickstarting till May 26th, 11:59pm): bit.ly...
How my beagle wakes me up
Views: 938 782 4 days ago
Oliver has his own unique way of waking me up in the morning. Watch and see how he does it!
What are the White Tires For? | VLOG | Roots and Refuge Farm
Views: 19 972 Day ago
Want More Roots & Refuge? Check Out: Our Instagram: instagram.com/roots_and_refuge Our Facebook: facebook.com/rootsandrefuge/ My Infrequently updated blog: www.thehodgepodgedarling.blogspot.com My Articles in Do South Magazine:dosouthmagazine.com/?s=jessica+sowards Our Music is by our frien...
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Testing Out A Chinese Live Catch Rat Trap & Wildlife At The Beaver Dam. Mousetrap Monday.
Views: 63 257 Day ago
Testing Out A Chinese Live Catch Rat Trap. In this video we catch a rat with a Chinese Rat Trap and then feed it to wild animals on the Beaver Dam. List of Equipment I Use To Film Videos (Amazon Affiliate Link): Motion Camera: Browning Trail Cameras Spec Ops FHD Platinum amzn.to/2VLaTIg Video Ca...
my rescue dog gets a makeover!
Views: 301 004 9 days ago
in this vlog my new rescue dog spock gets a makeover, i assisted my friend's photoshoot and then had a photoshoot of our own!!! girly pop apparel: www.haleypham.net/apparel main channel: usvid.net/u-sodapop738 instagram: instagram.com/haleypham/ twitter: twitter.com/hakeypham F A Q s how...
Our New Siberian Husky Puppy
Views: 41 476 Day ago
Today is the day we pick up our new Siberian Husky Puppy! Are you excited? We are! Kira is the newest member of Gone to the Snow Dogs ! Chris and Trisha's Channel: usvid.net/u-sushiandrunt 🎥Yesterday's Vlog: usvid.net/video/video-6J1IH3wcB-k.html ▶Subscribe: bit.ly/SubToSnowDogsVlo...
Views: 652 141 11 days ago
In today's video, Lizzy and Carter Sharer are in the backyard playing in the pool. Milli, the playful puppy is ready to have a water fun packed day. She loves water balloons so Lizzy fills up a tub for her to play with. This puppy loves popping water balloons and chasing after them! Comment ...
Reunited With My Stolen Duck...
Views: 59 849 2 days ago
Chris's Instagram/USvid: instagram.com/o_christopherscott_o/ usvid.net/show-UC1Cp8ABgHUz1vq4FhNxIv_g *MERCH* Teespring.com/stores/finatic *Instagram* Finatic.Media Ducks Instagram - penelope_brownie Camera Equipment Camera (Main)- Canon M50 Gopro- Hero 3 & Hero 4 Camera Case- Plano Ca...
I Ate Bugs To Save The World
Views: 82 081 22 hours ago
Eric Tabach wants to learn more about edible insects...so he spent the day eating bugs! Credits: www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/82248 Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideo GET MORE BUZZFEED: www.buzzfeed.com www.buzzfeed.com/videos usvid.net/u-buzzfeedvideo usvid...
TWO TOMS DOWN! Spring Turkey Hunting with TED MILLER!
Views: 21 281 Day ago
Jake and Ted finish their day of turkey hunting with Ted Miller! TURKEY CALLS - Get 10% off Woodhaven Calls w/coupon code - THP2018 - bit.ly/2IagiSe THP shirts, hats, and decals - bit.ly/2TYTNo9 BOW ACCESSORIES - Get 20% off TROPHY RIDGE products w/ code - THP20 - bit.ly/2Lol7Yx MAPPING - Ge...
Meet The Characters: Meg and Amy | The Lion Whisperer
Views: 179 233 5 days ago
You asked so we delivered! This weeks episode of “Meet The Characters” is with Meg and Amy. Kevin gives you the answers to questions you’ve been wanting to know about these two beautiful sisters Meg and Amy. Become a member of Lion Whisperer TV and receive exclusive videos and content! Find our ...
Loud Eating With My Corgi Dog ASMR Mukbang || Life After College: Ep. 639
Views: 65 146 Day ago
#Mukbang #ASMR Eating Loud In front of My #Corgi Dog -- His Reaction. We eat Loud Foods including Carrots, Celery, Apples, and Iceberg Lettuce! The winning Idea based off of the viewers Recommendations! ALSO: Guess the ukulele song! and Making Ramen! [CORGI MERCH] www.corgionfleek.com [MY WEBSI...
Brave Logan the Lab Plays with Pretend Maleficent's Magic Bugs
Views: 322 250 10 days ago
Logan the Labrador is playing with his squeaky toys when Pretend Maleficent thinks it would be funny to change his squeeky toys into toy bugs.
The Cutest Kids and Animals Compilation 2019 Pt  1 🐶🐱🐭🐹 Funny Pet Videos
Views: 942 286 5 days ago
The Cutest Kids and Animals Compilation 2019 Pt. 1 🐶🐱🐭🐹 Funny Pet Videos Thanks For Watching ! Please Like Share & Comment If You Like This Video ! Subscribe CUTE BABIES AND PETS to get newest interesting video: usvid.net/show-UCAmhbG40GSFEJEa-6Yj8zAQ -----------------------------------...
Swimming with the Cichlids!
Views: 39 100 Day ago
every day that I can I swim with all of the variety of cichlids fish in my aquascape ecosystem rec pond. See what it looks underwater as we go swimming with the plants, rocks and fish! Subscribe to Kamp Kenan:goo.gl/BecCMM Join the KK Army:goo.gl/te3QAW Also check out our partner channels Profe...
30 Cosas que no sabías hace 5 minutos [8]
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¡Esperamos te haya gustado el video! No olvides suscribirte y activar la campana de notificaciones para no perderte ni uno solo! ▶Instagram: instagram.com/xpresstv33/ ▶Twitter: twitter.com/_xpresstv ▶CREDITOS Locución: Jorge García Lemus ( usvid.net/u-jorgevoice ) Música/Music: Epidemic So...
Views: 476 038 3 days ago
AMAZING GAME OF THRONES CRAFTS This video is for fans of the fantasy universe created by George R.R. Martin! We love Game of Thrones and impatiently wait for every new episode like millions of other people. We prepared a collection of crafts that are inspired by Game of Thrones. Brace yourself. ...
The Strange Ambush of Team Rock Mat, Vietnam 1970
Views: 46 277 2 days ago
Find out the tragic story of Team Rock Mat, a US Marine Corps recon unit in Vietnam that had a strange encounter in the jungle one night in May 1970. Enjoy reading, then check out my latest book, The Bridge Busters: The First Dambusters and the Race to Save Britain www.amazon.co.uk/Bridge-Buste...
Crazy ELEPHANT SLEEPING at UNMANNED level crossing in indian train simulator
Views: 3 107 821 2 days ago
Crazy ELEPHANT SLEEPING at UNMANNED level crossing in indian train simulator #Ustadegaming note:- no animal were harm in this video these animal is made with computer graphics this video is only for awareness purpose
SSL 359 ~  A Boat on the Rocks... NEVER FUN!!
Views: 35 898 2 days ago
Here is the link to Eric Bauhaus Cruising Guide to Panama... the ONLY guide worth referencing through this area, and with detailed GPS waypoints plotted throughout. www.amazon.com/Bauhaus-Panama-Cruising-Guide-Paperback/dp/B00RWTR76C Cheers, Captain Rick For more real-time updates, follow us on...
URBAN Pond Micro Fishing! Catching 10 NEW PETS!!!
Views: 206 866 11 days ago
NEW Roku Channel bit.ly/MFeroku In this video we fish for pet fish and feeders for NEW AQUARIUMS! Subscribe if you want to see more fishing videos like this! bit.ly/2mjkWmW Check out Zac's Channel ► bit.ly/2Oxdstt Catching Bass of a LIFETIME!!! STATE RECORD Quest Ep.1 usvid.net/video/vide...
My Husky's BIGGEST Argument Yet! Won't Follow Simple Commands
Views: 444 655 7 days ago
My Husky's Biggest Argument Yet! Won't Follow Simple Commands Dog With Attitude! Believe it or not Key is very well behaved for a husky, but he does love to argue and it does make me laugh! So if you're thinking of getting a husky and think training will be easy, think again! Huski...
My Monster Mastiff Weighs 250lbs | TRULY
Views: 247 068 5 days ago
SUBSCRIBE to Barcroft Animals: bit.ly/2ceCJY0 A MINNESOTAN man lives with three giant English Mastiffs who weigh a combined 630lbs. Joe Thompson lives with his three English Mastiffs and his family in Duluth, Minnesota. The largest of the three dogs - two-year-old Harrison - weighs a whopping 25...
Metamorphosis: When Evolution Gets Weird
Views: 101 307 Day ago
Metamorphosis: when one thing becomes another. - Check out Skillshare and get your first 2 months free: skl.sh/animalogic12 Support Animalogic on Patreon: www.patreon.com/animalogic Subscribe for new episodes every other Friday: bit.ly/SubscribeToAnimalogic Special thanks to: David Britton u...
DIY TRUCK FISH POND Aquarium Petting ZOO!!!
Views: 755 705 10 days ago
This is by far the craziest Pond I ever made!!! Check out this video to see me turn a truck into a mobile fish pond and making money while letting people PET the live fish! Trivia question at the end of this video for YOU to win a shout-out! ** FFP Osprey Reel GIVEAWAY: Click Link Below offer.fl...
Cats VS Laser Pointers - Cole and Marmalade
Views: 62 015 Day ago
Subscribe: bit.ly/SubToColeAndMarmalade Cats + Laser Pointers = Lots of fun! … ZigZag loses her little mind when the red dot appears!! (stay tuned for the video) … then to my horror I realized I had never made a compilation of CAM and their laser pointer escapades, so here it is, enjoy :) Purrle...
The Parrot Whisperer Can Fix Your Bird Woes
Views: 311 459 5 days ago
Got a particularly aggressive parrot? One having issues laying eggs? Or a chatty bird driving you up the wall? You don’t have to wing it-call Glenn Sorino for help. He’s been working with birds for 20 years, and he’s seen it all: “Most people think that owning a parrot is a walk in the park, but ...
Climbing Walls With RAINBOWS - DIY Gecko Tape
Views: 85 332 3 days ago
Gecko are amazing creature that have an incredible climbing ability thanks to the use of nano structures on their feet. Scientists have since replicated these structures artificially and made rolls of tape with the same magical sticky properties are a gecko foot. But making these tapes is normall...
"Drawing a ____!"  Tigerstar Bloodline
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WHO'S THAT TIGERSTAR CLONE? Fan art Shout-out! twitter.com/Spiritaelia/status/1116556008682221568 Support us! www.patreon.com/TennelleFlowers ko-fi.com/F1F75U68 Buy Merch or Commissions! www.redbubble.com/people/tennelleflowers Email me at simatrastar@gmail.com or DM me on twitter Other ...
We Built A Squirrel Car To Spy On Squirrels
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Go watch Ian's video: usvid.net/video/video-yQ1J1Klo9dg.html Support us on Patreon: www.patreon.com/williamosman Website: www.williamosman.com/ InstaHam: instagram.com/crabsandscience/ Twitter: twitter.com/CrabsAndScience Facebook: facebook.com/williamosmanscience/ CameraManJohn: instagram....
Surprising My Girlfriend With A New Puppy!
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Today is my birthday but I wanted to surprise my girlfriend Rosanna with something special. 🐺 SUBSCRIBE: usvid.net/u-husky FOLLOW THE PUPPY INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/CookieAndBlueberry Watch Rosanna's Puppy Video: usvid.net/video/video-YySFVasZ3R8.html FOLLOW ME: Instagram: instagram.com/h...
Farewell, Grumpy Cat
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Our hearts broke today when we heard that BUB's long-time friend Grumpy Cat passed away. Despite being the yin to her yang, Grumpy was the one cat on the planet that BUB seemed most comfortable to be around. Like BUB, Grumpy was tiny but her heart was very big. Our thoughts are with her fami...
Buying EVERYTHING my dog Touches!
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Today in our everyday vlog we also do a hilarious challenge! We buy everything Clover touches in Petco! So funny, what to see all the crazy things she touches! Curious how a large homeschooling family does life?! Well...SUBSCRIBE! bit.ly/itsrlife Kendal’s new USvid channel: usvid.net/show-UC4...
Fail Box #7: Diamond Doggie Treats
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Thank you to everyone who takes time out of their day to think about me! →Mah Links← Twitter ►goo.gl/2cS0uX Twitch ►www.twitch.tv/itzagundam Twitch ►www.twitch.tv/xiltix Instagram►goo.gl/6kcLrD Music ►goo.gl/W5ENUL Patreon►www.patreon.com/itsagundam E-mail ► gundamprozac@gmail.com PodCasts ►goo.g...
We got a NEW KITTEN!
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MEET THE NEW KITTEN! She is SO. CUTE. Be sure to give this video a thumbs up for more vlogs and don't forget to subscribe! ► SUBSCRIBE!! ► bit.ly/2xdYFfJ ► I can't believe he said this.. ► usvid.net/video/video-44-xrMJbsxQ.html ► Boyfriend says YES to EVERYTHING for 24 Hours! ► usvid.n...
ATM. How does it work? View from inside. Meow!
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Has any body wondered how an ATM works when we put cash inside it? It's so interesting to know about the mechanism of receiving money inside an ATM, especially when our furry friend is sitting there. The cat and his cardboard ATM! Let’s prepare some change and replenish our balance! Subscri...
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Today I am BUYING Eric a NEW FISH For His DIY POND!! -SUBSCRIBE HERE! usvid.net/show-UCzNBH8Ztsf5x7zHCdxJSE4A (Follow me on as many platforms as you can!) *MY Instagram: instagram.com/barczyknoah/?hl=en *MY Twitter: twitter.com/noahbarczyk *Follow ERIC!! on instagram : instagram.com/the_rea...
Hilarious Cat Viral Videos | Ultimate Cat Compilation 2019
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This hilarious cat viral videos montage shows the ultimate cat compilation for 2019, which some amazing clips of felines being their awesome selves. From cats knocking things over to cats being unnecessarily brutal, here are some of the best cat videos of the year so far. This footage is bein...
A New Pet!  Julia’s Birthday Surprise + HUGE Cage Set Up!
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This is a very special day!! Julia is getting a new pet for her 11th birthday gift!! Rachel is building the HUGE cage!! Please comment your favorite names for her!! 💕 Please SUBSCRIBE and hit the notification bell 🔔 so you don't miss any of our new videos! Please hit the 👍 if you loved t...
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Complete Tarantula guide video: ---- usvid.net/video/video-9i4QK587R0E.html --- Fan Mail Address (NO LIVE ANIMALS): The Dark Den Marko Petkovic Dravska ulica 17 48000 Koprivnica Croatia My GEAR: need to update the list! Above links are affiliate links, it means that when you make an order Am...
Buying My Dog Everything He Touches! Challenge at Petco by HobbyKidsTV
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#buyeverythingdogtouches #buyingeverthingmydogtouches Game Trixster has another challenge for us! We must buy everything HobbyFlappy our dog touches! ---SUBSCRIBE For NEW Shows--- usvid.net/u-HobbyKidsTV ---OUR FAVES--- ADVENTURES: usvid.net/group/PLzDMAGLsSlZrXd1OzjfRd1fVn17lgVN0a GIANT SURPR...
Unboxing My New Foster Kittens!
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Fostering saves lives! Learn everything you need to know about saving kittens in my new book, Tiny But Mighty: www.kittenlady.org/books - FACEBOOK: facebook.com/kittenxlady INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/kittenxlady Shop for Kitten Lady gear: kittenlady.bigcartel.com
Puppy Tries ASMR For The First Time
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Puppy tries asmr for the first time!! how'd he do his first time?? New Video's Fridays & Sundays and sometimes Tuesdays !! Instagram: @miamaples Snapchat: @miamaples Twitter: @miamapless Disclaimer: All tested foods were checked for safety on the American Kennel Club website befo...
My Parrots First Reaction to Another Macaw!
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Hello Parrot and bird lovers! Today is a special day! My parrot meets another Macaw! Yes, Rocky my Harlequin Macaw will be going on a date today and for the first time, meeting Glory the Hyacinth Macaw! this was a really fun video to make and a lot of fun to watch! I can't wait for you guys ...
Why You SHOULDN'T Buy Free Range Eggs? Are You Kidding me!
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In this video, I debunk the claim that free-range chicken egg farming is bad. And give a counter-argument to a recently published article that states "reasons" why you shouldn't buy free-range eggs. Support me on Patreon: www.patreon.com/selfsufficientme Help support the Channel ...
i rescued 2 dogs in one month! *meet my new dog*
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i rescued a dog off the highway and reunited him with his owner and it inspired me to adopt one from the pound! meet my doggie Spock! guesses at his breed are welcome in the comments lol ~G I R L Y P O P A P P A R E L~ www.haleypham.net/apparel Keep up with me here :) SUBSCRIBE: bit.ly/hal...
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2nd channel : ~ Beyond the Lair usvid.net/u-BeyondtheLair ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Today’s video will be the rehousing of my Orphnaecus philippinus (Philippine Tangerine) tarantula. It went smoothly at first, but ended up be...
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No olvides suscribirte usvid.net/u-filmacionesalaniz CON TREMENDA FUERZA ¡ARRANCO EL CAJÓN! SON LOS TOROS DE RANCHO LOS EJECUTORES Y RANCHO LOS ENTERRADORES EN LAS FIESTAS DE LA COFRADÍA DE LA LUZ JALISCO -Grinch Ray de Jalisco -Italiano Diablito de Jalisco Africanito Ratón ...